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Matt Bracken’s Warning To The Progressives

BY Herschel Smith


The Left mistakes our forbearance, patience and, yes, tolerance for weakness, because they are none of those things, and utterly fail to comprehend us. But they should not poke in the eye too many times millions of people who make a hobby out of going into the woods and shooting and gutting 200 lb. mammals. Seriously, they shouldn’t.

As to his warning to the rest of us, he says this.

What do you think is at the end of all of the minority oppression studies and white privilege courses? The virtual yellow stars on our jackets. We are being lined up to be the next German Jews or Russian Kulaks or Armenian Turks. This is how it works, folks. First TPTB whip up the hate against the damned, in this case conservative Christian heterosexual old white men. What do you think “the knockout game” etc are all about? TPTB have been virtue signaling the genocide of the whites, starting with the CHOWM, for decades now. “The white race is the cancer of humanity” said a white woman of note. In the linked DNC article, women compete to describe how much they hate their own evil whiteness. The left is veering into madness, and sometimes that madness winds up with guillotines, gas chambers and gulags as their final solution to their hated internal enemy problem.


If you are a CHOWM, you should know that TPTB are painting a bulls-eye target on your front and your back. Words today will become action tomorrow, if this madness metastasizes.


Ask the Armenians, the Kulaks, the European Jews, the Tutsis, etc etc etc.
This is how it works. First the hate is built up in a socially acceptable way by TPTB, here, the BLM assisted by the MSM, etc.


Then later, during a social crisis, comes the mass killing, with the killers feeling perfectly justified with their actions.

So in order to understand his warnings, go read this.  Then come back and read his comments again which I’ve copied here.  Then watch this.

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

So for the progs among my readers (do I have any?), let me give you a little primer on Christian, Heterosexual, Old White Men to help you understand us.

We’re a little older than your buddies in social programs studies at the colleges.  Our eyesight is fading a little.  We move a little slower, some of us have arthritis, many or most of us have something to live for, including children and or grandchildren.  It’s true.

But we will only be shoved around for so long until it all ends.  So the ailments I outlined above can all be ameliorated.  If we move more slowly, we start earlier.  If we can’t see as well as we used to, we wear glasses.  If we have arthritis, we take medicine.  And we all have guns and ammunition – lots of it.

But here’s the thing.  We were taught patience and discipline as children, unlike you, but we were also taught that there are worse things than death, such as dying with dishonor or leaving no heritage to your family.  You see, we don’t believe that the human body cools to ambient temperature when it dies and then nothing else happens, like you.

We believe that there is another life after death, and so there is something to look forward to.  We won’t try ever so hard to die honorably when the time comes, because we know we will die like we lived, and with God’s help we have lived honorably, paying our own way and then some.  We will do what we always do.  We will honor God and minister to our families and neighbors.

And if the world remembers us for some action or collection of actions at our end that helped deliver a heritage to our families, so much the better, but we’ll soon be forgotten, just like you.  In a hundred years my body will have a grave marker.  But God always remembers – for eternity.  We aren’t stronger than you.  Our beliefs are.


Photo: westernrifleshooters

UPDATE 1/28/2017: The original video was deleted at the source, and has been replaced.


Message from Stewart Rhodes and more related links



Matt is certainly correct that this is precisely the “divide and conquer” strategy of the Marxists, who seek to turn Americans against eachother along racial lines, and in particular, see blacks and Hispanics in the U.S. as potential cannon fodder to be “weaponized” and turned against the hated whites, whom the left equates with “fascists, racists, bigots, oppressors, xenophobes, imperialists, slavers” etc. which is a personification of their hatred of all of Western Civilization, and their hatred of our Constitution and the very ideas of God given rights and limited government to secure those rights, deriving its just (and limited) power from the consent of the governed.

I have recently been reading “Prairie Fire” the handbook of the Weather Underground, published in 1974, and all we are seeing now is straight out of that handbook, which also focused on race and on harnessing black Americans and Hispanic Americans and turning them against their own nation, and against their fellow Americans, on racial lines.  This is the Marxist strategy that they have used for a hundred years – exacerbate any grievances, real or imagined, and turn people against the country of their birth, by convincing them that their nation is inherently racist, imperialistic, oppressive, and out to keep them down.  The more division, the better, whether along racial lines, class lines, between the sexes, along geographic lines, cultural, religious, and even professions (worker vs. small business owner, people v. police and military).   The more division, the better.  The more balkanization, the better.  The more identity politics, the better, so long as people don’t dare to identify simply as Americans.  The more they instead identify along racial lines, the better.

And he left is methodically, openly encouraging, supporting, and defending black racial identity, black racism, including black supremacy, and even black nationalism.  And they also openly support Hispanic “brown” identity, racism, and “Chicano” nationalism, such as we see with La Raza and MeCha (advocating a new “Chicano” homeland in the SW – Aztlan).   And the left also promotes white guilt and hatred of anything to do with white heritage and nationality.

And this is leading to a backlash from whites, who are now more than ever saying “well, hell, if you are going to identify along racial lines, and act in the interest of your race, as black or brown nationalists, then so will we.”

That is what is happening.  Americans are identifying, organizing, and dividing along racial lines.  And this is all funded by globalists such as Soros, who, just like the communists, absolutely love to see racial and social divisions in a target population.  The more division, the better.   All in the interest of destroying the society so they can then step in with their creative destruction synthesis and build their desired globalist/communist utopia out of the ashes.

Fortunately, not all American blacks or Hispanics are falling for it.  For example, Trump got 25% of the Hispanic vote.   That is good news.  And I can tell you that there are many black and Hispanic patriots in this org, who think of themselves first, and foremost, as AMERICANS, period.

They take to heart, and have lived, what President Trump spoke of in his Inaugural Address:

It is time to remember that old wisdom our soldiers will never forget: that whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots, we all enjoy the same glorious freedoms, and we all salute the same great American Flag.


 When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.

Those of us who served in the military know exactly what he meant.  Remember that, and don’t fall for the enemy’s divide and conquer strategy.


And all of you patriots who are not white (or are not pure white) remember that the Marxists will treat you to their “final solution” too if they can, along ideological grounds.  You will not get a pass either.  Just as Clarence Thomas or Sheriff David Clark how that works.   They are just as hated by the left, and likely more so, for being “race traitors” according the the Leftist – Fascists.

Stewart Rhodes
Founder and President of Oath Keepers
U.S. Army Airborne Veteran

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  1. Have you ever woke up and thought; “maybe this is the day that most of the duped progressives realize we all have the same problem?” We then go on to unite and end this idiotic social experiment? Color me a dreamer.

    BTW, what the true blue street fighter knows, and accepts is; “If you go to kick ass, you must bring an ass that could conceivably get kicked.” Thought I would add that to the bleed red thing, which is very true as well.

  2. Great Comments Stewart! I have to say, I shed a tear of joy on the Mall when I heard Trump speak the words you quoted.

  3. One of the interesting, and nice, things about Idaho is the marginalization of the Democratic party. Only the far left fringe seems to survive and they in small numbers in the few large urban areas. Sally Boynton Brown is a good example.

  4. Surreal phenomena , whites being told to hate themselves. But the fulminations of people like Brown ( What is it about this Name ? Kate Brown of Oregon , Moonbeam Brown of Ca , Grand inquistitor Anna Brown of Portland , Governor Brownback/Yellowback of Kansas ? ) Anyway, their hysterical fulminations are only alienating the vast mass of responsible reasonable Americans. I have to remark on one of the strangest of bedfellows among these creeps – Alan Greenblatt , Chairman of the Jewish Anti – Defamation League. Somehow, our takeover of Malhure – far out in the wastes of eastern Oregon – was , to him, anti-semitic, and he published a hit piece villifying us, by name.

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