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Plan to Trigger Veterans’ PTSD at Standing Rock Protest?

There has been intelligence mentioned by several sources regarding the veterans group now at Standing Rock. There apparently is a horrible plan within the protest movement to arm veterans who have PTSD, and then trigger a reaction in them to incite violence against law enforcement.

Now, we are hearing the same intelligence from Sheriff Paul D. Laney – Cass County, N.D. He is in charge of Morton County Operations. The plan to exploit veterans is mentioned at 6:04 and 29:05. There is good info throughout the Press Conference video.

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Published on Dec 3, 2016

Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier, Sheriff Paul Laney and Major General Alan Dohrmann hold a news conference at the Morton County Courthouse on December 3, 2016 to discuss developments in the Dakota Access Pipeline protest.





  1. Yep. And, all in the name Global Corporate control. The game continues til all are used. Control the oil is to control Nations. And, we know who said that.

    1. “Control the Land; Control the People.” Lavoy Finicum said that, which was particularly interesting, because I started a book 4 years ago with a chapter named exactly that.

      1. That’s true. Their agenda is clearly stated. Force everyone in to a crowded city, and control all the open space by any means. The general population is as blind as blind can be.

      2. I don’t believe the general population is blind. We just elected Donald J. Trump to be President. Sounds like a whole bunch of people are waking up more every day!

  2. More Bathhouse Barry divide and conquer. How to set up a means to justify the disarming of vets comes to mind. May the winter’s north winds put a serious chill on these misguided sheep. Do a fly over dropping information pamphlets with some truth to why they should consider packing up and leaving.

    1. I agree, this was not thought out very well. Our Veterans are being exploited. There’s more to this story than the public has been told, the Indians have also been duped by the usual professional protesters. They are now engaged in a very dangerous game, they have lost control of the situation.

  3. The way to handle this is for the companies to secure their property with their own security. If some idiot violate their property in some way then their security can act accordingly. Don’t give the media any thing to report on. Law enforcement and the national guard folks to to to disappear. Remove the spectacle and the protesters will have no coverage. For law enforcement to set barriers and lines in the sand is adding fuel to the fire. Pray for blizzards.

  4. This is false

    Veterans Stand for Standing Rock
    December 1 at 9:48pm ·
    This historic and prayerful stand against the intrusion by the Dakota Access Pipeline on the Treaty territory of the Oceti Sakowin homelands is unprecedented in numbers, purpose and unity. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has requested the assistance and presence of other bands of the Lakota/Nakota/Dakota Nation, other Native nations and allies from across the world to protect the water security of the Missouri River that affects 18 million people across what you know as the United States, and we call Turtle Island. Thousands of people including the veterans of our country have answered the call.
    As we welcome the thousands of veterans who will be journeying to Standing Rock, we wish to share the message of why we are here and the protocols that exist for coming here.
    · The Oceti Sakowin does not support ANY DIRECT ACTIONS, as of right now, THAT INVOLVE VIOLENCE, ARRESTS OR CONFRONTATIONS. Misconceptions have been created by the press. We do not condone groups who engage in violent confrontations.
    · The Oceti does not want ANY “TAKING THE HILL OR TEARING DOWN BARRIERS, CONCRETE OR BARBED WIRE” surrounding the pipeline corridor as it is a flashpoint for violence.
    · Children are at the center of our prayers for future generations and we do not want them subjected or uncertainty or backlash. There is a baby named Mni Wiconi that has been born in the camp by natural childbirth, this has added to the miracles present at this historic time.
    · There are numerous layers of leadership and strategy to stop DAPL and protect the water and the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851 at the tribal leader level, including elected leaders and treaty representatives; locally, nationally and internationally. We do NOT WANT to risk the status of the treaty and our inherent rights that are attached to it as Sioux Nations. Individual or group Violent actions are not conducive to the assertion of our treaty.
    · The leaders work closely and in support of SRST Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault, Chairman Harold Frazier of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and the people of the Yankton Sioux Tribe; who all have pending lawsuits against either the US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Fish & Wildlife Service. We support all other Oceti Sakowin bands in this fight on our territory.
    · These leaders continue to press President Obama, DOJ and the Corps of Engineers to not issue the easement to prevent DAPL from going under the Missouri River.
    · The Oceti Sakowin Camp is following traditional protocol for the preservation of the first medicine, Mni Wiconi or water. This prayer is overseen by ceremonies that require non-violent presence, actions and constant prayer, led by Indigenous spiritual leaders and elders.
    · The Oceti Sakowin is guided by a central tipi structure called the HORN, which has a central sacred fire which is taken care of by firekeepers and the Headsman of the Oceti Sakowin. These Headsman work with elders designated by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and several Women’s Societies of the Oceti. Those associated with the HORN seek guidance and direction from spiritual leaders.
    · The Oceti Sakowin Headsman invite the veterans to assist in prayer, training, healing, learning, protecting and celebrating our relationship to Mother Earth; at all the gatherings, ceremonies and social activities.
    · The Oceti respectfully requests that the veterans not bring weapons, drugs and alcohol into the camp. Only weapon we need is our prayers, and if you’re to bring anything we’d ask you to bring your canunpa (sacred pipe) as well as encouragement for your people and fellow veterans.
    · Veterans entering the camp will be asked to check in at a central point and pay their respect to the HORN while being greeted by leaders and Headsman of the Oceti Sakowin.
    · The amazing Mni Wiconi (water is life) story that has unfolded at Standing Rock has resonated across the world during this time of climate uncertainty. The coming of the Veteran warriors will join the healing tracks of 500+ Native Nations, the Horse Nation, races of all colors and earth warriors from all over the world.
    · Camp leaders need the strongest non- violent prayer camp unified in the most amazing prayers for the future of Mother Earth and Mni Wiconi; as they continue to meet with the DOJ, the UN Community and all allies of this movement

  5. The only one suffering from PTSD is this lunatic of a sheriff, and those on this thread who believe him. What’s wrong with you people? These are the comments of a lunatic.

    1. We already had intelligence on this from other sources, but we held back, waiting for confirmation. Obviously, the sheriff in charge of Morton County Operations thought this was credible enough to include it in the press conference. If nothing else, having the potential plans out in the open would prevent them from being carried out. Calling people names because you disagree with them is not helpful.

      1. I live on the planet where, at any given time, millions of people are being fed propaganda, disinformation, and outright lies. False flag events are being planned to deceive the populace. Our own media’s first priority seems to be their agenda instead of what used to be called “news”. Were the veterans actually being set up for political purposes? We’ll probably never know. The sheriff in charge of operations for the county involved thought the information was important enough to put it out at a news conference. In my humble opinion, withholding information from a law enforcement source that could possibly prevent violence, injury, or worse would be lying by omission.

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