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Breaking News Pro Trump Supporters Attacked At Anti Trump Airport Takeover Riot Portland OR

Breaking News Pro Trump Supporters Attacked At Anti Trump Airport Takeover Riot Portland ORTen Anti-Trump protestors chased down four Trump supporters at the Portland OR airport, during an attempt by Anti-Trump protestors to “Takeover the Airport”. One Trump supporter was knocked unconscious, and anti-Trump thugs then mocked and taunted the unconscious man. (That’s really brave, isn’t it? Taunting an unconscious man?) One thug can be heard to yell, “There you go Nazi boy.”

I have one question: Who are the real Nazis here?”

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Doesn’t ANYONE defend themselves anymore? Sheesh! It’s hard to back a group who cloaks COWARDICE in “principle.”

    Here’s a clue: Only a suicidal degenerate would EVER allow themselves to be peacefully victimized by a crowd of violent SJWs [foreign AND domestic]. America BELONGS to her natural-born!

    Tolerance = Suicide

  2. These useless punks never attack anyone that can actually fight and kick their little punk asses. I don’t get the Cops? When I was a Cop these punks would have wood upside their heads and taken off to jail. No I have not said this before!

  3. These are NOT protesters. They ARE domestic terrorists. Its time for the cops to put those nightsticks to good use and start cracking some snowflake skulls.

  4. Those cowards days are numbered. Remember they are looking for a fight, so don’t give them one and their mission fails…they all go home. Also remember when business declines directly from these tools anarchy, the business community will put the hammer on the Mayors, etc and this s h i t will come to a screeching halt. Remember, the more these snowflakes commit to assaulting, pillage, destruction of property, infringing on others rights, the more damage they inflict on themselves. Remember Trump has no patience for these activities.

  5. Antifa is the group causing much of the violence. We need a little intel on the monsters. We may be seeing the group that starts the civil war.

    This is the same group violently attacking people in europe for displaying national flag.

    Left wing rag The Nation does a story on the violent group.

    We will be meeting these thugs in the streets some day soon.

    1. I,m A peace loving man, unfortunately it does’t come for free! americans their are evil people in this world that don’t understand anything but force you can submit an rollover die like A coward dog or you can come up an fight ! I made my choice I’m gonna fight ! ps think about your children & love ones !

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