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NavyJack – Oath Keepers at the Inauguration

First, I want to thank all of the Oath Keepers and Patriots that responded to our Call to Action and came to Washington DC to participate in Operation DefendJ20. We were not there to impede peaceful protesters. We were there to assist and protect innocent citizens trying to attend the inauguration events from dangerous anarchists, ANTIFA and black-bloc rioters. I am sorry that I did not get to meet everyone. This was the best SHTF orientation training program you could ever hope for, because S did HTF yesterday afternoon.

I know there has been some criticism of the operation from members who do not see a role for Oath Keepers during events like this. To the naysayers, had we not been there, many more innocent citizens would have been harassed or injured. You see, there were hundreds of thousands of people in town to participate in various inauguration activities. To make it easy, the city posted signs last Wednesday all over the city to help those from out-of-town navigate to these events. The problem with this is that before the sun came up, the protesters were already in motion.

If you believe in the mission of Oath Keepers, to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, please consider making a donation to support our work.   You can Donate HERE.

NavyJack - Oath Keepers at the InaugurationThe protesters successfully blocked 10 of the 12 security zone entry points before 9AM. They were able to hold 6 of these on the North side of the Washington Mall all day. For a visitor trying to follow the signs to an event, this became a nightmare. They could not proceed as directed and the DC Police were stretched far beyond their ability to even consider providing these people any assistance. This became one of our first objectives of the day. We did a full recon of the situation, found which security portals were likely permanently blocked and then communicated with the officers on the ground what they should tell visitors regarding getting to their assigned area for each blocked portal. Not a big deal, but it needed to be done.

“For the record, Oath Keepers from Operation HYPO attended and videotaped the meetings of the organizations responsible for disrupting the inauguration events and instigating this violence.  We provided that information and the raw video to the DC Metropolitan Police on January 11th, 2017. Project Veritas and Oath Keepers cooperated on these activities.” – NavyJack

Oath Keepers informed the organizers of the Inauguration DeploraBall and the DC Metropolitan Police of the planned DisruptJ20/ANTIFA chemical gas/smoke bomb attack INSIDE of the National Press Club ballroom on January 9th. We also provided photographs of the individuals most likely to carry out the attack so that they could be stopped from entering by the National Press Club security team.

NavyJack - Oath Keepers at the Inauguration
Injuries inflicted on Jame Allsup by unprovoked ANTIFA attack at the corner of 14th and F Street.

During the entire day, agitators from the ANTIFA and Black-bloc harassed visitors to the city. Usually a simple “knock-it-off”, or “that’s going too far” statement in a stern voice from an Oath Keeper would suffice in curbing their actions. In a few instances, the agitators briefly challenged the request and then moved on.  I know of only one instance where an Oath Keeper was forced to defend himself. It was brief and nobody was injured.

This is an example of their tactics:

I was present when this attack occurred. I had just taken this picture when the attack started:

NavyJack - Oath Keepers at the Inauguration
Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute (NPI) conducting a televised interview.

It happened so fast, there really was no opportunity to intervene. The ANTIFA attackers ran away without further incident. For the record, I am a vocal critic of Mr. Spencer and NPI.  His provocative actions were certain to generate this attack. He intentionally put himself in this dangerous situation right in the middle of the ANTIFA stronghold.  While I may completely disagree with the positions of Mr. Spencer and the NPI, I would have intervened to protect him from the assault had I been in a position to do so. I did not leave until I was confident that he was not seriously injured. If asked, I would also suggest that in the future, Mr. Spencer bring security personnel with him if he is going to discuss the advantages of White Nationalism and racial segregation in the middle of a riot at the camp of the Anti-Fascist Coalition.

NavyJack - Oath Keepers at the Inauguration
ANTIFA and Black-Bloc Anarchists Assemble at Logan Circle

At about 11AM, a large group of ANTIFA and Black-bloc anarchists assembled at Logan Circle. I felt that something bad was about to happen and alerted police. Based on their actions and discussions, I believed that they intended to occupy Freedom Plaza, directly on the parade route. I stayed with this group until the group reached 12th and L Street.

NavyJack - Oath Keepers at the Inauguration
Newspaper vending stations removed and later thrown thru windows on I Street.

NavyJack - Oath Keepers at the Inauguration
Protesters attempt to escape mass police roundup at 12th Street and L Street.

Police were ready and had quickly established a line of riot control police. The advance of this group to the parade route was halted. I unfortunately was not able to escape fast enough and got caught up in the melee. My primary cell phone got dislodged from its’ case and the SIM card failed. I had a backup phone and sent a message out on our Signal channel detailing the activity, but that phone ended up being lost when I was struggling to escape.

Over 100 protesters were arrested.  I am sure that my inability to let everyone know I was alright caused some concern. I quickly got underground and jumped on a Green Line Metro train heading east to get out of the area. That was a mistake. The train was stopped by protesters that had gotten onto the tracks. Police immediately responded, but I was stuck without communications underground for over an hour. I missed the swearing in ceremony and speech. I resurfaced at Gallery Place near the US Navy Memorial, was able to repair the SIM card in my primary phone and get a message out on Signal.

NavyJack - Oath Keepers at the Inauguration
DisruptJ20 permitted parade at I Street and 13th Street

The DisruptJ20 organization held a very large permitted parade that started at Union Station and ended at McPherson Square Park starting about Noon. The parade provided cover for ANTIFA and Black bloc to take and hold numerous key intersections along I Street and K Street from 10th Street to 14th Street. I believe their intent was to stop visitors from reaching the parade viewing area. The police attempted numerous times to push thru and clear their blockades.

Without any verbal warning that I could hear, the police launched a full-on assault using smoke grenades, flash-bangs and concussion grenades. Again, I found myself in the middle of a very bad situation.  A concussion grenade exploded near me and I was thrown to the ground. It was at this point that I summoned the Calvary. Stewart Rhodes and his Washington Mall security detail came to the sound of gunfire (it wasn’t really gunfire, it was just concussion grenades, but they are are REALLY loud and there were at least a 40 used).

NavyJack - Oath Keepers at the Inauguration
Black-bloc protesters destroy limo parked on K Street near 13th Street
NavyJack - Oath Keepers at the Inauguration
Bricks thrown by protesters rest at the feet of police officers during Inauguration.

Over the next hour, the blockades turned into a full-fledged riot. I am sure whatever you heard on the news did not even scratch the surface on how much damage was done. It was violent. All of the newspaper and vending machines along I Street and K Street were broken free and thrown thru windows. Protesters took bricks from walls and the street planters and started throwing them at police. Six officers were injurred seriously enough to be taken from the scene. There were dozens of scrapes, bruises and cuts on all sides, including people caught in the middle. Thousands of innocent citizens were in the area and had to be directed or escorted to safety. Oath Keepers rose to this challenge. We escorted and directed dozens if not hundreds of people away from the conflict area. The police absolutely appreciated our assistance as did the National Guard. We did the right thing by going.

I am sure that every one of our Oath Keepers has a story of their own to tell and I encourage them to tell their story in the comments section below. For security purposes, do not include the names of any individuals assigned to a covert operations team. Also, refrain from providing details regarding the number of personnel assigned to your groups area.  We may have to do this again someday and we do not want to tip our hat on our deployment strategies.

We will provide an after-action-report via Web-Conference in the coming days and post the details on the Members-Only forum. We have some great pictures and personal stories to share with you.

In conclusion, I would like to say a special thanks to Stewart Rhodes. He dropped everything to head out here early to assist me with the escort of citizens attending the Inauguration DeploraBall. His dedication enabled me to ensure the safety of those I was responsible for protecting. Thank you.

Update 01/21/2017
Disruptj20 leader charged with conspiracy to commit assault in failed DeploraBall attack.
CBS News compiled a photo album of some of the events here
Infowars provides an accurate summary of the violence against Trump supporters yesterday here
CBS News  – Most protesters arrested on Inauguration Day will face felony rioting charges here
I have added an update section to my previous article titled “The Presidential Inauguration (or not) of Donald J. Trump” to provide a comparison of forecast activities to the actual events.



Hat’s off to the Oath Keepers members who stepped up in DC.  I met some awesome patriots, both military and police veterans, and it made me proud and thankful to know we have such men in this organization.   And a special hat’s off to Navy Jack and his team of “infiltrators” who did an amazing job infiltrating the various leftist organizations plotting illegal activity on the 18th, 19th, and 20th in DC (and elsewhere in the nation too).   As always, our intent was to do what we felt was our duty under our oaths to keep people as safe as we could in the face of clear official failure to prevent a dangerous situation.   Yes, it was a short notice call to action, but so was our first Ferguson, Missouri operation (we had men on the rooftops in two days), and for the same reason – it became clear, just days in advance, that the official “authorities” were not going to take the needed steps to keep bad things from happening to good people.

In Ferguson, it had become clear that the Governor was not going to use the National Guard in an effective manner to actually protect the local residents and shop-owners, with the National Guard instead deployed to protect only government buildings and/or the wealthier residential areas, leaving all others to fend for themselves.  We had advocated for the use of the National Guard in a dispersed fashion, posted on the rooftops and inside the shops, where they could actually defend the buildings against the deadly threat of arson.   And we also recommended that the cops use dispersed teams of undercover officers to go out in the crowds of protesters and hunt for the relatively few bad guys committing illegal acts.   But that was not done.  So, we did it ourselves, posting volunteer military and police veterans on the rooftops and inside the shops (protecting apartments too) on an entire city block, to show by example the right way to go.  And some of the local took our advice and also posted themselves outside shops, with rifles and shotguns in hand.   Way to go!

In DC, as Navy Jack said, we had infiltrated DisruptJ20, the Anti-Fascist Coalition (aka Anti-Fa), and Refuse Fascism, and beginning on November 9, we had provided the DC Metro Police with steady flow of ample evidence of conspiracy to commit numerous illegal acts.   All that happened on January 20, with the blockades of access points, violating the free speech and assembly rights of thousands of Americans, the property damage, and some assaults, could have been prevented or severely curtailed by arresting the leadership we had already caught on tape and video plotting illegal acts.   As the Inauguration events got closer, and even after the weapons caches were discovered near the American University, and even after the public was made aware by the excellent work of Project Veritas, there was still no move by the DC Police leadership to put a stop to the now abundantly documented and clear plans of DisruptJ20, Anti-Fa, and their allies, to commit illegal acts that would endanger the public.   And that is when we felt compelled to act.

And our chosen strategy was much the same as what we had recommended in Ferguson – dispersed teams.   When the bad guys are using small, dispersed teams who blend in with a larger crowd as cover, to jump out and sucker punch people and then blend back in with the crowd, the proper response is for the good guys to also use small, dispersed and low-profile teams to blend in with the crowd and hunt for the bad guys.   I’m not much of a fan of the whole “sheepdog” meme, because American was never meant to be a nation of sheep, but in this case, it fits.  The “sheepdogs” need to blend in with the sheep, and they need to be dispersed in the “herd” so they can catch the wolf.   Having all your “sheepdogs” standing up in one big, overt group is a nice show of force, and it has its time and place (such as a great mass of bikers roaring into town, as Bikers for Trump is famous for doing – to great effect), but it really doesn’t get the job done of making the little roving packs of “wolves” worry about where the Sheepdogs are, since they know where they are  – they’re all over there in one big group.   It is sometimes better to be dispersed (frankly, a blend of the two methods is best, if you can do it).

Yes, it is more dangerous for your dispersed teams, but it is also more dangerous for the bad guys, and more effective at protecting people in the great mass coming and going.   And having those dispersed, concealed teams out there, and publicly announcing that they are out there, will make the bad guys worry and watch over their shoulder.  They don’t know where you are, or how many of you there are.   That is the same strategy we used with our Operation Sabot, where we put incognito dispersed teams out to watch for election fraud on election day.

The team I was with made the tactical decision to “de-cloak” by putting on our Oath Keepers hats when we got close to McPherson Square park, when we were moving toward the ongoing riot by the Black Block and Anti-Fa elements after the swearing in ceremony.  We wanted them to know we were there, and were watching.   And we left our hats on as we moved toward the Washington Post office entrance on K street, where they were already standing on, and smashing the windows of a limo and lighting fires in the middle of the street.  We did not step in to stop property crime, because that was not why we were there.   We were there to protect people.
At that point, given the increasing antics of the window breaking and rock throwing punks, we decided a visual presence was warranted to help prevent assaults on the many innocent and oblivious Trump supporters, sight-seers, and tourists, including school kids on their school trip to D.C., who were just beebopping through the middle of a riot with black block clowns just a few feet away burning stuff and throwing chunks of brick at cops and through windows.
And no doubt our presence there helped to keep the commie clowns confined to just property crimes.  While there were some assaults and fights elsewhere, there were none in our presence.   I call that a win.
Nor did the Black Block or Anti-Fa try to attack us, even after we put our OK hats on and effectively announced our presence.  They clearly knew we were there, as the black clothed, masked wearing Black Block kids walked or ran right past us on multiple occasions, and two who were posted near the National Guard lines were visibly shocked as we walked past the National Guard and right into “their” territory and posted ourselves on the sidewalk in the middle of the block, with our back to the Washington Post building.
I want to give a special shout out to the stand-up, hardcore biker MC members from Indiana who were also there, on that same block, just a few feet from us, also keeping a sharp eye on things (members of Bikers for Trump too, I believe).   You know who you are.   Next time, beers are on me brothers.  They clearly had the same idea, and did the right thing by being there, right in the middle of the Anti-Fa “stronghold.”
We will be doing a “hotwash” review of our mission among Oath Keepers leadership, and then we will hold a public webinar on lessons learned and how to do such operations in your own town or city.  We know that the bad guys intend to keep doing this kind of thing, so we want to see patriots across the nation have effective answers to take care of business when they do.   We will post up the access info for that webinar as soon as we schedule it.
Stewart Rhodes
PS – Here is what our lead Florida POC, a U.S. Army Ranger veteran, had to say:

To All Involved in Operation Hypo -Especially Navy Jack,

News like this gives us even more reason to have faith in our Oath Keepers organization.  You’ve brought great credit to not only humanity itself, but to America AND to Oath Keepers by voluntarily holding yourself to such high standards, uncompromising levels of professionalism and dedication to duty -again, all of your own volition.  It’s reassuring to all Oath Keepers, especially in our efforts to adopt and hold ourselves to high standards; in so continually improving the credibility of Oath Keepers and ourselves  -whom help represent “the good People of these (former) Colonies”.

You’ve solidly set the standard for others to follow.  Thank you for your continued sacrifices and contributions in the defense of Liberty, as your actions have exemplified the Oath Keepers motto, “Not on our watch!”  You certainly are a credit to not just Oath Keepers, but to the spirit of the American fighting man himself.

From all of us in Oath Keepers, thank you for inspiring us to fight on.  Well done.

Ivan Chiplinsky


NavyJack - Oath Keepers at the Inauguration


Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.


  1. Times are a changing. American need to understand the issues of the politics of division. Those who divide us like the news media in particular are there to keep us from confronting those who would like to weaken us an harm us. United we stand or divided we hang separately.

    1. I was there with friends, I am a Pa Oath Keeper, and attended the Inauguration with my wife and friends. The one incident I was involved in concerned a group of women (there a day ahead of their Saturday march) stopping and harassing people at one of the major intersections. I did confront them, verbally, explained what being a veteran means and informed them in not so polite terms (no profanity) that their views, their position etc. was more akin to Nazi Germany than expressions that should be aired in a free society. I guess my demeanor, all in camouflage and wearing tactical pants, was a little disconcerting to them as they all packed up their banners etc. and moved to the other side of the street. I was prepared to assist anyone I saw in trouble or in need of help but we did not encounter anything else that was threatening.

      1. For certain. If they cannot attack you from behind and they are aware that you are trained, they will back down. Cowards only attack from ambush or attack the weak and old.

  2. Yesterday was one of the most amazing days of my life. I spent it with a group of men, young and old (myself in the latter), who define what it means to be a man. We [Information removed by NavyJack for OpSec] NY and NJ Oath Keepers were part of a nationwide team of Oath Keepers mobilized by OK Founder Stewart Rhodes earlier in the week, after threats to disrupt the Inauguration and overthrow Trump grew to the level of “Serious”.

    Our mission was to back up and support local military and police efforts in providing event security and civilian protection. Our “Intel” team had done a superb job infiltrating the four protest groups (ANTIFA being the most violent) so we knew exactly who we were dealing with, their tactics…hell, everything but their names and addresses before the event. And then, helped us to track them on the day of the event. We got down there late Thursday evening, hooked up with Stewart early Friday morning and were on the Mall by around 8:15 that morning. The first thing Stewart did was divide [Information removed by NavyJack for OpSec] into “buddy teams”. I am honored to report that Stewart chose me…which is the first and only time I ever recall questioning (to myself) our Leader’s judgment!

    During the course of the day, we connected [Information removed by NavyJack for OpSec] Oath Keepers from Georgia and Pennsylvania. The [Information removed by NavyJack for OpSec] from PA made us an [Information removed by NavyJack for OpSec] team for the remainder of the day. Our #1 objective was to keep people safe. Unfortunately, we weren’t there when a Trump supporter wearing his red Trump hat at the Deplora-Ball the night before was attacked and beaten with a flag pole and hospitalized after leaving the event early…by himself. The only injury I’m aware of sustained on Friday (while we were there), was when the head of our “Intel” team (I’ll refer to here as NJ) got knocked to the ground by a stun grenade and lost his “favorite” OK hat. Unfortunately, as many of you have read, the rioting took a nasty turn early evening yesterday, resulting in police and civilian injuries as well as significant property damage. The only consolation I can offer is, that effective noon yesterday, we all have a new Sheriff in town! 🙂

    We wrapped up close to 5pm and were treated to “Shelly Reubens” and cold beer by NJ before leaving DC. I want to personally thank NY Communications Officer Pete Norris for keeping us all “connected” on the ground, Matt McDonnell, Co-Leader of our Chapter (and driver), Bret Hamilton, Jason Wendell all from the Orange County Chapter, and Jim Breheny from the North Jersey Chapter for stepping up to “answer the call.” It was an incredible honor and privilege to spend such a historical day with you all. Thanks to NJ, and especially thanks to our founder and leader Stewart for bringing us all together. God Bless! I actually believe America WILL be great again! I, like you, heard our President officially acknowledge and invite God back to His official role in our most cherished relationship with Him. J

    Note- Pictured in attached photo from left to right; Matt McDonnell, Bret Hamilton, Chip Murray, Georgia OK, Jason Wendell, Jim Breheny, Stewart Rhodes, PA OK, PA OK (If anyone made note of the GA & PA names, please provide)

    Respectfully and gratefully submitted,


    Attachments area

  3. Nice job patriots!

    Maybe some changes in law enforcement nationwide will take place that are more in line with Giuliani. Protest peacefully – that means no property damage, blocking the public from their right to travel or assault on police and other; otherwise plan on going to jail, plan on a court hearing, plan on fines and convictions.

    If these super liberal left Mayors continue to allow their cities to be burned and pillaged, the business community will move out. No more revenue, no more commerce, no more taxes. Welcome to our downtown, we have nothing to offer but chaos and anarchy.

  4. It took real guts to infiltrate and document these meetings, great work guys ! It’s especially exciting to see the working relationship between OK and Project Veritas. These creeps will be looking over their shoulder now. We saw the collectivist “Democracy” in action in DC, and I can’t help but compare these thugs with our peaceful and diciplined actions at Bundy Ranch, Sugar Pine and Mlahure. Yet, that one man who can make a difference, and other Americans of True Sight, rot in jail.

  5. Just what did these idiots accomplish? They caused a ruckus, and didn’t accomplish a single thing , unless of course you believe that making noise by beating on a can yelling, and some dumb female standing with her hand raised flipping the bird.
    I wonder what these idiots are afraid of? Maybe they’re afraid they’ll have to get a job, and go to work instead of the gov. taking care of them their whole live.
    These are not men, and women, they’re spoiled little brats that didn’t get their way, so now they’re throwing a tantrum!

    1. Whether they ‘accomplished’ anything ‘positive’ or not, they still pose a serious threat, if anything by their numbers. In Nam we had human wave attacks that were designed to literally push a human wave over our positions…..
      As I’m sure most of U.S. know by now, this is all part and parcel of the desperate actions of the NWO to retain their momentum.
      Carry on warriors of America ! Good job ! God Bless this nation, it’s leadership from the very top to the deepest trenches, and all those warriors in between .

      1. Amen DB. Well said. This is, indeed, a sign of the desperate actions of the NWO/globalists to retain their momentum in the face of an awakening in the West, and a resistance among all people who love liberty.

        Your recollections of human wave attacks in Nam reminds me of a quote from Chesty Puller at the “frozen Chosen”:

        “Don’t forget that you’re First Marines! Not all the Communists in hell can overrun you!”

  6. This day, I could not be prouder to be associated with this fine organization. I live in a rural area halfway between LA and SF, otherwise would have been in DC with you patriots. Your efforts have obviously made the visit safer for some who attended.

    My hope as time goes on, these organizations lose funding or are disbanded by good intelligence. It’s obvious their only mission is to bring anarchy to our streets.

    Thank you and God bless to all of you who were able to represent Oath Keepers this week. I believe this will also help demonstrate to those in the law enforcement community who we are and that we represent that which is good and service to the community.

    God save the Republic!

    1. For all our liberal socialist friends in the US of A , you live in a Constitutional Republic with laws ! You do not live in a democracy with mob rule . The Founding Fathers created a Constitutional Republic with laws 1778 when the wrote the US Constitution . For the last 100 years liberal/socialist/democrats have been spewing the lie that we live in a democracy . And of course they believe if you tell a lie often enough it becomes truth . Again , Thanks to the Oath Keeper for their efforts in keeping US Citizens safe .

  7. I have received a few emails on the Richard Spencer assault that I documented above. To be clear, my oath to the US Constitution does not provide me with the latitude to decide which free speech I will protect and defend. I am obligated to defend all free speech, even if it turns my stomach. While I may completely disagree with the positions of Mr. Spencer and the NPI, I would have intervened to protect him from the assault had I been in a position to do so. It happened too fast and I was too far away. I did not leave until I was confident that he was not seriously injured. If asked, I would also suggest that in the future, Mr. Spencer bring security personnel with him if he is going to discuss the advantages of White Nationalism and racial segregation in the middle of a riot at the camp of the Anti-Fascist Coalition.

    1. ” if he is going to discuss the advantages of White Nationalism and racial segregation in the middle of a riot at the camp of the Anti-Fascist Coalition.” The only better definition of stupidity than these words, are these words without “security personnel”. The cascading failure of scams, false prophets and a history of lies is crashing before our eyes. Schumer told us his name means “protector”. His name means “Shit”. Oath Keepers are protectors. Watch and learn Chuck…I’ll choose NJ over Schumer in that ultimate fox hole when it matters most!

  8. I cannot adequately express the degree of pride I have in being part of this organization! Thank you all for your courage and resolve in putting yourselves in harm’s way to defend the principles we all believe in. Carry on brothers – God Bless all of you and God Bless our great nation!

  9. Chip: If Schumer says his name means “protector” in German, then he’s a damn liar. There’s no such word as “Schumer” in German. The only word that exists that’s even close is “Schummeln” which means ” to chisel or cheat”. Obviously, that shoe fits and Mr. Shumer should wear it.

    1. @ Angela…
      Schumer means protector in “Hebrew” according to his Regional Director…who got busted for drug possession a year later. 🙂

  10. Great job guys and gals.

    “All great and honorable actions are accompanied with great difficulties, and both must be enterprised and overcome with answerable courage.”
    ― William Bradford

  11. Why weren’t all the Bikers for Trump called? Only a few were in the mix helping out, while the rest of them waited at a park 10 minutes away and were never deployed. I am ashamed that American’s can’t seem to get their act together long enough to stop violent thugs commies on our streets. The problem is, we all knew this was going to be violent, yet they wee allowed in, in the first place. I am disgusted. Citizens were assaulted with urine and feces whilst entering and exiting the Deploraball. Seriously disgusting. What I see is no real training in PREVENTION, just a bunch of blockheads dressed in military gear, posing as mechanical robots..

    1. In truth, had the conservatives and Constitution supporters wanted to actually do what it takes to stop this from happening again, they would have gone, in mass, into these thugs with such force that the thugs activities for the day would have been over. (In the hospital) You see, as far as they are concerned, they did have a “win” of sorts. So next time, step it up. To make sure they are going to “hide” and “run” much quicker, make sure that they KNOW they have been defeated.
      Sorry. This is a time that FREEDOM OF SPEECH has been abused. There is NO freedom of speech that is designed to harm others.

  12. Thanks Oath Keepers; for having the you know what, (that word that rhymes with falls), for all you’re peace making efforts on President Trump’s inauguration day….May you be twice blessed for “all” you do in the name of liberty for justice and righteousness.

    1. Thank you. We do what we can, and hopefully it can be used as a model/example for what any group of patriots can do in any town or city. That was actually the most important thing to do – show how it can be done. Lead by example.

  13. This could have been greatly reduced if the LEOs had used greater force against these people. Face it.
    These “non-violent” protests where the perfect place for the very violence that DID occur. And the answer is at the FIRST sign of violence, go after them with batons, and any other non deadly force necessary to disperse them.
    No longer can we pretend that these people will be NON VIOLENT.

    1. What the police should have done is send out teams of undercover officers, blending with the crowd, to identify the worst offenders, and then have snatch teams of a dozen or so cops who can grab them and arrest them. Or even better yet, arrest the leadership of LEFTY-FA (what I call them) and DisruptJ20 before the inauguration, using the reams of evidence we gave to DC Metro, and also cancel the permits that gave them a park to use as a base. When an organization is systematically planning on carrying out illegal acts, such as blocking other people from being able to exercise their own right to free speech and assembly, they cross the line far beyond free speech and their permit should have been pulled.

      1. Absolutely correct, Stewart. Maybe the new administration will revert back to the rule of law and ALL Americans can feel safe that no “special interest” group can ignore the law at will. Our new President needs to flush the current progressives out of law enforcement and install constitutionalists in their place. Good job all. We shall have LEO’s back!!

  14. I am so proud to be an Associate Member of this awesome group of real men and real women! I’m passing this follow-up article along to all of my Patriot friends and encouraging them again to join us! Thank you to all who represented REAL America in D.C. during this time of testing and bless God for keeping you safe!

    This kind of crap by the “mob” needs to be nipped in the bud at the outset and not let to fester and grow as fungus does. These punks are spoiled brats who had too many “time-outs” and not enough sore keesters. They’ll push that line as far as they are ALLOWED to get away with! They are extremely lucky they weren’t at Kent State on May 4, 1970. One thrown brick and that would’ve been it!

    And in California, the LEO’s don’t want to mess with the paperwork of hauling them in as Gov. Jerry Brown just lets them go due to prison “realignment” and “rehabilitation” efforts – while at the same time signing more unconstitutional anti-gun laws that make it more difficult to defend ourselves (legally) against the rubbish and criminal illegal aliens. I thought “sanctuary” meant for law-abiding, innocent people?!

    Thank you again to all OK’s and Patriots! May God sanctify all of our endeavors to re-establish justice and righteousness in this nation!

  15. Maybe next time the authorities will get some gonads and use water on the rioters. That would have stopped them dead in their tracks.

  16. I’d also like to thank to the Oath Keepers and Patriots. These riots are absolutely terrible. I hope that despite all the difficullties we will find a peaceful solution to all of our country’s problems.

    1. So, when we protect people’s rights to peaceably assemble and their right to free speech, against thugs, that is not also keeping our oaths to defend the Constitution? The point, which you seem to miss, is that we the people are supposed to be the militia of the several states. That means you, me, and all our neighbors, who then provide the security of a free state, and that would certainly mean protecting peaceable people who are simply trying to assemble from the attack of thugs who want to stop them from assembling.

      We don’t defend the Constitution just by handing out pocket constitutions, brochures, or merely asking current serving cops and military to refuse orders. We also have to work our way back to restoring the militia of the several states, made up of the people themselves.

      To do that, we need to lead by example, and then encourage people to do the same thing in their own local community. So, in the end, the answer is no, we are not a national security team, but we feel the need to step up and show how to do it, so people can replicate our example in their local community, by coming together with their neighbors and organizing community security and defense, through neighborhood watches, volunteer town watches, auxiliary and reserves to local police, and as a posse for a good sheriff, along with joining their local volunteer fire department, volunteer EMT team, Search and Rescue, etc (all part of our CPT program).

      All of those are necessary stop-gaps and stepping stones toward that ultimate goal of a truly revitalized militia of the people in the local community, which would in turn be part of a state militia system. We are a long way from that goal, but these are steps in the right direction.

      Otherwise, the American people will be left with the false choice of chaos in the streets, with no resilient local security and no real capacity for local disaster relief (remember Katrina?), or an increasingly militarized and expanded professional police presence in their communities, which will lead to a police state in the truest sense of that term.

      What is your alternative? To sit on the couch and gripe and snipe at us, and maybe call on the police and military to do all the heavy lifting of defending the Constitution, but to otherwise “let the authorities handle it”?

      That was not the Founders’ plan, and that was not what they wrote into our Constitution.

      “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

      If you are not taking active steps toward a revitalization and restoration of what the Founders regarded as necessary to the security of a free state, you aren’t defending squat.


    2. BBK – If you are a good citizen, you must render assistance to anyone being assaulted in your presence. If you are an Oath Keeper, you must be a good citizen.

      We all have different abilities and the assistance we are able to render will vary. We should all strive, to the best of our ability, to protect and care for each other; regardless of our political views. I refuse to sit on the couch and watch women, children, the elderly and the outnumbered being harassed, beaten and worse for nothing more than wanting to attend a public event like the Inauguration of the President of the United States. I feel the same way about those who peacefully protest. They deserve the same respect and the same protection because they too are citizens exercising their rights.

      Too many times the police have been ordered to stand-down and not intervene to avoid becoming the target of the protesters. Too many times the police have been unprepared or so vastly outnumbered as to make their presence useless.

      Do what you want. Complain if you must, but I would hope you would at least respect the views of those of us that have watched too many of these events turn violent against those least able to protect themselves.


      1. Well said. To each his own. But the idea that this org should be “RTI” (Reach, Teach, Inspire) only, in some stinted way that confines us to just education, was NEVER my intent as the founder of this org and is entirely incompatible with keeping the oath. You DO NOT keep your oath to defend the Constitution just by urging others to keep theirs. Hate to break it to you, but you don’t get a pass on your duty to take action when required.

        And in my speech on Lexington Green, on April 19, 2009, which was our official founding date, I spoke at length about the duty of us veterans, and I used the example of Samuel Whittemore, a combat veteran of the French and Indian War, who was 80 years old on April 19, 1775, when he decided that his duty required him to step up, one more time, in defense of his community and country. He was not “current serving” (which was the militia of the time) because he was too old, but he answered the call nonetheless, because he still felt honor bound to do so.

        We veterans do not get to just sit this one out and urge the current serving to do the right thing.

        First of all, in the Founders Republic, there is no separation between the people and the law enforcement function, because all were supposed to answer the “hue and the cry” and turn out to bring the criminal to justice (such as in the posse of a good sheriff), and there was no separation between the people and the military function, because all were the militia, as I said above.

        And second of all, even us older veterans are still under the same duty that grabbed hold of the old veteran, Samuel Whittemore, and drew him toward the fight. As with him, our oath does not expire until we do, no matter our age. You are still on the hook, all you “dangerous old men.”

        Remember your purpose, and reflect on the reality that you were born an American, and at this time in our history, for a reason. And it was not to sit on the couch. Liberty is not a spectator sport.

        Embrace your place in history, fear not, and answer the call.


    3. Do the research on the OK’s and you will have the answer. We support the constitution and will defend it when needed. The simple fact that we are mostly vets and retired/active law enforcement, and committed to honoring the oaths that we took, should give you some idea. And yes, we do train to act a a “security team” on occasion, when it’s needed and being requested by our fellow citizens/neighbors/law enforcement to provide emergency services. . Here in Az, we have a working relationship with our sheriff’s dept. and the sheriff himself, is a solid patriot/sheriff and loves our organization. He has already advised us that in the event of a major situation, that we would be called on in that emergency.

  17. We, I believe, are one of the best trained and armed citizenry on the planet. This is due to having one of the best military’s to date. The mission is to disarm America, I think, so as to weaken the internal fabric in order to assist in whatever world agenda there is that is intent on disenfranchising the Unites States of America. This is/has been advanced through decreasing the need for a draft, decreasing the size and scope of the National armed forces, incorporating and utilizing a paid mercenary/contracted force and then de-legitimizing law enforcement while giving more power to the judicial system and government. Checks are in place while Balances are being weighted to one side of the pendulum, the Executive–Government and away from the People–States.
    The only distraction adversarial party’s and nations have to advance their agenda on us/our citizenry currently, as in the past, is the strength of our trained and armed citizens that might raise a question of certainty toward success of their plan without complicated resistance.
    We are a bipolar nation today due to the forced two-party war of politics that only makes concrete the certainty of discontent and riff. The “us vs. them” delineation-factor makes it easier for the orchestrated management, by the suspect forces (unknown for certain, but, Global Control Agenda Cartel, sounds like an appropriate clandestine title, maybe?) against us, to gain control and bring to submission the United States of America because most of the work will have been done by the fracturing of our belief in ourselves and our nation as well as our ability to resolve our differences while ensuring our individual privilege and safety without having to submit to violence toward one another.
    Thank You Oath-Keepers for staying grounded in your Oath; to stand firm in defense of our Constitution and free of expressed preferential bias against or for the diversity within our citizenry.

  18. Hat off to my Brothers! To. BBK just about any member that wanted to be a contractor or operator in the private sector could be and some have I’m sure for me I was security back during the Bush era. I wore. A lapel. Pin and should patch under my suit coat make you go hmmm!

  19. Glad to see the Oathkeepers were there and made a difference with no casualties. At least I did not hear or read of any Oathkeepers casualties. Way to go Oathkeepers. Lack of funds kept me from being there.

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