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Live Stream of DC Protest – Refuse Fascism

Live Stream of DC Protest - Refuse FascismRefuse Fascism is Bill Ayers’ group. He, of course, was with the Weather Underground, along with his wife, Bernadette Dorn. Obama was tight with Bill Ayers during his Chicago community activist days.

At another protest by DisruptJ20, they are heading to Vice-President Elect Mike Pence’s home.


Shorty Dawkins



      1. I reckon by afternoon of the 20th the constitution will be applied to the snowflakes insurrectionists. Recall Trump’s trumpeting regarding lawlessness and restoring a nation of laws.

    1. Because, friend, Marxists are in CHARGE of the Pig Pen…There’s no “ALLOWED” about it, they’re ORDERED to TAKE OVER and “CREATE ANARCHY”…The “useful Idiots” THINK that it’s ALL their choise, (and, as long as they get their $$$ it IS their choice), but just wait till the $$$ stops flowing…HMMMMMM….Those U.I.’s might not be quite so USEFUL….

  1. These idiots have no clue what they are doing, they are mere sheep being played. They are certainly the useful idiots that their mentors use like rag dolls. Bill Ayers should be rotting in a prison somewhere, along with Bernadine Dorn. They are both traitors and belong in GITMO.

    1. Actually Bill Ayers and Miss Dorn should have been shot a very long time ago as the terrorists that they are. Filth like that shouldn’t be a strain on our system. My family escaped from a Socialist country, so we’re familiar with that kind of turds.

    2. The reality is the money behind the treason and insurrection needs a firing squad, otherwise the fodder will just be replaced with a new batch of snowflakes that can’t shave and have no testicles.

  2. Several things, money talks to the ignorant ,stock holm syndrome and those who just want to cause problems. Soros must feel he had not spent enough yet,I heard that some of these poor dumb people got up to $2500..the problem is no one can even talk to them as they wont listen

    1. Take these infidels out of the equation , there going to be coming by the bus loads so all Trump Supporters will not tolerate with their bullshit.. Law Enforcement , bikers club alot , malitia of all organizations will keep the peace .Inauguration will go on…

  3. No one has the right to stand outside someones home and do this, this isn’t protesting it is harassment and should be treated as such. These creatures are domestic terrorists and the groups should have already been stomped out!

  4. Some one should ask each one if they are being paid Then ask them why the govt is illegitimate and make them look like fools with their answers

    1. The “Reconstruction Amendments” were never duly ratified. How’s THAT for illegitimate?

      Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!

  5. “So long as there are men, there will be war.” – Albert Einstein

    Tolerance = Suicide

    1. True. We have been attacked, threatened, and murdered by Stalinists since the beginning of time. Example is the islamist repeatedly without reservation proudly proclaim they are going to kill us, and the do by the millions, and we stand by allowing it because we are tolerant and civil. Heaven forbid we do unto them before they do unto us. If a perp threatens your life on the street, you kill the perp. If a perp enters your home, you kill the perp; so why is it when our civil minded lives are threatened by NWO, globalists, Stalinists groups, and jihad that we suddenly are laying down to be slaughtered? Answer: Tolerance.

  6. What a bunch of useful idiots! This smells of Soros and these people are being used bigtime. Anything for an easy dollar.

  7. I had some personal ties with those two, Billy & Berny (Bernadene) back then. A real pair of revolutionary scum. Of course being just a “punk” then, Obummer, the way I figure must have been around 10 yrs old. Very confusing days then. One personal observation, glaringly, was they never seemed to want the “blacks” around except when the cameras showed up (press). I had to enlist to find out what was going on, another one of those “carefull what you ask for” deals. Just reminiscence.

  8. Its time for all Americans to stand together we have been played by both sides of the isle for a long time, These protests are the product of the brainwashed uninformed, The people who listen to the propaganda of the left wing news and think its the truth,Wake up give the president elect a chance

  9. New Member Here;
    I was hoping that there would be a more positive celebration among us who voted for Trump, instead of all this fear from the losers. This is a great time in history. Never has a non-politician ever won a presidential election and we should continue to keep professional politicians from gaining more government positions in the future. Government of the people for the people. It’s a turbulent time but a good thing that it happened.and we should be rejoicing that Hillary and the cabal are out.

  10. These are the same snowflakes that were engaged in the post election pillage. I contend we let them show there stupidity such that the irrelevant MSM has no story to portray patriots as the instigators. The inauguration can take place any where. Let the Soros funded anarchists attempt to burn D.C. to the ground, box them in to their own self made holding pen they created. That’s a lot easier than trying to go find their non dropped testicles after the fact.

  11. I just watched the welcome to Washington for President (really sounds good) Trump and it was great and beautiful, but I know that the liberals are going to try to ruin it.Sad.

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