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Oath Keepers Opposes Anti-Gun Activist David Petraeus for Secretary of State


Just Say “No!” to General “Betrayus,” an Oath Breaker and Enemy of the Right to Bear Arms.  Mr. Trump, if you really want to make America great again, make America CONSTITUTIONAL again.

Retired General and former CIA Director David Petraeus is a bad choice for Secretary of State, Oath Keepers advised President-Elect Donald Trump, strongly supporting a call to action initiated by Gun Owners of America.  In addition to “mishandling” classified information and sharing it with his mistress (he avoided felony charges, prison time and “prohibited person” status against owning firearms by pleading guilty to a misdemeanor),  Petraeus’ advocacy of infringements on the right to keep and bear arms effectively renounces the obligation he freely took when he swore an oath to “support and defend the Constitution…”

Petraeus turned his back on that oath when he joined with retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal and other veterans to form “The Veterans Coalition for Common Sense.” The group is part of retired Captain Mark Kelly’s and Gabby Gifford’s “Americans for Responsible Solutions,” which posted a list of all the military notables lending their names to the effort.  By doing so, they’re disregarding the paramount importance of civilian control of the military, and are presuming to overturn the Founders’ judgment about what was and is “necessary to the security of a free State” – a militia of the people, well armed.

As Founding Father Tench Coxe described it:

The powers of the sword are in the hands of the yeomanry of America from sixteen to sixty. The militia of these free commonwealths, entitled and accustomed to their arms, when compared with any possible army, must be tremendous and irresistible. Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom. Congress has no power to disarm the militia. Their swords and every terrible implement of the soldier are the birthright of Americans.

Petraeus, McChrystal, and the other gun-gabbers disagree, and they want their preferences to trump the intent of the Founders and the rights of the people secured by the Bill of Rights.


“Every Terrible Implement of the Soldier.”  That’s What it Takes to Stop Bad Guys the World Over, Including Here at Home.  A Ferguson, MO Store Owner Gets it Done During the 2014 Riots.

“As Secretary of State, Petraeus would play a key role in deciding whether to remove the U.S. from the UN Arms Trade Treaty (UN ATT),” GOA warned in a member alert. “This agreement would mandate gun registration, and would authorize comprehensive gun bans — all goals supported by Petraeus’ colleagues Kelly and Giffords.

“Petraeus would effectively decide whether to push for ratification of the anti-gun UN Small Arms Treaty. Finally, Petraeus would have jurisdiction over the international trade (ITAR) regulations,” GOA continued. “Under Clinton/Kerry ‘guidance,’ these regulations have been expanded to outlaw gunsmithing. In addition, a gun technician who communicates ‘how-to’ information about guns on the Internet (without purchasing a $2,250 State Department license) could be prosecuted and imprisoned.”

“You can read GOA’s comments against these anti-gun State Department regulations here,” the alert elaborated. “If anti-gun Petraeus is nominated and confirmed, we can expect these policies to be continued and expanded.”

That’s vital information for informed gun owners to understand.  But being informed without taking action doesn’t do much good, so Oath Keepers joins GOA in urging members to contact President-Elect Trump to express unequivocal opposition to David Petraeus being part of his cabinet, let alone Secretary of State. To that end, they have included a contact email address that will get to Trump’s team:

You can use GOA’s pre-written letter or craft a message of your own.  And don’t forget there are other ways to reach the president-elect, including by leaving comments on his Facebook page or by sending him a Twitter “tweet” along with a link to the GOA Alert and/or to this announcement of Oath Keepers joining the opposition to Petraeus.

Oath Keepers goes the additional step of letting President-Elect Trump know that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney are also unacceptable candidates for the same reasons stated by GOA about Petraeus.  That’s because “America’s Mayor” betrayed his oath when he backed federal testing/licensing of gun owners, semi-auto bans, and suing manufacturers. Romney has done the same throughout his political career, despite attempts by “gun lobby” compromisers to minimize his betrayals, and even paint them as necessary strategic moves.

“Just say ‘No!’ to General ‘Betrayus,'” Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes declared. “As GOA noted, ‘Donald Trump was elected with the broad support of members of the Second Amendment community.  We believe it would be a huge mistake to begin his transition by putting an anti-gun activist in a position where he could regulate and ban guns.’  Not only would it be a huge mistake, it would be a violation of Trump’s own Oath, which he will take on January 20, 2017.  Petraeus is either ignorant of the purpose of the Second Amendment (that the people, as the militia, have the military capacity to ‘execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions’) or he is a willful oath-breaker who wants to gut the Second Amendment.  Either way, Petraeus is spectacularly unfit for any post now that he has blatantly turned his back on the right of the people to keep and bear arms.  President-Elect Trump can, and must, do better.”

Regarding a series of troubling Trump appointments and possible appointments, Stewart Rhodes said:

If President-Elect Trump really wants to “drain the Swamp” he needs to drain the GOP side too, and flush out the anti-constitution “neocon” slime, right along with the anti-constitution Marxist slime.  Two sides of the same globalist, totalitarian, Constitution killing coin.   Trump really needs to start listening to the hardcore patriots and constitutionalists who got him elected, not the inside-the-beltway, Bush Admin leftovers, and “lesser of two evils” oath breakers in the GOP.  Root them all out.   Drain the whole damn thing. 


Mr. Trump, if you really want to make America great again, make America CONSTITUTIONAL again.

Please take a moment to contact Trump and tell him “No gun-grabbers at State. Petraeus, Giuliani and Romney are wrong for gun owners, and wrong for the Constitution we all swore to defend.”

For the Republic,

Oath Keepers

* Note:  We sincerely thank David Codrea for his work on this statement.

Update: The Washington Examiner is reporting “Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been eliminated from contention for the job of secretary of state…”


Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.


  1. Just sent him an email. He has to avoid the poisoned insider DC fruit. they will sabotage his presidency at every opportunity.

    1. Exactly. If Trump really wants to “drain the Swamp” he needs to drain the GOP side too, and root out the anti-constitution “neocon” slime who live in that swamp, right along with the anti-constitution Marxists on the left. Two sides of the same globalist, totalitarian, Constitution killing coin. Trump REALLY needs to start listening the the hardcore Constitutionalists, not the inside-the-beltway, Bush admin leftovers, and “lesser of two evils” oath breakers in the GOP. Root them all out. And the first Supreme Court nominee needs to be Judge Andrew Napolitano. And Trump should tap Ron Paul or Rand Paul for a position too, to show that he is serious about defending the Constitution and making America Great Again.

      Mr. Trump, if you really want to make America great again, make America CONSTITUTIONAL again.


      1. Yes Stewart, ABSOLUTELY IS…ABSOLUTELY correct!! The “FUNNIEST” part of the garbage these clowns spew about “common sense gun laws”, or any of their other “gun control” nonsense, is the “irony” of them stating (as in THIS article) that people could continue to provide “how to information” online about guns, BUT ONLY if they pay a $2,250.00 “licensing fee”! Yesireeee, it’s all about gun control right? Can we say JUST CONTROL…PERIOD!!!!

      2. I love Judge Napolitano. When he explains things, I suddenly feel less alone.
        Am very concerned about this “Mental Health” bill passed by the “globalist, totalitarian, Constitution killers.” Really like that term! We’ve already seen how this, and other “Qualifiers” for individual Liberties played out in history. This is exactly what Hitler did. That comes directly from the pond scum on top. Bet you that if there’s not a CDC study in that Bill, there will be one added shortly. They will extrapolate how everyone is crazy that’s used a gun in these unwarranted shootings. A forgone conclusion, by any responsible gun owner. Notice how I didn’t use “Law Abiding?” Who gets to define these things? Who gets to habitually redefine the qualifiers never mentioned in the Constitution? These kids getting their DNA tested….don’t even get me started. These aren’t the only things that are of concern.

        Cathy McMorris Rogers will lean toward eliminating Federal Land ownership, and hey, we should all be able to get behind that, right? Here’s the rub, it depends on the allotment sizes. If they bust it up small enough so that the regular Joe can afford a plot, then great! Problem is, all of these Globalized, Mega-Corp Financed, Puppet, Fascists will bust it up in chunks only large Corporations can afford. Excepting of course the small chunks their families can afford.

        Shorty Dawkins said to Chip, “We know where we stand, now we need to do what we have to, for remedy.” That was extremely, summarily paraphrased. We may be best served by creating some disruptive technologies. I know of one, that isn’t quite ready for primetime, but it thwarts that notion of “security in the region in the middle east,” “energy independence,” would create jobs (especially rust belt),” “remediates farm chemicals and has other huge REAL environmental advantages, and if the kooky climate controllers want to cling on they can. We’re smart folk, we can insinuate ourselves into the fray. Question is, can we get a seat at the grown ups table?

      3. 2 thumbs up on your comments regarding Dr No and Judge Napolitano. I’d like to add that sexual desire being a very powerful force that has destroyed empires, General Petraeus as an adulterer set a very bad, unacceptable example to our fighting and dying young troops who are expected to just say no.

  2. Glad you picked up on this Stewart – I posted this on the OK forum two weeks ago, as well as on other pro-gun forums in my region. Hopefully there will be a groundswell of grass roots opposition to ANY gun-grabbers under consideration by Mr. Trump.

  3. Very good article and call for response. Beyond the 2nd Amendment issue, and even more critical, Petraeus is a confirmed member of the global elites. Alex Jones covers this quite well. We have seen Clinton (a globalist) pushing the globalist agenda while in the position of Secretary of State. Should we expect anything less if Petraeus (a globalist) is given that position?
    I remember the Reagan era. We had a “good ole boy” patriotic President. But his administration contained may globalists, including the vice president, The Soviet empire imploded on Reagan’s watch but globalism advanced. A popular American President with a globalist packed administration is a lethal combination to liberty.

  4. Who in our organization is responsible for alerting Mr. Trump about the problems of nominating General Petraeus? Do we need to make a petition to sign which will be submitted to the President elect? I’ll check with GOA to see if they already have a petition in the progress. As a life member of the NRA, GOA and Oath Keepers I appreciate all of the input we can provide during important times like this. Go bless America.

  5. No matter whom Trump appoints to be Secretary of State, he (Trump) can eliminate these vexatious State Department usurpations by directing the Secretary to do so, and removing him from office if he refuses. So do not let Trump hide behind whomever he appoints, This is HIS problem.

    1. You are absolutely correct, Dr. Viera. It is HIS problem. And to restate what you have just said, insuring that Trump stays on course is OUR problem. Trump has made a very bad choice that will come around to bite him in the butt. His choice is very alarming because I now where Petraeus gets his marching orders. Trump’s cabinet picks are sending mixed signals and raising red flags. One man does not steer the ship of state. We have three branches of government to balance that power. But the ultimate responsibility rests with “We the people”. Therefore we have no king but a public servant as President. Our influence should not be limited to a vote every four years. We can’t simply trust. We must be vigilant and make our voices heard.

  6. Most, if not all, of the damage hillary did to this country she did while in the State Department! Her connections are still there, have always been there, along with the puppeteers who control them. THEY are the ones who wield the real power. How can anyone expect someone as weak as Petraeus to do any better?

    1. “A “cease fire” agreement was signed on November 30, 1782 called the Preliminary Articles of Peace”

      Then there was the 1783 Treaty of Paris, which ended our war with Great Britain, held that each state was a sovereign nation.

      “After the American Revolutionary War, Congress ratified the Constitution of the united States of America. “This is the document that so many of us would like to think is the key to our freedom. It guarantees us our right to free speech, to keep and bear arms, and so on and so forth.”

      The US Constitution is not the “key to our freedom”. It is the key to the type of government that we have, a constitutional republic that is in writing, where we the people DELEGATE authority to the different BRANCHES and to OFFICES WITHIN THE BRANCH. The people who serve within our government – elected, hired, contracted, etc – are ALLOWED to use the authority of the position they occupy as long as they do the duties assigned, take and KEEP the Oath. No person within our government has power, they are allowed to use that power/authority that belongs to the branch of office they occupy for as long as they keep the WRITTEN contract.

      Within that document it defines our government, assigns the authority/powers to the different governments – state and general (federal is really the complete system including “We the People of the united States).
      It also makes clear that the people retain their sovereignty (Preamble to the US Constitution and Preamble to the bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence), delegated the power, retained much of their own authority over themselves, and it PROTECTS in writing the natural rights of the people FROM those that serve within our governments (Bill of Rights; Article 6: “… The Senators and Representatives before mentioned and the Members if the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution;”), PLUS it makes clear that all of the authority not delegated still belongs to the people, and that not all of the natural rights retained by the people are listed but that they ALL ARE STILL PROTECTED BY THE US CONSTITUTION and each state’s government (Oath requirement) – meaning the requirement is that those that serve within our governments are required by their positions occupied to PROTECT them.

      So what does the above paragraphs mean? Basically Dr. Vieira said it best here: “This has nothing to do with personalities or subjective ideas. It’s a matter of what the Constitution provides…

      The government of the United States has never violated anyone’s constitutional rights…
      The government of the United States will never violate anyone constitutional rights, because it cannot violate anyone’s constitutional rights. The reason for that is: The government of the United States is that set of actions by public officials that are consistent with the Constitution. Outside of its constitutional powers, the government of the United States has no legitimacy. It has no authority; and, it really even has no existence. It is what lawyers call a legal fiction.” (End quote.)

      “He evoked the emergency powers clause of the Constitution and declared martial law.”

      There is no “emergency powers clause” in the US Constitution, it came from the courts, and they do NOT have the authority to create law, that is vested in the House of Representatives and the Senate – those who serve in those positions. Per Dr. Vieira again; “If we go to the doctrine of “Emergency Powers,”… what was the foundational case that put that doctrine on the constitutional map? It was Knox vs. Lee, the legal tender cases brought after the Civil War.”

      “What people don’t realize is that, before Lincoln was elected President, each state was more or less its own separate country. The states were bound together in a loose confederation of states for the protection of all the states.”

      Guess what? Each state is still its own separate country. The general (federal) government was created to be the representative in dealing with foreign affairs for the states – that is why each state has representatives, though most seem to have forgotten that.

      St. George Tucker: “The Federal Government is the creature of the States. It is not a party to the Constitution, but the result of it – the creation of that agreement which was made by the States as parties. It is a mere agent, entrusted with limited powers for certain objects; which powers and objects are enumerated in the Constitution. Shall the agent be permitted to judge of the extent of his own powers, without reference to his constituent?” (Justice of the Virginia Supreme Court, in his edition of ‘Blackstone’s Commentaries On The Law’ (1803))

      James Madison: “The States then being the parties to the constitutional compact, and in their sovereign capacity, it follows of necessity, that there can be no tribunal above their authority, to decide in the last resort, whether the compact made by them be violated; and consequently that as the parties to it, they must themselves decide in the last resort, such questions as may be of sufficient magnitude to require their interposition.”

      I am not saying that all the information in is incorrect, but some of it is. Read the US Constitution for yourself. Read the debates, etc concerning it. There is no lawful legitimacy for what is going in within our governments by those that serve within them.

      1. Cal, I would never debate you on the Constitution. Some folks seem to actually believe that the Constitution will cause the globalists and their puppets in this government to flee in terror. They think it has the same effect as holding a crucifix up in front of a vampire. Did you follow the Bundy trial in Oregon? The defense tried to use the Constitution as their defense and Judge Brown ruled that she would not allow the Constitution (the Supreme Law of the Land) any consideration in her court. In the end, it was jury nullification that saved them. This reference is but one example of the Constitution having no power to protect citizens. The Constitution is effective only when the Constitutional Republic reigns. So your last statement is absolutely correct and this condition is exactly what our forefathers warned us about. They also told us what action we had to take. I have never read any other course of action prescribed or suggested by them to restore this nation when this condition presents itself. That leads me to conclude that our government no longer has allegiance to the Constitution and We the People. We refer to our government as a puppet government of the global elites. Well said, and that means that we are living under the rule of a foreign power. I doubt they will be willing to give sovereignty bac to us.

      2. Daniel Webster: “We may be tossed upon an ocean where we can see no land – nor, perhaps, the sun or stars. But there is a chart and a compass for us to study, to consult, and to obey. That chart is the Constitution.”

        Yeah, saw that the “judge” who gets her authority from the US Constitution and the state Constitution (when it apples) “ruled that she would not allow the Constitution (the Supreme Law of the Land) any consideration in her court.”

        But the US Constitution also tells us that judges ONLY are allowed to remain in that position being occupied for as long as they use “good Behaviour”. Since no branch is to have authority over the other, but can does have constitutional remedies to stop the usurpation of authority by another branch then it cannot be one of the branches that decides what “good behaviour” is. But the US Constitution, that very short document, does tell us in writing that judges have constitutionally delegated duties and requirements – such as taking and keeping the Oath. My take is that those serving within the judicial branch, particularly judges, those duties listed in the US Constitution and the Oath is their “good Behaviour” requirement. Read it, as it requires them to follow the US Constitution, and where it applies, the state Constitution (lower courts) as well. Is that not a good description of “good Behaviour” for judges to follow?

        But then who is the last resort for accountability of those who serve within OUR governments? We are. In the judicial arena, it is the people as jurors. THEY decide if a law is good or not, or if it will be used in a particular instance or not. They decide if evidence is to be regarded – not those that have a piece of the action. THEY decide guilt or innocence. They also bring up the question if a judge is using “good behavior” in the courtroom. When they, and it only takes 1 person, question that, it is us, the people who then use OUR tool of Grand Jury Investigation to decide if this is a judge that must be charged. Yes, judges get a jury trial.

        So why are we having so many problems today in the courts? Why are the “bad” judges not being charged and possibly removed? Because of the “dumbing down”. It is the duty of every American to read and understand the US Constitution and their own state’s Constitution if for nothing else then that they would be an informed juror.

        But that is not they ONLY CONSTITUTIONAL duty of the people. WE are to be the Militia that those who serve within our governments – state and federal – are required to use, etc.

        Debate me anytime, I enjoy it greatly and learn from different views. If I cannot backup what I say, then it might be wrong, an opinion based on facts or what I thought were facts. Only god is infallible.

        Daniel Webster: “God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it.”

  7. I’m beginning to feel , that President Elect-Donald Trump does not know the difference , between the good guys and the bad guy’s , maybe , we should send him , some petition’s and hold his hands , as he work’s his way , through this dilemma !!!

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