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James O’Keefe: “The Mainstream Media is Dead – We Killed It.”

The mainstream media is too corrupt to succeed.




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  1. Higher tech advances.Irregardless of weapontry and mind modification, war is never confined nor defined and refined. As, it will be continuous in both heart and mind where-ever you stray. I’ve never worried as to the amount of political and religious corruption (let them play their game as they have not the say). Only about future parties forbidding/denying me Independence from Cronyism and Corporatism through Incorporatism. Social Media!!! Not disconnected, only incorporated. I might as well just post a couple of comments. Question is, “What is the Truth”, and in what direction can it be found? Someone will always attempt to walk on another ones feet. Not one imprint is ever alike and, nor can they all they all be found.

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