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NavyJack – Is Donald Trump’s Presidency a Clear and Present Danger?

Over the past 3 months, we have been extremely busy with our initiatives to stop voter intimidation and fraud, infiltrate the violent protest organizations that are raising havoc as the result of the election of Donald Trump and leading reconnaissance efforts into the most violent of the organizations threatening the Presidential Inauguration and the President-Elect himself.

While our reconnaissance efforts are still in-progress, it is time to put pen to paper and tell you what I can about what I have learned and where I see things going. By observing those involved in the various protests and destructive activity, it is clear that these individuals are genuinely fearful of a Donald Trump Presidency. At the lowest levels, the emotions are real and the hyperbole has transcended from propaganda to fact in their beliefs.  By itself, this unwarranted and irrational fear is driving the people to do things they would never have considered doing under normal circumstances. The protests will continue and the Presidential Inauguration will be marred with illegal activities, including blocking access to the guest bleachers and observation points, blocking key roads into the area and if allowed, blocking the Inauguration Parade itself. Several inauguration balls have also been targeted for visits by some of the more extreme protest groups.

soros_indianWhat I can say publicly about our operations is that the higher up you get in each and every one of the major disrupter organizations is that these organizations all connect at the top. Whether it is the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest, DisruptJ20, ANSWER Coalition or Black Lives Matter; they all are financed, led and orchestrated by the same collective of Fascist Globalists. The leaders of these Fascist Globalist organizations have several common attributes:

  1. Their top leadership does not include people of color.
  2. A great number of their leaders are women.
  3. Many are associated with the NEOCON agenda.
  4. They are wealthy.

In the coming weeks leading up to the inauguration, the planning and scheming will accelerate. Many new people will be drawn into the web of propaganda and become drones for collective action against the incoming administration. Following the inauguration, the protest and destructive activities will continue indefinitely. All of these actions will be cumulative and create an environment of risk going forward. I have organized these risks into three distinct threat groups:

  1. No Threat – these are items of pure propaganda that have been propagated to generate real emotional fear into the minds of our citizens. While there is no threat of the listed items actually taking place, the fear that has been generated by propaganda will continue to drive individuals to irrational actions.
  2. Moderate Threat – these are items of real consequence that are based on facts that if left unresolved will pose an existential threat to our nation’s survival.
  3. Severe Threat – these are items of such high importance that if the underlying factors that are the basis of the threat are not dealt with immediately and with purpose, our nation will fail.

In each group, I have listed threat elements from a dispassionate perspective. You may choose to disagree with me on one or more of these elements. I assure you that my analysis is based on a cold, hard assessment of facts. Please take time to review the extensive number of references included in this article.

1. No Threat

Illegal Alien Roundups and Internment Camps

Trump will not be sending out teams of ICE agents to arrest millions of illegal aliens. Many of the illegals that will be deported within Trumps’ first year are either already scheduled for deportation or are in prison. Our immigration problems will be solved by simply following our current laws. Trump will reactivate the iVerify employment eligibility system. Within two years, 20% of the illegal aliens in our country will self-deport due to lack of work. Within three years at least half of those who have decided to stay will have left the country, applied for a work Visa and re-entered in order to keep their jobs. Blanket asylum processes will be halted. Individuals seeking asylum will have to individually apply, be individually vetted and a determination of their individual circumstances will lead to an approval or denial based on the merits. Once the border wall is completed and our Border Patrol is back on the job, the flow of illegals into the country will slow to a trickle. There will be no mass roundups or internment camps.

The Rise of “Alt-Reich” White Nationalism

npi_naziNobody is more opposed to raced –based nationalism than Donald Trump. He has repeatedly disavowed and criticized efforts to link his administration to White Nationalism. The news media and organizations like the National Policy Institute (NPI) have caused this concern by attempting to cause racial division and legitimize their movement with a link to Trump respectively. There is no link. There never was a link. All of this is propaganda fueled by the Main Stream Media (MSM) and the Globalists in an effort to further divide our nation along racial lines.

The End of Reproductive Freedom

President Trump has repeatedly stated that Rowe v Wade is not settled law. He is personally pro-life and will appoint pro-life justices. In my opinion, the end result of all of this will be limits on abortions and the complete removal of Federal funding for abortion providers.  Implementation of a 20 week limit, unless the life of the mother is clinically endangered, and a partial birth abortion ban are likely. These are simply common sense limits on a law that has done more to divide out nation than any other law in history.

Black Lives Won’t Matter

deray_moreaUnder Trump, the cozy relationship of Black Lives Matter (BLM) leadership with the White House will end. Sanity will return to the US Justice Department with regard to racial issues. Laws will be enforced. Inner-city crime will be a priority and Black Lives will truly Matter again. The BLM movement will be exposed as the fraud that it is and the real future of race relations in this country will be set onto a course of reconciliation. The Globalist interests fueling racial division in our country with movements like La Raza, BLM and CAIR will be exposedOur nations Black population and the plight of the inner-cities will be a priority. America will see once and for all that the BLM movement never had a basis in fact and the movement will end.  I find it ironic that the entire BLM movement has not figured out that the primary source of their funding and their MSM promotion has come from White Fascist Globalists.

The Planet Will Experience Runaway Global Warming

Under Trump, the manufactured data underlying the hoax of Anthropologic Global Warming (AGW) will be erased. The real data, always available but never used, will be presented. AGW will be fully exposed as a fraud. Real environmental issues, like clean water and the ability to produce food supplies will receive the funding previously squandered on an AGW religion that had only two purposes; 1) make those already rich richer, and 2) diminish national sovereignty in favor of Fascist Globalism.  The planet will be better served as will all species that inhabit it. There is only one thing worse that White Nationalists; White Fascist Globalists posing as Marxists under the guise of the United Nations. AGW is the Brainchild of these White Fascist Globalists in their effort to achieve global domination of people of color.

LBGT Marginalization and Queer Bashing

donald-trump-flag-x750President Trump has not only embraced the LBGT community he has promoted it. All arguments to the contrary are without basis. The fear that has been injected into the LGBT community by the MSM is just one more example of how Fascist Globalists use the media to infect the minds of our citizens. The LBGT community has nothing to fear from Trump.  The fact that so many in the LBGT community are fearful and protesting against Trump is a testament to the power of the Fascist Globalists and their control over the MSM. All citizens need to be more assertive in bashing the MSM for inciting these fears.

Nuclear War with Russia

The current NEOCONs responsible for our foreign policies are solely responsible for the re-establishment of cold-war sentiments between the United States and Russia. Our US State Department led the effort to destabilize the Ukraine with billions of US Tax-Payer dollars. This was the first shot fired in a run-up to conflict with Russia. The problem is that most Americans think our two-party political system is comprised of Democrats and Republicans. It is not. There are the Globalist NEOCONs, led by people like the Bush family, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Lindsey Graham and John McCain. The opposition to the NEOCONs is now led by what was once labeled the Tea-Party. Like it or not, the Tea-Party will be running the country starting on January 20, 2017. Other opposition political groups, including the Green Party have also been somewhat influential. The only path toward minimizing the risk of war with Russia and China is to eliminate the influence of the NEOCONs. Once you realize that these NEOCONs are nothing more than Fascist White Globalists pretending to be whatever is politically expedient to retain power, all of our nation’s interference in other nations since the end of the Reagan administration makes sense. The election of Trump signaled the end of the NEOCON era. They will not go down without a fight and would provoke a war with Russia or China to retain control.

A Ban on the Muslim Religion

muslim_brotherhoodPresident Trump is not going to ban Muslims from entering or living peacefully in the United States. His program will place additional limitations and intense screening for those attempting to emigrate from nations that are currently undergoing Jihad. This is practical and prudent. President Trump will outlaw organizations that embrace Jihad in the United States. The Muslim Brotherhood will be first on the list to be excised as it has been in many other civilized nations. Muslims living peacefully in the US that are not engaged in efforts to install Sharia Law or promoting Jihad will flourish under the trump administration. Mosques that are involved with radicalization of Muslim youth and are preaching domination will be excised using every tool available to the US Department of Justice.

2. Moderate Threat

Economic Collapse

economic-collapseNothing that has happened in conjunction with the election of Donald Trump has solved our nation’s economic crisis. The nation has accumulated $20T in debt; half of which was incurred under President Obama. If you were trying to bankrupt our nation, you could not have done it quicker than what the Obama administration has achieved. White Fascist Globalists use debt to enslave nations. President Obama allowed the White Fascist Globalist to put the United States on the path to economic collapse. This is how Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Venezuela, The Ukraine and many other Globalist conquests have been achieved. France, Germany and the United States were next on their list. Once the United States was added to the collective, Russia would have been and may well still be their next conquest. If the Trump administration is not able to contend with the runaway spending of our Federal Government, the nation will collapse. At best, the odds of surviving an economic collapse under Trump are 50/50. Under a President Clinton, it would have occurred within her first term. Hillary was the NEOCON that had been selected by the Globalists for this privilege.

Civil War

Should our younger generations continue to consume the propaganda of the MSM, inciting fear and divisiveness, our nation will succumb to civil war. The fears our citizens are feeling are real emotions. The underlying facts generating these fears are not. We need to reach out to these people, even in their current state of rage, and calm their fears. If we do not, the irrational fears will build with every hoax perpetrated by the MSM.

This is a serious issue that must be dealt with in the near term to avoid conflict. The conflict will be an “everybody against the straight white male” construct. It will be based on the false religion of “white privilege”. The irony of this conflict is that it has been invented, stoked and pushed by White Fascist Globalists intent on using divisiveness to collapse our nation into their collective domination. If it weren’t so destructive, the fact that groups like the ANTIFA and the Revolutionary Communist Party have labeled Donald trump as a white racist fascist is hilarious. Donald Trump, Bernie Saunders and Jill Stein were the ONLY national party candidates that were not Fascist Globalist leadership figures.

3. Severe Threat

Assassination of the President

The White Fascist Globalists, led by the NEOCONs in the United States are not going down without a fight. President John F. Kennedy lost his fight with the fledging globalists. Ronald Reagan came close. It is certain that Reagan’s effort to contain the ambitions of the Globalists, led by then Vice President George HW Bush, ended on day 69 of his Presidency.

I fear Donald Trump is heading into the same rough seas and will suffer the same fate. Should this come to pass, the Civil War discussed above will become unstoppable. Economic collapse will be a certainty. The White Fascist Globalist agenda as it relates to the United States of America will be complete.


Should Donald Trump survive and be even marginally successful, the most significant threat our nation faces will be complacency. Patriot groups will find little reason to fear extermination like they did under the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations. Prepping will go out of fashion. This will all be based on a false sense of security that is so paper-thin as to almost be non-existent. Complacency will give maneuvering room to the NEOCONs and the Globalists. We cannot let our guard down. We must question all Federal Government actions as they relate to the preservation and restoration of our Constitutional Republic. It is not good enough that for a period of 4 to 8 years, Trump slows its decay and entrance into the Globalist collective. Stay the course. Remain vigilante. Fight back against violations of the Bill of Rights. Prepare your communities for civil war and collapse. Get your CPT moving.  Run for local political office. Get control back of your schools from the Marxist fools that prepare your children to be the useful idiots of the Globalists. We must use this opportunity to fight back the scourge of White Fascist Globalism, or in four short years we will be in worse shape than if a Trump Presidency had never occurred.

Merry Christmas!



Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.


  1. OK, so we know about the trillions of dollars spent on tunnels for thee elites. Let’s get that money back. I only hear about what they are doing to us. Education is our power.

  2. if anything, militia groups need to train harder in the event of a coup against president trump by the democrats and other factors against him. Oathkeepers should make it a point to visit all patriot groups possible and establish, communication, and suggest training standards.

    1. The US Constitution has certain requirements from Militia groups before they can lawfully
      — Enforce the US Constitution and each state’s Constitution,
      — Enforce and keep the “Laws of the Union” (which are constitutional laws ONLY),
      — Protect the country against all enemies both domestic and foreign, and
      — “to suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”

      They, like other Oath takers, are bound to the US Constitution, and to the Constitution of their own state. But they must know them well enough to always be determining if an order is lawful or not, to follow it or not. They must be educated in those Constitutions. They are required to be trained as the military is trained by the US Constitution. Those that serve within the state and general (federal) governments have duties TO THE Militias. (Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 15 & 16)

      When treason and domestic enemies abound the Militias are 100% under their own officers, but ALL must know their US Constitution, their state Constitution so that they always can recognize an unlawful order and then refuse it/them.

  3. Good article, NavyJack.
    I see complacency as a VERY BIG threat. We can’t just sit back and watch, as the Globalists will do everything in their power to undermine Trump and those of us who are fighting the Fascists Globalists. We are now at ‘the beginning of the beginning”, rather than the “beginning of the end”, which we would be at if Hillary had won. There are many fights still ahead.

    We are seeing a sea change of public perception. No longer does the Mainstream Media (MM) control public perception. In fact, the MM has lost most of their credibility, along with their audience, though they still control the Social Justice Warriors (SJW) and the Snowflakes, but the SJWs and the Snowflakes have been exposed and have lost a good deal of support. Now is the time for us to spread our story of common sense and the Constitution.

    Shorty Dawkins

  4. complacency would be the death of this country, and if the libs ever get control again, were screwed. their ideas are getting less and less moral and more and more retarded. if they want to live that way put a fence around California and let em be their own little fucktard country and see how that works. I’ll bet a dollar to a donut it wouldn’t last 6 months!

  5. “… they all are financed, led and orchestrated by the same collective of Fascist (corporatist) Globalists”. Your ‘corporatist’ link only went to a Wikipedia link defining ‘corporatism’.

    You make reference several times to Fascist Globalist’s, Globalist’s, their leadeers, etc., yet you never identify them. Who are they specifically?

      1. Navy Jack, I would like to expand on SheepDog’s query. What is needed is a comprehensive organizational chart. To do that, you would have to create a massive database that is fully relational. That is the short version. I know that the biggest obstacle to accomplishing that is manpower. The next paragraph explains why IMO it is critically necessary.

        When Trump takes office, he will not declare war against them and therefore will not declare them to be our enemy. It is a fact that they are committing both overt and covert acts of war against us and every nation of the world. AND YET they are never held accountable. THIS MAKES THEM ABOVE THE LAW. They have been above the law from the very beginning. Maybe they have good reason for thinking of themselves as gods. They really are “ten feet tall and bulletproof”. Do they dwell upon some higher strata that we could never reach and never truly comprehend? That would mean that we can battle against their forces but can only reach a certain height and will never have the power to reach them. It reminds me of the scripture that declares “Who can make war against the BEAST?”.

      2. Yoda – In my profession, we use the saying “don’t polish the grapes”. What this means is that when a 95% solution is identified, you don’t spend the resources trying to find the other 5%. The reason for this is that that last 5% usually costs 500 times more that the initial 95% solution and rarely yields anything of consequence. It would take years to diagram and explain all of the various organizations, interests and relationships at work to destabilize the United States. Various authors have focused on one aspect or one cause. To make this easier to understand, the following graphic provides a high level overview of the types of organizations, their relationships to other types of organizations and a non-inclusive list of the organizations within each type:

        Please also review

        I developed it myself from years of research with access to materials that are not available in open source news articles. You are not going to find the answers you are looking for in the Washington Post, the New York Times or on Patriot sites that regurgitate conspiracy theories. You actually have to find a way into their meetings. You have to dialog with their leadership to discern their motives. I am not going to write about how we are accomplishing this in an Oath Keepers’ news article or in a blog posting. The one open source reference that I have identified that is “usually” accurate is Discover the Networks. See

        You are going to have to be a more specific with your paragraph reference and Biblical thoughts. What you are saying is not clear to me. I am unable to reply because I do not understand the point you are trying to make.

      3. Well Jack, this won’t turn into some contest. Neither you nor I would let that happen. My biblical reference only pointed to the fact that the elites are untouchable. I could come from another direction by asking the question “Who jumpstarted and enabled Hitler and the Third Reich?”. Hitler and the Nazi armies were defeated but the elites went unscathed. That sure supports your statements concerning the 95% and the 5%. My reply had everything to do with taking down the elites. To reach them, you have to go through their armies.
        I am 70 year old, Jack. There was a time when elders were valued for their knowledge and experience. Those days seem to be long gone. I will tell you why I think so highly of you. It is, as I told Stewart a while back, because you remind me of me back in the day when I was so prolific. Intel/counterintel wasd my profession back then. Now I would love the luxury of being able to sit back in my rocking chair and whittling my life away but there is too much at stake for me to take my rest. Stewart once told a story about an old man who, during the revolutionary war, went out alone to face the enemy. He was shot a few times and was left for dead. But, as the enemy passed on by him, he was still trying to reload. I got pretty inspired when I heard that. I may not shine brightly like I used to but I’m still giving my 110%.

        I have no intention of elevating myself by recounting past deeds. I can only say that I know what I’m talking about. But I do sincerely apologize for interrupting the narrative. Please, by all means, carry on.

      4. Yoda – Obviously I have insulted you, which I assure you was not my intention. I am re-reading my post to see where I went astray. Hopefully when I have your years of experience, some wisdom will come with it and I can still give 110% like you. For now, I believe that this is a contest between good and evil. I have faith that with enough effort, good can push back on those who would seek to enslave us. If I didn’t have this faith I would become a prepper and simply wait for the end to come. While I am able, I will use the small talents I have been given to push back and expose the dark forces. You may be right; the elite may be untouchable. I however, am confident that the results of the current election set the elite back and may even have put them into a corner for a short while. I do not subscribe to the theory that nothing happens without the approval and consent of the elites. If this were true, Trump would not be President Elect. This I know from first-hand interactions. I am fortunate to have friends like you to help keep me moving in the right direction. Thank you!

        Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

      5. Thanks. I did re-read those articles.

        Does any of your intel come from sources other than internet websites, news articles and blogs? I’m not discounting those sources. They can be compelling. I’d just like to see something more… reliable? Of course, with all the dis-information coming from Gov’t., the MSM, bureaucrats, etc., maybe their just isn’t any. I’m just not one to believe something because I read it online. I’m looking for the paper trail that connects the dots.

      6. Sheepdog – Nothing I can share on a blog or in a news article. OpSec. The following is an example of the information we are able to collect:

        This is the Draft Agenda from November 4th for the Democracy Partners Alliance Summit; 4 days before the election. Please refer to page 1 (Sunday) from 7PM to 9PM. The discussion is about how they will leverage Hillary Clinton’s first 100 days in office. In fact, the entire agenda assumes a Hillary Clinton win on November 8th. This was the Globalists Agenda on November 4th, 4 days before the election.

        On November 13th, 5 days after the election, the opening remarks in the keynote address at this conference, (word for word) were made by Democracy Partners Alliance President, Gara LaMarche:

        “You don’t lose an election you were supposed to win, with so much at stake, without making some big mistakes, in assumptions, strategy and tactics. A significant reassessment must take place without recrimination and finger-pointing, whatever frustration and anger some of us feel about our own allies in these efforts. It is a process we should not rush, even as we gear up to resist the Trump administration.”

        To learn more about the types of activities being funded by the Democracy Partners Alliance, please see

        Please understand that we have several ongoing operations. Please see the following for an example

        To get to their motivation and objectives you actually have to find a way into their meetings. You have to dialog with their leadership. Please contact your State Leadership for more information.

  6. Navy Jack, I agree with you, as usual, that sometimes the elite miscalculate and suffer loss. I think that Trump was one such miscalculation. Now they seek to take advantage of the situation. I can assure you that Raegan was a miscalculation. Even so, they marched on and managed to infiltrate his administration with globalists, up to and including the vice president. Their mindset is much like the Borg from Star Trek. Relentless.

    I don’t consider the elites as undefeatable. I just know that no one has raised their target sites that high. It saddens me to say that I don’t think that will happen even now. Perhaps at the end of WWIII we will be bold and wise enough to continue on to reach them. But right now I see them as being back on their heels a bit. Brexit was an alarm for them. The people of western Europe are beginning to wake up to nationalism, especially in response to the forced influx of Muslims from the Middle East. Then there is the resistance they are receiving from Russia and the building of trade alliances between Russia, China and others from lthe east, eastern Europe and the middle east. These trade alliances come with military and political attachments. Then there is Trump. That is a lot to absorb and react to in a short period. They are alarmed for sure and may even be feeling a bit desperate. Just how desperate they are will play itself out in the near future.

    Concerning insult, it is a fact of nature that, the older you get, the thinner your skin becomes. Old age is not for the weak or faint of heart. I would ask only that as you run your race, you remember that you are running your leg of a long relay race. Someone passed that baton to you. I = am – sidelined to a degree but I’m and cheering you on and offering my support.

    Bod bless and have a very Merry Christmas, Navy Jack.

    1. Yoda – I promise that I will always remember that mine is but a very short leg of a very long race. I just hope that in some small way I can live up to the courage of those that came before me. I agree with everything you say above. We are on the same page. God bless.

  7. A commenter said above: “…Does any of your intel come from sources other than internet websites, news articles and blogs? I’m not discounting those sources. They can be compelling….I’m just not one to believe something because I read it online. I’m looking for the paper trail that connects the dots…”

    The believability of an overall picture such as what is described in this article is key to helping wake up more and more Americans. I, too, do not believe something because I read it. What makes the idea of the overall picture believable is personal experience. Experience by interactions with anyone from any government position what-so-ever. It is easy to extrapolate and correlate an idea such as this article’s if one has directly experienced something similar in their local community, or their state government.

    Americans need to get out there and interact with their local government. Everywhere and anytime they are able. One doesn’t need to make it their full-time recreational activity, but even going to one meeting, or sending a few emails or making a few phone calls and challenging our local government to live up to their oaths of office and their duty of ethical behavior can go a long way toward connecting the dots in our own communities.

    This in turn can help us better comprehend the validity of an analysis such as the one in this article. On a personal level based on local experience, I find it highly believable.

    Well done, NJ.

  8. The problem with militia’s…..

    There is no central command for organizational continuity nationwide. The term “militia” has been demonized and classified by the likes of the hatemongering organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Police agencies and sheriff’ departments do not (in most cases) want to be associated with a militia.

    However….the militia is a very important element for when the SHTF. When that happens, people will come out of the woodwork to join. Law enforcement could very well need the help in many locations, especially if a full blown civil war breaks-out, as it seems to be heading that direction…all law enforcement agencies should prepare to welcome, train, vet, and deputize militia members as a “posse.”

    Otherwise….a militia that doesn’t will be considered a rogue / rightwing extremist group.

    Validating a militia to bring them into the fold of a central command status should be the Oath Keepers, which happens to be the only organization with credible influence among many law enforcement types nationwide. The bulk of Oath Keepers membership are highly trained current / former military and law enforcement types.

    Grant it…there are militia’s out there with highly trained individuals, but those militia’s that want no part of a central command structure, are the ones that will take a backseat when the SHTF….or at the last minute, concede to organizational structure.

    I propose a positive psyop campaign by Oath Keepers to begin a campaign by which Oath Keepers and militia’s jointly support all law enforcement for when the time comes.

    T-shirts and bumper stickers, including billboards and press releases with the slogan:
    (badge with law enforcement across the pictured shield) “WE HAVE YOUR BACK” and on the bottom of the bumper sticker “Oath Keepers” “”

    I know from a recent encounter at a bar with 6 off duty cops, I told them thanks for their service and that “Oath Keepers have your back !” They all smiled and shook my hand with a big thank you and a Merry Christmas.

    The psyop aspect is to show support for law enforcement and to let it be known to the public, among all that see bumper stickers, t-shirts, etc, that when the time comes, the relationship between law enforcement and Oath Keepers will be accepted. Armed support and not only constitutional testimony to keeping one’s Oath, but a more proactive involvement of organizing vetted militia’s and future integration of a posse for their county.

    And of course, there is blow back from organizing all militia’s, because Oath Keepers will be labeled a “militia” but isn’t already? It’s time to take the gloves off…..

    I think vetting a militia is key to being credible and legal. For those militia leaders with ego’s out the window, the black cloud will remain over them and/or they will be insignificant in the future when things become dangerous…and it’s coming. By joining Oath Keepers as a militia will significantly increase militia membership.

    Oath Keepers is well established and has the organizational skills to promote a unified armed contingency FOR Law Enforcement. THEY WILL NEED IT….and should not fear Oath Keepers support, especially (now) under a Trump administration.

    If we were under Hillary Clinton…..such a program would NOT work and could put Oath Keepers out to being a terrorist organization while Black Lives Matter would be Hillary’s communist force of despots.

    After January 20th, America turns a chapter and will not be anything like it has been since Kennedy.

    The threat becomes exponential under Trump, because the communists are doing smash and grab of weapons from gun stores nationwide and they’re gearing-up now.

    Law enforcement need to get prepared and begin welcoming the help of Oath Keepers to organize vetted posse men and women. The best trained veteran / civilian are likely part of a militia…it’s time to bring the best into a central command structured organization now.

    I’m sure this posting will get a response both negative and positive…..

    1. Rabid vDog – I agree, but I’m not sure why it would need to be a PsyOp. If you are an Oath Keeper, local law enforcement should always know you have their back. That’s my opinion.

      1. The public at-large need the psyop to break the barrier of the stigma the Obama administration have placed on Oath Keepers and those that train on weekends. The psyop is a two way battle underway and the Communist Party USA, La Raza, LULAC, La MEChA, ISIS, CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, the New Black Panther Party and Black Lives Matter are organizing under a central command under George Soros/Media Matters (with propaganda) and soon a new leader emerges to win the hearts and minds of the far left extremists…and his name is Obama.

        The psychological warfare has to show a good side, equally as strong, and equally committed to a war if THEY want to engage law enforcement and the people….which they intend to do.

        President Trump, U.S. Border Patrol, our military and most every county’s law enforcement are going to need solid support. Otherwise….they will be on their own, and capable citizens will (continue) to fear being labeled, criticized and cornered by aggressive elements on the far left.

        Obama hits the road after January 20th to coordinate a resistance against the New America in-order to shock the common citizen into their arena for the next election in 2020.

        George Soros will continue to out fund (us) at every turn while building their resistance to levels we have not seen yet. They will blame Trump and others at every turn with their own Psyop.

        Our Psyop must repel their efforts by showing the public the difference between evil and good.

        The bumper stickers alone will send a message to all and membership will triple over night, making this organization strong and ready.

        Most important though……

        Oath Keepers cannot just take in memberships and print bumper stickers, the annual events and other activity training events need to increase over the next TWO years in-order to be fully ready for when all hell breaks loose in THREE years (or sooner).

        Oath Keepers can be the law enforcement coordination organization with constant mailings to sheriff departments across the nation with various stages of notifications and the encouragement to use/welcome Oath Keeper / Militia vetted persons (as a group) to become further involved with their local and county departments while establishing protocols for the creation of an emergency posse team(s). Encourage law enforcement to look at potential posse members from Oath Keepers to be trained and certified by that particular agency.

        The program (IMO) should be headed-up and organized by a retired military LTC or higher, and/or a former retired Sheriff. This should involve CSPOA at some level under one membership /vetting process. If CSPOA doesn’t want to participate, then so be it !

        There are no other organization(s) in America that can bring trained veterans together for the fight that is coming. The objective though (emphasis)….is to show strength in numbers and what the mission is (psyop) to counter a civil war.

        If we don’t…..we are all on our own and law enforcement will be getting hit right and left, the cities will burn, Trump supporters will be hit and will be afraid to vote in 2020. If the enemy see an awakening that is ready for the fight, armed to the teeth, and under a central command structure, they will mostly cower and the psyop will have been worth it.

        I’m not that optimistic about them cowering….but Oath Keepers would have the support to deal with whatever comes our way….and so would law enforcement. Law enforcement need to “get real” and realize their job just got 10 times more dangerous as the communists begin their plans for tearing-down what we intend to build.

        Is it any wonder why AG Lynch went-on a nationwide visit to law enforcement in major cities to introduce United Nations plans for federalizing police? They’re one step ahead of the public and Trump, if he takes the bait. THEY don’t want Constitutional Sheriffs and would like to eliminate the Sheriffs in every county.

  9. You have outdone yourself with this work NJ. I have to say I agree 100% with your threat level assessment. I’ve read every comment and love the fact that many seem to recognize that organizing and relationship building at the “local” level is crucial. The importance of this can’t be overstated. The complacency warning is equally hard to overstate too. History is replete with failures resulting from complacency. The tendency to win ground and pause for rest and celebration is historically inferior to the win ground, and then go for the juggler while they’re on their heels. The lessons of Pickett’s Charge…momentum. Lastly, “education”. Don’t waste precious time arguing with ideologues…look for people on the fence. And then adopt the Lincoln formula: “When the conduct of men is designed to be influenced, persuasion, kind unassuming persuasion, should ever be adopted. It is an old and true maxim that ‘a drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of gall.’ So with men. If you would win a man to your cause, first convince him that you are his sincere friend. Therein is a drop of honey that catches his heart, which, say what he will, is the great highroad to his reason, and which, once gained, you will find but little trouble in convincing him of the justice of your cause, if indeed that cause is really a good one.” Merry Christmas OK Friends…

    1. Thank you Chip! What we need to do now is to get other Patriots out of their basements tweeting out wisdom; counting their beans/rice and waiting for the end to come. The fight is out there, not on a blog and not in our basements. We need to encourage and support Oath Keepers to run for Sheriff, city council, school board or anything that allows us to start turning back the Globalist agenda in our own communities. We need to realize that for a very short window of time we can make a big difference. We need to go to hearings on legislation that needs to be defeated or approved. We need to be present and accounted for at meetings in our city/county councils and our schools. Adams, Hancock, Jefferson, Lee and the rest of the founders were men who sought public office in order to influence outcomes. They were men that took action when needed. They spoke up and created a nation. Right now, with the little reprieve from Obama and the Fascists posing as Marxists that we have, we must all strive all to emulate the founders courage and move forward in our own communities.

      1. Amen to that. Well said. But don’t neglect the rice and beans either. Sadly, I’d be willing to wager that most of the patriots out there don’t really have their food storage in order either, and that is of strategic importance. This nation used to have three years grain reserve (a Strategic Grain Reserve) during the Cold War, enough to feed the entire population, but now has zero grain stored away. So, if we had an EMP attack or natural EMP event, or if we had coordinated terror attacks on the power grid, or an economic collapse, or a major war with China or Russia (either conventional or nuclear) we would see millions of Americans starving to death. It is mind bobbling that the Federal Government has not seen that great risk and taken steps to plan for it, with a modern version of a Strategic Grain Reserve (which could include other long term storage foods besides just grain).

        So, by all means we do need to become (or stay) involved in politics, and, as Jack said, especially at the local level, but also get to work fixing any holes in your own preparedness plans, and then turn to preparing your community. Unless and until we can convince the incoming Trump Admin to restore our Strategic Food Reserve, we patriots will have to do it ourselves, and that is a tall order.

  10. Do you honestly think Trump shares your beliefs? Look at his cabinet. He’s the same leader we’ve had for 50 years – a globalist. Disappointed in you guys for this blind belief in the charlatan Trump.

    1. I don’t think anyone is giving Trump a free pass. I am hopeful but I’m certainly not naïve. If I see him going in the right direction on issues, I will support him. If he wanders from the straight and narrow, I will oppose that. He hasn’t come out of the chute yet. Haven’t seen him ride this beast. His time starts when the chute opens. Right now, I’m just saying “Ride em cowboy”.

  11. MonkeyJones has a valid concern regarding some of the picks being made by Trump. John Bolton (Deputy State) and Peter Thiel (transition advisor) are the two that stand out in my view. Neither have been selected for top spots, but appear to be in positions to bridge the transition from the NEOCON/Globalist agenda to a Nationalist agenda. Most of the other picks, while wealthy, are not Globalists. I am confident in Gen. Mattis, Gen. Kelly and Gen. Flynn. None are Globalists. The only people calling Rex Tillerson (State) a globalist are NEOCON Globalists. This smacks of fake news. I’ve looked into Tillerson’s background. He is a self-made man. He is a deal maker. His deals always seem to find ways to pour money back to his shareholders and to Texas. I think he is actually a Nationalist that can get things done with other countries. Steve Mnuchin (Treasury) is someone that knows how to manage debt on a massive scale. The US has debt on a massive scale. He is from Goldman Sachs, but he never was a top player there (his highest position was CIO). He wants to rollback Dodd-Frank and fix the Glass-Steagall issue. These are not Globalist positions. My gut says he will be OK also.

    I know Sylvester Stallone was offered the top position with the National Endowment of the Arts and that he is a gun-control advocate. People right here at Oath Keepers railed about it for weeks as proof Trump was a fraud. How ridiculous. He was not being offered the job as head of the BATFE and would have been in no position to advocate for gun-control, but those who just want to find fault with Trump decided this was all the proof they needed. Stallone turned the job down and now all I hear is crickets from those who criticized Trump for even considering him.

    To sum this up; be patient. You are not going to like everything Trump does or doesn’t do. He is not a Globalist. Anyone that says this does not know what a Globalists is. Globalists are open-borders, get everyone addicted to welfare, TPP/EU loving fascist, corporatists. Trump is a Capitalist and a Nationalist. You can’t be a Globalist if you are a Capitalist or a Nationalist. Trump is fighting the Globalist agenda tooth and nail. If you do not realize this, it is time for you to find new sources of information. He will win some battles and lose some battles. He was not the choice of the Globalists for US President. This conspiracy theory is pure hokum with no basis whatsoever. Complete and utter baloney. What you need to focus on is who he picks for judges, especially the U.S. Supreme Court Justices. If he picks originalists, we have a real chance to start moving our country back in the right direction. If he doesn’t, he is a fraud. The rest is window dressing.

    1. I agree with almost everything you’ve said here, Navy Jacki. If you want to find a globalist, as them who owns the land. I watched a briefing that Rex Tillerson gave to the CFR. The man is pretty darn awesome. I was very encouraged when he told them that the land belongs to the states. I also liked the way he handled the issue of global warming. He didn’t deny that it is a viable truth but said that the creation of fear is a much exaggerated overreaction. His conclusion was that we can easily make realistic adjustments to minimize the effects of global warming without affecting lifestyle or quality of life. There is an honest and scientifically accurate rebuttal to the fear merchants.

      1. Two corrections. No “I” at the end of Jack. Fat finger sabotage. Also Ask them who owns the land. If anyone still has doubts about the intention of the elites concerning wealth and ownership, I encourage you to watch a movie titled “The Siege at Jadotville”. It is a very good war movie but it is also a historical account of what happened in the Congo in the 60’s. You might ask yourself if the UN had an honorable beginning. Clearly it is a globalist controlled entity now. I also know that the elites took advantage of the “Cold War” to advance their hold on politics and land and they have never slowed down.

      1. I read your remarks. Conspiracy theories? Surely you jest my friend. We live in a world where conspiracy theories are proven as fact day after day. Either you are dumb or you are a controlled opposition. The facts Brandon lays out are that clear. I can’t tell which you are, and to me it matters not. I know what to do with your misinformation from now on. Though I do hope still that you are just counter-counter-misinformation (i.e. giving the enemy the appearance of idiocy to make yourself appear harmless).

      2. monkeyjones – I have neither the time nor the inclination to spar with you on these issues. I present facts and observations from actually being there. Brandon does not. End of discussion.

      3. Referencing Navy’s comment below (since I can’t reply to it)…

        Navy, I’m not sparring with you. I’m just saying you can’t POSSIBLY see Trump’s actions and think he’s for liberty.

        Regarding “being there”, that’s a very vague claim. Where, exactly, are you that we are not? Unless you are in Trump’s confidence and he has specifically told you “it aint’ so”, he’s a shill and a globalist player. EVERY action of his says so. I won’t list them because they are plain and obvious. Start with his cabinet picks. Are you ok with it being full of ex-Goldman-Sachs people, friends of Soros, etc? Are you ok with his no longer wanting to drain the swamp. He’s walking down all of his promises…will you just chalk it up to “skillful positioning”? What a joke.

        Tell me this…what has Trump DONE…not what has he said…but what has Trump DONE to warrant such blind faith from you? I’ll wager a guess…absolutely nothing.

      4. monkeyjones – I already covered the Steve Mnuchin (Goldman Sachs) Treasury and John Bolton, Deputy State, appointments above. As for the rest of your “friends of Soros” statement; it is not accurate and you have nothing to back it up. Also see

        As for your “being there” comments; who do you think is leading our efforts to infiltrate the Globalist meetings, collect documentation and provide that information to Oath Keepers National? I am not writing these articles from a trailer in the woods with information I read somewhere out on the Internet. If I put it out on this site, the information was obtained by a trusted Oath Keeper, first-hand. In nearly half of these operations, I was there personally.

        You also need to learn what a Globalist is and isn’t. I explained it above; I provided references in the article. See

        You also need to understand the agenda of the NEOCONS. Listen to Ron Paul explain it here

        As for Trump, he is a Capitalist and a Nationalist, not a Fascist or a Globalist. He is not a NEOCON. Anyone that claims that Trump is a “Globalist” is speaking from ignorance and does not understand what a Globalist is. How he performs as President is an open question. Whether he pushes through with his promised agenda remains to be seen. Whether his administration proves beneficial to the Patriot movement remains to be seen. You don’t know the answer. I don’t know the answer. Brandon Smith doesn’t know the answer. Because of the NEOCONS in the U.S. Senate, there will have to be compromises. Don’t expect miracles. As I stated above, if he sticks to appointing originalist judges to the bench, we have an opportunity. If he doesn’t he is a fraud. The rest is window dressing.

  12. Today’s society is like reality TV, a grand soap opera and Marvel Comics all rolled into one and we buy this as normal actions of human beings? Take the Marvel series ARROW for instance. A person is public enemy number one in one episode and running for mayor the next. As a society, we are morally and logically out of control.

    When I think of today’s American masses, I am reminded of Gulliver. We took a big long nap and, when we began to wake up, we found ourselves bound by many fetters. We are not bound by one large chain that we can break and declare “We are free”. Also, like the fly caught in a spider’s web; the more we struggle, the more we bind ourselves. My point is that we should not expect a “Deliverer” like Moses. We are going to get a president that can only do so much at one time. Breaking free from globalism can’t be done with one swipe of the sword. So its a big “to do list” and it must be prioritized. The globalists are very busy right now laying land mines and they have to be dealt with one by one. No man can do this alone so I suggest that we go with what, or I should say who, has been handed to us with Trump and do all we can to ensure that he stays on the right track. Government is not changed overnight without hard core revolution. That takes our vigilance and action. So we have to get politically engaged. We have to throw the bums out of Congress. We have to fully engage in terms of media to carry the truth to the citizens of this nation. We have to fully engage religiously and return meaning to In God We Trust. We have to become again a moral people. Our forefathers warned us that the Constitution only works in a moral society. My greatest concern at this time is not Trump. It is “We the People”.

    1. Yoda – Your analogies are very useful. I tend to think of this from a perspective of playing with the hand dealt. With Clinton, the hand would have been crystal clear; Patriots would be on the defensive and organizations like Oath Keepers vilified. My greatest concern is that Patriots celebrate the election and then hang up their boots for the next four years and do nothing to push back the advances that the Globalists have made over the past 30 years. We need to roll-back the gun control laws in California, New York, Connecticut, DC and Maryland. Oath Keepers in those States should be strategizing now to get that done as soon as the Supreme Court Justice Confirmation process is complete. I know a lot of Oath Keepers don’t like to work with the NRA, but without them there will be no rolling-back of the Obama era State gun control laws. We need to suck it up and get it done. We need to take back our schools and make sure there is a generation following us that values liberty. I am concerned that the alternative media sources will be scrambling for cash because Patriots quit listening and quit buying the products they sponsor. This could easily lead to disaster if the only information readily available is that of the Globalist controlled media.

      I believe that the Globalists view economic collapse as their only avenue for survival should Trump make it to inauguration and then start to deliver on the promises he made during the campaign. Not only can they cause this to happen, they would consider it appropriate punishment for our election of Trump. I am certain that the new administration will do everything it can to keep our economy afloat, but as the dollar decouples from oil and other commodities, there really is only so much that a President can do. Should the economy falter and everyone, including Patriots, decide to blame Trump the Globalist will have their revenge. Under these circumstances, it is difficult to imagine how we avoid being assimilated into the Globalist collective. That is why I am so persistent in encouraging Patriots to break out of their hiding places and become vocal liberty activists. Four years will pass in the blink of an eye and if we have nothing to show for it because of apathy or fear to move forward, we will be in far worse shape than if Trump was never elected.

  13. Navy Jack, while no one is perfect, you have a pretty awesome record for being correct concerning numerous issues. I would like to respond to each and every threat you have listed in your assessment. And I may get around to it; just not in this reply. I hope to be brief in what I say here. If I get a little bit “wordy” it will be because I want to be clear.

    Economic collapse is in our future. Can’t avoid it. Even if Clinton had won, we were going to have economic collapse. It is important for all citizens to understand that the economic collapse has been engineered my the globalists. Does anyone believe that the national debt in the trillions is an economically responsible policy? It was another condition that was created by the globalists for a purpose. It was by design. Bear in mind that the globalists intended for Hillary to win the election. That means that the collapse was intended to happen during her presidency. We cannot allow the left to get away with blaming Trump for the coming collapse. We also thought that Clinton would win the election, by hook or by crook. And Stewart gave us the proper course of action to weather the storm. Trump’s win has dramatically changed some things but we are unable to avoid the collapse. The globalists intended to use the collapse to further enslave us according to their agenda. With Trump’s win, I see a shot at recovery.

    To begin with, we need to be clear about the definition of some things. First, capitalism is NOT the same thing as globalism. Apples and oranges here. Capitalism is an economic system while globalism is, for lack of better words, an elitists ideology. The global elites have used capitalism to advance their ideological agenda. This is why I say that unrestrained capitalism creates monsters. Capitalism is the most powerful economic engine on earth but it must be controlled. It has a relationship to the gun issue. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. People can abuse a very good thing and the globalists have done just that.

    What should Trump do? He should first recognize that the globalists are trying to destroy us. I think he knows that already. Also, we can’t just break free from them in one fell swoop. It must be a trend to distance ourselves from them. I think the most important first step has to do with global trade. The US is the leader in the cabal of globalist nations that intend to enslave the world by trade. It would take too long to lay this out from history and contemporary actions. The bottom line now is that Russia and China are teaming up to create alliances that counter the global takeover by the globalists. We should move towards that effort. I list below a series of articles that give light to what I am saying.

    It is important to realize that this is a “nationalist” movement to counter globalism. Nations must ban together to defeat globalism. America cannot do this all by ourselves. This is not the time for complacency. We must stand behind Trump and we must counter the allegations of the left. Can America survive the coming storm? It will take a mighty effort from us all; not just from Trump and his administration. I have to stop here to see how this is accepted.

    1. Yoda – My reason for pointing out that Trump is a Capitalist is because an individual cannot be a Capitalist and a Fascist. The Globalists are Corporatist Fascists. That is their economic model. Capitalism respects personal property. Fascism does not. Capitalism rewards individual success. Fascism rewards the state.

      My reason for pointing out that Trump is a Nationalist is because Globalism is anti-Nationalist. You cannot be a Globalist if you are a Nationalist. Nationalists enforce borders. Globalists abolish borders. Nationalists enforce trade parity and human rights. Globalists leverage slave labor to bypass trade parity.

      As for economic collapse, I concede that it may be too much of a lift at this point. It is theoretically possible that an economic recovery coupled with reductions in entitlement spending could avert a total collapse, but you can prove almost anything theoretically. My personal opinion is that if commodities do complete their decoupling from the U.S. Dollar, the fact that a great percentage of U.S. Treasuries are foreign held will buy us time. Our ability to incur new debt will be cutoff, but we still have some room to devalue the dollar. If interest rates are raised any higher than 4%, the entire house of cards will fall. It is a delicate balance. If the Globalists decide to bring down the curtain, there really isn’t much Trump or anyone else can do to stop them at this point.

      As for Trump, I do not know the man. I do know Mike Flynn. Since Mike trusts him, I will keep my powder dry. That is how I am approaching Trump. Most of the criticisms of Trump that I see both here and on other Patriot sites are nit-picky, just plain stupid or crazy conspiracies. What is most frustrating is that most of the people doing these critiques don’t understand that Trump, Saunders and Stein were the ONLY candidates that ran for President that were not Globalists. Yes, even Ted Cruz is a Bush Cabal Globalist. Mike Pence has supported Globalist positions on the TPP and on immigration. If something were to happen to Trump, Mike Pence would not be able to resist Globalist influence. It is remarkable that people do so little research of their own before buying into the rhetoric in the news and on the Internet. Too often, people allow a single issue to become the basis of their support for a candidate. I can think of several people that I would rather have as President than Donald Trump. None of them were running or could afford to run against the Globalists. My advice to the naysayers is this; the only non-Globalist alternatives to Trump in the most recent election were both Mao loving communists. Of all the candidates running for President, the nation selected the one closest to our beliefs. Quit bitching and try to make the best of the situation with the little time we have.

      As for your recommendations, I agree. I also caution that Rome was not built in a day. Be patient and don’t expect one man to change anything without your support and your involvement. We all have to come out of the shadows and push. We must push for originalist judge appointments. We must push to correct our schools and extirpate the Marxist influence on our children. We must push to end the reign of the Bureau of Land Management. We must push to restore local control of law enforcement. We must push to repeal gun control laws at the State level. We must push to eliminate the eavesdropping of the NSA in violation of the Bill of Rights. We must swallow our fears and run for public office. Four years is a very short window. If we waste it, we have nothing to bitch about when team tyranny makes a comeback.

        The definition of Capitalism.
        an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market
        I believe in capitalism and defend it as the greatest economic engine ever devised. What astounds me is that I have such a hard time convincing folks that capitalism must have restraints. There is a healthy relationship between capitalist corporations and individuals and government. Then there is also the possibility of an extremely unhealthy relationship. It is unhealthy when individual and corporate capitalist entities have the ability to exert too much influence and control over government. Why did our government order the breakup of “Ma Bell”? Why are some capitalist entities “Too big to fail”? When corporations dictate and control government, that condition cannot always be attributed to globalism. There is a long history concerning the need to control capitalist entities. We have a fundamental obligation to ensure that government represents “We the people” and not the capitalist entities. The interest of one is seldom the interest of the other. Any good thing can be corrupted. Thus the need for controls.
        How significant is this? Basic Constitutional principal is that we are a government of the people, by the people and for the people. When the government turns from the people to enforce corporate interests, our government has fallen into corruption. At that point, governmental public servants no longer serve the public. They serve the corporations. Our government should be the vanguard in preventing this condition. Elitism can be found at levels far below the global strata. I see it in our counties and cities. Understanding this does not make me a Marxist or Maoist or communist. Simply put, when big business and big money controls government, you have nothing more than a Banana Republic. You most certainly do not have a Constitutional Republic. So here is another statement of fact. Just because you are a capitalist does not necessarily make you a nationalist.

        I appreciate that you have correctly identified Ted Cruz. I also agree with everything you have said concerning the things that we need to push for. As for Trump and his administration, it is somewhat of a wait and see situation. It is not always what a man says that defines him. It is what he does. I personally believe that Trump is a nationalist and a true American. As for his administration who come from business and industry especially, we will just have to wait and see. The American capitalist has had to do business in a globalist environment. We have to see American break away from that environment. The only direction we can take is to gravitate towards the alliances that are opposing the globalists. This may resemble to some degree the Allied Forces of WWII. So be it. We have the same common enemy and it is critical that we unite to defeat that enemy. What can I say? Times, they are a changing.

      2. Navy Jack, again I agree with you. In the spirit of identifying people by “isms”, I submit the following article.
        I do this in an effort to identify who Bill Ayers really is. The man appears to be a walking contradiction. I submit that he is not a communist at all. He is a crony capitalist. Pure communism prohibits private ownership of property and also the accumulation of private wealth. Ayers violates these prohibitions a thousand times over. He does not live his life according to the tenants of communism. This makes him nothing more than a peddler of communism. His life defines him as a crony capitalist peddler of communist ideology. So to label him as a communist, as he does, is a lie of deception. If he could have his way, he would sit in his mansion and dine on steak and lobster while requiring the common citizen to sit in his mandated allowable living space and dine on his mandated allowable daily diet of grub worms and rancid rice. So much for class warfare. But that is the reality of the communist dream.

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