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UN Chief Compares Populist Success of Trump and Farage to Islamic State



There are two memes being strongly pushed by the Globalists. One meme is that “it’s the Russians fault”, never offering any proof whatsoever. The second meme is the “populists/ nationalists are dangerous”, which this article pushes. The Jordanian head of the UN High Commission for Human Rights. He compares the victories of Farage and Trump to the tactics of ISIS. The two memes are being pushed relentlessly, both here in the USA and abroad. Any nationalist movement is fair game for their lies, half-truths and innuendos. They are getting more desperate, it would seem. – Shorty Dawkins, Editor

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by Liam Deacon

Nigel Farage and Donald Trump are “populists and demagogues” using tactics comparable to Islamic State (IS), and the success of populism in 2016 echoes “fascist rhetoric”, the United Nation’s rights chief has said.

Jordanian aristocrat Prince Zeid bin Ra’ad Zeid al-Hussein, the current UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, blamed populism for an alleged rise in “hate crimes” and warned of the “banalization of bigotry” in Europe, according to the Telegraph.

He also took aim at Dutch nationalist Geert Wilders, Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary, and French Front National leader Marine Le Pen in a speech this Monday at a gala dinner organized by the Hague-based Peace, Justice and Security Foundation.

“2016 has been a disastrous year for human rights across the globe,” Mr. Zeid said. “If the growing erosion of the carefully constructed system of human rights and rule of law continues to gather momentum, ultimately everyone will suffer.”

He added: “In some parts of Europe, and in the United States, anti-foreigner rhetoric full of unbridled vitriol and hatred, is proliferating to a frightening degree, and is increasingly unchallenged”.

Compared right-wing populism to Islamic State terrorists, he claiming the “mode of communication, its use of half-truths and oversimplification, the propaganda of [IS] uses tactics similar to those of the populists.”

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. What more can I add other than this. The opposing forces are becoming clearer and clearer. It is very encouraging in that every nationalist entity that is identified by the globalists only serves to show just how many of us there are. This, IMO, is the prelude to WWIII. Kudos to Stewart, Shorty and NavyJack. It really looks lie Oath Keepers has become the tip of the spear in this nation. Thanks so much for zeroing in on the target and keeping it real.

  2. Jordanian Prince my @$$…..his opinion is worthless. The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres is even worse. The Globalist Communist UN is corrupt to the core and must be completely run off of American soil and sent to another Globalist Communist country. We can turn the UN building into a medical, rehab and shelter for our military brothers and sisters. Until they forcefully take it away, this land will continue to be an Independent, Sovereign, Constitutional Republic. At this point, I can see no conceivable way that a confrontation can be avoided……..”The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”…….My Oath remains valid !

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