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Death Rattle of Mainstream Media: Multiple Corporate Outlets Now Labeling Each Other “Fake News”

Death Rattle of Mainstream Media: Multiple Corporate Outlets Now Labeling Each Other “Fake News”I am not the least bit sorry to see the death-throes of the Mainstream Media, who have been feeding us propaganda and lies for decades. – Shorty Dawkins

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by Claire Bernish

Thanks to CNN and BuzzFeed, a war now rages among corporate media outlets, a true study in irony, as the New York Times and Guardian hurl accusations the two outlets are guilty of publishing Fake News — the same Fake News all of the aforementioned have cited in unabashed attempts to discredit legitimate alternative media.

CNN first published an article citing without including information ostensively ruinous to President-elect Donald Trump’s political career — but BuzzFeed took that ball and ran — publishing documents believed to have originated from an unnamed British intelligence officer and admittedly unsubstantiated and unverified.

Careless reporting by the mainstream press, in other words, has reached critical mass — and known publishers of Fake News are now calling each other to task for egregiously vapid journalism.

“BuzzFeed Posts Unverified Claims on Trump, Igniting a Debate,” the Times’ headline asserts, while — going a step farther — the Guardian’s article is entitled, “BuzzFeed publishes unsubstantiated Trump report, raising ethics questions.”

CNN first reported on the dossier allegedly obtained from the unnamed British intelligence official, but left out the more lurid and revealing details from the 35-pages BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith later decided were fair game for publication — despite “serious reason to doubt the allegations.”

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  1. Where does it stop? When does it become libel and/or slander? Why is it not prosecutable? Should we find this taking place in the hallowed halls of Congress? How about the confirmation hearings for Tillerson; the nominee for Secretary of State? Senator Rubio attempts to get Tillerson to declare the Putin is a war criminal!!!!
    Senator Rubio should be horsewhipped and thrown out of the Senate. Show proof. Unsubstantiated allegations are nothing but libel and slander. We are a nation of laws and yet the standard of laws are not adhered to in Congress? It is one thing to say “In my opinion or I believe” but quite another to state something as fact without proof.

  2. Death throes? I doubt it. I just don’t see the voice of the liberals [the main stream media] slithering away.

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