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NavyJack – Make Sure You Know Who You Are Following Out To Standing Rock

“On December 4, hundreds of veterans plan to ‘deploy’ to Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota to join in protest against the planned Dakota Access Pipeline.  The event, Veterans Stand for Standing Rock (VSSR), is a call for veterans to “assemble as a peaceful, unarmed militia” to “defend the water protectors from assault and intimidation at the hands of the militarized police force and DAPL security.” The organizers hope to prevent progress on the construction of the pipeline as well as draw national attention to the cause.”

Source: CNN

Veterans Stand for Standing Rock

The leaders of this effort are Michael A. Wood Jr. and Wesley Clark Jr. On the surface, the effort appears to be a legitimate attempt on the part of Mr. Wood and Mr. Clark to raise awareness of the Standing Rock tribe protest. Their “Op Order” suggests that they intend to provide much needed relief to the current protesters at the site and to use military formations in order to secure the site perimeter. The language and adjectives used in their literature identifies organizations like the Sheriff’s Dept. as an “opposing force”.  I’m sure the Sheriff will not be amused with their stance. They state their “mission” as follows:

“Our mission is to prevent progress on the Dakota Access Pipeline and draw national attention to the human rights warriors of the Sioux tribes regarding the United States lack of treaty enforcement.”

Curious as to the background and capabilities of Michael A. Wood Jr. and Wesley Clark Jr., I reviewed their background and some of the other initiatives they have supported. Mr. Wood was a member of the USMC and a Baltimore City Police Officer. Mr. Wood made the background research effort easy by hosting his own website that touts his achievements.  He started seeking media attention in conjunction with the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore. He takes a hard-stance against his former colleagues at the Baltimore Police Department in numerous interviews with the press and became a minor celebrity in Baltimore with his timely allegations of police wrong doing.

“It all goes back to this whole us versus them thing. You suit up; you get out there; you’re with your brothers. You’re an occupying force. Your job is to fight crime, and these are the guys you do it with. So you just don’t see the abuse. It doesn’t even register, because those people are the enemy. They aren’t really even people. They’re just the enemy. This is the culture. It’s a s—– excuse. But it’s the reality.”

Source: The Washington Post

His allegations of Baltimore Police Department (BPD) wrong-doing, supportive of the Black Lives Matter agenda, are literally endless. He clearly admits that he did nothing to address his concerns while employed by the BPD and spent 11 years being part of the perceived problem. I find it interesting that his conversion to becoming a Black Lives Matter advocate only occurred after the death of Freddie Gray.  Please let that sink in a bit.

Mr. Woods is also an advocate for Civillian-Led Policing and is staunchly opposed to both the National Rifle Association and the 2nd Amendment:


His positions are interesting and conflicting as he also sees himself as a defender of the U.S. Constitution with statements like “I AM SWORN TO DEFEND AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.” Based on his admitted actions and statements above, the 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendments are not included in his definition of his oath or he is selective and only chooses to honor his oath when it suits his agenda.


Mr. Clark is also an interesting character, being the son of General Wesley Clark.  His main cause appears to be Climate Change and doing what he can to save the planet from the oil companies:


This would seem to fit with his opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline.  He is best known as a co-host on the Internet opinion program “The Young Turks”. He has dabbled in politics, and was apparently a Bernie Sanders supporter:

He was the major contributor to the Op Order discussed above and in his social media postings he clearly states that the U.S. Government is the “Enemy” that he and his fellow veterans intend to engage:

Having reviewed their achievements and positions to date, I am certain that I would not follow either of these two young men anywhere. I especially would not be part of an operation that has declared that it will engage the local Sheriff and the U.S. Government as the opposition and the enemies of the people. I also find their support of numerous George Soros sponsored Globalist agenda items (global warming, gun confiscation, federalized control of police, etc.) suspect.

Certainly most Oath Keepers would oppose the positions of that these individuals have taken with regard to the Bill of Rights, especially with regard to the 2nd Amendment. Lofty goals like saving the planet from climate change provide insight to these individuals thinking and politics. My personal opinion is that they are self-promoting grand standers that wait for a cause to help them promote themselves and then jump in. I scoured their writings and social media activity for any mention of the Dakota Access Pipeline BEFORE it became a media sensation and found nothing.

What the Residents of North Dakota are Reporting

North Dakota Veterans Say They Will Not Join DAPL Veteran Protest

“Participating in this kind of assembly, even as a peaceful bystander or participant, will only mar the image of the North Dakota Veterans,” said Russ Stabler, Coordinating Council Chairman of the North Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs.

The North Dakota veterans said even being in the area is adding to the conflict that exists and that goes against what they took their oaths for.

“To face what they have identified as their enemy and opposing forces, the Morton County Sheriff’s Department and multiple state police agencies,” said Stabler, referring to a document that lays out the VSSR’s plans.

“That’s not peaceful protest, that’s a violation of the law,” said Bill Tuff, Coordinating Council Secretary.

The North Dakota Veterans hope to meet with “Veterans Stand for Standing Rock”, the group behind the gathering, before the group leaves.

“We have reached out to the veterans asking them to not participate,” Stabler said.

Source: KVRR News Fargo, ND

Scott Hennen, a leading radio talk show host in North Dakota, said airlines will make the most profit off the protests because the real stakeholders here weren’t the Native Americans and their secret sacred grounds but [George] Soros-funded anti-energy, anti-environment, anti-jobs activists journeying from the coasts to do their virtue signaling and get arrested or at least charged if possible.


Follow these young men out the Standing Rock at your own risk. Based on their history, I cannot imagine their efforts will improve the situation for either the Standing Rock Sioux or the people of North Dakota.

Click here and here to learn more about the Dakota Access Pipeline Project and the Standing Rock Sioux.



Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.



  1. Clark appears to be a fool. Protesting is one thing, but I take issue with his deliberate attempt at tarnishing the image of veterans, his waffling on what it is to keep his oath, and his promoting the falsehood in a connection between big oil and the climate. The hypocrisy floods from his mouth and his actions.

  2. His conflicted ideology is likely due to some girl he likes. Anyone choosing to be lead by this foolish young man, have tough life lessons ahead.

  3. Oath Keepers and other concerned parties spontaneously and organically organized at Bundy Ranch in 2014. The way people stood together, forcing Bureau of Land Management to retreat, was a great inspiration for those of us who love liberty and the Constitution.

    The efforts of Wood and Clark are a transparent attempt at copycatting…hoping to fire up those on the left who are similarly discontent with the tyrannical status quo.

    We who love liberty share a common problem with those on the left. But what each side sees as the solution could not be more diametrically opposed.

  4. The problem I have with this is that we’re only getting one side of the story. The tribe completely failed to come to the table and negotiate or even discuss ANY alternative plans prior to construction, even though they were repeatedly given opportunities to do so. They waited until this point to begin opposing what was essentially a “done deal”. Had they been fighting this all along, it would have been one thing. But to pop up at the last minute with, “oh, no, we really don’t want this” is too little, too late.

    In addition, they won’t talk about the fact that the much discussed water intake that is at the center of this whole mess is slated to be phased out in the very, very near future. By the time the first gallon of oil flows down the pipeline, that water intake will be shut down. So that part of the protest simply doesn’t hold water, in any sense of the word.

    So I have a hard time supporting the cause overall, let alone these two fools.

    1. JimmyD – We will be putting out a statement and supporting article on this issue very soon. Your concerns about the one-sided nature of the MSM coverage is accurate. We will be telling the rest of the story. It is more than we envisioned when we began investigating it.

  5. All I remember about Gen. Clark is; he’s a Progressive Apologist. I remember him being with NATO or AfriCom, or whichever it was, and on the news every other night telling the citizens of the US, “Why Not.” Having said this, he may be one of those rare opportunities to reach across aisles and find some common ground to work upon. Another possibility would be to have someone like Gen. Jack Keene, or one of our Seal Heroes show up and out shine him……Know this, most of the contested lands were permitted legally, and a bureau from the tribes signed off on the Land-Use. At least that’s what I’m told.

  6. I’ve seen Michael Wood on the Joe Rogan podcast and he seemed to be exposing police brutality at first but then there was something “off” about his presentation. I also find it strange that he’s so outspoken about it now after participating in it for so long and doing nothing. He’s not even apologetic about it.

    I was wondering if/when Oath Keepers would get involved in the DAPL issue, but now I see why you haven’t Wise decision guys. I suspect there is more than grandstanding going on here. They are trying to co-opt the Oath-keeping veteran’s movement.

  7. Great, now even Marty Skovlund is on his way there! Seems most people don’t research what they’re about to be a part of.

    1. *Correction, he just let me know they’re not participating in the protest. they’re going as press.

  8. At least now witnesses are there who will report shit honestly,probably should have gone armed but I get why they wouldn’t want to escalate tensions. Ballsy move either way

  9. We’ve been providing need INTEL to the area and may go in undercover in the near to present future. The whole idea of an unarmed resistance is quite comical to me personally. They are at a great tactical disadvantage and strategically inept. Their attitude of unpreparedness and of being a burden to the forces required to quell the current invasion/occupation force presents a clear and present danger to our Republic. As someone on the Southern Border, it is of great importance to me to see this resistance stopped ASAP.

  10. If your sources for intel and facts are CNN & other MSM you are clearly ignorant of the situation st Standing Rock & any situation involving my Native people! I joined OK 2009 hoping that there was finally a group of people who would follow the rule of law, including Niitsitaapii natural, inherent rights to the land Creator gave us. Sadly, I found that you like many others cherry pick the Constitution to suit your needs! There is no getting around the fact that your govt signed Treaties with our govts & you broke them everyone from the Treaty of Paris Fort Pitt Fort Harmer etc. Art VI clause ii …Treaties are the Supreme Law.. If you claim not, you also claim Constitution void!Thus OUR sovereign, natural inherent rights given by our Creator to OUR lands supercedes those of all immigrants! A ho!

      1. Pinning every uprising of the citizenry on the ‘Evil Puppetmaster’ George Soros is becoming an redundant and overplayed card which downplays the legitimate reasons for people to resist an oppressive system.
        It seems that OK adheres to the narrative that when in doubt blame Soros and than we do not have to look at the full spectrum of factors and conditions that need to come together to create a certain situation.
        Time to be sincere and acknowledge the legitimate grievances of other segments of the population.

      2. Jeru – Acknowledging sincere grievances is the right thing to do. I have stated that many times. I also do not doubt the sincerity of most of the protesters at Standing Rock. The issue is the false narrative that generates the extreme emotions leading to violence. The issue is the instigators of violence imported to what always starts as a peaceful protest. I have thoroughly referenced this article. I have used their articles, statement and their published plans. The conclusions are accurate.

      3. You have referenced the article with pieces that support a particular narrative and adhere to a particular agenda.
        That is not that hard to do in an situation where elitist corporatist entities are waging an all out offensive of false information to create a division in the citizenry.
        The globalist agenda is not that of the civil rights and environmental protection groups that you try to demonize as being mere Soros fronts.
        The globalist agenda is in essence that of the fossil fuel industry and the Wall Street banks that finance this pipeline.
        This is the power structure of the oligarchic corporatocracy that is the thriving force behind the disappearance of the American working class, the decline of the middle class and are the instigators of regime changes and foreign wars.
        All these oligarchs have the same agenda and you are misled if you do not see this is a class struggle of the wealthy elites against the rest of the population.
        The population have legitimate grievances but are being divided along lines of identity politics and so are people in the law enforcement and the military.
        Do you stand with the people who ask for equality and justice or do you serve as a pawn to defend the greed of the oligarchy?

      4. Jeru – The references in the article related to the strategy to leverage Standing Rock as a prototype for future attacks against our banking and financial systems came from them, not some media source intent on diminishing the Standing Rock effort. All of the references regarding the use of Standing Rock and initiatives like this as a weapon against the future President also came from the promoters of the Standing Rock occupation and their parent organization. You have no argument.

        I will simplify this. The Standing Rock protest is premised on two items; 1) that the pipeline could destroy the Standing Rock Tribe’s water source, and 2) that the Dakota Access Pipeline infringes on sacred burial grounds. Both of these premises are untrue. Both of these premises originated with Indigenous Rising Media. Without these two false narratives, this protest would have never attracted the participation of thousands. Without these two premises, the tribe has no legal standing or arguable case. This has already been through the courts. The only question left is why did Indigenous Rising Media feel the need to invent the false narrative? The answer is to use this protest as a prototype for future stands against what they see as an intolerable President. These are their words, not mine. This is their stated strategy in their publications and in their promotion of the Standing Rock event.

      5. NJ – You will believe the narrative that best serves your agenda and others will prioritize the goals that they hold as urgent.
        Clean air and drinking water are the most valuable commodities we have as human beings.
        These necessities for life are what all of us should be working together to protect for our children and the generations to come.
        The transnational corporations and large financial institutions only care about their profit margins and will override the well being of the citizenry for motives of pure greed.

        If you want to believe the rhetoric of conspiracies and ulterior motives that is being created to discredit environmentalists and civil right groups to make you more comfortable with the self serving stance you have taken on these issues then that is your choice.

        Unfortunately it is not going to be bringing forth mutual understanding and will not protect our environment and our civil rights from the greed of the corporate state.
        The financial institutions on Wall Street are not serving the interests of the general population and we will unfortunately see a larger financial collapse than that of 2008 as a result of their unbridled greed.

        Let us remain confident we can all come together as brothers and sisters to work towards a healthier and sustainable future that protects the justice and equality of all citizens.
        Not just protect the interests of the upper echelon that is actually exploiting the citizenry.
        That is all I will say… May peace be upon us all.

      6. Jaru, Re: your comment below “The globalist agenda is not that of the civil rights and environmental protection groups that you try to demonize as being mere Soros fronts.”

        Unfortunately, the globalists do work through the environmental groups to achieve their goals. UN Agenda 21 and 2030, both globalist frameworks, speak to the setting aside of vast amounts of land to be kept from the resident population. Having been an avid supporter of the work of environmental groups, disillusionment quickly set in when I learned that once such land was set aside, it immediately became off limits to the public and that corporate lumber, mineral, and fracking rights were negotiated and granted by the government. Globalist agenda achieved – via the efforts of the very groups opposing it!

        Pointing this out bears no fruit; it would call for drastic changes in existing organizational approaches and methods, but firstly it would require the acknowledgement that ‘successes’ achieved to date were, in fact, antithetical to the ‘cause’ and would undermine the group’s very existence. Hence, bury head in sand and go on with business as usual.

        So clearly, the ancient adage ‘nothing is as it seems’ stands ever true in a world filled with the manipulated and convoluted processes heretofore exemplified, and appears to apply equally to all pertinent issues of the day… to which I can only close with, ’Supporter beware!’

      7. Glad you saw the light Jacqueline. Very rare indeed. I went back to college to get my degree in ESRP. Believe this; I earned every bit of it. My whole premise was to get as close to the real science, and issues as possible, so that I could be a doer and not a spewer. In fact that is true today as it was 4 years ago. Personally, I got tired of the “Monkey see; monkey do” approach. You are dead on with the “Globalist Approach.” Heck, I just got rousted by the Game Dept. today. All because their sign was missing. My brother says, “he probably didn’t write the ticket because the Acronyms told him I’m on the watch lists, and after he checked the rifle I had with (specialty item) it would be best to just report it (add to list). BTW, I accidently trespassed on “Corporate Farmland” that the Game Dept. manages.

      8. Nitsiniyitaaki Tecumseh! Thank you my relative, you are correct. I don’t know why I come back here to argue right or wrong with a group I could easily accuse of being a front group for oath keeping funded by ————– insert billionaires name here. I’m very disheartened that a group of people with a great and necessary mission seems to fall on the wrong side of every issue they take on, or choose to ignore. It’s easy to sit on the couch and accuse others of being bought and paid for by group X and miss the real meaning and purpose of mass movements of people seeking justice, unity and a cleaner world for ALL life! I have relations on the ground at Standing Rock. they are not funded by any rich puppet master but by those of us who can’t be there.

        Yes, movements get co-opted sometimes, but the movement continues, the reporting by MSM stops but the people on the ground continue. Perfect case in point is the Black Lives Matter group where a handful of opportunists like Deray Mckesson got himself hundreds of visits to the White House, a well-paying job, and fame. The people I know in the movement are still fighting for justice, still helping their communities and continue to do so.They do it because it’s right and necessary, not for fame & fortune. Meanwhile, DeRay now claims he is not a member of BLM, now that he and a handful of sellouts accomplished their goal of slowing down a powerful movement and dissuading more people from joining.

        What is happening at Standing Rock is a powerful, spiritual movement that has been ongoing since the Great Immigration. There were always groups of goodheart people like the Quakers, who united with our Native peoples and recognized and fought against the genocide of our people, as there are groups and elected officials that will do everything possible to prevent the unity of all races, creeds, identities from uniting. Those groups are the real danger to all freedom loving peoples. What Wes Clark,Jr.and the brave warriors who joined him have done at Oceti Sakowin camp is the beginning of mending the Sacred Hoop. His mission to apologize and make amends for over 500 years of continuing genocide & our rights to live on the land Creator gave us to care for, is beyond precedent. Of course he is being trashed, slandered libeled by Oath Keepers & others who fear unity of the bottom 99% against the top 1%, and I have to ask why? M&T bank & the Go Fund Me site they used with held the monies donated to Wes & he & Mike Woods are working to straighten that out, but people are attacking them, NOT the banks & funding sites that kept the money. Why?

        So the question is, which one are YOU Oath Keepers? The peoples group or the one that sustains the global hegemony, sides with the oligarchs & multi-national corporations and fears unity of the masses, equality & justice for all.

    1. I fully agree Ravenhair, the ‘Oath Keepers’ claims to be a non-partisan group to uphold the Constitution for ALL citizens however they are injecting divisive rhetoric among their members, and it is sad to see they are urging Veterans not to go to Standing Rock to support the water protectors.

      This organisation is basically a front posturing as ‘protectors of the people’ but after monitoring their narrative it becomes apparent that they adhere to a white nationalist agenda that leaves no room for allies among other segments of the population.
      Time to call them out on their hypocrisy.

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