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Chicago ‘Scholar’ Claims Militias Would Be ‘Toast’ if Resisting Military Coup

Chicago ‘Scholar’ Claims Militias Would Be 'Toast’ if Resisting Military Coup
What were you saying about “toast”? [British regulars surrender to militia forces led by George Rogers Clark at Fort Sackville — PD-Art]
“What would happen in the minutes and hours after a coup in America?” Mike Pearl of Vice Media asks in a bit of “progressive” wishful thinking sprinkled with multiple hollow disclaimers. He takes pains to explain how unlikely it is, and how horrible it would be, but you don’t need to read too closely between the lines to grok he and those he cites don’t want Donald Trump to be president. Their war gaming for his ouster reads more like a yearning than warning.

The assumption, of course, is that a president with “America First” policies is a coup-worthy threat, unlike the acceleration toward totalitarianism a Hillary presidency would have produced. It also emphasizes the accusation that an Electoral College victory protecting the interests of the states is not legitimate.  We see that meme personified against Trump by the likes of John Lewis and Elizabeth Warren, and happily shared by an establishment media that overwhelmingly agrees.

That hardly squares with the red/blue divide. Americans who believe unbendingly in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and particularly in the Second Amendment, don’t really have a problem with policies that so thwart and horrify “progressives” – that’s why the divide.

As with all who support such oath-breakers, the further assumption is that their outrage will apply to senior military leadership. With some of the examples we’ve seen, like oath breakers David Petraeus and Stanley McChrystal joining in the demand for civilian disarmament, they may have a point.  And that, undoubtedly, is why Oath Keepers, with its “Orders We Will Not Obey,” represents such an existential threat to those who would abet tyranny. It certainly explains why the same special interests that want to delegitimize Trump actively portray those who put the oath first as “haters” and “anti-government extremists.”

“As long as the courts back the coup, any Trump supporters who take to the streets and exercise a very literal interpretation of their Second Amendment rights—to form a militia and fight government tyranny—don’t stand much of a chance,” Pearl asserts, just like he knows what he’s talking about. “The federal government is usually hesitant to use force against armed groups like the Bundys, but those groups never pose an existential threat to the dominant regime.”

“If it were really a high-stakes situation where they thought their regime was at risk, they would’ve been toast,” Pearl’s advisor, University of Chicago law professor Tom Ginsburg assures him.

There’s more than a bit of hubris in such assurances, especially when viewed against the wider phenomenon of “progressives” having been stunned by November’s election results. The Sun Tzu ain’t exactly strong in these types. They come off more like the provincials held in such disdain by self-styled “progressive” sophisticates, which is pretty evident when you consider Vice’s history of partnerships with governments and establishment media, and that Ginsburg  co-authored his paper on “authoritarian reversion” and coups with a prominent apologist for Muslims in America.

If either Pearl of Ginsburg have professional qualifications and experience to assure such a “resistance is futile” certainty, their CVs don’t mention them. No doubt,in their minds, resistance suppression would work here with the same immediate effectiveness we’ve seen in places like Afghanistan. All those armed Americans would march out onto the field of battle in infantry square formations, and it would be “game over,” and “toast,” right?

If that’s the case, we might as well surrender our guns now, don’t you think?


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David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.


  1. I’m betting if the SHTF Mr. Pearl and Mr. Ginsburg will be found curled up in a fetal position in the back of a closet. Their opinion isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit.

  2. I went to that web site David.That guy is a Chicago mafia horses a&^ commie.P.S. I usually don’t speak with such revulsion,but I must say that I had no idea that our country had been so infiltrated by so many that want to tear her down.KEEP AMERICA FOR AMERICANS!! Those kind of people are not Americans.

    1. “I had no idea that our country had been so infiltrated by so many that want to tear her down”

      I have been extremely disturbed to have reached the same conclusion as you. Thankfully the election and inauguration of a true American patriot has drawn all the freedom-hating pus-balls of society out into the open. We now see the enemy clearly – let us not lose sight again!

    2. 8 years ago we saw a wave of these idiots put a non-American progressive globalist tool into the White House. 8 years before that we saw two progressives fight it out to a few votes, invoking the supreme court to settle the election. 8 years before that we saw a draft dodging crack head murderous fool and his wife handily win the election (twice). 4 years before that we saw a globalist CIA operative win the White House. And look at Carter, Nixon, and Johnson. The path to where we are now has been sliding down hill to all out tyranny for better than 150 years.

      As for our constitutional militia, the military and law enforcement have no chance in hell to contain and defeat our numbers. Only about twenty percent of the military and law enforcement would fight against an all out militia that was saving the country from a totalitarian regime take over trying to topple Trump.

      1. Way to many of us in many Militia’s and private groups that train outside of a Militia. I know 70% of my brothers in the Marine Corps would come home and fight with us. I hoped and pray this never takes place, but as for me and my group, we Train, Train and train some more.

      2. Yep…the people I talk to say about 80% will go with us, the other 20% are known bootlickers with a target on their forehead. That’s just what I hear from more than one source.

  3. Did you ever notice that practically all of the liberals who tell us that resistance is futile have no military experience and obviously even less knowledge of guerrilla warfare.

  4. Over the last few years I have raised the question of a coup or civil war to numerous active duty and reserve military, O6 and down. Some of the higher ranking side step the subject. The vast majority, enlisted and officer, would not take up arms against law abiding American Citizens. They would not follow unconstitutional orders and would actively resist those who would.

    Given today’s technology, fighting the modern American military would be a tall mountain to climb.

    1. But what about us old-skool Americans [the ACTUAL militia] who refuse to abide unconstitutional “laws”?

      Only a slave obeys his human masters and asks their permission before exercising his unalienable Rights. Just saying, there is NO HONOR in cooperating with the enemy.

      The founding fathers: “We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor”

      The neo-American statist: “It’s our duty as citizens to obey our elected traitors and to pay taxes for the privilege while [peacefully] working to make a change after the next election cycle.”

      Guess what… Peaceful Means won’t fix anything!

      Sic Semper Tyrannis

    2. Remember theres always ways around technology. One good EMP could take out satellites and most modern warfare comms, if thet’re not prepared. Once that happens, we will be on equal footing. I could go into more detail, but I’ve said enough.

  5. Perhaps Mr. Pearl would be thoughtful enough, then, to explain the machinations whereby entirely unarmed, and largely untrained and inexperienced indigenous people were able to overcome and forcibly expel EVERY SINGLE ONE of the Colonial Powers?
    Perhaps this “scholar” might benefit from examining the history of Asymmetrical Warfare. It’s a fascinating study, written in the blood of some of the finest professional soldiers of their generations, who were ordered forth to “quell an uprising in the back-country”. The writings of Col. Roger Trinquier are particularly enlightening.

  6. Aren’t we glad those Patriots at Lexington and Concord weren’t lacking in gonads like mickie perl?

  7. Mr. Pearl hasn’t read the equally fictional Unintended Consequences .Perhaps a read that would alter is lack of faith in an armed and pissed citizenry.

  8. Have you ever seen an armored vehicle with its tires set on fire and if the hatch opens hell comes down on the people coming out. Jungle Warfare is still viable and hard to combat. Former Helo Pilots still know how to steal a chopper and gun ship and put them to work if need be. Just saying, and praying it never takes place.

  9. With a President who believes in America,and protects and defends the Constitution, there is very little chance that patriots will take up arms. The leftest/globalists may try to resurrect the SDS or the Weather underground. Let us not forget the tactics they used.

  10. Right now at VICE you cannot get any information on Mike Pearl. However since he can write stupid crap, with your permission I would like to also. I just returned from a Latin American country where a uni-sexual clothing line is being advertised under the brand of “Mr. Toke”. I remarked to a Hispanic friend that the male model (who looks oh-so-much like Mike Pearl with a touch of make up) obviously had too many “tokes” and his manhood (I used a different word) had fallen off. This brought howls to my friend and Spanish language I didn’t understand. However “Si, Si” and his laughter let me know he agreed. Could this be what happened to Mr. Pearl?

  11. “The President and his team understand this enemy.”

    Those words were true when Col. North wrote them. Unfortunately, they were NOT true from 20 Jan, 2012 to 20 Jan, 2017. We can only hope it is true once more.

    The real problem with Mr Pearl’s thesis, as I see it, is his assumption (assumption: the first and worst of all mistakes) that a majority of the active duty armed forces would support the coup vice an armed insurgency. I’m not so sure that would happen. I’m also not so sure that every unit would be willing to invade areas of the heartland to suppress (what I see as) the inevitable refusal by cities, towns and even states to follow the dictates of the ruling Junta whomever they are. In the case of a populist such as our current POTUS, I do not believe that coup would even be possible.

    I would be more concerned about an attempted coup by leftists. There it would not be an issue of law or constitution. Those folks pay no more than lip service to either. In a case where it was liberals in the Congress and Pentagon, I suspect that any coup would be short lived. I believe a mutiny in the ranks – oathkeepers and others – would fairly soon have the Junta displaced and the leaders sent to the wall – as would be proper, especially if the coup involved assassination of POTUS and possibly VPOTUS.

  12. Is there enough testosterone in the U.S. to fill a 55-gallon drum? Each generation is weaker & more ignorant. The problem I keep coming back is the technology. The government has weapons that would make Captain Kirk wet himself.

  13. Standing up for the Founders Constitution 1 man/woman and 1 bullet at a time…renders the military ‘traitors and their minions out numbered and out gunned….as many will perish…BUT the Oath Keepers will survive as their numbers far exceed any military response….as in millions upon millions who will execute 1 shot, 1 hit…simple math….clean’em,load’em,stack’em..prepare to use them….Semper Fi…..imho

    1. I agree in whole. As a singular unit, as the mosquito in broad daylight, they will not see. No need to mass up and be an easy target. Creating a defensive position on their part.


  15. They are cowards who can only talk and talk and talk. When it comes to an actual conflict where these tyrants actually try to force their way on Americans, they are going to find out that a number in the military also reject dictatorships and attacking their own people.
    As to those radicals, who were described as hard liners, they will be the first taken out. You see. I have confidence in Oathkeepers that they KNOW who is a real threat and will be ready to move against them first. And I am sure that WHEN it happens, these OATHKEEPERS will act with finality. Unlike what Obama did with the detainees at Guantanamo.

  16. I have been preparing for the possibility of Civil War 2 since 2008 and shifted into high gear after 2012…if Hillary would have won i was convinced I wouldn’t have to worry about life insurance or long term care etc…as I would probably not survive the coming inevitable clash (not that – that still isn’t a possibility with so many black swans flapping their wings) but at least now the pendulum and the power is swinging away from tyranny and back towards Nature’s God (I believe that pardon is coming from Him – not U.S.).

    I’m a 67 year old former Marine Nam Vet (0331) and I train constantly…I’m better armed now then I was in 69 (not as resilient in some ways but even more so in others)….and all I can say is: NOT ON MY WATCH…piss on these two potential traitors. There are millions of Americans like me and we are looking for an excuse to cheat the Nursing Home Horror.

    1. Same Same GI. 0311 M 3/5 69-71. You are the first to use that phrase, “Nursing Home Horror,” I like it and plan to steal it Sir.

    2. Mad Mark….you took the words out of my mouth. I am a Korea era Vet and even with all of the “age mileage” I can still keep up and your comments apply……. I repeat your comment : NOT ON MY WATCH !! I am committed, my Oath is still valid and God be my witness, stand ready to answer the call to support and defend our Sovereign, Constitutional Republic !

  17. OOOHHH MMAAANNN!!!!! These people are really starting to piss me off. I think he might just be trying to stir up trouble to get us to come out in force, well with Trump in office we’ve hopefully have another four yrs of peace. If Hillary would’ve won, I think there would’ve been a military coup for the good of the country. I bet %95 of soldiers would back the people on the right, because they see whats happening. ” I grew up with a rifle in one hand and a knife in the other, and I’ll probably die the same way.” Michael Hogue.

    1. Actually 60% of the active duty military would back the militia, 100% of the National Guard would back them, in fact just for trivia sake one of the reasons the guard is loosing it Apatchies is the prior government did not like the idea of the Army guard with that kind of fire power, and their working on the the Air guard as well they are trying to put them more in a support mode. But either way their are more of us than them, they have large logistics issues and some would and will expect a stand up and fight but they will be bad wrong. Hit and run tactics are best,harrase and disrupt logistics,and communications especially during inclement weather and at night.

    2. Yeah. Like the Viet Cong were toast. This guy reminds me of General Custer saying “Let’s win this thing and get the hell out of here.” Or was it Ridgeway?

  18. This “media clown” and his legal “wizard” are Nucking Futz!

    President Trump was legally elected according to the Constitution of the United
    States of America. I will wager these two ass hats will crawl under their beds
    At the first shot fired and cry for their mommy. Nothing but sore LOSERS.

    These ‘progressives’ do not own or run everything in America. I think
    They are testing the waters to see if the indoctrination they have been pumping
    Into our kids for 25 years is working.

    AND I WILL DIE A FREE AMERICAN. I have been expecting something
    Like this since 2008 when I saw CAESAR’S CORONATION in chicargo on TV.

    I might be used but I’m not used up!

  19. By far the biggest threat to freedom, security and peace in our country and, in fact, all over the world, are the control addicts that run our federal government.

    Reminds me of the Irish IRA. Less than a thousand strong and they were/have been able to exist and fight(right or wrong) against the British army/police, what with the incredible SAS and all. And that’s without having a second amendment.

    Now compare that with us. We have a second amendment with it’s tradition and all. III% of the population is about 10 million. Even relatively speaking, that’s a tad bigger than the IRA.1% to 6% is about 3 to 20 million. Either way that’s a lot of ‘toast’. Good luck with trying.

    1. “We have a second amendment with it’s tradition and all.”

      Notwithstanding thousands of federal and state laws contravening the “We have” with and, if, and but… and all.

    2. A still greater threat are such elitist institutions where Tom Ginsburg – who was neither born nor educated in the city of Chicago – gets paid. Ginsburg was born in California, got his degrees at the University of California (a institution controlled by the state of California) and had a job at the University of Illinois (an institution controlled by the state of Illinois). The University of “Chicago” is private. The money (Rockefeller?) which planted that elitist “university” on the South Side presumably also bought the name “Chicago”, a misnomer because it never had anything to do with real “Chicago boys”, on the contrary, those U of “C” snobs had to hire a private army in their “gated community” to protect themselves from the ghetto which grew and surrounded them. These elitists have no ideas for a human society. I doubt very much that Mike Pearl is a Chicagoan. I was born and raised and went to schools in the city of Chicago. Hillary Rodham lived in a suburb northwest of the city of Chicago and went to school in that suburb.

  20. The guy is a fool. We out here in fly over country already have control of all the territory where the energy and food come from, therefore of all support logistics for the feds. Further, we can cut off supplies at the first intersection outside fed control, and then the masses in those cities will turn on the feds. With a 3 day food supply, the ability to cut off the water, and nothing coming in at all, the feds won’t last a week. They’d be fighting to survive within their cordons, and unable to safely leave.

    Or does the moron think the government will simply carpet-bomb 95% of US territory? Nuke us? Hardly. Out here it’s wasted effort due to the low population density – and even without that problem, it would destroy food production and transportation for years. He’s an idiot, based merely on control of distribution channels and not to even consider the bad advice of fighting a guerilla force of millions on their home turf.

  21. As usual the leftist liberal morons have no idea. The wrath that would be generated against the tyrants on the left would be beyond their comprehension. With that being said, I say bring it on.

  22. Lol. What an idiot. If the military was going to engage in a coup they would have done it under Obama’s terms. Only a few senior officers in the Pentagon that were appointed by Obama supported him. Those ass kissers will soon be gone! The military is thrilled with their new Commander and Chief. They partied into the night last November when Donald Trump won.

  23. I consider myself a moderate progressive but will be right beside you guys if they attempt to disarm the public!

  24. Actually 60% of the active duty military would back the militia, 100% of the National Guard would back them, in fact just for trivia sake one of the reasons the guard is loosing it Apatchies is the prior government did not like the idea of the Army guard with that kind of fire power, and their working on the the Air guard as well they are trying to put them more in a support mode. But either way their are more of us than them, they have large logistics issues and some would and will expect a stand up and fight but they will be bad wrong. Hit and run tactics are best,harrase and disrupt logistics,and communications especially during inclement weather and at night.

  25. What these “intellectuals” don’t / can’t understand is that most of this Country’s vets from Iraq,Afghanistan and Vietnam are out and don’t have to play by their rules and know their tactics, much like those who fought for the British before the Revolutionary War.
    Those who can….fight, those who can’t…..teach! Let’s not forget cops either, if they think cops will go along with an affront on the populace they are seriously watching tooo much of Alice in Wonderland…..deuces

  26. There is a known danger in making assumptions, as many of us know. As most folks in this comment thread have pointed out, assuming the support or the active duty military, national guard, reserves and various police forces is a very large stretch.

    I also believe that Mr. Pearl fails to consider what the effect of literally hundreds of individual attacks on the quislings attempting this adventure would be. “The Militia” as he calls it, is not going to be lined up in the parks (greens) of various municipalities waiting for some Progressive traitor to deliver a series of drone strikes or an armed units assault.

    No, there will be folks delivering justice to the usurpers at work, while commuting, at home, while stopping for gas, picking up the groceries of getting the mail. And since it would seem they’re aching for a real civil war, it wouldn’t be more than a short time before some genius of a coup participant opened up Pandora’s box by targeting families and guaranteeing the descent into a horrendously ugly conflict marked by foul acts conducted for retribution.

    Wishful and deluded thinking on the part of a committed Progressive. That’s what Mr. Pearl’s statements are.

  27. 95 million gun owners and many ex-mil. 23 trillion rounds of stored ammo.

    Im thinking the left doesnt want to mess with us and would not prevail if they did.

  28. Did somebody say toast? I will now make sure I have some homemade raspberry jam in my kit!
    That is far better than the crack this guy is smoking.

  29. He has apparently dismissed the fact that insurgents and in many cases disorganized groups in Afghanistan successfully harried and defeated the heavy militarized Russians forces some years back.
    Assuredly they lost people, but they were not to be deterred.
    They looked for and identified weaknesses and capitalized on them.
    There is always a weakness. And if those who are engaging an oppressive force are patient enough, the weaknesses will be discovered and used to achieve a desired result.

  30. Pearl is a fool,see how well the govt. has controlled the leftist riots.NOT. Try controlling many sporadic uprisings at the same time,cities,small towns fifty states.These would not be paid leftist rioters.They would be patriots,armed,trained, and determined to fight for what they know and love.The few armed service people and law enforcement that I am privileged to know posses a great love of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. How many of these would join the fight, all I think.How many active military will split from a coup attempt,all I think. The remaining military and police would be spread so thin and have to be moved so quickly that I believe in the end they would lose against loyal determined forces.

  31. Yeah, we actually have a prez now that wants to put America first and it seems people, or at least the media is reporting it, that people want him impeached. Good article, makes a lot of sense.

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