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After Trump Win, Democrats Reduced to Blue State Gun Infringements

Senator Chris Murphy
Senator Chris Murphy

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by David Codrea

USA –  -( “With Republicans in control of both chambers and the White House next year, Democrats and advocates predict they will have to pivot and block measures that expand gun owners’ rights,” Roll Call notes. Why Democrats would want to do that, and that the report came out on Bill of Rights Day, are telling.

“[Connecticut Sen. Chris] Murphy said advocates will go on the offensive at the state level, focusing on adding state ballot measures relating to expanded background checks,” Roll Call explains. “He also expressed hope that Congress could address the so-called terror gap, referring to a Democratic push to bar suspected terrorists from purchasing guns.”

That first part was predictable, and in fact, predicted in this column right after Trump won.

Astroturf-funded state measures are the wave of the near future. The formula: Pick a “blue” state; throw in a ton of money from New York City and Silicon Valley; hire the best propagandists money can buy; rely on media allies to amplify the signal and demonize gun owners; spook the useful idiot herd; and steamroll over grassroots volunteers who enjoy neither the money, the media savvy, the contacts nor the reach.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. It would be a shame if states that attack and take down the 2nd Amendment, or trash the Bill of Rights and Constitution in other ways, did not receive as much of those federal tax payer moneys they waste, while states that uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights are rewarded with new infrastructure projects, etc.

  2. If anything, Trump can prescribe legislation to Congress in order to restore Open Carry to ALL states, as in Texas. This federal law would be to override the various communist gun laws in states such as California, Illinois, NY, Connecticut etc.
    Handles a huge concern for those with legal firearms but no CCW when they have to go somewhere, such as work, for protection during social violence and unrest.

    1. Do we really need a federal law that says we can carry arms without permission or infringement in this country? Oh, wait. We already have one….the Second Amendment. “Without infringement” means I don’t need anyone’s permission to carry, concealed or open.

      Don’t we have federal laws dealing with illegal immigrants that various cities, counties, and states openly violate? So why wouldn’t they violate a new federal law on constitutional carry?

      What it comes down to is this – either ‘we the people’ will comply with the unconstitutional laws…or we won’t. It would be great if ‘we the people’ would stand together in non-compliance, but alas, there are too many of us who are afraid.

      1. Right spot on sheepdog, these laws are not laws and the people of these states in reality are just being bullied by a bunch of thugs that are making up their own rules. The Constitution is the law and any one that goes against it is a law breaker period.

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