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Mainstream Media Meltdown

‘Journalists’ Seek ‘Safe Space’ To Discuss “How To Cover Trump”

Mainstream Media MeltdownSource: Branco

Slate will host the event next Wednesday, called “Not the New Normal.” CNN’s Brian Stelter will moderate the panel at New York University. As The Hill details,

The focus of the discussion will include “how journalists and media companies at large can play a bigger role in making sure that fact prevails over fiction in the coming months and years,” according to Slate.


Slate’s editor in chief Julia Turner and Slate Group chairman Jacob Weisberg — who hosts “Trumpcast,” a podcast dedicated to covering the president-elect — will participate in the panel.


Joining them will be Borja Echevarría, Univision Digital’s vice president and editor in chief; Huffington Post editor in chief Lydia Polgreen and New Yorker editor David Remnick.


Most of the panelists were staunchly critical of Trump during the campaign and since Election Day.

Tickets will cost $30, with proceeds benefiting the Committee to Protect Journalists.


Photo credit: President-elect Donald Trump called on reporters during a news conference in the lobby of Trump Tower. Photo by REUTERS/Lucas Jackson




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  1. CNN has been vetted out by the public. Their low viewership demonstrates they are and have been “fake” news. MSM propagates the same old stories with only changing the names and places. CNN editorializes everything and distorts facts to their agenda. This “Safe Space” self importance discussion is more fake news. MSM, i.e. CNN, are dinosaurs going extinct, so they invent “fake news” to label all new sources excepting their own. Just another nail in their mirror lined coffin.

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