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UPDATE: NavyJack – The Presidential Inauguration (or not) of Donald J. Trump

“Every illegal action and blockade perpetrated by the protesters and anarchists on Inauguration Day could have been avoided.  The DC Metropolitan Police Department had a mountain of evidence, including videos of the perpetrators planning every one of these actions, provided by Oath Keepers on January 11th, 2017.” – NavyJack

Final Update 01/21/2017 – Donald J. Trump is Inaugurated President of the United States

  • As we accurately forecast below, protest marches commenced on January 14, 2017 from McPherson Square Park and continued every day until the inauguration. These protests did build, similar to the protests in Portland, OR and caused damages and injuries. The protests significantly disrupted the DC transportation systems.
  • As we accurately forecast, the Refuse Fascism organization was unable to muster the number of protesters needed to occupy the White House Ellipse and level their demand to President Obama that Donald Trump’s ascension to President be suspended until the completion of the Senate investigation into the “Russian Hacking” of the election.
  • As we accurately forecast below, the ANTIFA was able to block the entrances to the National Press Club and assault numerous attendees entering and leaving the Citizens for Trump DeploraBall. Some guests were pelted with eggs, D-cell batteries and other items. There were several injuries. Over 100 ticketholders failed to attend. The party itself was very successful and the planned smoke bomb attack was foiled by Project Veritas and Oath Keepers. Charges against the perpetrators for conspiracy to conduct a felony assault have been filed by the District Attorney and arrest warrants have been issued.
  • As we accurately forecast below, the DisruptJ20 organization was able to significantly disrupt the Presidential Inauguration. They initially blocked 10 of the 12 security entry portals and were able to hold 6 of them for the entire day. This significantly delayed the arrival of citizens seeking to attend the inauguration and the following parade.
  • As we accurately forecast below, the main highways into DC were blocked (Interstate 395 and the 12th Street Tunnel) and Metro subway service was disrupted. These events took place later than the DisruptJ20 protest organization had originally planned and were less effective than they anticipated due to the late start.
  • As we accurately forecast below, there were significant disruptions and the explosion of concussion grenades during the inauguration ceremony and the inauguration parade. Protesters were allowed to line the entire route. Riots commenced during the parade within a couple of blocks from the parade route itself. Buildings were damaged, vehicles were destroyed and numerous police officers were injured. There were 230 arrests, most were charged with felony rioting.
  • Numerous steps were taken, some last minute, to prevent the protesters from blocking the parade route by both the Secret Service and the DC Metropolitan Police.

Please see the new article titled “Oath Keepers at the Inauguration” for a complete update.


In my last article, “Communists Intend to Overthrow the United States before Inauguration Day”, I outlined the efforts of a new organization named Refuse Fascism to prevent the ascension of Donald Trump to President of the United States. My conclusion regarding this organization’s ability to achieve their objective was that they would fall short of their goal. I believe that this group will be unable to field more than 10,000 protesters by inauguration day. Today is their first planned action, a march starting at McPherson Square at 1600hrs EST. This march will be repeated daily until Inauguration Day. We will have observers in the area to determine if this group gains any traction.

In my article titled “#DisruptJ20 Threatens the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony” we reviewed the DisruptJ20 and ANTIFA organizations that have stated a desire to keep the Inauguration from taking place.  These groups could potentially field as many as 6,000 protesters and have three basic components; the people who just want to protest, the people who are willing to violate minor laws (blocking traffic, blocking access to the inauguration security checkpoints, etc.) and the people who have no limits.  Organizationally, they are very similar to the group responsible for the riots in Portland, OR immediately following the election. Somehow, the people not wanting to break the law accept those who will break the law into their plans but feel because they are not personally doing the illegal action, they are not really responsible for the results.

The fourth group we have reviewed is ANSWER Coalition. ANSWER is by far the largest of these four organizations and conservatively will bring 40,000 protesters to the inauguration day events. With the good weather that is forecast, the number could be significantly higher.  They are primarily comprised of college age students and university staff members intent on protesting during the inauguration parade. They have remarkably achieved permits to stage their personnel at critical points along the inauguration parade route.

UPDATE: NavyJack - The Presidential Inauguration (or not) of Donald J. TrumpANSWER Coaltion is the least militant of the four protest groups discussed. They have been infiltrated by members of the more militant organizations that intend to leverage their larger numbers to help achieve more significant results. The management of ANSWER Coalition is oblivious to this infiltration and these plans.

UPDATE: NavyJack - The Presidential Inauguration (or not) of Donald J. TrumpAnother group that receives a lot of attention is a pro-Trump group known as Bikers for Trump. They will also be present in significant numbers. Their staging area is close to the US Capital.  It is not close enough to any of the protest groups planned activities to provide any meaningful resistance should the protests spin out of control.

The DC Metropolitan Police force can muster roughly 3,000 officers to provide general event security. Considering the placement of protest organizations and the unusually large area that will need to be secured, they may be unable to contain protest activities. The protesters will most likely be able to conduct direct actions both prior and during the inauguration schedule.

The DC National Guard will have 2,700 service members on the street that will primarily be tasked with containment of protest groups should events turn sour. Their commanding general will be stepping down at the moment Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States. This does not appear to be anything nefarious. Prior to his announcement, this commanding general had organized the import of some 5,000 additional guardsmen from various states to assist with his mission of riot containment. It appears that the action to bring in additional guard members has been cancelled in conjunction with his decision to step-down from command.   The deputy commander is a career spook.

The various Federal agencies involved (DHS, FBI Secret Service, etc.) are operating as if this inauguration will be no different than previous inaugurations.  They may be understaffed should the protests spin out of control. Their senior leadership is fully aware of the planned activities of all of the major protest organizations.

The following is the most likely scenario of events at the time this article was written:

  1. Protest marches will commence today (January 14) from McPherson Square Park and continue every day until the inauguration. These protests will build, similar to the protests in Portland, OR and may result in minor damages and injuries. These protests will significantly disrupt the DC transportation systems. Should the DC Police use excessive force because of their inability to field sufficient officers to contain the protests, riots similar to those experienced in Baltimore in April 2015 are a possibility.
  2. On the evening of January 19, the DisruptJ20 and DC ANTIFA organizations plan to launch an attack at the National Press Club. The event they will be hosting is the Citizens for Trump Deploraball. Please review the following undercover video to understand the serious threat posed by these organizations:
  3. At some point following the events at the National Press Club on the evening of January 19, protesters may level the demand to President Obama that the ascension of Donald Trump to President be halted pending completion of an investigation into his associations with the Russian Government. Should military action between Russia and the United States take place due to US provocations in Poland, the Baltic States or other areas of contention, the US Senate may also decide to weigh in on whether to use emergency powers to prevent a suspected Russian Manchurian candidate from assuming the office of President. All of these allegations and events are concocted and have no basis in fact. They have been purposefully created by the CIA, the MSM and the NEOCONs (McCain, Graham, etc.) to block Donald trump from becoming President or to diminish his mandate.
  4. Assuming that the inauguration events proceed, the morning of January 20 will be consumed with blocking actions by the various protest groups. Traffic will be snarled. The DC Metro subway system will have delays. Should these delays cascade, the system may gridlock. Getting to the inauguration viewing areas may be challenging.
  5. During the inauguration ceremony there will be disruptions. Some of these disruptions may be purposefully designed to create fear (amplified sounds of explosions, gunfire, etc.). There will be a roar of protesters so loud that it may make it difficult to hear what is being said during the inauguration ceremony.
  6. When the inauguration parade commences, there will be protesters lining the entire route. After the Presidential motorcade passes the Navy Memorial, there is a risk that protesters will fill Pennsylvania Avenue blocking any egress opportunities Eastbound. Before the motorcade reaches 13th Street, protesters have access and have discussed potentially blocking access Westbound towards the White House. It would be at this point that the Secret Service would initiate protocols for escape and evasion.

The more aggressive organizations discussed above are dwarfed by comparison to many other groups planning to protest the inauguration events, including the Women’s March Against Trump, The World Workers Party, La Raza and Black Lives Matter.

If you are coming to DC for the inauguration, I suggest you have a plan and find other Oath Keepers or patriots to move in groups. Do not think for a moment that your “Make America Great Again” red hat will not make you a target. Use your head and keep it on a swivel.

I will update this article daily or if a more serious situation arises.

Update 01/15/2017

Last night went well for Refuse Fascism. Leveraging the MLK March led by Al Sharpton, the Refuse Fascism group was able to hijack the MLK March participants and get their first protest march to snarl traffic and capture local headlines. They exceeded their own expectations. Tonight they will encircle the DC Trump Hotel and attempt to block access until the DC Police run them off. The DC Police have known for days that this was coming.

Update 01/16/2017

Yesterday, the Refuse Fascism protest activities lasted into the late evening. Starting at 1600hrs at McPherson Square Park, the organization marched to the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. chanting and banging drums, picking up additional participants along the way.

The DC Police stayed at least 100 yards away from the main protest group and assisted the group by blocking intersections to enable the march to continue without encountering traffic. Guests entering and leaving the hotel expressed a range of reactions from curiosity to anxiety. Many were arriving International travelers, unfamiliar with this type of scene.  After temporarily putting the hotel on a security lockdown by removing the hotel security barriers and entering the lobby with a bullhorn, the group decided to march to the White House.

The total number of participants did not exceed 1,000 and the protest march wrapped up at 2200hrs. There were no arrests.

Judge Jeanine Piro used her weekly FoxNews show opening address to hammer Rosie O’Donnell’s promotion of Refuse Fascism and her call for a declaration of martial law.

The Refuse Fascism group got started early this morning and is already working to hijack participants in the 11th annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade.

DisruptJ20 posted a revised training  schedule and updated their public action events page. Please note that this public page does not include the various illegal activities (blocking security checkpoints, blocking roads & bridges, disrupting subway and rail services, etc.) that will be carried out by the group over the coming days.

UPDATE: NavyJack - The Presidential Inauguration (or not) of Donald J. Trump



Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.


  1. Great work NJ…I’m thinking those of us heading down might want to consider wooden stakes and holy water as part of our arsenal.

  2. You say supporters of Trump will be outnumbered 8-1, and you say the three largest protest groups will number about 56,000 (6,000 + 10,000 + 40,000) For some time expectations have been for the inauguration to attract around 800,000. Your math is suspect.

    1. Retired Navy Spook – I said of the four groups “reviewed” the largest was 40,000. There are MUCH, MUCH larger protest groups that are not making serious threats that are not discussed in this article including Black Lives Matter, La Raza, NARL, Code Pink, Mecha, The Women’s March Against Trump (which has almost half of its members coming for the Inaguration) and many others. One of these groups has over 236,000 coming. Because the weather is expected to be mild, this will encourage more local protest attendance. There are not a lot of Trump supporters here in DC.

      1. Navy Jack – if all those groups show up in significant numbers it will be almost impossible to prevent violence, particularly BLM. At least we don’t have to wait long (121 hours) to see how it all shakes out. Hope for the best and prepare for the worse is about all we out here in flyover country can do. A keep our powder dry moment if ever there was one.

      2. Retired Navy Spook – I updated the article based on your input. I added a list of some of the really large groups near the end. Thank you. Last night went much better for the Refuse Fascism group (Bill Ayers & Carl Dix) than even they had hoped for.

      3. Send out an emergency call to all truckers, vets, coal miners,auto workers and good old country boys to bring their base ball bats and pitchforks and what ever else is legal to carry in DC and build a united front around Trump and Pence. Have the liberals see what they are up against if they start any crap.

    2. I have edited the article to remove that line to avoid confusion. I had the same questions, and it is better to err on the side of caution with number estimates. As you say, we’ll see how it goes. One concern I have is to not scare away Trump supporters who are planning to go. If you are planning in going, by all means go. Just be prepared and travel in groups, as Navy Jack said.

      1. Stewart and Navy Jack — thanks for clearing up the numbers estimate. It’s clear that there are going to be LOTS of protesters. In the article you say:

        “Somehow, the people not wanting to break the law accept those who will break the law into their plans but feel because they are not personally doing the illegal action, they are not really responsible for the results.”

        This is the mindset you get when you subscribe to an “ends justify the means” ideology. Not unlike “moderate Muslims who publicly disavow radical Islamists but do nothing to discourage or stop them. Sadly it’s the world in which we live, and the only solution is prepare, prepare and then prepare some more. My hope is that the people who would attempt to violently disrupt the peaceful transition of power dwell for a second on the hell that will rain down on them if they carry out their plans. God bless the LE and first responders who will attempt to keep the situation under control.

  3. Truly a great job, Navy Jack. What concerns me the most is the seemingly inadequate lack of response by government in taking steps to counter the threat. Right from the start, that indicates to me that the government is inviting the hyenas to a feast. How to avoid this? I would hope that, at the last minute, Trump moves the ceremony to Camp Lejeune. This would disappoint a lot of folks, both good and bad, in DC but would ensure a transition to the legitimate incoming administration.

    1. You beat me to it, Yoda. I was about to suggest that moving the inauguration to a different site (without making it a public announcement until the last moment, of course) if that is possible, would be the logical thing to do and if people who attend the D.C. event are disappointed, so be it. Better to have it happen that way with Trump safely installed in his new position than to worry about the feelings of disappointed revelers.

    2. Yoda – All of us are perplexed by the willingness of the park service to issue permits to groups openly advocating illegal activities. The DC Police have a lot more to go on than I am able to put into a public article. The lack of concern by the DHS and FBI boggles the mind. These protest groups are going on local TV and radio spewing thier plans for havoc and the DC Police have yet to call in for additional support. Can you imagine what would have happened if these type of threats were being made against President Obama’s Inauguration?

  4. You leave out the fact that it is all for the show, when trump shows up, he will already be sworn in as president.

    1. Rod – Trump will be sworn in before 10AM. He will not be President and have executive powers until Noon. Any attempt to derail the inauguration would most certainly have to occur before January 20th. Just because a group says that their goal is to keep Trump out of office, doesn’t mean their plan is plausable. Without the support of both the current President and the Senate, my personal opinion is that they are wasting thier time. The Russian issue being escalated in the US Senate yesterday does make you wonder which way the Senate is leaning.

      1. I’m hoping that we are able to get past the first milestone which is the inauguration before having to address the greatest threat to our nation. There is going to be a major battle over Russia. Are they friend or foe? What is taking place is the big push by the global elite/new world order to crush the opposition. Trump is being forced to choose which side he will be on. This has everything to do with our position within the NATO Alliance. So while we are focusing on the first milestone, which is the inauguration, the globalist are busy within our government setting the stage for the really big battle.

      2. I have been watching the progression for a number of years and believe this and the reluctance of agencies and departments to properly prepare indicates a further cementing of plans for the US to become a police state neccessary to form a totalitarian government.

  5. I LOVE Yoda’s ” hyenas to a feast” metaphor. Perfect! NJ…none of us who have followed these “hyenas” for the past eight extremely painful years are “perplexed” or “boggled”. They are following the letter of their book to a perfect T. They want a revolution. God help me, I can’t see how we keep them from it.

    1. Chip – I wish I could say more, but I know that the lower and mid-level FBI and DHS personnel are starting to speak out because they too are worried about the safety of inauguration event participants. Periodically check the propaganda coming from CNN. They are integrally involved in this plan. If excessive force is used by the DC Police at the protest at VP-Elect Mike Pence’s residence on the evening of the 18th or the major protest of the Citizens for Trump DeploraBall on the evening of the 19th, things will escalate quickly. Pay close attention to these two events.

      1. And that may be exactly why DC Metro is handling them with kid gloves. They may be concerned about possibly giving the radical leftists the “police brutality” crack down they want, so they can stir more people up. Something to consider. The strategy may be to let them throw their temper tantrum marches and chanting, without a strong police reaction, and by doing so, take the wind out of their sails. The leftists clearly want a “police crack down” so they can scream about how America is turning fascist.


    2. EXACTLY what I thought when I read the “perplexed/boggled” comment, Chip! I don’t trust ANYONE that has “connections” in any form to the Obama admin…. as far as their “revolution” goes, I don”t think any of them have an idea of what their “utopia” would even look like – and they’d eat their own fighting over it…
      God Bless all of you that are going to D.C. and may He keep you safe – and I pray Psalm 83 over the enemy!

  6. Why not have a “virtual” Inauguration? That way, President Trump could be in a safe location, but have the event televised LIVE?

  7. If they actually resort to violence against President Elect Trump or the pro-Trump people in the crowd the backlash will be brutal. The American populace is sick of the “tolerant” left’s hypocrisy and will take action that the left will find impossible to comprehend.
    If they truly want a revolution they will get their wish. And as someone once said be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.
    As for the lack of response by the police, national guard, and DHS, etc., Obama is still in charge and will take every opportunity to put at risk the incoming President. History will remember Obama’s treachery at this important moment in the annals of the United States of America.

  8. Trump is being set up for massive economic collapse. He will be successfully inaugrated. All of this is theater to show to everyone he is an illigitmate president that didnt win the popular vote which i think is a total lie. Trump will get in, and maybe 6 months in the federal reserve will collapse the economy. Populism and conservativism will be demonized for decades maybe centuries despite any attempts to scream it was all the federal reserve and 100 pkus years of fiat money. Trump winning was all part of the plan.

    1. Hopefully the FED will be abandoned by the US government and the leaders jailed for pushing their worthless paper and charging us interest on it. We have the right under our laws to make our own currency and we should do that asap.

  9. The only way to deal with bullies is to take them out. I find it ludicrous that the snowflakes think all of this is going to end on election day. If they want to fight, a fight they shall have!

  10. I just checked out the NoFacistUSA live feed. Apart from the fact that the iPhone shots are calculated to make the crowd look larger, there are but a handful of buffoons at the Old Post Office Hotel. Not, impressive so far. However, as a native Washingtonian, I can say that the street layout, deigned by L’Enfant to defend the city in an era of massed troops and horse artillery, makes it very easy to clog the streets using relatively few people. It would be inconceivable to issue permits for demonstrations at the locations planned if this were not the desired result by the outgoing administration.

    1. FrC – The protest is just wrapping up. There were several hundred protesters. They did achieve a total security lockdown of the hotel when one of the protesters entered the hotel lobby with a bullhorn. Police have not interfered yet. The police did block the roads in order to let the protest March take control of the streets. The protesters also pulled down the hotel security barriers. I do not know if we will get a headcount estimate from DC Police. My guess is they fell short of their claim of 1,000 protesters.

  11. I have a question. IF THERE IS A REVOLUTION, WHAT WILL IT LOOK LIKE…..Will I be able to go to the store and shop, will I be able to drive down the street…….what will happen?????

    1. Charlie — having never lived through a revolution I can only speculate. I live out in flyover country (NE Indiana) and don’t expect much of a problem. I wouldn’t want to be living in a major metro area when it goes down. The unknown is that (and this is only my opinion) our opposition is not well armed. Most of them hate guns. In the past people like Bill Ayers have used bombs, but the dynamics have changed so dramatically since the 60’s and 70’s in terms of how LE is trained and equipped and the rise of groups like OK and 3%ers, that I, quite frankly, don’t know exactly what to expect. To be honest I don’t think the Left has a plan or has thought it all out very carefully. The ones doing the fighting and dying, if it comes to that are, for the most part, anarchists — useful idiots who the globalists will simply use as cannon fodder. They are, nevertheless, someone’s sons and daughters, and the last thing I want to do in this life is be put in a position where I have to kill another American. The only way to rationalize it, in my mind is, if it does come to revolution, those that would perpetrate a communist style revolution are no longer Americans.

      Just my 2 cents.

      1. Very well said!

        However small a comfort it is, I don’t know any liberal who is well prepared for such an event, and I don’t know any conservative who isn’t.

      2. Of course living in NY, she can count all the Conservatives she knows on one hand. But there’s no one I’d rather have on my team than Ms Jeanette when the crap goes don! 😉

      3. My question is are we not being hidebound and unable to think outside the Lone Gunman or Protesters threat paradigm ourselves? It appears to me that there are some rogue components in the Alphabet Soup Agencies that might actually have access to Weapons of Mass Destruction! Personally I hope that President Trump announces at 07:00 AM EST January 20th they are moving the Inauguration to a more Secure Location but to “Party On” and then let the Investigations and Prosecutions begin.

      4. It’s those that indite “cannon fodder” that need a healthy dose of consequence. The large cities that suck the economic life out of this country got a taste of the pillage last November. The globalists that are behind this don’t give a hoot about these cities losses when anarchist hit the streets, however the business owners, police, fire departments and local citizens who feel the economic loss won’t tolerate much insurrection in their backyards.The puppet Bathhouse Barry will burn down D.C. or any other act his is directed to perform. Other pawns in congress and the shadow government globalist are all in whatever the paycheck is attached to. It’s no skin off their nose when the streets are on fire. That’s why we, us, you and me need to push for legal consequences for those who administer and direct the fodder. It does no good to exterminate the idiots in the streets, they’ll just be replaced with a new batch of basement sitting hairless boys with no testicles.

  12. WV and VA Oath Keepers will be there. We have always ensured events in DC didn’t go south. When the barricades at the war memorials came down during the government shutdown several years ago and were brought to the front of the Whitehouse we lead the way. We challenged the DC police, park police and even the Secret Service. We made it clear to them we were on their side, but we would not allow them to carry out unlawful orders. They allowed us to carry out our civil disobedience in peace.

    We will be where ever there is a sign of trouble. Not on our watch.

    1. Good morning Doug…we will have a team there from NY as well. We will not be in colors, but perhaps Stewart can link us all up via Signal…as he is going to connect us to NJ. We plan to arrive around 9am on the 20th.

    2. Hi – I am a long time member of the Oath Keepers email notifications! Thank you all for always trying to keep us Americans safe. I myself have a CCP and strongly believe in the right to bear arms. I am a volunteer with the Inauguration Committee and will be there in DC on the 19th and 20th. Not sure what they will be having me do for the Inauguration, but will be keeping watch for you all. Thank you again for the help in keeping everyone there safe!

  13. If it gets too nasty Trump should go out of town and find a local Judge to swear him in.
    Neener, neener! Plenty in coal country willing to do it.

    1. I worry about the optics of that cm…”Trump run out of town by Rosie O’Donnell”. Knowing Trump, he’ll do all he can to make a “containment” deal they can’t refuse.

      1. I agree that there needs to be as much as possible put on the shoulders of the current rainbow house fraud. Let him take the full hit for creating, fostering, encouraging, and so forth the situation. Bathhouse Barry can go into the history books as the leaderless leader of all things uncivil and lawless. A spineless cocaine snorting worthless child with no country, and no honorable values. The islymic terrorist sympathizer, worshiper of murdering rapist mohamed, creater of the mythical allah inspired cult.

        Demonstrate our resolve, courage and love of country. Throw no stone, give no satisfaction to these puppets.

  14. If these nazi snowflakes do not cease and desist, I honestly believe they will trigger a civil war. Americans have had enough. They are going to continue to carry on with their anarchy until we , Americans, start pushing back hard.

    1. “If these nazi snowflakes do not cease and desist, I honestly believe they will trigger a civil war. ”

      Understand that civil war is their objective – they want chaos and hope to restructure our government out of the smoking ruins. Plan accordingly – pray that they fail….

  15. Whatever they decide to try, it won’t take long for a motorcycle to get there. Then if aggravated, it won’t take long to castrate the perpetrators…

    1. “openly calling for and cheering for the intervention of the CIA.” Yep, they have been getting away with murder since November 22, 1963. There is no action ever taken against these who destroy our constitutional country. We thank those who are trying and those presently in D.C.

      Let the anarchists show their stuff, cementing all those in the red counties across America who have joined our fight.

  16. Wish I could be there to support President Trump and Vice President Pence. Will be on standby. When duty calls. I will be there.
    I will stand by my vow to protect this country from both foreign and domestic enemies, ’till the day I die. God bless all my brothers and sisters standing for freedom and against the liberal ideology that has plagued our nation.
    A few years back, I watched a video from Prophecy Club in Topeka, KS. A certain man had dreams from God and God had told him that when our country turned on Israel, God would divide our country. Personally, I took it literally in the sense that our country might be divided by an earthquake, or something else. It occurred to me today that, we, as a nation, have never been quite as divided since the Civil War. Numbers of Libs vs. Conservatives, Libertarians, etc., equal an almost 50/50% of division when you look at polls, etc.
    Lads and Lasses, I believe that we may very well be in End Times. Biblical prophecy is coming true at an alarming rate. Cover your ASP (Active Self Protection), spiritually. Get right with God while there is time.

    1. PP I do believe God was talking about His People “Israelites” not this Nation of Israel that man had put forth.There is a difference.We all need to know the truth.

  17. Antifa are not ‘anti-fascist’, its a safe front name for marxist revolutionaries. People turned a blind eye when they were targeting the radical right (skinheads, sovereign citizens, Klan etc.) since those were the safe targets for them (who would oppose a group fighting skinheads publicly?), but now what they deem to be radical right are actually what were the centrists just a dozen years ago. Make no mistake, this has nothing to do with Trump, their aim is an actual marxist revolution according to their own writings. In fact, they are very happy Trump won – because they believe, according to their own writings, Trump’s presidency will serve to make pacifistic liberals more militant. Antifa are funded not only by Soros but are fed intelligence and financing from ‘non-partisan’ groups like the SPLC who have deep federal connections and a half-billion dollars in their war chest. Sooner or later you will be fighting them in the streets. It’s no longer an IF, but a WHEN.

  18. Stewart,

    Unfortunately, due to my current circumstances, I am not able to join you’all in D.C. at the upcoming Inauguration. But, I will be praying for you’all fervently; for protection, wisdom, and strength, as you ‘Stand in the Gap’
    I am with you’all in Spirit through prayer……..

    Sincerely and respectfully,

    John Mitchell – OK/USN
    Cottonwood, AZ 86326

    Remember…‘Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong’ ~ Paul (1 Corinthians 16:13)

  19. Thank you for what your group is dong to Protect, Preserve and Promote the Constitution of America and the American People. You all served our Country and the American People and you still are serving. The hate of the left for America is unbelievable, but true. We now have a President who will do what he ran on that too is unbelievable but true. Again THANK YOU

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