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Director of Talladega Marching Band Receives Death Threats

Director of Talladega Marching Band Receives Death ThreatsAccording to a post on The Director of the Talladega Marching Band has received death threats for bringing his very talented band to perform at the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump.

From another reddit poster:

From an article I saw-

“On Thursday, Band Director Hawkins said he has received a lot of pressure from alumni, who said he had “shamed the college” and that he is “a disgrace” to African-Americans.”

Is this what we, as a nation have come to? This is ridiculous. The people who claim to be against hate are the hateful ones.


Shorty Dawkins


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  1. It’s always the psychopathic transference finger pointing. They seem to intentionally point out their own self.

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