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US Army Deploys Tanks to Europe Ratcheting Up Tensions With Russia

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by Peter Korzun

On December 16, US tanks and armor vehicles arrived in the Netherlands to be deployed in a storage depot located in the province of Limburg. The facility, the former Eygelshoven military base near Kerkrade, will be used to keep and maintain tanks, armored vehicles and heavy artillery pieces for a US armored brigade combat team. In January, the US Army in Europe is due to deploy a total of 4,000 American troops and around 2,000 military vehicles on a rotational basis to Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and the Baltic nations. NATO forces will move to the Baltic States in early spring. In an overtly provocative move, an American battalion will be stationed in Poland near the border with Kaliningrad, Russia’s Baltic enclave.

The US Army is implementing the annual defense authorization act which approved a $3.4 billion spending plan to boost NATO forces, including reopening or creating five equipment-storage sites in the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium and two locations in Germany. In September, the US Army began to assemble more Army Prepositioned Stocks (APS) for permanent storage in Europe. The additional combat equipment will give the Army the option for another heavy armored brigade. Presently, it has only two light brigades in Europe: 173rd Airborne Brigade and the 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment.

The US military has over 62,000 permanently assigned service members in Europe.

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Comment from Stewart Rhodes:

Looks like the Globalists who control Obama are dead set on starting a war with Russia before Trump can get in and put the breaks on. Our military should refuse all Obama’s orders along those lines, since there has been no declaration of war by Congress, but we all know they will go along and do as told, under the grossly expanded “Imperial Presidency” powers that Obama inherited from Bush, and all predecessors since Truman. This is the problem with the broad acceptance of “presidential war making powers” which have allowed Presidents to make ware without bothering to even ask Congress for a declaration of war, with WWII being our last declared war.

And so, a demonstrated traitor to this nation, hell bent on its destruction, can STILL spark a war with Russia during his final month in power, despite the people having sent the clear message they want no such war. Where is Congress on this? Why won’t they assert their authority?


Shorty Dawkins



  1. It is a mighty good thing that Putin knows exactly what you have just stated, Stewart. For this reason, I don’t think Putin will take the bait. Right now in America, it is so easy; to see who is working for the global elite. Most Americans, including most of the left, do not want a war with Russia. The bottom line is that the American people don’t have the will to fight a war of that nature. Since, IMO, Putin won’t fall for it, the only way to get the American people to buy off on it would be a horrendous false flag event. The cyber hack spoof just didn’t sell.
    So, at this time, Putin will most likely view troop movements and military buildup as attempts to provoke. He may respond with some movement but will stay far away from engagement. Should something happen to keep Trump from taking office, that would create a totally different scenario. Then it would be up to the American people to rise up and take care of business here at home because we would then have to choose between civil war and WWIII.

      1. I hear you loud and clear. Like Stewart, I’m concerned about the intentions of the globalists. It wouldn’t even take something involving our military to trigger war. For instance, the CIA could use a proxy to conduct some devastating act. Then, although our government claims no involvement, the truth could be leaked. They could be behind the assignation of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey. I think however, that it would have to be something much more heinous to cause Putin to retaliate this close to the presidential transition. This type of provocation could also come from another source like something traced back to an EU nation.
        Stewart is right again to ask “Where is Congress?”. Each and every one of them should be fully aware of just how dangerous the situation is until the transition. They should be standing with Trump right now concerning our relationship with Russia. Obama should be a true “lame duck” at this point but I don’t see that. Instead I see Congress continue to paint Putin and Russia as villains. I cannot give them a pass by believing that they are ignorant of the contemporary world.

  2. Just how determined are the globalists to provoke a war between the US and Russia? The following article may hold a clue to the answer.
    Russia is investigating the assignation of their Ambassador to Turkey and some in the Russian government already suspect western involvement. Proof of western involvement most likely be considered an act of war and makes it all the more critical that Trump takes office in order to avert it. I’ll have to say that things are looking extremely ominous. Perilous times, indeed.

  3. “The US Army is implementing the annual defense authorization act which approved a $3.4 billion spending plan to boost NATO forces…”

    Show me in the contract that ALL who serve within our government has any authority to fund NATO. There isn’t any. Misappropriation of Funds is what that is, as is a lot of other things those that SERVE WITHIN our governments fund. Guess what, even if they did not start or create it, since they did not keep their Oath and end it, they (who serve within our government – and that includes any who serve within any governmental agency that did these things – are still PERSONALLY responsible. We can confiscate their money, homes, etc if they are found guilty.

    What is the problem with our nation? Why are we now more socialism then constitutional republic? Pretty easy to answer, and I will tick a lot off. Tough, go read the US Constitution, the document you are bound to lawfully, and prove my words wrong.

    If you are in the military, any branch, and you do as ordered to go to foreign lands without the CONGRESS DECLARING war – not any president, not any faction, not any organization, etc; then you are breaking your Oath, you are working against your own nation and legitimate government. Go read the US Constitution.

    Your required Oath is to SUPPORT AND DEFEND the US Constitution above and before the orders of superiors, of the duties of the position you occupy. If you are serving as military, you are constitutionally required to be the Militia; still defending our nation, but from DOMESTIC ENEMIES, not just foreign ones. That requirement has the most words laying out your duties, and it is listed FIRST in importance. Just because you like your commanding officer of any rank does NOT mean that they are working for our legitimate government; but are instead working against it.

    I say that because we are forbidden to have a permanent military, but if there is no military (or bare minimum) they no longer have that money, perks, status. It IS all in writing, go read it.

    Yes, it is not that easy to do. But if you do not make a choice, hopefully for our nation our lives, our country; then if we win you will be tried for Treason. If we lose, you still lose because you will NOT be allowed to own anything. Go read what the One World Government envisions for the world. You will not own the clothes you wear; nor the place you sleep; nor any way to travel; etc. Is this what you want?

    Go do the research, and stand for your nation against the domestic traitors and domestic enemies we have here in our nation. Taking a stand can just be refusing to follow unlawful orders and teaching others what their Oath means, requires of them. Have them research it for themselves. Have them read the US Constitution that they are Oath bound to support and defend – how can they do those two things if they have not read it?

    God .Bless, Stay Safe All

    If there were never intended to be action to defend the Constitution from those who are domestically attempting to destroy its power and authority, why would each Oath require it of those who take the Oaths?

    Chief Tecumseh: “When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”

  4. Sorry, also meant to say I agree Stewart.

    After thought, what if it is the Military Industrial Complex that is really doing those things?

  5. It is very disturbing that the Sheep in this country put such a Con Artist and America Hating man in the office of the President. Obama has committed Treason time after time and the weak knee Republican’s did nothing for nearly 8 years. At this point in time I will not allow myself to be near or in a conversation with a left wing liberal because I know their teeth will get knocked out! I do not like feeling this way, but my experience as a United States Marine is rising up. I did not trust Bush and I really do not trust Obama. Something is about to happen before Trump takes office?

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