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Liberty Thought Leader Round Table #2 – Podcast

Liberty Thought Leader Round Table #2 - Podcast


Forward Observer Podcast Episode 051

Samuel Culper is the Director of Forward Observer’s Open Source Intelligence service. He was an Army and contract Intelligence analyst with multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He lives in Texas.

In this week’s episode, I hold a round table discussion with some of the leading thinkers in our movement.  They are listed below:

Matthew Bracken – Former Navy SEAL –

Concerned American – Western Rifle Shooters Association –

Stewart Rhodes – Oathkeepers –

David Codrea – 2nd Amendment Blogger & Journalist –

To listen to this podcast, Go Here. Scroll down to see the Podcast Player.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Talking is great, but why weren’t the oathkeepers called to DC to assist the bikers in defending the smooth transition of power? And why aren’t the oathkeepers being alerted to be ready should civil unrest break out as an extension of violence in DC, or as a result of the terrorist camps uprising and attacking soft targets, or civil unrest in any of the many scheduled protests in the next 90 days nationwide? If we’re oathkeepers, let’s get back to being alerted to defend as necesssry. If one didn’t know, one would think that the bikers were the oathkeepers and the oathkeepers were inconsequential.

    1. As Shorty said, you must have missed our call to action to go to DC. And our state chapter leaders ARE on alert and paying attention to threats against soft targets in their states, especially in light of the ISIS threats against churches, schools, against military families, and in general. Have been for some time now. Just because you don’t see it all over our main site webpage doesn’t mean they aren’t doing it in their local areas. That’s the whole point of our CPT program, to get people focused on local security, first and foremost.

    2. I don’t believe there are enough snowflakes to amount any kind of serious campaign. Only the MSM gives them any coverage and we know how inflammatory that will be. The college campus population is approximately 16M. Unemployed youth is about 20M, of which there is an overlap with college populations. These are the people who are untrained immature rock throwers. Remember they have no staying power, no stamina, and the only place they are given a safe place to play is large cities. If we think about it, maybe we should welcome their pillage of those foul places. They are easy to contain when bunch up and their escape routes are closed.

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