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The Real Reasons Why Another American Civil War Is Possible

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by Brandon Smith

You have to hand it to the regressive left, when they conjure propaganda they really know how to run with it. When their indoctrination doesn’t take, and the public stops them cold with a wall of skepticism, they don’t give up! No — the little buggers double down and go for broke!

I would point out, however, that this seemingly boundless drive to forsake all logic and reason in the name of ideology is not due to these people being special in their ambition. Rather, they are following a somewhat successful historic model; the model of communism. And by successful, I mean successfully destructive.

With Donald Trump on the way to the White House in January, along with a Republican majority in Congress and the Senate, leftists long accustomed to dominating the public narrative through the mainstream media have found themselves without leverage. Now, they must resort to ankle biting with efforts like the “fake news” meme, which is designed to undermine the alternative media through ad hominem.  Obviously this will fail.  It is far too late for the mainstream media to gain back any social capital, and they will have to adapt or die out.

With this avenue closing for the left, the next stage will be direct asymmetrics; they will use subversion at a more localized level; working to provoke “marginalized” groups into taking extreme action in order to illicit a negative and totalitarian response from conservatives.

I am rather well versed on the history of communist insurgencies, and one simple reality that consistently stands out to me is that wherever communist movements exist, war follows.  They may claim to be peaceful in their aims and methods, they may claim to want what is best for society as a whole, but when these movements are denied access to social evolution, they almost always revert to violent means.  The primary reason for this, I believe, is that they really do assume at their very core that their ideal is the ONLY ideal.

They think they are heroes, awakened to a world view that the rest of us are incapable of comprehending. In their minds, anyone seeking to obstruct them is either dangerously ignorant or a fascist hellbent on sabotaging humanity’s “natural progression” into the leftist utopia.   Therefore any and all actions are justified on their part.  They are fighting “evil.”  And, of course, conservatives like you and I are the physical manifestations of that evil.  We are the super-villains that must be destroyed at all costs in the leftist fantasy world.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. I believe that when Trump closes the border and begins to shut down the flow of drugs from Mexico that the Cartel may bring the violence that is so common south of our border, north of our border. Right now the Cartels have a sweetheart deal with our government to traffic drugs north. When it ends they will be very upset. A war with Mexico (read cartels) is imminent.

    1. The cartels can attempt what you propose, but Trump is a no bullshit person who directs and inspects. When he dictates federal law enforcement to protect a nation he will expect results, he will encourage “we the people” to protect ourselves accordingly, he will view Mexican cartels as an invading force who I see will be promptly and effectively shut down. Take away their business, take away their money, and see them wilt away. The diplomat Trump will succeed in garnishing support from the Mexican leadership with the realization that ridding Mexico from the evils of the cartel and making Mexico wealthy through a civil world that prospers. Note that drugs come in from a 360 degree circle around our nation, not just Mexico. It is multidimensional. Also, eliminating the customer, eliminates the industry.

  2. Brandon did a super job on this one. Everyone should read the entire article. This conflict has been raging for a century and has cost humanity millions of lives. You would think that we would have a resolution by now. The systems of both sides have demons that they are unwilling to acknowledge. There is however, one winner and that would be the global elites. Does unfettered capitalism produce monsters? Absolutely and today we call them the global elites. That is what Marx and Engels recognized. But communism, the quest for Utopia, has always been impossible to obtain. No amount of dictatorial terror can achieve it. The failure of communism does not exonerate capitalism from the monsters it produces. So now we all stand in grave danger to a common enemy; TPTB.

    1. Communism isn’t a quest for Utopia. It is disguised as that, but it’s really just another system for a very few people to have most of the assets of a country, leaving the rest poor and in some cases, even starving.

      The last thing the Evil Elites of communist countries want is anything resembling Utopia.

      1. Jeanette,

        I agree with you 100%. The whole march to a New World Order is pretended to be a quest for Utopia, but is merely a quest for the Elite to live in comfort at the expense of the masses. The masses, believing they are being led to Utopia, follow the Elite blindly.

        Shorty Dawkins

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