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Civil War 2017, First Episode of 5 Part “America Under Seige”

They’ve fought to stop the inauguration. They’re fighting to destroy our nation.

Published on Jan 19, 2017  (22:36 min.)

“Civil War 2017” is the first episode in a five-part “America Under Siege” documentary web-series to be released over the course of 2017. Each episode will profile the influence of radical Marxists on various segments of American society.

While 700,000 protesters are converging on Washington D.C. for Inauguration Day—in addition to anti-Trump rallies planned in dozens of cities across the country—the political groups behind the protests remain shrouded in mystery.

As Fox News Channel first reported, “Civil War 2017” uncovers an extensive network of neo-Marxist operatives coordinating highly disruptive and potentially violent protests from coast to coast.

Working with Dangerous Documentaries, director Judd Saul and conservative commentator Trevor Loudon have compiled a team of researchers and undercover operatives to probe the roots of the anti-Trump movement, highlighting the ultimate goals and ulterior motives. Mr. Loudon, a regular contributor to Glenn Beck’s online programming, is the foremost expert on the left-wing organizers of mass protests.

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  1. This needs to be shared with everyone you know. We need to come out of our PC shells and confront the sponsors of subversion and their useful idiots in our own communities. The silent majority needs to become the very vocal majority, or this will grow and metastasize. I’m seeing Marxist climate-change and other propaganda “workshops” being hosted by our community library. This series and follow-up discussion needs to be hosted there as well. We as Oath Keepers should be the ones to make it happen. Who else will?

  2. Jan 15, 2017 What You Need To Know About The CIA Coup Against Donald Trump

    In this video we go over the latest war of words between President Elect Donald Trump as he is about to take office and the CIA. The current CIA director John Brennan was just on national television sending harsh words against Trump and of course the President-elect responded on twitter.

  3. Patriots, we must NOT settle into a sense of pseudo-security just because we were able to elect a strong Republican President Trump. Nothing yet is certain that a shutdown of radical liberal progressives (communists, Marxists), Muslim terrorist cells and long wolves, criminal illegal aliens (including Mexican drug cartel, Mexican gangs, etc.). We must be ever vigilent everywhere we go, shop, dine, entertainment, schools, etc.. And, the onus is on groups such as OathKeepers, Patriot orgs,, etc. to help educate, prepare, and instruct others in how to take care of themselves.

  4. There was something that was said that confused me a bit.If Putin is a nationalist and Trump is a nationalist, why would Putin give word to take America out? Did I mis-hear or misunderstand what they said?

  5. I believe that OK must have some serious internal discussion about taking the lead in a “counter-revolution” to suppress/eliminate the progressive/communists/marxist movement and its leaders as an existential threat to this country. If the CIA/FBI etc will not, or cannot take them on, is it our oath and Constitutional duty to do what we can to stop them?

    1. Definitely so. I only see a few patriot retired folks with the time and recourses for any action. Everyone else is too worried about their job, retirement, and worldly possessions. I reckon they are waiting for something that directly smacks them in the face to get off their butt. My circle of trust is down to me, myself and I.

      Someone knows where those creeps sleep….they started a war on our country and are getting away with; one casualty at a time.

    2. I agree Big…perhaps the fruit of the “internal discussion” would lead to productive partnering with groups like Matt Staver’s Liberty Counsel, Thomas More Law Center, and/or John Birch Society…we definitely need to ramp up IMHO.

  6. The only way to fight this is from the top down. The government created more jobless with time on their hands to fulfill this anti-American agenda. The government militarized many federal agencies. The government establish anti constitutional regulations. The government instilled fear and creating an all obedient citizenry.

    Any organized refute of our government will be looked at, sold as, reported as a lawless threat, just like Bundy and Finicum, until the government is swept clean of the last 110 years of bureaucratic rule.

    Support Trump’s effort to reduce rogue agencies to mere three letter acronyms. Support Trump in putting constitutional judges (if there are any) into future openings. Support Trump on patriotic nationalism. Support Trump deporting, arresting, and jailing all who preach and back this lawless treason of anti constitutional, anti American insurrection.

    There is no time for resting, the battle for our sovereign federation is now. The stalinists have been winning way too long!

  7. I have been around a number of civil wars over my lifetime and do not fear one happening here.
    The blood letting will be horrific and touch every neighborhood. Many things happen in the beginning of the fighting such as the loss of law enforcement. Law enforcement will not answer calls for fear of ambush so you will be on your own. Retribution attacks will be one of the early stage manifestations where people get even with those they perceived injured them in some way in the past. Then there are the criminal gangs who will prey on everyone they see as weak.
    The political element will cause the greatest bloodshed since those groups will clash early in mass groups. Eventually it settles into a regional war where some parts of the nation settle down and become somewhat peaceful while others are in complete and total war.

    I do not fear it because it is an inevitability with the divisions we now see in our society. Each side thinks they will sail to victory when the reality is REAL civil wars can last decades and kill a large portion of the population. All you can do is make sure your friends and family are ready and fight hard when the time comes. Hardship is coming and nothing will stop the coming crisis. We have reached a point where the two poles of politics are ready to pull the trigger and see who the last person standing will be.

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