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NavyJack – Communists Intend to Overthrow the United States before Inauguration Day (Updated 01/12/2017)

“Just because a group says that their goal is to keep Trump out of office, doesn’t mean their plan is plausible. Without the support of both the current President and the Senate, my personal opinion is that they are wasting their time.” – NavyJack

In previous articles I have reviewed the planned activities of the ANSWER Coalition, #DisruptJ20 and the ANTIFA during the week leading up to the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. In this article we will review a new and even more dangerous organization, Refuse Fascism, which has stated their intent to stop the inauguration and prevent Donald Trump from becoming President.


On the surface this stated goal may seem unclear, but when you review their action plan you find the following:

“It is true that the current widespread opposition to this fascist regime could end up becoming deeply disoriented, demoralized, and decimated through repression. But it is also true that the current angst and outrage could be transformed, in a very short, telescoped period of time, into resistance which reaches such massive proportions, and is characterized by such a depth of determination, that it actually creates a ‘crisis of rule,’ and prevents the Trump/Pence fascist regime from consolidating its hold on the governance of society.”


“And this must be done before this regime officially takes power, isolates and crushes opposition, and moves forcefully to implement its fascist program.  The aim must be nothing less than to create such a profound political crisis before the intended inauguration (January 20, 2017) that the fascist regime is actually not able to take the reins of government.”

NavyJack - Communists Intend to Overthrow the United States before Inauguration Day (Updated 01/12/2017)This organization is clearly promoting treason against the people and the Constitution of United States of America. Our Operation HYPO team has penetrated this organization, attended their meetings and communicated with their leadership. Their intent is to create a crisis in Washington, D.C. before January 20, 2017. The crisis will manifest thru sustained protests starting on January 14, reaching a crescendo not later than January 19 with supporting “direct” actions including blocking roads, vandalism, and stopping Metro subway service starting on January 17. The following is an example of the scenario they envision:

“As 2011 dawned, President Hosni Mubarak had ruled Egypt for decades and seemed to be immovably implanted in power.  But Mubarak was forced to leave office and actually arrested after being confronted by massive demonstrations that braved very severe repression, focused in the main square in Cairo, along with opposition from all sectors of society manifesting in different ways.  From the time of the first demonstrations to the removal of Mubarak took less than a month.”

Refuse Fascism is promoting riots as a method to achieve their stated goals, suggesting the need for much larger events than the massively destructive and deadly riots that occurred in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD.

“These protests could be something with the character of the protests against police murder over the past few years… but larger by several orders of magnitude and even more determined.  Such protests would have to have the effect of figuratively ‘stopping society in its tracks’…”

Clearly this organization has crossed the line and its leadership should be arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit treason, conspiracy to incite violence and other charges as appropriate. If the Obama Justice Department and the FBI does not immediately move to halt their schemes, we will know that they are complicit. One of the demands of this organization will be to stop the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States and hold new elections.  We also know that in the past week, the DHS has made the unprecedented move to inject Federal oversight of the election systems. While these items could be a coincidence, it is certainly suspicious timing with President Obama having less than 10 days remaining in office.

The key element of the Refuse Fascism argument for new elections is the CIA sponsored propaganda related to Russian interference in the U.S. Presidential Election. This “fake news” appears to be integrally connected with their overthrow plot and could indicate some level of cooperation. The level of deception contained in the most recent two reports alleging Russian interference in the election is quite remarkable. I suggest the following article from ZeroHedge is a responsible overview of the issues.

The Refuse Fascism leadership is the “who’s who” of Communist and Islamic Revolutionaries, including:

They have also received significant support and endorsement from members of the media and entertainment industry, including:

  • Marc Lamont Hill, CNN
  • Ed Asner, actor
  • Rosie O’Donnell, comedian, actor
  • Margaret Cho, comedian, actor

The organization is “a project of Alliance for Global Justice”. The Alliance for Global Justice was founded in February 1979 when solidarity activists formed the Nicaragua Network.

“The Nicaragua Network was the leading Nicaragua solidarity organization in the 1980s after the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution over the US-backed Somoza dictatorship. Tens of thousands of current and former activists throughout the progressive movement cut their activist teeth on coffee or cotton picking brigades to Nicaragua or by building schools, health clinics and houses in Nicaragua and witnessing directly the consequences of US imperialism, but also the courage of ordinary people who were fighting back.”


“Sandinistas always told the Nicaragua Network, “What you can do to most help us is to change your own government.”  We took that instruction to heart in 1990 when the Sandinistas lost an election due to overwhelming US interference and funding as well as the Nicaraguan peoples’ exhaustion from nine years of the US-sponsored Contra terrorist war.”

The Alliance for Global Justice receives funding from a number of left-wing philanthropies, including George Soros‘s Open Society Institute and the Tides Foundation.

All information that our Operation Hypo team has collected, including video, audio, planning documents and personnel rosters will be delivered to the DC Metropolitan Police Department and other authorities as appropriate.

Comments and Opinion from NavyJack:

I get in a lot of hot water with Yoda, Cal, Chip and others here if I speculate or provide my opinion in an article, so as a general rule I refrain from offering my opinion. This time, I am going to break that rule. Please consider the following as my opinion.  Because of the dedication of the Oath Keepers involved in Operation HYPO, we are currently experts on the issue of protest organizations planning to stop or screw-up the Presidential Inauguration. Because of OPSEC you can either choose to believe me or not. If you have any doubts that I am being truthful, ask Stewart for his opinion.

What I believe will happen is a series of increasingly agitated protests starting this Saturday January 14. As new protesters are bused into town, the level and number of issues will escalate. These protests could easily result in riots. The DC Police will be stretched. None of the violence will be all that serious. A few assaults, small fires, broken windows, vehicles destroyed, traffic jams because of road closures, disruption of Metro subway service, etc. The DC residence of VP-Elect Mike Pence will be protested on the afternoon/evening of the 18th. There will be vandalism.

On the evening of the 19th things will escalate significantly. Guests attending the Citizens for Trump “DeploraBall” at the National Press Club will be assaulted just like we saw on TV in Albuquerque and San Jose during the run-up to the election.  I will be there as a concerned citizen with other Patriots doing whatever I can to help the police protect innocent civilians. I just cannot sit and watch another Albuquerque or San Jose attack on innocent women and children. I can’t do it.  Once this violence ends, they will either have the number of protesters needed to start making demands or not. I believe they will fall short. I believe they will still make demands, but they will not have the weight of enough protesters to justify any action other than containment.  Because of the increased level of violence, by the evening of the 19th, the DC National Guard will be on the street. SpecOps personnel from Ft. McNair will be on the street. FBI HRT and other sniper teams will be on every rooftop.  I believe the protesters will be largely contained to McPherson Square Park and the White House Ellipse. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Inauguration Day will be marred with hundreds of “Direct Action” events. Key roads and bridges into the city will be blocked at least temporarily. The DC Police have decided to just “wait and see” instead of being proactive and arresting those plotting these direct actions.  The security entrances into the inauguration viewing areas will be blocked with protesters chained together and chained to the entry portal fences. Protesters will attempt to block the Inauguration Parade following the Inauguration Ceremony at 13th Street. USMC personnel will most likely have to clear them out if they succeed. There are literally hundreds of these actions planned by dozens of organizations. Training for these actions will be taking place at various locations including American University starting on Saturday. It could all be stopped, but it won’t be stopped. You already know why it won’t be stopped. It will be a long day for all of us there.

Donald Trump will become our 45th President, but the stain caused by the protests will be permanent. On the evening on the inauguration, three of the major inauguration balls will be disrupted; two in DC and one in Virginia. Authorities and organizers have been informed. Protests will continue until at least January 23.


NavyJack - Communists Intend to Overthrow the United States before Inauguration Day (Updated 01/12/2017)


Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.


  1. “One of the demands of this organization will be to stop the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States and hold new elections. We also know that in the past week, the DHS has made the unprecedented move to inject Federal oversight of the election systems. While these items could be a coincidence, it is certainly suspicious timing with President Obama having less than 10 days remaining in office.

    Yes indeed; the move to institute Federal oversight of the election system is VERY suspicious. I know that I am not alone in having had suspicions that Obama might make a last minute attempt at martial law with the objective of ruling past the days of his last term in office. It has also been obvious that a significant portion of the black populace in the US does not want to relinquish the benefits of having a “brother” in the Presidential Office has brought them (as well as having a black Attorney General, etc.). The pieces of this puzzle seem to be coming together before our very eyes and the result looks very, very frightening.

    1. George, you point out an unfortunate Obama “legacy” of an increasingly racially divided America, with Obama and his fellow traveler Marxists working relentlessly through “identity politics” to get Americans to identify by race, not by nationality (as in, as AMERICANS), and that agenda has been especially strong among blacks, but also among Hispanics in America. And, as is the standard communist strategy, the mantra is that America is inherently racist, our Constitution is racist, capitalism (and free markets in general) are racist, the entire Western Civilization is racist, oppressive, and imperialistic, and the only way any black or Hispanic American will ever be safe, free, or happy is if our entire way of life, our entire civilization, and our Constitution, is overthrown and replaced with something else.

      And after eight years of Obama being THE most divisive president in our history, they have been very successful in brainwashing millions of black Americans to do all of that – to identify by race rather than simply as Americans, and to see anyone who is not a Marxist/leftist as a “racist” and to believe that the nation they live in is really their enemy.

      We need to make sure we do all we can to counter this conditioning, and we also need to make sure we don’t fall for that same divide and conquer strategy ourselves, while also being realists about how divided this nation now is.

      1. Is there sufficient numbers of police and military protection to abate such an action in DC? And if not, what is our strategy to foil these plans? You

      2. Everyone here is making good points.

        What’s interesting is that most all, military, federal, state, county and city employees have mandatory diversity training. So, at the top of the pyramid we have leadership promoting hate and division, while the rank and file are being drilled and indoctrinated on acceptance and tolerance. Private sector corporations also promotes diversity through mandatory participation training.

        We saw the protests following the election fizzle mostly because they are young, unemployed and in some cases paid to play those games. They simply have no stamina. just don’t see enough of these chaos promotions amounting to much. Law enforcement and the public are tired of their destructive crap. Big city governments along with property owners aren’t going to tolerate any long term burning and pillage like we saw in Ferguson MI.

      3. As one of the “Older Boys of the Club” ……….After Vietnam, when my “Juices were still flowing” I got involved with the Central American situation where the Communists tried to pull off mass REVOLUTIONS in the regions. It was Contras (Goodguys) VS Sandanistas ( Bad guys). While I was helping the Contras, Bill DeBlasio (Mayor of NY CITY) was stacking Grenades for the Communist Sandanistas ( No LIE !!!!)

        Stewart has a good handle on what is in store for us, prior too and during the INAUGURATION of DONALD TRUMP !!!!! I would include however, MERYL STREEP as a co-supporter of the Hollywood branch of the “Refuse Fascism” organization, and also JANE FONDA who is taking a back seat this time around because she is much too obvious a “COMMUNIST BIG SHOT”…….. and her presence at RALLY’S would generate TOO many old VIETNAM VETERANS with M40A5 Sniper Rifles ready to take care of business !!!

        Put this in your Bonnets !!!! Last year, Presidents of three Central American Nations ( all leaning politically to the “left of Cuba”, visited the “Oval Office” of Obama to discuss whatever LEFTISTS discuss when they are alone. Soon after we witnessed the LARGEST infiltration of CENTRAL AMERICAN YOUNGSTERS most of whom could shoulder an AK-47 quite handily. Now get this……..The President of El Salvador was FORMER “COMMANDANTE, SANCHEZ CEREN” who was the key COMMUNIST LEADER of the FMLN in the Region and was responsible for the MURDER of over 70,000 El Salvadoran civilians in his rise to power as PRESIDENT !!!!! The main reason for his success in Politics, was that he ASSASSINATED ALL HIS OPPOSITION !!!!!!!

        I wonder why All these Central American PRESIDENTS were huddled in Obama’s Office that day ??????

        There is NO DOUBT in MY MIND that there was “NO GOOD” accomplished that day for the UNITED STATES. But as an “OLD SOLDIER”, I notice these seemingly innocuous events tucked deeply away in some two sentence column in a Mississippi Tabloid. Our Intel Ops seem to be missing out on these little drabs of information. Have they been so CO-OPTED, that they are doing the work of our adversaries ???? After 8 years of OBAMA, I think we ALL know the answer to that !!!!

      4. As Freedom Works orator C.L.Bryant stated, the real dysfunction among our young in US under progressive liberals is the nexus of victim-comforted-sycophants and “white guilt” that has created snowflakes unable to provide for their own living style and drive!

      5. One of the best way, perhaps, is to arrest Moore and any others that even come near to DC; another is simply supply them with a small is against the law I believe to disrupt a Presidential meeting or inauguration as this is..for the six days leading up to it, arrest everyone that is associated with same, start with Moore, perhaps deport him to Gitmo, then get Streep, Fallon, Reid and many others…use the illegal Patriot Act and NDAA law against them and keep Obama and his ilk postured somewhere else, a long, long ways away?

    2. Also, to add to Stewarts “on the money” assessment, your view of ” a significant portion of the black populace in the US does not want to relinquish the benefits of having a “brother” in the Presidential Office” may illustrate that Black Americans weren’t the only ones brainwashed. The same characters trying to convince the majority of us that we were the minority, are the very same actors attempting to misrepresent Black reality. Have you noticed that white snowflakes outnumber blacks in most of the BLM footage? I’m willing to bet that way, way more Black people either identify with, or aspire to be like Dr. Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, and Allan West before the likes of Obama, Sharpton, or Jackson.

    3. The Communists can never succeed in a coup. The Patriots have all the guns. If it becomes a fight of good against eveil they won’t get very far

    4. There is no provision in the law for holding “new elections”, even if Trump were not inaugurated (for whatever reason). The law provides for a set procedure for the selection of the President without any “new election”. So that part of their plan is hopeless from the start. Massive disruptions in the streets may be incited; but the law also provides for dealing with such events. If the situation were really one of incipient neo-Bolshevik revolution that could not be put down through normal police methods, the law provides the perfect remedy in 10 U.S.C. secs. 332 and 333. In any event, it is difficult to imagine any one of the three speakers in the video as being capable of rousing revolutionary fervor in anyone. None of them is a Lenin, a Trotsky, or even a Zinoviev.

  2. Gee wiz Mr Dix. Thank you so much for telling me what I need. I guess I have been living in denial all these years. NOT….!!!!!
    To the GUY/GAL With the screwed up hair doo….Get a clue. You look and sound like a cartoon. certainly not to be taken seriously.
    Not surprised that Rosie oduchebag supports these traitors. Still waiting for that dumb bitch to make good on her word and move to Canada. But then who in their right mind would actually think that her word is worth dog @#$%….No offence intended to dog @#$%

  3. They know its now or never. Soros is beginning to feel the heat. Great work NJ, this info needs to get out to all our LEO networks. Personally I anticipate a fading fizzle from these goons, but better safe than sorry is always the way to go. I am planning to be there on the 20th…I encourage as many of us as possible to do the same. Travel in minimum groups of three. Good luck all!

    1. Chip – I certainly hope you are right (fading fizzle). I have seen it go both ways with RevCom involved. The issue is the shear number of people that are coming to protest and the anxiety that these people have regarding Trump. It is totally irrational. I have never seen a coordinated campaign that was this effective in causing people to rise up. It is remarkable when you are in their meetings to feel their anger and hatred towards people like you and me because of their fear of Trump.

      1. Absolutely right on all counts. I know you suggested Obama’s position is questionable in all of this, but honestly, I see Obama, Lynch and all of their ilk throwing in completely. They’ve instigated it all…what else have they got. To be honest, I’m praying for the fizzle…but the hatred pot is boiling over. I think we just have to overwhelm them with a massive turnout of patriots.

      2. Edwin…I wonder. They should fear us, as our government should fear us. But I don’t think they fear us because I don’t believe they think we exist. I believe they’ve been “led” to see us as a diminished handful of cranky white guys…just as they’ve been led to see Trump as the evil “fascist”.

  4. Thanks Navy Jack for such an in depth report. I don’t know however how seriously we should take all this. Is it mostly keyboard fulmination ? After our experience at Malhure, I can guarantee that this outfit is infested with “Confidential Human Sources” and any info your HYPO guys may get may actually be coming from them. Google “Who was John Killman ?” for the story of one of the many CHSs at Malhure. Guarding the credibility of OK should come first, and I suggest a critical vetting of any straws in the wind before they are passed on. Please remember that many of us rely on Oathkeepers for the straight skinny, and this reliance on your reports be particularly important in our decision to respond to a call to action.

    1. Norton II – I am always torn between getting what information I can out to the membership and OPSEC. OPSEC always wins, always will. If you were to attend one of these meetings you would quickly learn that if they knew you were a Oath Keeper, you would not be walking out without a beating or worse. We have a significant amount of detail from our HUMINT that cannot be published online without compromising the source. The source is always a trusted Oath Keeper that has taken some level of risk to access the information. With regard to this particular organization, they have the leadership, the support of DisruptJ20, the SDS and ANSWER Coalition. They have access to money. These 4 groups will easily have over 100,000 protesters in DC NLT Jan 17. A total of 500,000 is not out of the question. From that point forward it will be a question of nerve not manpower. If the leadership believes they will get a passive response from President Obama, they will move forward with their plans and start making demands. The fact that RevCom is central to their operation also says that they have no limits on how far they may be willing go to achieve their goal. I cannot speak for President Obama and your guess is as good as mine as to what his response will be to their threats and their demands.

      1. Thanks NJ for your reply. I didn’t mean to question you, You know a hell of a lot more about these things than the old cook. I do feel that if these clowns play hell on Jan 20, they will repel, rather than persuade, those solid responsible Americans – of all colors – that we are trying to RTI. Yes, Obama is surely aware of this development, but it would seem that he could defuse the whole thing with a few words. Silence or aquiesence on his part will be equal to encouragement.

      2. Norton II, you’re an American, it is your duty to question anyone who serves/served in any position within our government. Navy Jack knows that, and should not require any apology from you. Here he is standing for the US Constitution, not any agency, not any person as that is the requirement of all Oath takers by that Oath and document.

        Never apologize for seeking more knowledge, for questioning where information comes from, etc, from anyone. Never let anyone tell you what to think whatever position they occupy/occupied. Never assume that someone knows more and that they do not need to be questioned. That is how those who are working to destroy our nation got into place.

        I am sure that Navy Jack agrees with me that it is appropriate that you question source material.

        God Bless and Stay Safe All!

        If there were never intended to be action to defend the Constitution from those who are domestically attempting to destroy its power and authority, why would each Oath require it of those who take the Oaths?

        Chief Tecumseh: “When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”

  5. I’ll add that LEO’s and any who are watching this closely as oath abiding need to disregard any attempt at marshal law. Also, beware of the federal agencies that are heavily armed taking to the streets. These would be the true mercenary traitors to deal with. I imagine the military high command following the current leadership over the bridge, however the 80% that are awake will not likely follow that path.

    The president elect and congress should move forward, disregarding the current administrations attempt at such marshaling. If need be, have him detained and jailed.

    As for the protesters, well I guess we know where they are and so does our military, national guard, LEO’s and militia. An ever greater divide would ensue with their actively attempting to retain the bathhouse barry imposter in the rainbow house. With that said, it will turn into a racial war. I wonder who win that?

    Meanwhile our true enemies, states who would gladly push the war button will find us vulnerable. Depending on how much wealth they will never see if the USA folds might deter their aggression, only leaving the islamic terrorist and home grown Soros followers in the streets as targets. Remove their obvious leaders and the rest will fail.

    Trump is in no mood for lawlessness. Neither am I. I think there will be plenty of law enforcement keeping the lid on protesters and civil disorder as they are receiving true support from our newly elected president; conversely only hate and division and more shootings from Barryo

    Prepared and Vigil.

  6. One more bit : The “Facist” hyperbole these people are spouting rings a bell….when was it ?….oh yes ! Patty Hearst and the Symbionese Liberation Army ! A few years from now, these ANTIFA miscreants will be as little remembered as Patty. Here’s an interesting question : what has SPLC and ADL had to say about all this ?

  7. Getting to the source of the firestarters would be a move in the right direction. Neutralizing of a high profile individual responsible for inciting and threatening mass civil disobedience while espousing and spewing race-baiting anti-American rhetoric would be of top 5 priority. Remove the fuel before it consumes oxygen.

    1. Agree in the extreme. Local Oath Keeper’s need to be aware of these situations in their AO and reach out to local LE. As a business owner,this could be worse than Fergason,MO and Baltimore,MD. My area…N. IN….is not as vulnurable as many other large population centers,but we are too close to Chicago to not be aware of the problems. Situational awareness,contact with local LE and being armed will be the most important. Being ready to stop any disruptions before they get started will depend on the individual. Personally…I will shoot any looters or those who intend to harm any person or damage property. This is why the riots in LA (1995) were stopped by Korean shop and business owners.

  8. Right wing conservatives are NOT FASCISTS! Fascists are socialists from beginning to end. Nazis are also fascists and the official name was the National Democrat SOCIALISTS Party and are not right wing at all Seems no one knows any history anymore. I’m sick of it. If we were fascists we would have killed all the liberals long ago because that what fascists do. We’re freedom loving Americans and we’re not about to lets a bunch of liberals shove this crap down our throats. No way!

    ssgtgood USMC
    Semper Fidelis
    Sic Semper Tyrannis
    Molon Labe

  9. Don’t look like the left is going to let up(if ever). This will go on for 4 to 8 years depending on election results. Violence is coming, already here in some places, we as oathkeepers have to stand for our Constitutional rights as our creedo demands.

  10. I would suggest caution, especially when discussing an armed response to protesters. Fastest way to give the current administration an excuse to declare marshal law is to give the protesters an excuse to get violent. I can’t see the active military taking part in action against American patriots except in the case of open fighting in American streets. In that case, people dead from the actions of LEO and military trying to break up a fight are just as dead. Don’t get baited into the kill-zone.

      1. Navy jack, I am sure that you understand that there is no position in government that has any lawful authority to call for “martial law” or “emergency powers”, anymore then one who serves can lawfully give himself First Degree Murder powers (assassination powers).

        So I am going to take this that you mean that they may unlawfully call for “martial law”/”emergency powers”, but that you recognize it as treason, and those who implement it/them as *terrorists. If there is any question talk to Dr. Vieira, as he can explain it in a less controversial manner then I.

        *28 C.F.R. Section 0.85 Terrorism is defined as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives”.

    1. ” Fastest way to give the current administration an excuse to declare marshal law…”

      You must start to understand that here in the USA, under the US Constitution – which is still our government, not the people who serve within it – there is NO SUCH THING AS “martial law”, nor is there any such thing as “emergency powers”; they are both just open declarations of TREASON, and that *Terrorism will be used against the American people.

      Have you not read the document that you are Oath bound to?

      “The Constitution of the United States is a law for rulers and people, equally in war and peace, and covers with the shield of its protection all classes of men, at all times, and under all circumstances. No doctrine involving more pernicious consequences was ever invented by the wit of man than that any of its provisions can be suspended during any of the great exigencies of government. Such a doctrine leads directly to anarchy or despotism.”The Supreme Court of the United States, 1866

      This has NOT changed, only that we now have domestic enemies and traitors serving within our governments.

      More modern version that I am sure you will be more comfortable with, then followed by Dr. Vieira on this topic on where the idea of “emergency powers”, etc comes from, and it is NOT the US Constitution.

      “Emergency does not create power. Emergency does not increase granted power or remove or diminish the restrictions upon power granted or reserved. The Constitution was adopted in a period of grave emergency. Its grants of power to the Federal Government and its limitations of the power of the States were determined in the light of emergency and they are not altered by emergency.” Home Building & Loan Association v. Blaisdell, 290 U.S. 398, 425 (1934)

      Dr. Edwin Vieira: “This has nothing to do with personalities or subjective ideas. It’s a matter of what the Constitution provides… The government of the United States has never violated anyone’s constitutional rights… The government of the United States will never violate anyone constitutional rights, because it cannot violate anyone’s constitutional rights. The reason for that is: The government of the United States is that set of actions by public officials that are consistent with the Constitution. Outside of its constitutional powers, the government of the United States has no legitimacy. It has no authority; and, it really even has no existence. It is what lawyers call a legal fiction.

      … the famous case Norton v. Shelby County… The Court said: “An unconstitutional act is not a law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties. It is, in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.” And that applies to any (and all) governmental action outside of the Constitution…”

      What are the defining characteristics of a limited government? They are its disabilities; what it does not have legal authority to do. Look at the First Amendment… What does it do? It guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion. But how does it do that? I quote: “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech or of the press” etcetera. “Congress shall make no law;” that’s a statement of an absence of power. That’s a statement of a disability.

      If we go to the doctrine of “Emergency Powers,”… what was the foundational case that put that doctrine on the constitutional map? It was Knox vs. Lee, the legal tender cases brought after the Civil War. …
      … read a dissenting opinion by Justice Stephen Field, the only Justice on the Supreme Court who had the integrity to dissent in every legal tender case that he heard. He wrote a dissenting opinion in Dooley vs. Smith, in 1872. He wrote, “The arguments in favor of the constitutionality of legal tender paper currency tend directly to break down the barriers which separate a government of limited powers from a government resting in the unrestrained will of Congress. Those limitations must be preserved, or our government will inevitably drift from the system established by our Fathers into a vast, centralized, and consolidated government.”

      You notice he was not talking specifically about the monetary powers. He wasn’t saying that these arguments would lead to the monetary powers being unrestrained. It was destroying the concept of limited government. “The arguments in favor of the constitutionality of legal tender paper currency tend directly to break down the barriers which separate a government of limited powers from a government resting in the unrestrained will of Congress.” How do you define, or how would you characterize, a government resting in the unrestrained will of Congress, or any other political body? It is by definition a totalitarian government…

      The Federal Reserve System was there when the greatest banking collapse in American history occurred, in 1932-1933, and in what was called the Great Depression of the 1930s. In that period what happened? The Roosevelt New Deal. What were the powers they were screaming for? Emergency powers. You’ll find that written into many statutes, e.g., The Emergency Banking Act of 1933. You should pay attention to the title, The Emergency Banking Act of 1933, and the “Aggregate Powers” doctrine. It’s been all downhill since then.

      How should that have been done? Well, Americans would have had to understand and enforce their Constitution. You notice I say Americans, not the Congress or the Supreme Court, because who is the final arbiter of this document? [holding a copy of the Constitution] It is not Congress, and it is not the Supreme Court. It is “we the people.” Read the thing. How does it start? “We the people do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States”; not “we the politicians,” not “we the judges.” Those people are the agents of the people. We the people are the principals.
      The doctrine is very clear that, being the principals, we are the Constitution’s ultimate interpreters and enforcers. You don’t have to take my word for it. Let’s go back to the Founding Fathers…” (End Dr. Vieira quote. We the people are the Constitution’s ultimate interpreters. (Dr. Edwin Vieira, ))

      In times of crisis presidents often lay claim to extraordinary powers to preserve the nation. Such emergency powers are neither granted expressly to the president nor delegated to Congress by the Constitution. Instead, they are judged to reside purely in the need for leaders to protect national sovereignty and domestic order. The mandate in Article II that the president “preserve, protect and defend” the US Constitution and uphold its provisions is considered (by those who want those powers) to contain implicitly the notion of emergency powers. Yet that cannot be true since they are required to “PRESERVE”, not only “protect and defend” the US Constitution. In actuality all US Presidents are held to a higher standard then everyone else as they are the ones charges with implementing the “laws of the land” – all that are IN Pursuance thereof the US Constitution. The wording of the Presidential Oath was established in the Constitution in Article II, Section 1, Clause 8.

      ‘Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”’

      Notice that the Framers placed the presidential Oath of Office after the beginning clauses which set forth the organization of the executive department, and before the ending clauses that specify the contours of the President’s assigned power. The President is required to take the oath after he assumes the office but before he can lawfully execute it. The location and phrasing of the Oath of Office Clause strongly suggest that it is not empowering, but that it is limiting – the clause limits how the President’s “executive power” is to be exercised.

      At this time in our country it is critical for all who have taken/will take the Oath understand the document to which that Oath binds them. That is not a difficult task as it is a VERY short document.

  11. The answer would have been very simple.. We should have arrested these elitist bastards a long time ago. What makes anyone think they are above the law and can get away with what they have been perpetrating.
    George Soros for one should be in PRISON long ago. Along with the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. and until they are we will continue to have these problems. SIMPLE SOLUTION!! LOCK EM UP!!! I hate to say this but this country is full of cowards and people with no moral backbone. Let me know when you wake the hell up.. TALK TALK TALK.. Just like Hitlery. They have had enough to lock her and that pedo of a husband up years ago. Not a thing has happened.

  12. I’m worried about us if we’re worried about this. Trump is a facist, but so are the neo- liberals. Our elections and the problem of corporations being given “personhood” to be allowed to purchase their chosen politicians and policies ought to rise to the level of concern given these marginal seditionists.

  13. Praise our Creator God, we still have “real men” who raise their standards to be heard. It is men like you who will make America Great Again, because you have stood in the gap.

  14. OMG!!!! Though I am an US Veteran, I wasn’t born here. I came as a child; however I’ve come to love this country as my own, ergo why I enlisted. Was married to a Marine.husband, had an Army son. This is MY home! And I loathe what has been done to it from the inside. I’ve been seeing the writing on the wall for some time. I do read between the lines. I see body language. I read articles like this one, and others. And, I’m asked oftentimes, “do you believe everything you read/see on the internet”? Or told “oh, it cannot possibly be as bad as you think it is”…My usual response to these naysayers is “hope I’m wrong, but only time will tell”. It is very scary!!! I am not as prepared as well as I would like to be, regrettably. After all, in spite of MY Oath, I’m a 65 year old disabled woman. No means to defend myself at all. No means to help my fellow Oath Keepers if a crisis should arise. All I can do is shake my head in disbelief, and try really hard to maintain a modicum or glimmer of hope that everything will work out. But will it? Will the next generations, my sons, their children wake up to the America our Forefathers envisioned? Thanks so much for keeping us well informed, while they’re destroying us from within.

  15. It might have flames for a few hours or days. The media will do what it can to help fan flames but these protesters are assuredly going to lose interest when money stops flowing. Soros piling it on while he still breathes air.
    Let them protest. The kids will eventually go home.

  16. I must live in a completely different world than most because out of all the people I know, and interact with they believe much of what groups like Refuse state, and far too much of what they hear from the media.
    I have a son who is a NYC cop, and he certainly doesn’t know any others who recognize that they are being lied to. I can tell you that my experience has been when working with police that they will vote for whom they perceive will protect their paychecks, and the same goes for the teachers unions.
    I guess when you live in the most densely populated state in the Union and work in NYC, both now overrun with migrants, you just can’t get the feel of what is actually going on in this nation.

  17. I am a working man. I love my country. I will defend the Constitution, and those that support it. I carry, and have access to my AR-15 at all times while out and about. Won’t be able to get to Washington, but wish I could. Will be ready when and IF the SHTF. They will lose this battle as we have God and of course the Oath Keepers on our side. Thank you for ALL YOU GUYS DO., Sincerely, your honorary Oath Keeper, Robert

  18. I agree and feel that the current admin will do everything in its power to disrupt and prevent the inauguration. They’ve no shame or remorse for going against the will of the people and regard the Constitution as emergency toilet paper. They’ve proved that by their actions again and again.

  19. I think if the HYPO people can infiltrate these organizations so can various law enforcement agencies. If violence occurs, and it probably will, I expect it will be dealt with effectively and President-Elect Trump will become President Trump as scheduled on January 20, 2017.

  20. I see a lot of worthwhile replies to this article. The bottom line is “will there be a transition from the Obama administration to the Trump administration?”. This has to take place. Other matters do matter but this one event is critical. So the question now is “Will our current government enforce the law to ensure that the transition takes place?”. Navy Jack is right. Our eyes should be on our own government to see their participation in this. If Navy Jack and company can infiltrate the open meetings of these groups, our government should have already done that and much more. So what develops in DC prior to the inauguration well be clear evidence of allegiance of our current government. It will either be to the Constitution or to those who desire to destroy America.
    I do have questions for which I do not have the answers to. Is there a Plan B? If the atmosphere in DC is assessed to be too volatile and dangerous to hold the ceremony there, can it take place in another location? It would be a real hoot if the forces of evil gather in DC to prevent the inauguration only to find out that the ceremony is taking place somewhere else. Who would have to be present at the inauguration at another location for it to be considered legitimate? Would Obama have to take part in the ceremony? I can see the possibility of two governments coming from this. One would be legitimate and the other being illegitimate. I see the possibility of a genuine civil war developing and the one entity capable of preventing it and whose duty it is to prevent it is our own government. Perilous times, indeed!

    1. A ceremony is not required by The Constitution , it is a tradition. On occasions that Jan 20 fell on a Sunday, the oath has been administered in private, prior to the ceremony on Monday. LBJ was sworn in on Air Force One when JFK was assassinated. While currently traditional for the Chief Justice to administer the oath, The Constitution does not specify who must do so.

  21. I have told friends and relatives for the last 6 years we are witnessing the longest running coup d’ etate in history and it is coming to a head. I do not trust anyone in our intelligence community to NOT be involved in the active overthrow of our republic. Behind every terrorist is an FBI agent, monitoring or assisting? That is the question.

  22. All we hear from is communist, socialists, the radical muslim terrorist brotherhood but nothing from their leader, our supposed president, who turned out to be a racist, radical muslim terrorist, hatemonger, criminal, illigal president, traitor and just a plain piece of human trash. When this is over after the inauguration and President Trump doesn’t have that traitor arrested and charged with treason, he will do all patriotic Americans a great injustice.
    I know whoever the Attorney General will be should be busy for years to come prosecuting o@*#a, his crooked cabinet, the clinton family and their many crimes including their foundation and the clinton campaign.
    As for the unemployed and Soros supported people trying to stop the inauguration, I think they should have done that 8 years ago. The very bad thing is that there will be some good people hurt or maybe killed by these lawless animals. I can only hope that o@*#a gets the justice he deserves and President Trump will be safe.

  23. So let it begin. I don’t like commies any more than I like NAZIs. If law enforcement can’t put them down, I’ll be more than willing to help out by putting a few down myself. This is MY country and Constitution they’re planning to take from us.

  24. I’m keeping my eye on the ball – the MAIN ball. The one that inspired Stewart to create Oathkeepers. The main ball is the greatest threat BY FAR to our Constitution and freedoms: our federal government and the control addicts(politician and bureaucrats) that control it. It/they are slowly, tortuously strangling the lives of millions – not hundreds, not thousands – but TENS(100s?) of MILLIONS! Everything else, every other problem is relatively a mere annoying DISTRACTING pimple on the big ass that is our federal government.

    Yea, Mubarak got overthrown but he was in power for a long time and the Muslim Brotherhood(?) that overthrew him had a lot of time to organize. They also didn’t do to well in the end.

    I’m not worried about the Clintonistas and Obamanistas taking violent control. Let them try. That is something I, Oathkeepers and other three percenters understand. That’s our bread and butter! They will be our best recruiting tool! Just wait and see. Be patient, I say.

    Maybe secession (defacto or actual) will make more sense to more States after the Clintonistas, Obamanistas and Sand-err-nistas wreak their havoc. If we’re lucky they will succeed and take over the federal government. See my point? Let them wreak their havoc to our benefit. Maybe, just maybe, we won’t have to lift a finger – if we play our cards right – and carefully. I’m just brainstorming here.

  25. It’s going to be some battle to overcome the joined forces of the two most evil groups on earth: communists and Muslims. The latter group includes those who perpetrate violence, and those who do nothing to oppose it, many of whom would be more than happy to benefit from their “religion” getting control of America, and then the world.

  26. My guess is that none of these asshats have a clue what a fascist is. They seem to think that because they don’t like the results of an election, everybody else should just roll over and acquiesce to their demands. Got one thing to say to these clowns, GO PISS UP A ROPE!

    1. I agree. Now, there’s also a real problem in that Trump promised to drain the swamp. Looking at his picks, I must say I’m very confused right now…

  27. This type of person is seriously dangerous. He is well spoken and makes tyrannical government sound appealing. Bill Ayers us evil and in the end when this becomes even more mainstream they will need to be dealt with as an invading army and destroyed. This speech is classic brainwashing. Take a shot of your favorite whiskey every time he says favist regime.

    1. Because “We the people…” let the RNC cheat Ron Paul, not only an Oath taker and KEEPER, but a statesman, not a politician.

      Though we would have had to completely change out everyone in the WH to see that RP would be protected, as we will need to do if Trump is truly for the US Constitution, this nation.

      The Secret Service, FBI, CIA, etc were all involved in President Kennedy’s murder, and his brothers, and his son’s. What did we do after that coup?

      If we take back our nation, EVERY single person down to the groundskeepers will need to be replaced. The pilots, etc. All Generals, etc.

      Why? Not one kept their Oath to the US Constitution, so in their actions and non actions assisted in the destruction – and they knew – of our nation. Guess they think that they will continue to have power in the NWO.

      No where that I can find does it say that we fund any president, congresscritter, senator, judge, etc vacations. That was Misappropriation of Funds, and we can take everything that Obama has back for the nation. The wars that were unlawfully funded, foreign aid, etc all Misappropriation of Funds and every single person who served/serves in the federal government who did not fight to stop those actions, etc are PERSONALLY responsible.

      Nothing like getting some of the people’s money back while taking out the trash.

  28. I reported child porn and a dirty cop covered it up and bias judge stole my gun rights and refused to let the kid ask for help in court. They had alot of evidence and no investigator they preferred to cover it up and leave child in danger with Internet preditor and child abuser now I’m in one state and guns in anougher state what a mess…pray for kids……

  29. One of the true ironies of this “Refuse Fascism” movement is who it is that actually engages in fascist activity. Five of the most visible tenets of Fascism are (1) mob violence to achieve political goals, (2) continuous attempts to disarm the populace, (3) intrusive and burdensome government regulations, (4) anti-Semitic behavior and policies, and (5) persecution and threats of prosecution of people who disagree with the government. ALL OF THESE are currently part of the strategy of the LEFT in this country, not the Right. The Commies involved in this movement like for people to think that Fascism = Right. Fascism and Communism are really two sides of the same totalitarian coin. The only basic difference is that in Communism the state owns the means of production and in Fascism the state controls the means of production.

    I doubt that I’m alone in saying I will breathe a YUGE sigh of relief if we get past January 20th with our Republic still intact.

  30. Seems the deep state’s divide and conquer strategy is working well. Many of our friends are dem party faithful. It’s is quite depressing, their ignorance. I don’t care for Trump, as a man I think he’s a pig. However, I do know that we just missed putting another Oligarch in office and I’m thankful the current one is leaving.

    I don’t believe a damn word Trump says, but I hope he proves me wrong. I manage a US factory. He’s the only one in 20 years to call out the globalist traitors. I like what I’m hearing.

  31. The scary think is that 62,000,000 Americans could be standing along side of this attempted take-over! Rest assured that America will cease to exist once the first shot is fired!
    I an a 20 year retired Marine and the thought of killing Americans sickens me. Saving the union will be almost impossible! Do you think that Caliphornia, Oregon, western Washington, the northeast will willingly be part of any conservative union of states? Think again!
    If we must fight, there must be an end game in sight, with strategies in place to close out the huge population centers and allow the cities to self destruct while keeping them contained so they can only destroy themselves! Starvation, sickness, no power, water, food or supp,it’s will very soon kill off a large percentage of the urban blight!
    Stop talking BS! Understand the importance and severity of ANY action, then plan to win and hold our wonderful country together!


    1. That is the plan of our enemies of the USA, Americans. To control food and water and murder those that disagree with them.

      Did you take your Oath to the US Constitution seriously? Do you understand it? Not all who lives in cities are domestic enemies or traitors, or even “useful idiots”.

      Saving the union means following the US Constitution, each state’s Constitution, not behaving as if we are third world nation under an ‘evil’ dictator. I believe that your “plan” is wrong; easier to do, but wrong for OUR nation.

      Why do you think we now have “warrantless arrests”, SWAT teams, etc that go against, and started tearing apart the fabric of our nation? Why are we still in endless undeclared “wars”? Because oath takers did NOT understand their Oath, the US Constitution to which they are sworn. Because the enforcers do not understand, because the people have been dumbed down – along with the Oath sworn “enforcers” – is exactly why we are in this mess. We have SWAT teams, warrantless arrests, etc because it made their job easier even if and when it tore our nation, our legitimate government apart. We have people fighting unlawful, undeclared “wars” for the enrichment of a few, not for the defense of our nation.

      Your duty, Your honor, Our duty, Our honor is to say “NO” to those things you suggested just because it is easier. America used to be a nation with HONOR as a foundation, and it is only with those as our principles will we put our nation together again. We USED to be respected, now we are dirt to the rest of the world, and deservedly so; KEEP your Oath. I will.

      It is/was your (generic “your”) duty to say “NO” to those unlawful orders and we would not be here where we are today. Know the US Constitution and what it requires of you, do not do as told to do by those who are working to destroy us from within. It is not difficult to recognize an unlawdful order when one knows the US Constitution and what our Oath requires of us. Yes, it is harder, more difficult, but it is also the American way to have morals in the face of great difficulty, to fight with HONOR, to do the best we can.

      God Bless and Stay Safe All,


  32. A couple of days ago I wrote on my blog that people who are opposed to Trump have every right to protest, and they do. I also noted that people should at least have an idea of those with whom they are working. I limited myself to looking at just a few things, Bill Ayers, Carl Dix and Marxism in general. There is nothing in the history of Bill Ayers or Carl Dix to suggest they have the best interest of the nation at heart, and Marxism has never delivered on its promises. People who choose to work with Refuse Fascism, RevCom or groups like them are either willingly deceived or seeking our destruction.

  33. I had figured that the president elect would be the victim of an assassination plot, or Obama creating a constitutional crisis, but nothing like you’ve described. All of us with weapons are obligated to prevent the overthrow of the duly elected government, and I’m just four hours away from D.C.. The problem is, which group will be seen as the enemy by the armed forces?

    1. Not to fear, all rank and file police officers and nearly 60% of the military are against the sinister forces that have tried to bring this nation down and those which continue to do so as with these “Refuse fascism” nut jobs. The question is; if they try something stupid and when their well deserved beat down is handed to them, can we correct the mistake Lincoln made when he permitted the Democrats to move along unpunished, a move that we suffer for today? .

    2. What you do is stay home and let the military do its job. Trump’s got this and Russia has his back. If that’s not enough then we will have a free-fire zone and a last-man-standing scenario. Remain calm, have faith and prepare to return fire.

      1. The US military has no duty on US soil EXCEPT to stop outside attacking forces. The US Constitution assigns that duty to the Militia of the several states. It sounds as if you bother to learn the US Constitution, plus your own state’s Constitution then you will be ready to be part of the Militia be3cause each who serves within the Militia is required to be trained as congress requires the military to train.

        The Militia has as its constitutionally assigned duties to:
        — Enforce the US Constitution (supreme law of this nation) and each state’s Constitution (highest law of the state),
        — Enforce and keep the “Laws of the Union” (which are constitutional laws ONLY),
        — Protect the country against all enemies both domestic and foreign, and
        — “to suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”.

        Daniel Webster: “We may be tossed upon an ocean where we can see no land – nor, perhaps, the sun or stars. But there is a chart and a compass for us to study, to consult, and to obey. That chart is the Constitution.”

        US Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 15: “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel invasions.“

    1. Sherry – Just because they have stated their intent to do this does not mean that they will muster the support needed to create a crisis of sufficient magnitude to be successful. I believe that the DC National Guard, the DC Police and other law enforcement agencies will be a significant impediment to their success. I am also confident that Stewart will provide additional guidance soon. Have faith and be prepared to come to the aid of your Country if needed!

      1. had the same question as a new member. From what I have seen in this country, I think they would be in for a very big surprise. I have another question — for over a year I watched spraying over Arizona whose trails were explained to me as “contrails” — Having spent 4 yrs in the USAF as a Weather Observer, I called that BS. Do we know who was spraying what?

      2. Also remember Bikers for Trump will be there approx. 2 million strong. Not to mention literaly millions of vets and current enlistees. Could a riot happen YES it could. Will Loyal Americans and Patriots help put it down O YEA>

      3. The fools get so wrapped up in themselves, they feel like their agenda is surging, but they keep forgetting “We The People” are the “Silent Majority… ie; behind every blade of grass!”

      4. maybe we should open the roads they block with what ever force necessary . It is against the law to block roads so it shouldn’t be against the law to open them .

    2. Keep your powder dry. These nefarious, illegitimate, scum of the earth, globalist, commie-pinko, anti-American, evil people will allow the deviled himself to manifest in them as they spew the lie that they have all the answers to humanity’s problems. They are anarchists in communist skin.

      1. The welfare state shows me that there are a lot of politicians and their supporters in communist skin. Leave anarchists out of it.
        Anarchists did not try to carry out genocide against the Armenians in Turkey; they did not deliberately starve millions of Ukrainians; they did not create a system of death camps to kill Jews, gypsies, and Slavs in Europe; they did not fire-bomb scores of large German and Japanese cities and drop nuclear bombs on two of them; they did not carry out a Great Leap Forward that killed scores of millions of Chinese; they did not attempt to kill everybody with any appreciable education in Cambodia; they did not launch one aggressive war after another; they did not implement trade sanctions that killed perhaps 500,000 Iraqi children. In debates between anarchists and statists, the burden of proof clearly should rest on those who place their trust in the state. Anarchy’s mayhem is wholly conjectural; the state’s mayhem is undeniably, factually horrendous. ~Robert Higgs

      2. Anarchists are VERY MUCH involved here! Do not kid yourself! They plan on shutting down security checkpoints (to let who or what through?). The Base gives several martial arts training classes every week, has been for some time. Check out and read all their blabla, especially on the Event pages. Anarchists are VERY MUCH PART OF THIS! Along with commies, socialists, BLM, revcom and others. Check out The Base ( and Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council (MACC) ( Read their entire websites, especially the Events sections, all the blabla on the events. Check out any other links you find on their sites. ALL the revolutionaries are coming together to destroy the Inauguration if they can.

        Also check out h(ttps:// and (

        Whenever you see that capital A in a circle, you know it’s anarchists. You will see that in graffiti and elsewhere.

  34. We must ‘Lay Low’ gather local intelligence, assess and stay safe preparing for ‘Organized’ response. Take NO overt action until we are positive who we are Targeting and assured the result is supportive of our Constitutional Goals.

  35. Why is this Communist in this video not arrested. He is advocating the overthrow of America’s election which is treason. He admits he is a Communist. Deport him if your not going to arrest him.


    1. The fools get so wrapped up in themselves, they feel like their agenda is surging, but they keep forgetting “We The People” are the “Silent Majority… ie; behind every blade of grass!”

  37. Has the biker groups been contacted like at the trump rallys and RNC convention .I think they would come and protect Trump .

  38. American men did nothing when laws were put in place to destroy the education system. American men have done nothing to stop illegals and muslims from living at their expense. American men watch ball games as the muslims train in Jihad training camps, like in York County , South Carolina. Do you really expect American men to act to stop the destruction of this nation???

    1. Yes Hagar, I must concede to your train of thought. I am a 30 yr. retired LEO and former Military, 18 yrs. I see no resistance on the part of American Males at this point in time. If lip service were a weapon, we would be safe. God bless America, it was a great Country .

    2. Well Hagar, the waking up process is well underway, an as a Bundy ranch vet, Sugar Pine Mine vet and as one of the Malhure occupiers, I can take some credit for ringin the bell. We do ACT ! and our actions have electrified thousands. Our spirit and camaraderie is infectious…..catch the virus…

    3. Law abiding American citizens who care about their freedoms and individual rights are blackmailed daily with threats to remove their freedoms and individual rights if they make a stand or fight back against the narrative. Americans will react when an event occurs that “Trumps” the threats of blackmail. As a member of the “American men”, I do not hasten the day the 2nd amendment is my go to response to opposition. I use the 1st amendment within the rules of a proper civil society and so did all the “American men” who voted for Trump. Who has stated he will crack down on the illegals and muslim extremist, we will see if he holds true. There are “American men” who have volunteered to monitor the US boarder to halt the illegals crossing.

    4. Actually, plenty of us have been taking action, but not all, and that is a fact. But don’t lump all patriots in with the couch potatoes. For example, many of us have been down on the border doing our best, and also stood at Bundy Ranch, Ferguson, etc.

      In this instance, we are ready to go if we see the need, but we feel this is a commie hail Mary pass of last desperation that will fail. But we are watching closely and if that assessment changes, we will act.

      For those of you who are already planning on going, be prepared in case things turn ugly, and keep your head on a swivel. And if you have a good friend who wants to go, by all means take them with you and double your numbers. Those of you who were not planning on being there, keep your powder dry and stock up on your food storage, fuel, batteries for radios, etc, just in case. Get your gear sorted out, which is always a good thing to do anyway.

      We think this will fizzle and go nowhere, but if the idiots in the globalist establishment actually try to block Trump from being sworn in, they will spark a fight in this nation like nothing seen in our history.

      For the Republic!


    5. Each of us as individuals has a unique threshold for any given adverse situation. Some will be obedient to tyranny rising, while others are always the first to stand in the face of evil from day one. Somewhere between many will follow the leaders, just as history shows us.

  39. Those who are talking about rioting in Washington leading up to or on Inaugruration Day are confusing reality with symbolism. It’s nice to have a public event on the steps of the Capitol, but the oath-taking is just as valid if it’s held in the Capitol rotunda , at the White House, or at Camp David — or in an Army APC (armored personnel carrier, once the President-Elect and Chief Justice Roberets climb inside. People mouthing off about shutting down the Inauguration are forgetting about the DC Police and the Military District of Washington.
    If people who hold these views don’t make these comments, they are effectively invisible, so they have to make them. They’re suffering from a serious disconnect from reality. Too bad for them.

    1. What it says regarding the taking of the Oath in Article 1 is: “Before he enter on the execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:

      “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) tha I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

      There is no requirement of any judge, etc to be there. Dr. Vieira could do the Oath-taking “ceremony”. Stewart, Judge A. Napolitano, etc. Basically anyone that a high percentage of the awakened American people trust could be there for the Oath-taking to verify it is done properly.

      Anyone remember Obama’s “oath-taking” ceremony (first time)? He screwed up the words when “repeating”. Supposedly it was redone later. I believe that this was done deliberately since he knew that he did NOT meet the presidential requirements and was trying to protect himself in case this “operation” went bad by not having actually sworn the Oath (and I sent OK the copies of the newspapers, one of Obama and Duckworth – not sure that is her name – were discussing that neither qualified to be a US President because both parents were required to be US citizens, but they could be in the senate, etc long ago).

      Bet he, and his handlers, were totally shocked that he not only made it in, but was in for 2 occasions, and that those of us who KNEW he was not a US President could not get anything done to stop it. What is worse, is look how many died in military ventures that are unlawful by this piece of (fill in the blank) and those treasonous scum at the top of the military who just wanted power, prestige, etc. Like them or not, they are WILLING traitors to our nation.

      Like a salesman, if they cannot get you to like them, they cannot sell you on their validity (product).

  40. Oh my goodness Lou Grant and Rosie O’Donnel are taking over America! Can I send money to stop this! What can I do!?!

  41. It all sounds scary and powerful, BUT, we are dealing with Liberals, the Wimps of Society. They are effective at whining and crying and bullying, suing those who dare to oppose them, and demanding “Special Treatment” from the public teat of government. The wealthy ones are living in a bubble and have no clue as to how to survive in the real world. ALL of them rarely do anything for themselves, but rely on others to do everything FOR them. WE Patriots on the other hand, are the people who DO the work in the real world and WE are the people who have the preparedness and are proficient in self-defense. We also have the BALLS that the Left does not have when it comes to actual battle. I’m not very worried about a nationwide uprising from the Left.

    1. You’re all forgetting mercenaries, guns for hire. If you think Soro’s won’t hire from the same corporations that our US and the UN use, you are deluding yourselves. Or that the military that are not awakened will fight on command here as well as in foreign nations. Or that the LE’s that are corrupt or dumbed down will not fight at orders. Or those that have been armed and trained (unlawfully) in the different ‘agencies’ will not follow orders to fire on Americans, etc.

      You’re confusing the college students, etc who are being used to be fodder, a human wall for the trained – or at least that is my take.

      The best way to lose the American people is to kill their children. That is what I see going to happen here if this is not just a DEFENSIVE operation. My opinion for what it is worth.

    2. PatriotJJ – It is a mistake to believe that those that oppose us are not armed and prepared. Their militant groups are itching for a fight with Patriots.

  42. The left is made up of mostly pussies that would never fight for their country. We the people have the military, the police, the gun owners and massive veterans. Let em come. It has been brewing since the treasonous Clinton was in the white house and it is time to take the country back.

  43. America is fed up these nazi traitors and they aren’t going to tolerate much more of their violence, treason , riots, murders and oppression. I am convinced that they have been supported , financially and ideologically by obama , hillary and the rest of the lib cartel. These creatures are unhinged and if they don’t cease and desist, they are going to find out the hard way, America will not tolerate them. There are things in this world that should never be tolerated and it’s not patriots and Christians.

  44. That , self-amitted Communist ; Doesn’t , seem , that his preaching , too his Steeple , has been working-out , so well ; His request , of participation hasn’t , been realized , what , so-ever , so-far nobody , seems too be doing anything , that he’s requested , that , they do , everything , is quiet . I’m more concerned , about the ” Weather underground ” and Bill Ayre’s , they have proven in the past , of their capabilities too organize and are probably , being funded by George Sorors’ ; And the CIA , is another problem , that should be very-concerning , because President-Elect-Donald Trump , is promising to investigate , this intelligence-agency , that , they have a nefarious’ history concerning President’s , in the past , like the assassination , of President John F. Kennedy and attempted the assassination , of President Ronald Reagan , it looks like , there’s going too be a strong presence , of Law – Enforcement in Washington DC and other Patriotic organization’s , that these Snow-flake’s better step-back and understand , that this , is not a game and there could be , some real consequence’s ,if they, want to get ” Froggy ” and another thing to think-about , is the cold-weather in Washington DC , instead , of rioting , they maybe to busy trying too stay warm !!!

  45. Navy Jack, I really hate to be a pain in the butt and I certainly do not want to be considered as one taking the side of the communists. I’m just asking for clarification and I hope to get the answers before the SHTF with this planned event. Is there any way that you can show prosecutable evidence of of intent to overthrow the government. I am talking about written or verbal evidence and, of course, it has to be very specific. The next question concerns the possibility of US military firing on US citizens. I bring this up because there is a possibility that the globalists are planning to use this against America. They are already labeling the Trump administration as a fascist regime. I have seen situations like this take place in other nations and, whenever the government took the bait, civil war followed in almost every case.

    1. Yoda – I am not sure what else to call it. In their literature and statements referenced above they clearly state their goal is to not allow Trump to ascend to office. If you have a better way to phrase it, please let me know.

      1. Thanks for responding. My question was “Are the statements and stated goals from their literature enough to successfully prosecute them for treason?”. The second question about US troops firing on US citizens has not been addressed by you or Stewart and I would like clarification from the head shed. As Cal so artfully stated above, “The best way to lose the American people is to kill their children”. That is an awesome quote in my view.

    2. Here you go. Especially see the parts I highlighted in bold:

      How could Trump-Pence actually be prevented from ruling?

      By the intersection of two things: first, massive protest and resistance from tens of millions of ordinary people, daring and determined to actually prevent this fascist regime from taking over and implementing its program, beginning more or less immediately and growing to a crescendo in the next few weeks, and through that creating “a crisis of rule”; and second, coupled with this, attempts by different factions in the established power structure which have real differences with Trump-Pence to solve the crisis by preventing them from taking the reins of power.

      These protests could be something with the character of the protests against police murder over the past few years, or the Occupy protests before that—but larger by several orders of magnitude and even more determined. Such protests would have to have the effect of figuratively “stopping society in its tracks” and would raise real questions as to whether people very broadly would recognize the legitimacy of such a regime to even rule in basic ways and enforce its edicts.

      The “not normal” character of Trump-Pence—the radical changes they embody in how people are to be ruled in this country (in short, the fascist ethos and measures they campaigned on) and in regard to U.S. international policy—have not only created tremendous anguish and anger among many millions of ordinary people, but among ruling factions which have up to now nevertheless chosen to go along with this. But should there be a political eruption “from below,” their concerns over Trump would combine with immediate questions as to whether their basic stability and perhaps even the entire system would be endangered by continuing to stick with Trump-Pence.
      As that dynamic developed, scandals that up to now have been covered up could erupt, or be treated in a different way so as to raise fundamental constitutional issues, and ways would be found to prevent the coming to power of Trump-Pence.

      Has anything like that ever really happened?

      Yes, it has. In the early 1970s, in the U.S., Spiro Agnew, the vice-president, and then Richard Nixon, the president, were both forced to resign. The Nixon-Agnew regime, though having fairly decisively won the 1972 election, had alienated tens of millions from the very system itself and had also undertaken highly repressive, extraordinary and unconstitutional measures to settle conflicts within the ruling circles. Nixon was forced out, and Gerald Ford—who had not been elected as either president or vice-president —ascended to power.

      There are more recent examples as well, from other countries. As 2011 dawned, President Hosni Mubarak had ruled Egypt for decades and seemed to be immovably implanted in power. But Mubarak was forced to leave office and actually arrested after being confronted by massive demonstrations that braved very severe repression, focused in the main square in Cairo, along with opposition from all sectors of society manifesting in different ways. From the time of the first demonstrations to the removal of Mubarak took less than a month. There is also the current situation in South Korea in which massive demonstrations against the legally elected president have resulted in her impeachment and suspension from office in a period of a few months. There are in fact more than a few examples from the past several decades in which mass demonstrations from below have created or exacerbated splits and divisions among ruling elites and led to constitutionally extraordinary changes in government. In the cases cited here, each of the presidents removed had actually received not only majorities of the popular vote but, in the case of Nixon for instance, a true “landslide” victory.

      As all this emerges and then comes to a head, we would expect that even further scandals around Trump would surface from various sources, that different sections of the population with different concerns would get drawn into this, and that the social will to stop Trump-Pence from ruling would emerge and the political/legal means to accomplish that would be found.
      should we hold back now it will almost certainly become immeasurably more difficult to fight back once Trump-Pence are in power and using the vast state power at their disposal to implement their program. The path of holding back, of waiting and seeing, of calculating odds is littered with corpses. Far better to fight as hard as we can now, however difficult the circumstances, fostering an ethos and framework of resistance as we go for victory and going all out in a telescoped period of time for what is indeed our best shot.

      There are, of course, no guarantees of victory for people who have right on their side. The only guarantee that has ever existed is that if you don’t fight for justice you will certainly not get it.
      Let us fight.

      That looks pretty damn clear to me. I don’t think it will work, but it is conspiracy to commit treason in my estimation.

      1. When I was an active duty counterintelligence agent, one of our responsibilities was to investigate treasonous activity. At the conclusion of the investigation, we would turn over our findings to legal to determine if there was sufficient evidence to arrest and prosecute. That was my question. Simple as that. You, being a lawyer, are considered the one to approach for consultation on legal matters. We now have that with the last sentence of your response. Thanks.

  46. Law abiding American citizens who care about their freedoms and individual rights are blackmailed daily with threats to remove their freedoms and individual rights if they make a stand or fight back against the narrative. Americans will react when an event occurs that “Trumps” the threats of blackmail. As a member of the “American men”, I do not hasten the day the 2nd amendment is my go to response to opposition. I use the 1st amendment within the rules of a proper civil society and so did all the “American men” who voted for Trump. Who has stated he will crack down on the illegals and muslim extremist, we will see if he holds true. There are “American men” who have volunteered to monitor the US boarder to halt the illegals crossing.

  47. Well, I don’t want to do anything to get me taken off the front line before the shtf…so I’m holding back till the shooting starts. Rest assured, when it does start, we…patriots…will come out of the woodwork. I don’t expect anything to come of these communist’s rhetoric…but just incase they do grow a pair…I’m staying locked and loaded. Maybe the mayor of DC will not act like a pussy and tell the cops to stand down…but if he does…that’s when the shooting should start…Just sayin!

  48. WE, as Patriots and American citizens, should ALL be ready to do our part should the traitors (the leftists who are ruled by uninformed, ignorant braying jackasses) try to stop the inauguration of the newly elected POTUS. BIG money and outside interests are behind the scheduled riots and the attempt to bypass OUR Constitution. This, in my opinion, is treason and the instigators of this treason should be treated as traitors. STOP THE TRAITORS NOW!!! Put an end to the POISON that is killing OUR country.

  49. January 11, 2017 “Their ability to falsify is unlimited”: Douglas Valentine provides background for understanding “USIC v Trump”

    What’s with the USIC vs. Trump infowar? One way to look at it: The United States Intelligence community on the one hand, and Trump, Inc. on the other, are two feuding organized crime families.

  50. Navy Jack, I just read your update and I accept every bit of it as a valued and informed opinion. Most of us know the possibilities of how this could escalate into real civil war. Your thoughts on government response, I believe, are accurate and are cause for concern. The unprepared response opens the situation up to an improper response by law enforcement and military. Is this by design? My red flag is at the top of the mast.
    I would be there with you if I could be, by the way. And I believe that video surveillance by patriots is critical. I know that it is important that Trump take his place in the White House on inauguration day. Its almost like a very dangerous game of capture the flag. I think the opposition are counting on shots fired. This would bolster their claim that a fascist regime is taking control of this nation. I believe this may have been their plan from the beginning.
    I’m a big fan of OPSEC. That was one of my primary missions as a counterintelligence agent and case officer. I consider your update to be a general situation assessment. I don’t think any amount of goading would cause you to break OPSEC considerations. I believe that you have given the general membership everything available while concealing specifics of ops. Outstanding job in my view. If you review the two questions I posed, one is asking if there is enough credible evidence to seek prosecution and the other expresses the concern that security forces may be baited to respond in such a manner that could easily be perceived by the general population as an oppressive fascist response. That is textbook manipulation that leads most often to civil war as you and Stewart know very well. I am more than satisfied with your report here. Kudos, brother.

  51. All of the leftist bottom feeders come out of the woodwork for Obama and Hillary with way too much help from traitors like McCain, Graham, Kasich, Ryan etc.

  52. My hope is that you all see this as an opportunity, not for war (although that may be an inevitability), but to control the narrative. Here’s what I’m squawkin’ about; How many times have we heard how one lone, self registered idiot has shot up another gun free zone, so all gun owners are responsible narrative? It’s a constant delivered by both sides of the aisle, right? It’s total BS, we all know it and have facts from incidents like yesterday that point toward a fully armed populous as the best answer, however the idiotes (progressives) have continuously forwarded a false narrative to our detriment. Look at Malheur, not one threat leveled by patriots, but Lavoy was killed just for attempting to spread the message. Could you imagine if we talked up an event the way the Leftist Anarchists do?

    Consider what every one of these groups has said in the last two weeks. They are advocating violence at all levels and venues associated with this event. At this point every last one of them is responsible for just one violent act, should one of their minions commit such. I’m probably preaching to the choir, but military leaders will tell you; “Giving the order to kill carries as much or more responsibility for the kill itself.” One way or the other we may be able to break the idiotes backs, once and for all.

    WGP, look alive my friend, I may be wrong and you may be right this time. Actually we may both be right, this may be the first shot I referenced.

    Pray for peace, Prepare your narrative, Be absolutely ready for anything violent or other!

  53. Stewart & NJ…what do you both think of logistically coordinating OK’s planning to attend Jan 20? Those of us attending should know who we are and be in touch with each other, no?

  54. @NavyJack: “Donald Trump will become our 45th President, but the stain caused by the protests will be permanent.” Yes, the stain will be on the Soro’s, DNC, Obama Legacy Fiasco, and establishment politicos with everything to lose, and including going to jail.

    The protests after election day November 8th is an example of what to expect. I would not put past some BLM types (or posing as such) shooting police officers and other uniformed personnel. Keep in mind Trump has his team very prepared to end any of this riotous civil disobedience to a quick end. The nations capital is the people place, not to be marred by paid insurrectionists. I would not be surprised if the out going prez is arrested.

    1. Amen WPG…I gotta go with my Gut and the Election in November will go forth without a hitch…and Trump will be our Next President ..Thank You Jesus
      From April 5 2016 -on My Facebook
      A Prayerful Prediction <
      Donald J Trump will get the Delegates needed ..and the Election in November will go forth without a hitch…and Trump will be our Next President ..Thank You Jesus <
      Un benounced to Donald Trump …his family Roots go back to German Jews and the Tribe of Judah <
      The Government shall not depart from Judah
      He will put things in Order and "Prepare the Way" for Fiscal Responsibility …and by putting our Financial House in Order— "No More Chaos"
      He will cut the Dead Wood in Government…and say "Your Fired" 

      I had a conversation with a Christian Talk Show Guy 4/29/16 ..and I must add a correction..At 6:00 on Timer..I misspoke..I meant Cruz's wife is a One World-er …not Trumps Wife <
      So with Gods Help… we are Racing into a Future of Opportunity ..we have already had 15 years of Judgement and "We the People" are Ready for change we can live with <

      My Trump Train of Thoughts to Our White House

      1. You might be interested in Trey Smith’s prediction on Trump. It’s on YouTube: search Trey Smith Trump


    2. People do not have to be paid to recognize and protest against a adminstration being headed by a deranged megalomaniac. Since when did conservatives and serviceman support an oligarch who admires openly the one person who represents everything America is supposed to stand against. The world has well and truly turned upside down.

  55. What Navy Jack is missing–is the point that once Donald Trump is sworn in as president…. if there are massive disturbances and riots, this guy will act with an iron hammer. He will fire and replace any and all lack-luster DC civil police and military management as needed, on the spot without hesitation.

    If there are massive disturbances continuning from the point of his swearing in… it will not last long. Trump would quickly put an end to it by taking direct command of the National Guard and any and all military units that could be called into action quickly.

    I hope the communists to ape-shit in DC before the swearing in.
    Let’s hope and pray that they force the ceremony indoors in some secure location due to violence and chaos–let them bring it all on. Let them over-run the capitol building and other buildings in DC. Let them run rampant on television burning and looting and shouting their insane demmands into the cameras.


    Because it will strenghten our cause and further expose the radical left for what they really are.
    It will wake up millions more American and drive them into our side of the equation.

    And once this unfolds on TV, President Trump could bring in an armored division and air-drop troops… to round up and arrest (and if necesary use lethal force) to bring these mother-fuckers to justice for treason and sedition charges in mass.

    So do it please–pretty please you leftist zipper-heads.
    Make the stupidest move in the history of stupid moves you can ever make.
    Propell this country to the verge of Civil War II and then see what unfolds.

    Thus spake Shinmen

    1. Exactly right. Dangerous, dangerous games they are playing with NO clue HOW to END said games. WE VETS will END it. No question….

    2. Do you honestly think Trump is fit to be president. I’m not saying we should overthrow him but have you read anything about the man and the things he has done and said for years – which is exactly what he is saying and now doing? Seriously – this guy is dangerous to this country. Why won’t he release his taxes? He’s impeachment personified looking for a place and time to happen. And you guys gleefully are hoping for civil war to break out? How well has that worked for Syria or South Sudan. Trump is as bonkers as Kim Jong Un.

      1. Phoenix++What is stunning is how Obama has been able to build his own underground government called bureaucracies wired into his Executive Orders that are on auto-drive. Though Obama does not sit in the Oval Office, his Over Reach is still operating through the “drones” he has appointed & left to continue his bidding. Check on the on going Congressional Investigative Committee investigation of Obama’s admin especially the DOJ, DHS, IRS, FBI on abuses & unconstitutional actions & targeting of American citizens. And, it goes on.
        My point is, Trump knows this. Obama’s last 8yrs have been more facist, anti-constitutional, secretive from the eyes of the People & the Congress. Trump has a mandate to clean the “swamp”. Does he get this done by walking on his tip-toes, like a ballerina, fearing who might misunderstand.
        Look how agressive the left has been since his election. They have proven themselves anarchists.
        Trump has been acting on Constitutional Law & Laws of Congress.
        We have serious problems & previous 8yrs doing nothing to correct.
        God Help us all.

  56. Nonsense like this is why I quit Oathkeepers. This organization has lost all credibility. So will you retract this on the 21st, like you did with Jade Helm, oh that’s right.

    It is so sad that this organization sold out in order to get publicity from people like Alex Jones and has aligned itself with natural news, one of the biggest yellow journalism sites on the web.

    Rhodes did a good thing creating Oathkeepers, so I guess he has a right to destroy it but it is still sad.

    1. Jack Spirko – I do not know you, but your skepticism is more than welcome. I would be skeptical too if not for the materials we have collected through Operation Hypo. There are no conspiracy theories included in this article. Every word of this article is a fact that has been verified firsthand. Everything in my comments and opinion section is just that, my opinion. As I said in a response to Rod in my most recent article titled “The Presidential Inauguration (or not) of Donald J. Trump” –

      “Just because a group says that their goal is to keep Trump out of office, doesn’t mean their plan is plausible. Without the support of both the current President and the Senate, my personal opinion is that they are wasting their time. The Russian issue being escalated in the US Senate yesterday does make you wonder which way the Senate is leaning.

      I was not involved with the Jade Helm issues you discussed, but I can assure you that everything in this article is fully referenced. I can also assure you that every organization discussed has been deeply infiltrated by trusted Oath Keepers. Their safety is a higher priority to me and to Oath Keepers than your skepticism.

      The first phase of action by Refuse Fascism was completed last night. It was a success. Tonight they will be encircling the DC Trump Hotel and attempting to block access until the DC Police run them off. Like last night, they will snarl traffic and they are already having an effect on visitors cancelling their plans to attend the inauguration events. Do we know their plans for tomorrow and the next day? Yes, and we have already provided that information to the appropriate authorities. When it becomes open source, I will publish it; until then, OPSEC rules.

  57. Rosie O’Donnell, Ed Asner and Margaret Cho hardly constitute significant support of anything. Two has-beens and a far beyond retired nobody is more like it. I’ll be back on the 21st for the retraction.

    1. machine – Clearly you failed to read my conclusion in the article which stated “Just because a group says that their goal is to keep Trump out of office, doesn’t mean their plan is plausible. Without the support of both the current President and the Senate, my personal opinion is that they are wasting their time.”

    2. machine and Jack Spirko, I would like to respond to your comments. From the beginning of Oath Keepers to this present day, Oath Keepers missions and programs have been created out of necessity. The first was honor your oath. We have CPT, neighborhood watch with teeth, the call to actions, etc. All are responses to specific needs. All were born out of necessity. Intelligence is another initiative that has been created due to necessity. Where have we been able to go for truth? We haven’t been able to trust our own government for the truth. The same goes for main stream media. Even alt media fails us many times. These days there is a critical need for the truth. Our very lives and the lives of our families and the security of this nation depend on it. Do you prefer to rely on that which has been proven to be unreliable? We can’t claim to be perfect but we are doing the best we can. And I think we are doing a really good job.

  58. Nobody knows what exactly will happen on the 20th of January at D C . I Pray all goe’s as planed , if there is trouble , as God is my witness , I’m ready to do what ever it takes before , and after the event to insure peace , and confirmation as a member of Oath Keepers and to my oath sworn to my country , in any capacity I can !.

  59. Great intel on the Jan 19th overthrow threat.

    You must have used the same folks that Trump used for his hyper-inflated claim of 2 million people that came out to see his inauguration.

    Talk about fake news, you are a clown. You weaken our great country with your bold-faced lies.

    1. Brian – If you spent as much time reading the article as you did crafting your comment, you would have also read my conclusion which stated “Just because a group says that their goal is to keep Trump out of office, doesn’t mean their plan is plausible. Without the support of both the current President and the Senate, my personal opinion is that they are wasting their time.”

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