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Lisa Haven Shreds The “Russian Hacking” Intelligence Report

Lisa Haven Shreds The "Russian Hacking" Intelligence ReportLisa Haven, has posted many videos on YouTube. In the following video, she goes over the “Intelligence Report” put out by the DHS and FBI concerning the supposed “Russian Hacking” of the US election. Though the Mainstream Media and the Democrats have continuously claimed that there were 17 Intelligence Agencies involved in the Report, the Report itself claims only three, DHS, FBI and CIA. That is just the first lie that she exposes. She gives one of the most thorough examinations of the Report that I have seen. It all boils down to the Report making “assessments of probability”, (in other words ‘We think this is so’), and lacks any concrete evidence.

That Russia promotes propaganda is obvious. We do the same. All nations do it, and most people do it in one form or another. But propaganda is not criminal behavior.

The Report is merely a means to: 1) De-legitimize Donal Trumps election victory, 2) Create an enemy to distract from the contents of the emails and documents released, which most Americans find very troubling. The Mainstream Media and the Democrats do NOT want the American public to dwell on those contents, as they show the sleazy corruptness of the Democrats and their cozy relationships with the Mainstream Media. Therefore, they attack the messenger, so to speak and distract the public attention off of the contents and offer a distraction. It is classic Saul Alinsky tactics.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. While I can certainly understand that classified material should not be shared with just anybody, This report leaves nothing but a bad taste in my mouth. If they cannot share with us the actual evidence, Why bother to share anything at all.? ANSWER…..Just tell them something in an effort to shut them up…!!! Without the actual evidence, There is no point to showing us anything. What proof do we have that they are telling the truth..?….NONE…!
    They say Putin is lying. REALLY…?? What proof is there that they can show to the people..?
    Looks like the people are in the dark as usual.
    Looks to me that not only Putin is lying but our own government is lying. That would be a first…NOT!!!
    End result……..We the people still DO NOT KNOW what actually happened and that is as always just exactly what our government wants….NOW THATS A FACT….!!!!
    Are you all yet sick to death of being treated like fools…..?????

  2. The constitutional electoral college elected the president, and the congress ratified it. End of stroy.

    The blathering left lost the election because they are guilty of a long list of crimes that were discovered irregardless of the method of discovery. Clear thinking adults know the difference between the smoke and mirrors put out by the MSM, rainbow house regime, Soros regime, and clinton regime.

    The hairless no testicle boys who show up at these so called demonstrations will fizzle out before the 20th. They have no stamina. They are planning that others will join in to start a full fledge revolt, a insurrection, a civil war; resulting in the rainbow house dictating a federal take over in all things led by none other than the puppets of NWO globalists.

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