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McCain’s Largely Unreported Treachery Against the US

McCain’s Largely Unreported Treachery Against the US


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By Wayne Madsen

Arizona’s recently re-elected Republican senator John McCain, along with his faithful «drama queen» accomplice South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham, recently met with a contingent of Ukrainian troops at a «forward combat zone» in Shyrokyne in eastern Ukraine and publicly questioned president-elect Donald Trump’s plans to defrost America’s chilly relations with Russia. For McCain, his return to his personal war front in Ukraine came three years after he stood with Ukrainian neo-Nazis and fascists on Kiev’s Maidan Square calling for the ouster of president Viktor Yanukovych.

Meanwhile, McCain, Graham, and their neo-conservative allies within the Republican and Democratic parties, as well as press outlets like The Washington Post, have questioned Trump’s ultimate loyalty to the United States. The neocons’ angst arises from their anger over the incoming president wisely doubting the efficacy of Central Intelligence Agency «intelligence» linking Russia to a spate of computer penetrations of U.S. computer systems and networks, including pre-election hacks of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and private email of Hillary Clinton’s top campaign officials.

After President Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats from Washington, DC and San Francisco and shut down two Russian diplomatic compounds in Maryland and New York in retaliation for unproven Russian government involvement in the hacking, McCain and his neocon war hawks doubled down by claiming that Russian hacking of U.S. computer systems amounted to an «act of war». Seizing on the neocons’ war frenzy, the CIA and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that Russian hackers had penetrated the electrical power grid operated by Vermont’s Burlington Electric. The Washington Post, owned by Amazon billionaire and CIA cloud computing contractor Jeff Bezos, echoed the grid hacking story as factual.

There was only one problem with the Russian electrical grid hacking headline: it was not true. Burlington Electric revealed that a laptop computer in the possession of a Burlington Electric employee, which allegedly was infected by a malware program linked by the U.S. government to Russian hackers, was never connected to the Vermont electrical grid. The laptop contained a hackers’ software package called Neutrino, which is not linked, in any way, to Russia. An attempt by the «Amazon Post» and the war hawks to pin the Vermont grid story on Russia and link it to the DNC hacking fell flat on its face.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Fine. Trump rebukes government intel disclosure concerning hacks. Then I read this article.
    I will not allow my head to spin. The globalists want us to go to war with Russia. I will not allow my focus to be turned away from that. I do not trust US intel leadership. Once Trump takes office, he should order that the shackles and blinders be removed from intel folks so they can do their honorable jobs and give us the truth.

  2. My dream is a two-part dream. It includes both the restoration of our beloved “Constitutional” Republic, and a sizable list of bad actors in their last scene…blind-folded, against a wall, with one last cigarette. And yes, McCain has more than earned his place on that wall.

  3. McCain must be made to retire. It’s a cliche, but this man was a guest of the Hanoi Hilton and all it’s caresses, even refusing early release by his captor. I doubt he’s a traitor like those claim here. Senile and old, perhaps..

    1. I don’t think I can agree with you Jeff. It seems the more I delve into McCain’s history, and the men that knew him the more I’m inclined to believe he was a songbird!

    2. Wrong! He stayed because he was going to arrested breaking direct orders, for the murder of civilians, and knowing Johnson was particularly infuriated and would have him face a firing squad. Yes, alive at the Hilton was better than a firing squad. Don’t be naive. He has no friends amongst those who actually flew with him. He has no friends amongst those who would wish for full disclosure of ‘Nam records of MIA and POW’s. Why is that? Because McCain has plenty to bury. Also, his lacky leadership has not done one fn thing for us vets. If he is so great a senator why is the VA such a shit hole? Wake up.

      My father flew TBM’s with that coward Bush H W on a flat top carrier. You want to hear all of it? Family name and power protected him from scrutiny. McCain’s daddy protected his ass. Period

  4. Amazing so many vets who never ever saw combat feel so free to judge one who has. Way to be a brother.

  5. To me, it does not matter whether he was a hero or a song bird…at this time…from my personal observations of his conduct (which is my only real way of knowing what may or may not be true) is that he is a fake-republican-type, a progressive-type, a war-monger-type, a big-government-type and I do not trust him, do not like him and want him out of American government immediately.

  6. Ever notice that traitors like McCain and Kerry never sue for defamation of character? Look at all the disparaging media on the Clintons. Did they ever sue the and producers who documented those claims? The answer is no, because a court room with its process of discovery would bare out those crimes. It’s because there is truth behind the stories.

  7. McCain was not a coward, but he did not do the right things at the Hanoi Hilton or his fellow prisoners would not be bad mouthing him like they have over the years. Yes, his ‘Nam records are sealed and not to be seen! Why? He is a Rhino and kisses the dem’s ass all the time. He won’t even call John Kerry a coward for hiding in the face of the enemy by hiding in the bottom of the swift boat until the heat stopped. Kerry’s swift boat team hate his guts! I don’t see any of the men McCain was stationed with coming out in support of him either. Kerry and McCain should move in with the Obama’s.

  8. By the way, I was a Military Police Officer at 29 Palms California in 1966 -67, ‘Nam in ’68 in charge of motor T unit at Camp Carroll South Vietnam just south of the Rock Pile at the DMZ. Things got pretty hot every day and night. My men in the Motor T Unit worked security for the 4-duce mortars at night and kept the fence clean.

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