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Jeannette Finicum To Hold A Meeting In John Day, Oregon Jan. 28

Jeannette Finicum To Hold A Meeting In John Day, Oregon Jan. 28LaVoy Finicum’s widow, Jeanette, and their children are planning to hold a meeting later this month in John Day, OR. Speakers are slated to talk about the Constitution, property rights and other issues.

“It is the anniversary of my husband’s death. We want to continue with his mission,” Jeanette Finicum told The Associated Press. “The people within counties and states should decide how to use those properties, not the federal government.”

The meeting is being held at the Grant County Fairgrounds.

Saturday, January 28 at 4:30 PM10:30 PM PST
Grant County Fairgrounds
John Day, Oregon


Single ticket with LaVoy’s Novel: $30_____________________________________________________

Please support the Finicum family and the cause of liberty on January 28th by joining LaVoy’s wife, Jeanette Finicum and their children. As many of you know, LaVoy was on his way to a meeting the day he was shot and killed. We are honoring his memory by holding the meeting that never happened that day. We have several wonderful speakers to talk about the Constitution and property rights and also the family to talk about LaVoy, the wrongful death lawsuit and the trial which ended with a powerful “not guilty” verdict.

If you’d like to support the Finicum family in their battle against an out-of-control government you can make a contribution here:

Or you can donate to support Mrs. Finicum’s legal fight here:

Here is the donation page:



Shorty Dawkins



  1. Jeanette’s wrongful death suit can potentially rock the Oregon State Govt and the FBI. The “Traffic stop” consisted of a deadly force barricade, an HRT unit, and snipers in the trees. WHO GAVE THE ORDER FOR ALL THIS ? Governor Kate Brown stonewalled our petitions for redress all through January. Her reply was finally delivered on Jan 26, in the form of BULLETS.

  2. We need to belly up with monetary support. Buy tickets even if you can’t or won’t attend, buy his book, and donate cash. We know the governor is the trigger, she owns the state police and requested the FBI’s assistance. Criminal judges need to be disbarred. The people of Oregon need a history lesson specifically that their joyful jubilation in the murder of Finicum will go full circle and bite them in the ass.

  3. It was one year ago my family drove to the Malheur Refuge to show support for the brave Patriots taking a stand against the treasonous criminal psychopath controlled US Government, and their treasonous Alphabet Gangs of Domestic Terrorists. It was the highlight of our families time on this earth to have met the TRUE American Hero Lavoy Finicum, and spending time with all the other TRUE American Hero’s at the Malheur Refuge PROTEST. Rest in Peace Lavoy Finicum knowing Citizen Tribunals, just like Nuremberg Trials, are coming for the treasonous murderous COWARDS in the Domestic Terrorist Alphabet Gangs, and the Globalist Corporatist fascist psychopaths in the US Government yanking their cowardly dog chains.

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