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10000 Men with Guns to Prevent Coup on Inauguration Day + Protect Trump

10000 Men with Guns to Prevent Coup on Inauguration Day + Protect Trump


Here is an interesting video from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, about plans for Inauguration Day in Washington, DC.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Just what we needed….Another conspiracy theory. Sounds far fetched to me.
    I doubt even the lefty commies are dumb enough to make the attempt.

  2. Militias should register themselves at the event to aid in guarding trump if he approves, and should be directly monitored by other units there to prove their worth. Oathkeepers should show up too.

    1. If these people had taken a stand in 2008 when an illegal and Communist was put in our White House the Constitution might not have been shredded. The Left is funded by new world order communist/globalists who will stop at nothing (maybe not) to control and enslave the populations.

  3. I agree with Bob B Flinter. Wake up…please. I believe Stewart has planned a call this weekend. Red flags popping everywhere. Personally, I believe we need to nip this in the bud on the ground in DC before it gets wings. But much brighter minds than mine are working this out as we speak. Prayer and fasting would be good right now…

    1. I have been duped by wolf crying conspiracy theorists many times in the past. Nothing has ever happened. Oh Gee….Bob B got it from DISRUPT20. Now there’s an upstanding credible news outlet right up there with the national inquirer. Want to go to jail…? Go ahead and show up in DC with a gun. You’ll be arrested so fast you will think you were born upside down.

  4. take over the geography? Unless they bring guns, it’ll be a zip-tie hog-tie fest. The Left has no bold leader that the mob is centered around. This video is speculative and hysterical as the bonkers Left. They’d have to off Pence as well, now wouldn’t they? At the worst it will be akin to Occupy Wall Street, with degenerates crapping all over. And Trump’s pate isn’t hair, it’s a high-tech nano-helmet, as long as we’re being silly.

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