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“Wes Clark leaves Vets out in the cold…”

  12/7/2016 by A. Netizen

Wes Clark leaves Vets out in the cold

and no one knows where the money went.

$1,140,280 of $1.2M goalRaised by 25,671 people in 26 days (as of 12/7/16)

After raising more than $1 million (and the number is going up) from a GoFundMe campaign, and convincing thousands of vets to show up at Standing Rock, Wes Clark Jr. and Michael Wood Jr. have completely abandoned them, and are nowhere to be found. People are demanding answers, and want to know where the money went.


Where Did Everyone Go?

After arriving and doing various staging activities, there was a ceremony where Wes and others apologized to Native Elders for past crimes by the U.S. Military, and that was kind of it. You can see the apology video here.

Since the Army Corps of Engineers announced they were denying the easement for the pipeline shortly after the targeted time that veterans were arriving en masse to North Dakota, there really wasn’t much left to do. Clark Jr. has disappeared, Michael struggled to get access to the rest of the funds in the bank, and then … silence.




The Remaining Veterans Can Be Categorized Into Three Groups

The first group is comprised of regular vets and honorable people. They put themselves on the line and answered the call to help, and are now recognizing what we have been saying all along. They were scammed by Clark, Woods, and to a degree, The Young Turks Network (TYT). Now they want to go home, and they want to know where all the money went as they are stranded.

The second group is mostly ex-military die-hards and they are definitely staying, likely to cause problems on their own without any sanction or approval of the Tribes. They have been told to go home, but they have not had a chance to play hero, engage in open conflict with law enforcement, or conduct any “operations” to damage or destroy private property. They are without leadership now. Who knows what mischief they will be getting into.

And finally, we have the absent Clark Jr. and his crony loyalists, eager to continue raising easy money from misinformed suckers. They have decided that it is too cold in North Dakota, and since the Corps of Engineers said they will deny the easement, there is no point in staying. It is much warmer in Flint Michigan, and no inconvenient truths or Tribal leaders to contend with. As an added bonus, it will be easy to subvert the water problem in Flint, and link it to the popular “water protectors” catch phrase.

Will local Flint residents embrace them with open arms, or will they be hesitant, given the problems that locals in Bismarck and the surrounding areas have had with protesters accosting people, damaging property, and interfering with businesses?

Can Clark Jr. manage to keep fleecing donations to show up with his protester militia to “raise awareness” of different causes? What about his day job as a co-host of the radical left news The Young Turks Network (TYT). Will the anti-law enforcement, anti-government rhetoric and propaganda boost his career or cause irreparable damage? Does it really matter? They are raising so much money and generating “news” for TYT, ethics isn’t really a concern in this post journalistic integrity society.

Where are Wes Clark Jr. and Michael Woods Jr.? Where is the money? How much was spent and on what? How much is left?

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  1. Maybe this was the plan (not the blizzard part). But to make a call out for vets, and then to take the money.

    How does that help the PTB? It makes those vets, and others who are watching, less likely to answer a call when really needed. Maybe we here at OK should assist with small donations given to a trustworthy OK member to help them get home. Gives them someone to trust.

    Just an idea.

    1. That is a fantastic idea. Oath Keepers need to engage the public on the PR front. This would be an opportunity to not only help our fellow Vets, but to show them and the public what we really are.

  2. I hope we can give to their rescue. I have little now and little on 12/15. Lessons learned the hard way. Shame.

  3. I drove a while back when. Notifying truck stops, drivers and about getting these men and women rides out or to should be helpful. The right people will help our veterans.

  4. As someone who was there as a veteran the money issue was addressed on day. Many veterans showed up without gear or food under the assumptions that theyd completely taken care of. No where did i ever read or expect for that to happen. Myself and everyone in my group was self sufficient as expected and helped out where we could. This article is a mess and the people that showed up without food, equipment, and proper clothing in the middle of a ND winter should be embarrassed.

    1. I commend you for being prepared and self-sufficient. However, the initial call to action on social media was vague. Unless you found the correct facebook page, you wouldn’t have known that there was a 2,000 veteran cutoff for participation. You also wouldn’t have known that there was a 12 page Operations Order with details, including what to bring.

      Apparently there was over a million dollars collected from concerned citizens to pay for this four day operation, and there was money left over. How can there be money left over when there are veterans who answered the call who were left cold, hungry, and stranded?

  5. We were staying at the Oceti Sakowin camp and there were no coms between Vet tents, no staging area, and no leadership except within each vet group. Veterans made things happen without out it; troops were fed, supplied, built barracks and put up tents for them to sleep in. The boots on the ground made this happen at the camp! Hoorah to all the leaders who stepped up and did everything they could to make things function on the ground. The wind chill was -30 degrees! It was rough but would gladly do it again and we will. We will go back and learn from this deployment and continue to live out our oath of enlistment.

    1. Snopes??? , really, you are going to take their word over veterans on the scene, pitiful and shameful! Snopes and accurate information are very seldom the same!

  6. Many vets answered the call, and were amazing, regardless of the many problems. Having said that, the bank issue is an excuse and only related to $400k, not the whole $1m plus. Many vets are expressing anger and outrage, with little to no response or accounting from Wes and cohorts. Transparency, an audit, and an apology are due from Clark. As it is, there is growing tension and miscommunication with Tribal elders. We hope that other vets continue to stand up with integrity and leadership for the right reasons. Thank you for your ongoing service.

  7. what the hell happened here? is clark still holding the money and nothing being done, this is worse that treason!

  8. It seem’s that the issue of Woods, Clark and The Money are still an issue:
    Woods has used the money to set up a California based 501c Non profit, with him as the director. Woods and Clark were part of a co-intell operation against the Indians AND the veterans.
    There is an effort in the works to hold Wood’s and Go Fund Me liable in a Class Action Lawsuit. There are issues of Federal Code Violations as the money was raised across state lines and that would involve wire fraud and money laundering if fraud was involved.

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