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NavyJack – Protesting at Standing Rock? You May Be Helping George Soros! (Updated 12/05/2016)

The Dakota Access Pipeline company has spent over seven years and millions of dollars consulting with tribes and other stakeholders, lining up the very latest in pipeline-building technology, working with communities from North Dakota through South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois to determine the safest route for the pipeline. In all of this time, sacred burial grounds and concern for alternative water intake sources were never raised by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

Some facts:

  • The pipeline is not near any sacred tribal lands.
  • The pipeline is not on Native American property.
  • The pipeline doesn’t threaten the Standing Rock Sioux water supply or their new water treatment facility.
  • The pipeline’s Missouri River crossing will pass safely more than 90 feet underneath the river, and unless gravity fails, there is no threat to the river.
  • The pipeline company tried many, many times to meet with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. For over seven years, the tribe never felt this project was important enough to participate in the planning.
  • The tribe has been and is being used by Globalist interests to create an “occupy” environmental protest movement.
  • The true goals of the organizers behind the “occupy” protest movement have nothing to do with the protection of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

Standing Rock is now home to an estimated 4,000 protesters. What started as an act of defiance against the $3.8 billion pipeline infrastructure has become the template for strategic organizing across the nation. The occupy-style protest continues to expand as the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline grows increasingly popular as a topic among mainstream news outlets.

If you follow the money, sponsorship and media promotion of the Standing Rock protest, you will find that the leading organizer and promoter is Indigenous Rising Media.  This group is part of The Indigenous Environmental Network.  This group is a major element of the People’s Climate March.  It doesn’t take much research to uncover that the money behind this organization is coming from the same entities that are funding social justice, communist, and illegal alien protection organizations including Black Lives Matter, La Raza, the Workers World Party and the Revolutionary Communist Party; George Soros and his extensive network of Globalist allies.

Since the recent Presidential election, the Peoples Climate March has adopted a new strategy:

“Donald Trump’s election is a threat to the future of our planet, the safety of our communities, and the health of our families. If the policies he proposed on the campaign trail are implemented, they will destroy our climate, decimate our jobs and livelihoods, and undermine the civil rights and liberties won in many hard fought battles.  It’s up to us to stop that from happening before it starts.”

By leveraging genuine sympathies associated with the plight of Native American people and false narratives created to amplify the Standing Rock Sioux dispute against the Dakota Access Pipeline (the need to protect tribal water supplies, sacred burial grounds, etc.), the People’s Climate March has developed an economic terrorism strategy to combat the newly elected President of the United States. This strategy will be used and replicated as part of the Globalist’s effort to defeat the newly elected President’s anti-Globalist agenda.

“Water Protectors have also begun striking back at several of the 17 banks that are directly funding the pipeline project. So far, activists estimate they have been able to persuade the public to divest over $3 million.”


“I closed my checking and savings account with Chase Bank,” said Chicago resident and #NoDAPL organizer Samantha Garcia.

The divestment crusade among shareholders has also begun to take effect, as the environmental group EcoWatch reported last week that Odin Fund Management, one of Norway’s leading fund managers, announced it had sold $23.8 million (243 million NOK) worth of shares invested in the companies behind the Dakota Access Pipeline (3).

I know that there are many honest, patriotic people who have put their heart into the fight at Standing Rock. Their motivation in most cases was pure. This situation is no different than the many honest people who protested against the police involved shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO or the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, MD. In each case (and there are many others like these) the Globalist controlled media used a false narrative to stir emotions, generate anger and cause riots.

In Ferguson, it was “hands-up don’t shoot”; a false narrative about a young black man killed while either trying to surrender to police or running away from police. This isn’t what occurred and the media promoting the false narrative knew it. Mike Brown assaulted Darren Wilson, tried to take his service weapon (resulting in its discharge) and then tried to attack him again. This attack led to suicide by cop.  In Baltimore, it was the “rough ride”; a false narrative about a young black man that actually caused his own death by acting up in the back of a police transport van; standing up and falling backwards; striking his head on an exposed bolt on the door of the van. The death of Freddie Gray was a tragic accident and the media knew it. In Standing Rock it is “water and sacred burial ground protectors”. These too are simply fabricated false narratives perpetuated by the media.

The exact same Globalist interests are behind all of these false narratives.  Their motivation is greed, not saving the planet or making sure that “Black Lives Matter”. Globalist greed requires control. The loss of the most recent election to a nationalist (Donald Trump) has caused the Globalists to redirect all of their efforts to his destruction; even if it requires the destruction of our economy to achieve the goal.

It is also important to point out that like the Black Lives Matter movement; the Indigenous Rising movement seeks to drive deep wedges between the protesters and local law enforcement. The Globalists know that federalization of the police and diminishing the authority of local police and sheriffs is critical to their success.  It is also important to note that nearly all of the clashes between law enforcement and the protesters have occurred when the protesters attempted to enter restricted Federal or private property areas not owned by the tribe. The protesters have blocked entrances to businesses and banks. They have also blocked critical roads and highways.

The way this works is as follows:

  1. Find a cause; racial, environmental or social. Anything that can stir people’s heartfelt emotions and generate anger.
  2. Present the false narrative (“hands-up don’t shoot”, “water protectors”, etc.)
  3. Organize unrest (assign leaders, bus in agitators, promote violent actions)
  4. Make impossible demands (slave-trade reparations, end oil exploration, etc.)
  5. Divide and conquer.

While President Obama is in office, these initiatives have been supported by his administration (Black Lives Matter, the plight of the illegal aliens, Islamic terrorism, safe-cities, sanctuary cities, climate change, etc.).

The Globalist/Marxist “Constructive Apocalypse” Strategy to Destroy America

With the new incoming Trump Administration, most, if not all, of this official support for the divide and conquer strategy will end.  Because of the outcome of the most recent election, federal government supported divide and conquer cannot be the final step in the sequence. A new step has been added, known as “constructive apocalypse” to the Soros insiders.  “Constructive apocalypse” is the term being used to describe the systematic destruction of our nation’s economy. It has two main targets; banking and commerce. When “constructive apocalypse”, or Step 6, is applied to commerce, we see and will see an increasing number of protests and riots at shopping malls and retail establishments.

The protests in Portland Oregon have focused damage on the retail sector. Recent Black Lives Matter protests in Chicago and Seattle also have focused on the retail sector with the “No Justice, No Shopping” meme.  We have seen this strategy play out in Minneapolis, Baltimore and Ferguson. It works. When “constructive apocalypse” is targeted at banking institutions, as it is in Standing Rock, we see protests taking place at the financial institutions that have invested in the protested project; The Dakota Access Pipeline. This approach is very efficient and has already caused banks invested in the project to lose customers and deposits. Standing Rock is the prototype.

The “end-game” for the Globalists and their Marxist “useful idiot” minions is no different for America than it was for Greece, Italy, the Ukraine and so many other nations they have conquered; total control of all national resources and the complete subservience of the people. Before the election of Trump, America would have succumbed to the “end-game” without the need for “constructive apocalypse”. With Hillary Clinton as President, our out-of-control spending would have led to our need to seek financial assistance from the Globalist masters. Under Hillary Clinton, Our acceptance of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement would have ensured that a European Union like control mechanism would be able to end our national sovereignty and subject our citizens to the will of unelected TPP union officials. Our borders would remain open, destroying our economy and requiring an ever increasing need for debt to feed, house, educate and provide medical care for an unlimited number of illegal immigrants and refugees. The new President-elect will certainly attempt to end this spiral down-the-drain for our nation, but he won’t succeed unless he has our help.

After reading this article, you may think the solution to this problem is simple; lock up George Soros. This won’t work. He is just the face of an evil entity intent on world domination. Lock him up and another will take his place; instantly. The ONLY thing that will work is to end the ability of the Globalists to use false narratives and propaganda to divide, conquer and destroy our nation.  The solution to our problem is to end the Globalist controlled mainstream media hypnosis our people are being subjected to. I am talking about NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC and to some extent FoxNews. This is the front line of the battle for our nation; not Standing Rock, Ferguson or Baltimore.  If we are going to do anything at all to protect the country, we must start here. The alternative is a never ending stream of “Water Protector”, “Sacred Burial Grounds”, “Hands-up Don’t Shoot”, “Rough Ride”, “Global Warming” false narratives that will be used to collapse our economy and force our subjugation to the Globalists.

What Needs to Be Done to Defeat the Globalists?

In addition to getting your local community squared away to ride out an economic collapse and the resulting violence (see our Community Preparedness Team (CPT) initiative), we must also develop strategies to defeat the Globalists. Having a defeatist attitude is the exact recipe for defeat.  Our strategies must include constant communications to patriots to ensure they are not lured into participation in Globalist initiatives. We must continue to infiltrate the Globalist strategy meetings and monitor their leadership’s activities and expose their plans. We must communicate with and support other liberty-minded organizations. We must take back the college campuses by aggressively engaging the Marxist enemy there (something Oath Keepers will be doing with our new College Oath Keepers initiative that will establish Oath Keepers student groups on campuses nationwide this Spring Semester).

In order to diminish the effectiveness of their false narratives, we must be vigilant in producing media and articles that expose the lies. Other ideas that have been suggested and should be discussed include:

  1. Boycott their National News programming.
  2. Protest at their news headquarters in New York City, Washington, DC and Atlanta.
  3. Publicly ridicule their false narratives using alternative media outlets.
  4. Purchase roadside billboards to discredit their journalism and expose their bias.

This battle isn’t over.  The results of the recent election may provide us with opportunities to roll-back the Globalist’s progress and to be more assertive. In order to prevail, we need to be uncompromising and steadfast. We must call them what they are – America hating Globalists and Marxists.



Update 12/04/2016 – Obama Administration Bows to Protesters, Temporarily Blocks Dakota Access Pipeline

The only thing worse than the Obama Administration temporarily halting the easement permit for the pipeline Missouri River crossing is the fact that in a few short weeks, the new President will have to deal with the ramifications of President Obama’s actions. While this is being hailed as a major victory for the protestors, I see it as no different that the actions of the Obama Administration raising the hopes of protestors in Ferguson, MO when Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the U.S. Justice Department would use every resource of the Federal Government to pursue civil rights charges against police officer Darren Wilson.   Not only did Mr. Holder not have a case, he knew he didn’t have a case. His actions only caused the protestors to celebrate a temporary victory and then loose twice; just as the actions of this same Obama Administration has done today with regard to the Astroturf protests at Standing Rock.  In Ferguson, the result was more violence when no charges were brought by either the State or the Federal Government.  I fear the same will be the case here in North Dakota.

No permanent action was taken today by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Certainly nothing that will withstand a court challenge. Just like the Federal civil rights investigation in Ferguson, this too shall pass and the pipeline will be completed.  If the actions of the Obama Administration cause protestors to leave North Dakota during the most brutal winter months of northern plains weather, then maybe, just maybe some good can come of this. I doubt that will be the case.

I can’t say that I did not expect this action. If anything, the Obama Administration has proven itself to be predictable when it comes to appeasement of environmental and social justice causes.

Update 12/05/2016 – Trump Vows Prompt Review of Rejection of Dakota Pipeline

“President-elect Donald Trump backs the Dakota Access Pipeline and will review a decision by the Obama administration to deny a permit for the project, a spokesman said.”

After weeks of protests from Native Americans and environmental activists, the Army Corps of Engineers announced Sunday that it was refusing to let Energy Transfer Partners LP build a section of the project under Lake Oahe in North Dakota and would begin a lengthy environmental review. But that decision runs headlong into the pledge from Trump to greenlight new energy infrastructure.

The pipeline “is something we support construction of, and we will review the situation when we are in the White House to make the appropriate determination at that time,” Jason Miller, a spokesman for the Trump transition team, told reporters Monday.

Read the article at Bloomberg News




Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.


  1. “After reading this article, you may think the solution to this problem is simple; lock up George Soros…” True that locking him up does not end the problem, but the spectacle and imagery of a public hanging for those of his ilk followed by others convicted of treason will send a message. Like I keep repeating, until there is a consequence for these evil doers, we the people will not see any improvement but rather a continuation of their goals.

    It’s a great article with facts.

  2. Where were you veterans when Bureau of Land Management (BLM), under direction of the despicable Harry Reid’s thugs, confiscated over 160 head of cattle from the Bundy’s over unpaid grazing fees, but really over the excuse that a turtle species was in-danger, or the Clinton “Uranium One” Russian deal that caused a rancher and his son to be sentenced to a second term in prison for their attempt to save their land?

    Where were you veterans when rancher Lavoy Finicum was gunned down by the FBI, while on their way to an adjacent county, invited by a (Constitutional) Sheriff to discuss BLM abuse to approximately 400 area residents? Where were you??

    Today….YOU believe that a new era of production and economic advancement should take a back seat to the George Soros environmental ruse to further destroy America, while indoctrinating the indigenous and minorities into a socialist depression and enslavement, under what could have been a Communist Regime in Washington. We dodged that bullet, but the socialist / communists are not done and YOU veterans are being used…..

    Veterans must understand that America has been in decline since NAFTA became law, followed by both political parties falling prey to a globalist agenda based-on false information and deceptive agendas. The globalists will use you now and spit on you later….

    Those protesting in North Dakota are being empowered by groups that are following the Sal Alinsky book, “Rules for Radicals,” a communist that dedicated his book to “Satan” and followed by Hillary Clinton during her college years to be used on America now.

    The New World Order agenda has been trumped and self destructing, but every angle by the George Soros followers, including mainstream media and certain alternative media types, are “missing-the-boat” on what is actually happening. When you know the facts, YOU should see the light !

    1. I second your post. I grieve for the Finicum family, and my heart is heavy knowing a good and fearless man was ambushed and murdered.

    2. I am going to borrow some of this post to use while I attempt to open people’s eyes to the truth on these endless YouTube videos. Many people do not even realize they are being sold a lie again.

  3. Too right Jack : My little glimmer of information about Standing Rock has come from a Tribal Elder, and her take away after visiting was not positive. She brought her long experience as a legislative investigator to bear, and discovered that the building of this pipeline – including the river crossing – had been thrashed out and agreed upon years ago, with the full participation of the tribes. It’s a sad situation, as I’m sure we all are excited about the defiant spirit being shown in North Dakota, but so misguided. All they are doing is pushing a can of worms on Trump. Another question : How receptive will the tribes be to a bunch of white-eyes on a glory hunt ?

  4. I am a Native American Church leader and an Oathkeeper. Maybe this is why The Hopi Elders were dead against “activism.” I have been doing weekly interviews on Prophecykeepers Radio since August with some of the Grandmothers who have been involved, and one of them told me that she feared Soros was behind and had evil intentions to use them. Going back into history, our young people have long caused trouble for us, going against the wishes of their elders, because we believe no man should be forced to do what another tells them to do.

  5. So your going to let people get maimed and tortured and brutalized because you want to be a cafateria sailor? Navy Jack is a digrace to the service. I fought to keep keep opression from this country, not to allow it to happen. Water cannons and sting ball gernade use on protesters sounds like that to me. Their right to free speech is being being beaten out of them with military equipment. Where is your so called patriotic spirit now?

    1. BlackWolf1 – I made no statements in this article regarding the police use of force with regard to the Dakota Access Pipeline protest. Since you have brought this up, I will say that a peaceful protest does not involve lighting fires on private property, killing rancher livestock, blocking key highways needed for emergency response vehicles, vandalizing of property and businesses in the nearby towns and cities, chaining people together inside banks and other financial institutions, assaulting police officers and sheriff deputies, hurling objects at first responders or trespassing. All of which the citizens of North Dakota have had to deal with from the Astroturf protesters that have been flocking to this event. All of which preceded any response from the Sheriff and the local authorities.

      Now with regard to the use of the water cannon, I do not think that it was appropriate considering the temperature at the time. Regardless of what you may have heard on the mainstream news, nobody was seriously injured as a result of its use. There were 17 cases of mild hypothermia. As for the other crowd control measures used, I think if you read my previous articles you will see I have always been opposed to the militarization of civilian police. With that said, based on the violence being perpetrated by the protesters, the Governor of North Dakota had every right to deploy the Dakota National Guard to stop the violence which the protestors alone were responsible for. The behavior of the anarchists and social justice warriors that have come to North Dakota is no different than that of the protestors that travelled to participate in the riots in Portland, Baltimore, Ferguson or any other city targeted by the Globalists and their mainstream news media accomplices. I suggest that before you jump on the bandwagon for a cause, you consider actually talking to the people whose lives have been affected by the violent actions of the protesters.

      1. I agree with every part of this article except you left out the science of steel underground pipes. They all corrode and will leak. They must all be dug up and replaced at some point in the future. The oil is toxic so even a small leak will cause a some environmental damage. Oil floats on water so an oil leak under a body of water will rise to the surface of the water. The real question is why are we allowing oil pipe lines to be put under ground? No inspections? No maintenance? Small leaks can’t be found until years later? Contaminated soil from a leak will be so expensive to deal with that public money will be used to bail out the corporation? All of the above?
        Commercial engineering is not to be trusted without some codes of conduct that consider the long term economic risk to others. Oil tankers are required to have a double hull. Does this pipe have a double hull? Gas stations must place their underground fuel tanks inside a double vault with sensors to measure liquid intrusion and surface dip tubes to sample any liquid in the vault. Is this pipe to have similar safety features? The evil motives of George Soros are not the only motives to be considered. He is just trying to capitalize on the situation. If this was my land I would oppose the underground pipe and support an over ground pipe.

    2. BlackWolf1, you are so wrong about this issue. The current protest movement is full of Globalist Nuts! Especially the protest going on about the pipeline. This pipeline is 85% done, the pipe runs 90 feet below the river, it will replace a Globalist Owned Railway system hauling the oil that has had severe leaks and railway disruptions, and the pipeline is not even on Indian Land! These protester’s are destroying the sacred property near the pipeline, burning tires, setting land on fire and all for the bidding of the corrupt Globalists and this corrupt Obama administration! Wake up BlackWolf1! Step aside or get your teeth knocked out!

  6. Finally some FACTS presented – the media is a sad pathetic joke as it panders to the loudest, usually the dumbest! The pipeline uses NEW technology that Environmentalists themselves demand be used to replace existing at-risk pipelines.
    Try to bum-rush a police line and you get sprayed – too bad.

    President Obama ends his term with one sad DISGRACE after another.
    First we find out that for his 8 years CHINA deemed what countries (not Taiwan) could call the President.
    Second, today we find the Army Corps completely caves in, the pipeline will have to traverse a much more built-up area on the other side of Bismarck, N.D. with much more intrusive construction.
    That Standing Rock Tribe has a Casino – at least all this furor cut down on business I am glad to hear.

    1. Stoney Huff – The NEW Technology aspect that you brought up is significant. I should have addressed it in the article. Thank you. These environmental terrorists remind me of the saying “if you give a mouse a cookie, he is going to want a glass of milk”. Respectfully – NavyJack

    2. @ Stoney Huff,
      “the media is a sad pathetic joke as it panders to the loudest, usually the dumbest!”

      When are people going to learn? The media are not a joke….they are all OWNED by the very globalists who are causing the problem. What they are doing is wilful and with complete knowledge and intent.

  7. That was tough to read, I could barely get through it… makes me sad. I hate what little I’ve seen of Tomi Lahren. I think the world is pretty fucked. Our country has become so partisan and the lack of constructive, nuanced discussion between sides is so toxic. I seriously doubt humanity will exist in 200 years

  8. Well written article by Navy Jack. Covers pertinent information, elucidates the logic and uses the relevant terminology; Globalists and Marxist minions (useful idiots) etc.

    I’m a big fan of the environment (anti-fracking etc) and hate to see nature destroyed or be deemed expendable for corporate profits. That understood, I get how good people (patriots and concerned citizens and environmentalists etc) who genuinely have the best intentions for their nation and society and the world/planet can be fooled and manipulated and exploited to serve an agenda. It has been happening throughout history and some are obviously very clever at doing it.

    Yes, articles such as this need to be read so people get exposure to the bigger picture. They can then do the due diligence and make more informed decisions about where to put their allegiances. That’s of course why the Globalists own >90% of the Mainstream Media so a great reason to support good Independent Media!

    Hopefully a Trump presidency will see the emergence of a more honest and accountable and Constitutional 4th Estate. You can read what I consider to be some of the responsibilities of good media business on the Blog page of the Sun City Media website.

  9. I understand that there are a lot of vets at Standing Rock in support of the protest. Too bad we don’t have Oath Keepers with boots on the ground there putting this article in the hands of those vets. It is not a good feeling to think you are giving honorable service only to find out later that you were working for the enemy. Passing this article might just save some from that. It is also information warfare action. Many times the pen really is greater than the sword. Great info, Jack.

  10. The alleged “Vets” that are joining these Communists/Anarchists are despicable in their failure to abide by their allegiance and oath to uphold and defend The Constitution. Hopefully, local law enforcement can provide the necessary wood shampoos to these hippies. If not, perhaps we ought to roll-in on them?

  11. I’ve seen a lot of comments in the Yahoo News comments section that sound like Trump supporting patriots but say Enviro-schill type things such as: “The petroleum company executives are going to stand down when they meet face to face with combat veterans.” It worries me that some intelligent progressives are attempting to co-opt patriotic resentment of elites and channeling it to socialist/environmental agendas. I wish I had more time to study any trends in messaging. Clinton’s Super PACS have nothing better to do now.

  12. I have to wonder when a Pale Face is the one stating what is Sacred lands or Burial Grounds of the Natives….really. As for them not willing to meet or attend the discussions over the pipeline, perhaps some more homework is needed, for there is a video out there , done by an Elder ,showing their meeting and their decision back in 2014 were they clearly stated they were against any pipeline ” The Black Snake “. As for George Sorros being behind this protest…pure B.S.. Have people from some of the other protests that were funded and organized by Sorros showed up…of course…even an ignorant fool can have good intentions, but that does not make it another of Sorro’s events, no more than the KKK being in support of Trump as president does that make Trump a racist. You make it quite clear to which side you are on when you go to length in mention of cattle , machinery, or property being vandalized, yet not one Elder has condoned such actions, nor has every one of those actions been proven true, as done by the protesters . Surely you are aware of tactics done by the opposition to make the other side appear in a negative light so as to turn the population against their cause…Navy might try spending some time there on your own before you come down on the side of big Oil Corporations, whose record speaks for itself as to their motives…which is little more than greed.

    1. If the tribe would have taken part of the regulatory meetings (not the non regulatory meeting with the company and not the Army Corps of Engineers that you reference which is actually an audio recording put out on youtube in video format) they would have been able to go and identify what is sacred to them. They chose not too as clearly outlined in the Federal Judge’s (Boasberg) ruling that was upheld unanimously by 3 more Federal Judges. If any person reads the opinion from his ruling and still thinks the tribe was in the right here, I truly feel sorry for their lack of intelligence. Tribes do not have “Veto Power” of infrastructure projects outside of their reservations, they get to provide input. You mention that not one elder has condoned these acts, but that is not true as Chase Iron Eyes (former Senate Candidate) has called for these acts. There have only been a few Elders who have condemned these acts as well. There have been many social media posts from protesters and protest leaders showing themselves doing these acts you are denying, but if you don’t look for them they are hard to find. Are you surprised that the protesters are not showing the video of themselves breaking the law every time? I have been living through this for over 100 days now and have had the benefit of seeing the local news coverage and going to the camp. You make it clear which side you are on, which is that of the rail road who stands to lose significant amounts of money if this pipeline is completed. Did you know that if you combined all of the deaths from oil pipeline spills in the last 10 years you still wouldn’t equal the death toll of Lac Megantic?

  13. As long as you continue to believe that everyone who protests is a globalist Marxist instead of someone who simply does not believe the multinational corporations should have all the power you will be a puppet for the people who really want to control all aspects of American life. To suggest for a second that this pipeline is not a project developed by globalists is absurd. The people who run these corporations are the ones who wrote TTP, which was support by both the Obama and the entire Republican Party as well as the Democratic Party. As long as you see everyone who stands up for their rights as a Marxist, except yourself, you will never achieve anything.

  14. Almost all of these “protesters” ALL OVER THE WORLD are PAID by foundations owned by George Soros (a New World Order globalist and Satanists wanted for Felony charges in many countries). Under US CODE 18: Paid Protesters are TERRORISTS. The PENALTY under Code 18 is 20 years to life in PRISON, or death. For those who pay these “protesters,” the penalty is death. More and more, Paid Protesters/Rioters will be arrested and PUT IN PRISON.

    The globalists hate Trump because he can’t be bought and he is against the New World Order. PLEASE SHARE: THIS is what the NWO/globalists (including Soros, obama and hillary clinton) are REALLY UP TO, and why they MUST be STOPPED. From the Closing Remarks 2014 BILDERBERG conference: “Nations, as we hoped, become fragile and can now be destabilized from within. We thus have to pursue with constancy the IMMIGRATION policy … lead most of these countries to large-scale civil wars … we shall provoke the economic collapse… every community will take charge for our account to kill the largest number of members of the opposite community. Blacks against Whites in the USA, Muslims against Christians in Europe, these civil wars will have the immense advantage to destroy the people without confrontations between degenerate countries into nuclear power world war. Finally, when the wars will destroy countries’ we shall take advantage of it to amplify the distribution of viruses …” Their Agenda 21/30 goal: reduce the population of the planet by over 6 billion people and enslave the rest. People are being MANIPULATED into causing riots and wars to unwittingly assist them with this NWO agenda. The globalists are ALSO destroying the EARTH, poisoning the air, the waters, killing all the animals in the ocean with radiation and poisons! Anyone who is a SOROS/globalist PUPPET is PART OF THIS KILLING, and they will held RESPONSIBLE. This includes all the PAID Soros “anti-Trump protesters!” 2014-must-read/

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