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School ‘Gun Violence’ PSA Overlooks the Most Obvious Warning Sign

Would adults on scene be any more capable of stopping a killer than the children they’re charged to care for? If not, why not? [Screen capture: Sandy Hook Promise “PSA”]
“Do you see the chilling warning signs in this PSA about gun violence?” The Washington Post asks in a headline to a “report” posted as “news” rather than as free advertising for gun-grab group Sandy Hook Promise’s latest video. The slick propaganda piece relies on sleight of mind, keeping viewers’ attention focused on an unfolding “love story” in the foreground while a classmate plans out and ultimately initiates a “school shooting.”

The first “warning sign” is perhaps the most implausible – openly reading a gun magazine in a public school library, as if that wouldn’t trigger a hysterical administrative overreaction followed with, at minimum, suspension and a mandated psych evaluation. The rest of the “signs,” from posting an ominous photo and message on social media, to being bullied, to making overt shooting gestures in class, hit on all the clichés. Ultimately, the message viewers are advised to walk away with:

Know the signs.

That in itself is not a bad idea. It would be wrong to maintain such warning signs don’t exist. It goes without saying timely interventions might help make different outcomes. Still, it leaves the most important and relevant sign — the one that all but assures a killer’s “success” — completely ignored:

pic_giant_013114_sm_the-cruelty-of-gun-free-zones“Gun violence is preventable when you know the signs,” Sandy Hook Promise assures us. Not all is. Not as long as “progressive” policies in addition to a citizen disarmament agenda are still in play. Not as long as the biggest bullies public schoolchildren generally face are activist teachers and administrators forcing an agenda on them. Not as long as a significant number of boys are drugged for being boys.  And not as long as the one thing that will protect children from predators is ridiculed and prohibited. Especially since the only thing that will stop the killer in the PSA will be when armed men show up.

What’s unknown: How much did globalist ad agency BBDO spend on the “PSA” and where did the money come from? Such things don’t come cheap. It’s a hallmark of well-funded Astroturf gun-grabber groups that compensate for lack of grassroots support with donations from the elites. And even with that advantage, and the advantage of tons of free publicity masked as news, they still rely on manipulation and deception.

The other unknowns: Where was this filmed? At what school? Knowing that could allow for a freedom of information request to determine who pulled the permits and who gave permission for a prop firearm to be brought on the premises. I bring that up because in the past, gun-grabbing PSAs have been known in their ignorance and hubris break the law.

The “PSA” follows. Not suprisingly (as a matter of fact, expectedly), YouTube comments and the ability to “dislike” the video have been disabled:

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]


UPDATE: It looks like the video was plagiarism:

Created screenshots to show the comparisons of my original viral short film The Desk and the copy of my story in an ad that was made by Sandy Hook Promise and BBDO Worldwide that they copied from my original story I wrote from my personal life experience in school. Help share and expose what they have done illegally like many others have to small filmmakers like me.
Link to ad video:
My original short film:




David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. So any kid with head phones, watches YouTube videos of dudes shooting guns,… got it! So basically monitor and snoop into the personal lives of 95% of the white male youth with a family history of gun ownership and a general distaste for compulsory “schooling”. Yah this is textbook brain wash.

    1. You’re right, this propaganda was produced and perpetrated by the socialist movement in America. The national socialist party aka (nazi) party.

  2. They are cowards in the gun control realm as Anita Sarkeesian and feminazis are in the video game realm.

  3. WOW! So basically a school shooting happens (rough math) about 0.00001% each school year for every school in the nation. There are more important things to worry about like getting rid of communist core and teaching our kids to be able to handle adulthood. What a waste of time and effort putting out propaganda like this. Sickening.

  4. The left swinging pendulum has a lot of inertia. They are very close to their ultimate fulfillment. Oh darn, then came Brexit and Trump. Now popularism is taking hold in Europe. The progressive left is now a rabid dog, they are blinded with rage against humanity. Expect worse will come and no one or no group can stop them. Their system is set to strike. We live in a sick world filled with murderous greed and power mongering. Stay armed, stay under the radar, stay vigilant.

  5. Have you never read communist terrorist Saul Alinski? His book rules for radicals lays out a step by step process of destroyng our country. Communists (progressives) do not care about logic. They do not care rhat gun control has never worked. They only want us disarmed according to step 4.

  6. Back in high school, all the way back in the 60’s, we studied the potential effects of the then political agenda. Fifty years later and much of what was discussed has come to pass. Even outside the classroom conspiracy was the topic. Maybe my memory is a bit skewed on the topic, but it seems that no one back then had much trust in government.
    Having reminisced a bit here about the distrust in what we refer to as government brings back an achng question. What really happened at Sandy Hook? Recently I heard a talk show host claiming that the vast majority of Americans don’t believe the governments story. Unfortunately for me, I know just one other person who does not believe the government version.
    Where are all the folks that we will looking to if things become even worse than they are now?

  7. Sandy Hook was a staged event (never happened) research it. Look at the pictures they show you. Sandy Hook school was a condemned school building. It had not even been used for a few years. It was build on a old dump site or some thing like that. The pictures of the handicap areas are not current to the current laws ADA laws. Check into it and you will see the other things that show that this was a staged event.

  8. It has been proven hundreds of times over that Sandy Hook was a false Flag event. A phony movie that Eric Holder played a huge part in having made to accomplish his goal of brainwashing people against guns. The school had been closed for years and the whole event was staged by government paid crises actors and others under a gag order.
    As a due paying member of Oath Keepers I am insulted that you are helping the gun grabbing liberals by helping promote their lies by referring to them as real events in your stories. If you insist on helping the liberals desiring to take our rights away by promoting their lies it makes the Oath Keepers no better than those liberals and even worse because you are being a traitor to all of our members and a sell out to the very Oath you vow to uphold.

    1. Where was “Sandy Hook” mentioned in the article? The only time that phrase is mentioned is as part of the name of a specific group (Sandy Hook Promise) that produced/plagiarised a propaganda video promoting attacks on firearms rights using deadly government force.

  9. Lets consider something. Every time some crazy on mind altering drugs or some terrorist shoots someone or a group of people a democratic controlled government suggests more gun control is needed. That is and has been the fall back position of the so called progressive (communistic) democrats now for decades if not nearly a century. In both cases but mostly the case of the terrorists the executive branch has failed to do its job of protecting the (whole) nation. So government looks for a scape goat, namely the gun. But their push is for an excuse as to why “they” failed. Because the fact it happened is proof they failed in doing the job they have been entrusted with and have a constitutional duty to carry out. By suggesting more gun laws it, in their mind at least, takes the blame away from them. By implying it was the guns fault, not theirs.

    Just exactly who is affected by gun control laws? The answer of course is the people who regularly obey laws. Do terrorists care about laws? Their actions are already illegal. Will another restricting gun law make them decide to not kill. Not very likely is it. Do crazy mass murders on mind altering drugs care about laws? So this government fails to do its constitutional duties (protecting the nation and the citizens), and further burden the very people they are duty bound to protect with more and more restrictive gun laws. The only people who advocate confiscation of guns are those in government who persist in forcing their thinking on the American citizens. They seek to cover “their” mistakes and short comings? Disarming the very people who are most vulnerable the very people who are always the victims makes everyone more vulnerable not less. However, those in government charged with the duty of providing that protection are, by suggesting more gun laws are the answer, protecting themselves certainly not we the people. Their actions are for their protection not the American citizen!

    Government routinely demonstrates its incapability and unwillingness to protect the citizens. Consequently, absolutely never allow any government official to convince you he can protect you better then you can protect yourself and surrender your only real means of self protection your guns. They have no skin in the game so to speak. Government, concentrates on the collective. Our constitution concentrates on individual rights, freedoms if you will. Government is therefore incapable of protecting individual rights with and by intrusions into individuals rights. In other words what gun control actually is, is an intrusion into individual rights. That favors no favorable cause only criminal causes.

    Who among us thinks another gun law will solve the problem? There are already nearly ten thousand or so laws effecting or restricting guns here in the United States of America. If the problem is solvable with laws why have we not passed the correct law in the past eighty-eight years or so beginning in or about 1929 when all this started (then expanded in 1934)? Is everyone smarter now and those people were ignorant? Furthermore, is the law(s) they really desire to pass actually confiscation but they cannot say that? If so is there any proof it will/can work.

    Perhaps looking at nations who have totally outlawed guns will give us some ideas. Lets see now in Honduras guns are outlawed there completely so does it work? Not no, hell no, they happened to have had (in 2012) the highest gun murder rate per one hundred thousand then any nation in the world. “And their guns are banned completely.” The truth about restrictive gun laws is demonstrated daily in Chicago alone. Yes the proof we need is right in front of us if we take the time to look and “sort” out the wheat from the chaff (or the truth from the propaganda) so to speak.

    Our second amendment was put in place within our bill of rights because our founders had just gone through a horrific experience fighting the tyrannical government of King George III. Atrocities were perpetrated upon the colonists daily. Whole families were murdered and farms and homesteads were burned constantly. They knew first hand from experience what they needed to do. Now the gun control advocates think they know better then those with first hand experience the founders of this once great nation? Why would anyone not expect our founders to provide a way to, or at least attempt to, avoid such a thing reoccurring in the future? Furthermore, the whole constitution was written to avoid government overreach. The very thing that is happening “right now” at this very minute today and has been happening, with some, although few, exceptions under every president, since Woodrow Wilson, (according to some so called experts) the first real progressive.

    Checks and balances were put in place to keep government honest. The take over of all three branches of government was the first infiltration to take place consequently and unfortunately those checks and balances no longer exist. Governments are inherently corrupt the larger they are the more corrupt they are. The underlying reason for government always desiring to add more gun control is not what they say “protection of the citizens” it is control “over” the citizens. The current government of the United States of America is no exception nor is it immune to corruption. The size is currently expanding at a rate never before seen in this nation and so is the corruption. With that corruption comes fear of he people. Which is a result of government force. Somewhat like what happened with the ACA. As the size and corruption expands under the current administration the more uncontrollable government becomes. A Hilary Clinton presidency would have continued the failing tactics of the current Obama administration. In other words more of the same. The current administration cannot fix the corruption because it “is” causing most of the corruption. ” Never trust a government (or individual for that matter) that suggests you give up your gun rights “to” government for protections, or even support “by” government, it cannot ever work. The wolf “never” protects the sheep. Total gun control could bring America to its knees and those attempting to take the guns know that. They hope we are stupid enough to support gun confiscation. As ridiculous as it sounds some are. That must never happen in America!

    Many progressive democrats claim it is impossible to deport eleven or twelve million illegal aliens (a number they have arbitrary come up with not knowing the facts) here in America. Yet in the next breath they also claim it is possible to confiscate perhaps as many as hundreds of millions of guns or more from American citizens most of which will not willingly comply with such a law

    When all is said and done there is one more thing those desiring gun confiscation should consider. There are more than one hundred million people (many predict nearer two hundred million) here, in America, who will refuse to give up their guns and if they do how will government get them? Consequently, if guns are outlawed there will be more than a hundred million more (new) outlaws.

    We got very lucky on November 8, 2016, Donald J Trump was elected president. The horrors of a Hillary Clinton win became clear enough and many supported Donald that had never even voted before including some democrats. However, the fight to make America safe, prosperous, strong, and as Donald has said Great Again, is not ended instead it is just starting. And it is going to be a long hard fight as we can already see. It is up to us, both you and me to put pressure on members of congress especially people like Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan and many more. Although Donald Trump will try to do it alone we must not allow him to be alone we must provide our support in any way we can to get all conservatives on board the Trump train.

    There is little doubt Donald Trump may, in spite of the hard left, become one of the best presidents America has ever had. After Ronald Reagan left office we patriotic citizens searched in vain for another Reagan. I suggest we will do the same for another Donald Trump after he serves eight years.

    1. the executive branch has failed to do its job of protecting the (whole) nation.

      “protecting the (whole) nation” is not the job of government. They ARE to protect us from FOREIGN INVADERS, and are failing miseralby at that. They ARE to protect and uphold our RIGHTS…. including perhaps most significantly (at least in light of present situatioins) our right to ARMS. No it is OUR job to see to “the security of a free state”, which is precisely WHY the right to arms is guaranteed to THE PEOPLE. Not to government, military, police, etc, but THE PEOPLE.

      IF Sandy Hook was a real event, and considering those similar events that do seem real, and there had been about ten percent of the adults present armed, I am convinced the death tolls in each of these events would have been greatlyh reduced. Fort Hood One? 13 killed, 42 injured? 54 hit? Even a crack pistol marksman would take a while to accomplish. In that time, had ten percent of those 54 targets been armed and even only of average skill, we’d have had a “score” more like four hit and one dead perp. Same with Navy Yard, Orlando, that Chattanooga recruiting centre, Fort Hood Two, Virginia Tech, even Luby’s Cafe or the recent Texas massacre.

  10. Wow so accurate. Signs saying no guns at schools is an invitation to child murderers. They never used to post a sign like that until after there have been children killed by child killers at schools using many and all sorts of guns. Posting the sign like that should be criminal accessory to murder. We can expect them to grow their murder game by adding no explosive on school grounds.

      1. After the Virginia mass college student murder the university I was teaching an adjunct faculty class for warned all of us professors to not bring guns on campus. This was an evening class, with no security and the security guards do not carry guns and there were about 200 students in the building. Holding a tennessee carry license I started putting a handgun in my brief case. I even found an ink note on a bathroom toilet paper holder suggesting students to “Go Postal” which is known to be encouraging mass murder. I reported it to security and looked more than one week later and the note was still there. It even looked like the university hired weaklings for security. After that class I didn’t get more. Stewart Rhodes you are an American hero.

  11. I note the word “control” is being used often to describe the end results of these shootings.
    BUT LISTEN, “control” of the family unit is what is producing these incidents. The government has been usurping the role of “parents” and “family” for some 50 years. The socialist/progressives want what has been happening in ‘fully compromised/socialist’ countries to happen completely here within our own family structure. Kids are not raised by loving parents but by brainwashed parents who have been taught to believe “that it takes a village to raise a child”… the data is out there to research. Both parents working? Look up the impact on family unity! Divorced parents? Look up the data on anti-social behavior (and the complete socialized idea of ‘marriage’ now, starter marriages, no fault divorces, any number of causes) from divorced families or fractured families. You can add in the resultant drugs, alcohol, excessive tattooing, and other ‘acting out’ behaviors that scream, HEY! Look here. I’m gonna bust… (and for those who think full tats are fine, just research the psychiatry behind that… do it, don’t just say aww BS)… There are resources out there that prove the socialistic experiment of ‘state over parents’ is a full on failure and leads to just these kinds of violent incidents (and of course then guns and gun owners are blamed, a positive spin from the socialist’s perspective!). We may never get back to the “Father Knows Best” family of the ’50s-’60s but the unity quotient was much stronger then and ‘statism’ was not even considered. Parents may have their faults but the family unit of that era was stronger and less prone to the kind of extreme violence we see today (leaving out the other inciting hobbies and behaviors).

  12. Indoctrination , is the narrative here ; When I was young back in the1960’s I remember the President of the Soviet Union , either in 1958 , or 1959 , saying , that we real not defeat the United State’s in a war but , from , with-in ; Nobody , seem to understand , what , he meant , by , that , as the 60’s progressed , with the nuance , of the Beatle’s ; Flag officer’s in our military started too speak-out , about the sudden change going on in our culture , that this behavior , of our youth , was a communist plot ; They were laughed-at , by the ” Main Stream Media ” , as being crazy ; I didn’t feel, that the General’s , were crazy , although I didn’t grasp , what , they , were trying to say but looking back I do now , if I look at the context , that , was going on , at the time ,first the assassination , of President John F. Kennedy , Beatle’s and “The False Flagged” Vietnam war , all happening in sequence , between 1963 & 1964 , being the assassination , of President John F. Kennedy , coming first and then the Vietnam war and the Beatle’s ,all happening in the first part , of 1964 ; Three month’s after Kennedy’s assassination and justconposed , with the drug – culture and the , switching , of , some norms , like men having long hair and the sexual – revolution , of women , which , in , my , opinion , was the catalyst , that twisted our culture , when , you had Father’s telling their son’s too cut their hair , you look like a woman and terrified , about their uncontrollable daughter’s sexual desires , which , was bought across the pond , from Sweden , which , was the Bench – Mark , of European Socialism in the 60’s and where Feminism originated , which the MSM pushed heavily , along , with , all , of the above , that I just mentioned , in three year’s ; This sequence , of events started pulling the fabric , of the American family apart , as silly , as the long hair argument was and , along with the trickery , of Feminism , this allowed the communist , who were responsible Via the MSM in the first place , for all the stupidity , that was occurring ; They the communist , went about taking away our Identity , of , who-we , were , through confusion ; Than at the same time , we had the Professor’s of the universities promoting Socialistic indoctrination , as well , as promoting the using of LSD , which is a mind alternating drug , which was the glue , that tied , all , of the above together , socialism , sexual-revolution and the Vietnam war and then came the hippie’s , which turned our culture into a Idiocracy and , some , of the Baby- Boomer’s , ended up brain- dead , exactly , what the President of the Soviet Union meant , when , he said , they would defeat us , from , with-in and , this is what the General’s meant , when, they said the Beatle’s were part , of the coming Communist plot , which the Card-carrying-communist-kid’s living here on order’s , from their parent’s did their best too implement , by using the McCarthyism model , of word play , like any time you stood-up to these crazy ideas , you , were pagged , as a being scrupulous’ , with a lot , of indoctrinating smears’and mockery and painted , as being square and those , were the Card-carry-communist poking at the American soul and very few American’s understood it , or how too combat it ; This , was a well planed take down , of the American-Soul , these Card-carrying-communist , like Obama’s father , were all over the place and no-body new , who , they were ; Now fast-forward too 2008 the baby – boomer’s , who were the Card-caring-communist had children and their kid’s continued the plot , that was hatch-up in the 60’s and the rest , of the baby – boomer’s had their kid’s too ; Remember the boomers’s ; Do too their indoctrination , were incapable , of passing-on commonsense and , with the help , from theTeachers – Union , we have a serious’ problem ; Now day’s ! Their called Hillary voter’s , which are a combination , of Card-carrying-communist and sheeple , who are weak mined , by design , snow-flake’s ,cry-babies and clueless ; This is why , it is , so difficult to wake-up , so many , of the Millenniums’ , they have know reference-point’s to fall back-on , cause ,they were blind-sided , by theTeacher’s Union intentionally and our culture , as a collective , which was a by- product ,of the Card-caring-communist , of the 60’s , who conspired too destroy our Republic and I would call these conspiring entities domestic enemies’ , with no-reservation’s !!!

  13. “The only thing dumber than bringing a knife to a gunfight is bringing a (gun-free zone) sign to a gunfight.” — Ricochet

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