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Domestic Terrorists, Communists Declare War On “Fascist Trump Regime”

WARNING: Domestic Terrorists, Communists Declare War On “Fascist Trump Regime”

Are extremists preparing for violence to stop Trump?





  1. I agree that these miscreants should never be “dismissed as irrelevant”. But I also believe that good Americans are called to show up as a mass expression of their impotent futility in the face of God’s grace. God hinged our knee to kneel when its time to kneel, and stand when its time to stand. Every action they’ve taken for the past eight years has been the stick-in-the-eye to goad and provoke. Let them bring their anger and hate. Let us show ourselves in the humbleness of prayer and gratitude. I know from my trips to the Mall over the course of the past 8 years. The Mall police and emergency rank and file love us. They will know one from the other…trust me.

  2. I work at the public and combat ranges here where I live. In the few weeks after Trump was elected we thought we’d have to lay people off because attendance dropped by 30%. Now we have seen a resurgence of activity that has taken attendance to record numbers so it seems that American Patriots have noticed what is going on and are again on track. These communists are as delusional as Hillary was are going nowhere with their violent agenda. It will be stopped abruptly one way or another.
    Pray for Peace.
    Prepare for War.
    God bless.

    1. The Ayers group crowding into DC is bait. Look guys, we know that it is unnervingly likely that the cabal is going to make an attempt on Trump’s life. What if that attempt is with baiting the patriots into crowding in to DC because Ayers and Soros are assembling a mob? I’ve said this over and over…put enough people in DC and the cabal will light that place up like the biggest roman candle in the universe and blame it on some country or group somewhere…most likely you or your kindred…or maybe Russia. Remember these characters have been bouncing the 95 % depopulation agenda around since 1945. Don’t play by their rules.

  3. Interesting …the reference to “declaring war “. I wold like to see our 45th President request a formal declaration of war against the Islamic State . Then…such individuals can be properly dealt with as enemy insurgents.

  4. Am somewhat curious. If they are fighting Fascism all of the sudden, why did they spend the last 8 years giving it a voice? Could it be,they actually don’t know the subject matter?

  5. Yes. I am thinking these are just the type of references that the Southern Poverty Law Center loves to take screenshots of. Beyond being a comment below that makes me question your judgement, it is grossly naive to believe “All of these enemies of America will be gathered in one place at the same time”. The people who are the root of this problem aren’t going to waste their time causing petty trouble with street rabble and miscreants. The people who will be in attendance in opposition will primarily be the ignorant and misguided fools who are a symptom and side-effect of the the root problem, not the disease itself.

    1. Agree with first part of your post.
      Also, yes, Soros won’t be there, but many leaders of…la raza, m.s.a, s.d.s., b.l.m., new black panthers will.
      I am personally expecting a level of violence America has not seen before.
      These or the facist true believers of our modern era

  6. Well i read the website, and i researched the plan, but no where does it say what to bring, just show up. Im just curious what you do with 10 million people, scratch 1 million snowflakes might show up. No food or lodging plans, gonna be real fun shutting down a town then starving and crapping on the streets for two weeks. Cant wait to see how this will work out. Personally im not offended, this might actually be the farthest these man children have ever been from moms basment.

  7. Well, the Bible does say that in the end times many people will suffer strong delusions and the liberal crown is, no doubt, suffering to the extreme, delusions that Soros will make them rich when in reality they are being played like a fiddle,

  8. Wow. Those Ayers followers are useful idiots. The Clinton – Soros – UN – Council on Foreign Relations cabal WAS the 4th Reich aka NWO. Especially when you track their organization all the way up through the World Economic Forum. But Ayres wasn’t aiming for intelligent followers just easy ‘yes’ men. Did not those people pay attention to the land grabbing research reports? Did they not correlate to the Clinton’s similar antics in Haiti and Africa? The global sequestration and then subsequent theft of strategic resources around the world by kyping the Land first? America where didst thou leave your brain cells and reasoning skills? HUNTING HITLER series aired in 2016 CONFIRMED the existence of post war construction of the 4th Reich which was then somewhere down the line absorbed into the US based NWO movement by like minded compatriots…probably courtesy of operation paperclip or something similar. The CIA were built by the 4th Reich members and the FBI was sent early on down to South America and Bariloche to investigate…till they fizzled. So much for organized LEOs. A generation and a half later what my grandmother’s people failed to resolve has made a right proper mess here in the US and the world abroad, teetering it on the brink of global war. Some researcher friends of mine in 2008 said the reason we’re in this situation is because American’s don’t read…not a case of the dots haven’t been sufficiently connected…but that the general population insists on being ignorant and supporting or empowering the wrong people and orgs. How’s that for a nation’s epitaph: Their people didn’t read.

  9. The globals are trying to entice all of you to gather in the same place to show opposition to the noise makers. Do that and DC becomes a burnt piece of toast. I have a better idea…gather in your show of strength and solidarity at all your county and state government locations. Spread out and cover EVERYTHING but STAY OUT OF DC. Or you won’t have DC anymore because the globals will take the carrot you gave them and suck it down like honey. Guys you have to think strategically here. The globals are playing chess expecting you to fall for moves that look like checkers.

    1. well, those that are able to attend,definitely will attend and not be stopped by these subhumans.
      so if they light the fuse in DC, they light the fuse in DC and it will extend left,right,north,south ,east and west.
      People are well and truly tired of these cretins calling the shots and interfering in everything and anything THEY feel like.
      WE have not underestimated the authentic enemy which are not these moron snowflakes but are the hard core , BUT apparently they have underestimated the “resistance” to them the same way they never thought that TRUMP would be the president elect.
      They will do whatever and IF it results in a physical altercation AND the inauguration being moved indoors, the games begin and will go on nonstop nationwide.
      Sure they get what they want but they won’t get the outcome they want.
      ..and to our Oath Keepers ? a sincere thanks to you all and hopefully someday i meet up w/you as a civilian Oath Keeper who also swore that oath to uphold the Constitution and to defend the US from all enemies etc.

  10. This Communist Bill Ayers has his panties in a big wad because all of a sudden he’s “concerned about humanity”………oh really? This crap is coming from the same fool who thinks the execution of 25 to 30 million Americans who won’t submit to Marxist “reeducation camps” is perfectly acceptable. My God what an arrogant left wing whore!

  11. So all of a sudden Bill Ayers is concerned about humanity? This is the same dedicated Communist who is perfectly OK with 25 to 30 million Americans being put to death if they won’t accept the Marxist doctrine of reeducation camps. What an arrogant leftwing whore!

  12. Stuart, I joined up with you guys up at Bundy Ranch, I was the guy on the Harley. Let’s go show them again what’s up! They want trouble we will bring it again! Your Brother Detroit

  13. Looks like the filth is coming to the top of the swamp that needs draining, lets hope peace prevails and this slime is taken out peacefully with peace makers:

  14. The people didn’t read! Excellent. America became a nation of morons by design and our generation (Vietnam) did nothing to stop it. Now we may very well pay the butcher’s bill because of our stupidity!

  15. All of these DOMESTIC TERRORISTS protesters, rioters, THUGS, attacking the FREE SPEECH of Americans ….. must be BANNED FOR LIFE from receiving SNAP/EBT/Food Stamps, Public Assistance, Unemployment Benefits, Student Loans, or any form of Government Aid.

    Brought to you by George Soros. Look at how PREPLANNED they are. This was designed well BEFORE the election. Explore it to see what they are teaching. These are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS
    George Soros’ ( 136 CANTITOE ST IN KATONAH NY. ) is FUNDING the riots and looting from #BLM and, TAKE ALL of Soros’ money to pay for REPARATIONS for the damages he is creating HERE ……. and JAIL him AND HIS SONS for DOMESTIC TERRORISM.
    If the Secret Service, DHS, the Government, do not immediately start ARRESTING & CHARGING those making death threats against Trump, they are setting the PRECEDENT that we can make death threats against democrats and anyone else we don’t like. There are all sorts of threats being made and not a DAMN THING being done.

    So Obama and Hillary are telling us the DHS is totally IMPOTENT and incapable of protecting our internet infrastructure …..
    You pay $BILLION$ for “homeland security” but it is NEVER around.
    DHS an agency with approximately 240,000 employees and a budget of nearly 100 billion dollars. But they cannot actually STOP Domestic Terrorism that is right there on TV !!!

    Where are the SELF PROCLAIMED “heroes” of Homeland Security that should be arresting the DOMESTIC TERRORISTS who are using violence and the threat of violence in the furtherance of their political aims ……. which is the exact definition of TERRORISM ?! They are padding their overtime, counting their perks, dreaming of their “double dipper” retirements at YOUR expense.
    DHS is always around with it’s hand out for money
    but NEVER around to stop terrorists.
    Meanwhile, how much of that EXPENSIVE emergency equipment You paid for, has “walked away” to basements & garages?

  16. All of these millionaire Marxists and limousine liberals are alike. Comrade Ayers was one of King Hussein’s mentors, and who can forget that picture of him as a young terrorist, taken by the police following his arrest? His head was arrogantly cocked to one side and his ugly face wore an arrogant sneer…he knew that he faced no hard time, for his father was one of the elite, worth hundreds of millions. Ayers and his cowardly comrades advocated the extermination of millions of Americans.

  17. Arrest Ayers immediately as a DOMESTIC terrorist advocating violence against an American President-Elect and ARREST George Soros as an enemy of the USA for sedition and Treasonous statements against the USA.Arrest Rosie O’Donnell for being too fat and sodomy.

  18. I’m so tired of hearing the term fascist when used to describe republicans. Don’t these ass clowns realize that democrat policies are by definition fascist and/or Socialist?

  19. It is about getting the world to turn on europeans where ever they are. Allies killed Germans through 1950 when we were told it ended 1944 or 1945.

  20. it’s time we take our country back i took that oath and i have never been relieved of this duty and will defend the constitution i love my country and i want my kids and grandkids to live the way i did growing up and if we don’t stop these people and terrorist know then we don’t deserve to call ourselves american and don’t respect our ancestors who died for the freedoms or deserve to live in this great country

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