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George Washington University Drops U.S. History Requirement — for History Majors!

george-washington-universityThat a University bearing the name of our first President, George Washington, should drop the requirement to study US History for, of all people, history majors is absurd. But the Cultural Marxists who have taken control of most major universities are determined to wipe out Western Culture, and in particular American Culture. They don’t even hide this desire any more, as the spread of anti-white propaganda floods out of the Ivory Towers.

PJ Media, in an article tells us this:

“I think an important change in the history major has been to make our major actually reflect the field of history the way that historians study it now,” Denver Brunsman, an associate professor of history and director of undergraduate services for the department, told the Hatchet. “In the past — and I think our old standards reflected this — it was very common to have students take a class in American history, in European history and maybe, just maybe, something else, another part of the world.”

While a focus on other countries is laudable, it is important for students to understand their historical and intellectual heritage. If the history department were to become stiflingly closed to studying other regions of the world, that would indeed be a problem. But requiring a general knowledge of America’s roots (and those include Europe’s history) is natural and should be expected, especially of history majors.

Rather, this move seems to fit with the trend of rejecting the study of Western heritage as somehow oppressive and close-minded. Indeed, students at Yale University recently petitioned for the removal of a class because studying “Major English Poets” would create “a culture that is especially hostile to students of color.” Stanford University students rejected a petition for a Western heritage course in April. The University of Wisconsin-Stout even removed historical paintings because they might traumatize students.

This is all a matter of destroying our culture and heritage. It is the Cultural Marxists hard at work turning us into a homogeneous blob of dumbed down, subservient worker bees. They do not desire to reach ever higher goals for the masses, but the least common denominator that can be controlled by them, the Elite.

Since the Long March through the institutions began, there has been a concerted effort, particularly in Academia, to destroy the culture and heritage of the United States and all Western nations. They have been very effective, as they have placed their “true believers’ within the universities, repeating their mantra over, and over, again, with many voices from within the “hallowed halls” speaking with one voice. As Joseph Goebbels believed, and used to control the German population; repeat something often enough, and it will become truth.

It is now time to call BS to the ridiculous mantra coming out of the Ivory Towers. Having a Phd. after your name is meaningless today. The Mainstream Media may gloat over your credentials and call you “expert”, but the “Unwashed masses”, as those conceited “experts” like to call us, see through your game. You wish to destroy what we hold sacred, our heritage and culture. The mask has been ripped off, and we see you for what you are. Your Long March has ended.


Shorty Dawkins


  1. I believe it to be common practice in the constantly expanding Muslim-Barbary Pirate based movement to eliminate all traces of a society/nationalism of an over-run country.
    I believe this to be the final stage of Islamic jihad.

    1. I believe the history we were taught in public school has not been the truth anyway … it is obvious the American people have been lied to about many things… who knew about the federal reserve for example? The only history that is vital is HIS-STORY the story of our Savior since our world, our earthly existence is on the way out…people MUST know the truth about Jesus. Sure it is beyond criminal the garbage going on but that is the blindness that some want to live in…as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. God open our eyes.

      1. Amen and Amen emee! Definition…Expert or Ex-spert: Ex = has been + Spert = a drip under intense pressure. Most Phd’s are morally empty shells filled with Illuminati BS, endoctrinated in unrighteous institutions. They, standing at the ready to fill all air heads prepared to march to the Satanic drum.

  2. Long live the United States of America. As long as there are Oath Keepers our history and our heritage will never die. God bless the USA.

    1. The education industry is giving up even the pretense of education — it’s all about social and political indoctrination. The present structure is too politicized and corrupted to repair — it needs to be destroyed and replaced. No public schools and colleges would be better than training our young to be socialists and idiots.

  3. Just a part of the larger “indoctrination” scheme that LIBERAL/COMMUNISTS have been pushing for years. Hopefully Trump’s administration will be able to rectify the “bleeding” and BRAINWASHING of the “young minds” attending these schools.

  4. This should not be allowed, American History is what Our Country was made from, this is Anti American, we need to stop this and refuse to support these schools.

  5. Let them go ahead and drop it since they are so “PC” correct. Then arrange a showing of the film Idiocracy which shows very well what our nation is headed for. I was an instructor in the fire and EMS sector and I cannot count how many students which had “graduated” from HS and some from college that had little ability as far as writing and comprehension were concerned. Finally Human Resources (?) dropped the passing test score down to the low 50’s. We’re getting there and we will be sorry.

  6. This seems more like a story from The Onion – the madness! Next we will learn that since Washington was a White Male Patriarch, they will change the name to Mao Mandela Merkel University to reflect a more diverse worldview. I wonder if alumni will have any reaction, or if they are so brain dead and spineless that they will just nod and go along. I am a bit of a geezer now but before graduating high school – high school! – we studied all the usual subjects including math, English literature, the Classics, the philosophers ( primarily Greek) Western Civilization, world history, US history, civics, the Constitution and Latin. By university / college grad, we were expected to build on that foundation and then broaden our studies. I am surprised that the state of the ‘educational system’, so called, has not yet reached the level described prophetically in 1984! It is so repugnant as to induce nausea in anyone with even a modicum of love for learning, a love for this Nation, or an IQ above room temperature.

    1. As with our fiscal operating national debt, we are creating an educational and awareness debt as well. Empty vessels with no width, height, or volume. Merely points of people that know little of the back (the past), the sides (the present), and the front (the future). They are uninformed to know to ponder and anticipate what’s ahead. Lemmings that can be easily and repeatedly spooked to run over multiple cliffs.

    2. Well said, I was ready to comment on the article but after reading your post I wouldn t say it better..
      Thank you !
      Im glad there are still folks that can see how our country in short period of time, has been dumbed down by the bolshevik spirit into idiocracy of the masses we are witnessing nowadays.

  7. So, what is the root cause of this? We only have to take a look at our history, the same history they wish to subvert, to find the answer. Samuel Adams in a letter to Dr. James Warren on Nov. 4, 1775, would tell us us; “For no people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is deffused and Virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.” Why they would do this is explained by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence; “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to to reduce them under absolute Despotism….”. You see, we have become fundamentally ignorant of the role of governments which is the result of over 150 years of governments usurping rights and liberties of the people, slowly creating and crawling, a little bit at a time. Once the governments can silence your speech, which is their main goal, you will have nothing and no foundation to stand upon. Perhaps it is time we, as Oathkeepers, educate the people. I, myself have started educating the people here in my community and that is where the fundimental education must start as those who are educated will spread the word. It’s not going to be easy and it’s not going to happen overnight, but once the people understand their Rights and Liberties they will spread the good news and we can bring governments under control.

  8. On last comment! What government, given the power to teach the people, would ever teach them the power they hold over government?

  9. Harvard does not require study of the constitution to receive a degree as a constitutional scholar. A close friend recently graduated law school (Oklahoma) and was part of a debate team against the Harvard group. It was they that informed him of this fact.

    Cultural Marxist are the enemy within. Every bit of my research into America’s cultural Marxist revolution traces back to a launch date of 1963-64 and sure enough: the Higher Education Act of 1965.

    Barack Obama is a product of this fact. His (alleged) degree of constitutional expert is a degree in constitutional loophole and manipulation; how to usurp the founding document. How to negate the three branches of government, and ultimately; how to break the back of the 5000 year leap created by the exceptional, well read, founding fathers. An old dusty document they say… a living document, they say… Every damned one of them the enemy within.

    And all the while the masses of sheep go Bah.

  10. In all of humanity some are called out to be different. It is not arrogant to be different. The Constitution so states it. There will always be those who want to be free from the tyranny of ignorance and to be trained not to repeat the errors of the past. How else do we as a species move forward and contribute to knowledge and wisdom. To learn, to grow and to remember all the lessons except from our History. Deception and ignorance will always try to change truth and make us all slaves. Let Freedom Ring.

  11. Revealing this situation, and all the babbling about it, does absolutely nothing about stopping it. As usual, a few people are shocked when the truth of “higher education” is revealed, but most people are already aware of the dumbing-down, marxist inspired educational system in our colleges and universities. The unfortunate truth remains; these dumbed-down, marxist subversives are the future leaders of our social, educational, commercial, and governmental institutions. Our country is doomed and we have done nothing to change that.

  12. How true this article is. But there’s more. Our universities, Schools and our own government have been teaching that evolution is not only real, but the only truth. They are well on their way to removing God as the foundation by which this great nation was founded. Once you remove that foundation, the Republic will crumble.

    1. Right on Mike……so very true. I have a feeling America is about to experience some Almighty Wrath! I never thought I’d live to see such depravity. God will only hold back His righteous anger for so long! Stay Safe in Him………..…SARGE

  13. This is all part of the communist plan to destroy the U.S. It has been the plan since the 1880’s and they have finally gained enough support to accomplish their goal. It is way past time to get hard nosed with those who would destroy our country and make it another third world culture. It is time for a repeat of the colonial period and regain our freedom and sovereignty.

  14. But who is openly organizing to fight back against the destruction of Western values and culture? A number of fragmented groups put up websites and send emails denouncing what is taking place. But I don’t see any concerted action to aggressively oppose the leftists. Just talk, no action.

    1. Jack, I felt that way until I saw an uprising in the last election. The silent majority will grow and we’ll throw the bums out. Just as same Americans have done in the past!

  15. For some time I have been expecting a liberal college/university to add to its list of dance classes the “African Bare, Floppy Breast Dance,” first introduced to westerners by National Geographic.

    And liberal Americans will watch their daughters’ performances and cheer.

  16. “I believe I can fly.. I believe I can touch the sky”.. – and in the words of the late George Carlin.. “bullshit”! Here in a nutshell is our problem. Big ideas from pea-brains that morph into big nightmares from crooked “ego maniac” morons. Expensive impossible ones! In the District of Criminals these con-artists like Bill and Hitlery have never met a sucker they couldn’t swindle out of the shirt on their back. Study them and you too will get to know them and their “rise to fame and fortune at the cost of everyone they ever came into contact with”. Vampires. They have a record of this behavior from day-one! They know better but still manage to convince huge numbers of low-thinkers that everything should be FREE and wonderful – blue skies – tall clover – and nobody has to pay. The model is fundamentally unworkable, seen nowhere in nature – even through the Hubble and Cassini telescopes. A garden that isn’t maintained quickly turns into useless weeds that choke out the crop. Remember the Muslim Barbary Coast “PIRATES”? These people are no different. It’s their way of life to “feed off of others”. The methods employed in supporting their egotistic schemes is not “distributing the wealth”. It is “saddling others with the enormous cost of their gargantious plunders and blunders”. Others’ lives mean nothing unless it serves them and we are quickly forgotten – like toilet tissue. All the while they “project” the exact opposite and the public “buys-it”! There are solutions available if we the population can stop and think. Anybody receiving public assistance within the past year – in any form – (food stamps, housing, any welfare, special assistance from state, county, municipal, or federal agencies) will VOTE for “more free stuff”! This is a conflict of interests. It clearly EXCLUDES retirees on SS who have “EARNED-IT” by kissing smelly boss ass over the last 30 years.. probably at some miserable hell-hole job they wished they could FORGET.. having paid their share for decades! We do not realize how rare it is, considering all the things in life trying to kill us from the minute we are born.. to make a life and work for 45 years! The odds are staggering, and quite frankly, many never make it or die shortly after. That’s correct! “Playing and not paying” represents our biggest threat to any free republic! Las Vegas will toss you to the curb like old dish water if you try and “spin the wheel” without first putting some skin in the game! “Users” like OhBummer and Bill the rapist and Hitler-y the crook shoot up a flare “promising free stuff” – and when they get in office (just like pirates..) they STEAL from the foolish working slaves in 1,000 hidden ways. It’s THEFT. They call it “redistribution”. We the poor slobs who pay for all of this (otherwise none of us would exist..) go on subsidizing our own demise “digging our graves” as they remain in authority and wealthy as our nation rots from top-down. In the Nam, “Charlie” shot to create the walking wounded. This is an age-old combat strategy, taking 3 guys out of action instead of ONE – dragging down the company! Wake up people! OhBummer has US “under siege” as his administration burdens our nation with illegals (bankrupting our infrastructure and social programs). He and his minions strategically relocate the imports all around the country so they can wait for the opportunity to stab us in the back in 100 ways. Since 2009 day and night ramming countless midnight deals through like “free health care” and dozens of others we know nothing of – he drains America as dry as our rivers. We are being sliced and diced by a patient enemy – just as patient as those bamboo shoots slowly sprouting up through the backs of our boys tied down and tortured in the Cambodian prison camps. This whole operation remains in slow motion as they place Manchurian leaders all around us in countries around the world and then occupy county and federal legal seats from shore to shore – taking-down town after town, destroying the American constitutional freedom-ideas we died to defend for over two centuries – replacing our laws with mindless “goat-herder sharia trash”! Soon the internet will fall under the censorship of the UN and the TRUTH will never see the light of day! The morons think it is warm yellow rain, but find out far too late when they realize it’s just government pissing down their necks, putting rat poison in their water supply, removing iodine halogens from the diet, keeping us stupid by taking over education, teaching young-minds communism only works if everyone is sucked-in, and feeding us genetically modified organism foods designed to rot our brains and “feminize” our men. They attempted to place their well established 30 year professional politician “meat-puppet” – a half crazed witch who goes by a name that sounds like HITLER, claiming its HER TURN to poke our cage with the stick. She was anxious to tease the slaves – and she remains confident we “THE STUPID ENOUGH” will fall for the same old BULLSHIT again and again! But we surprised the globalists around the planet with the election of Donald J Trump and Brexit! Einstein once said, repeating the same process and expecting different results is a sure sign of insanity. Maybe we are NOT as “stupid or insane” as they thought! The late great George Carlin explained it well as we roared with laughter at the truth of it all. So we are going to BREAK THE CHAIN! – WE VOTED TRUMP IN! – we intend to Make America GREAT Again! We have a LOT of work ahead “Changing America BACK” to the days before we were “FUBARed” by OhBummer’s attempt to FIX that which was not broken. – His COMMY background and foreign influence has obviously provided him with the wrong idea of what America expects from our elected LEADERS! We Americans are not able to “fix” the world’s problems. We never had that in our “business plan”. That’s why we came here – to “do things OUR way”! Only Donald J Trump offers a course-correction OUT OF the “event horizon” America has been sucked-down into. There has always been one way for the rest of the world to share in our way of life (without destroying it in the process) – BY EXAMPLE open and free to them – we even bent over backwards to help them. They have been encouraged to learn our way of life and emulate it in their homelands! This method was met with resistance “back-home” every time because “freedom” is not a “gift”. It must be wrenched from the iron grip of tyrants! No surprise that the quest has been abandoned. “Changing U.S.” was found to be far easier and today its just a euphemism for “dragging U.S. down to the deplorable level of any other average 3rd world nation”, as WE are the ones to sacrifice those freedoms on the altar of political correctness! We are not “broken” and we “reject with prejudice” all efforts to infuse our nation with hard-core communism and degrade our “identity” with inferior lifestyles and inferior religions under the Darwinian model within our borders. Our “flag” is our “standard” and it was the first thing “attacked and mocked” by the Obama movement. We should have all seen his “SYMBOL” for exactly what it was. With the cooperation of U.S. leadership over the last 60 years, our nation has been brought to our knees like a lamb to slaughter! Once recognized as the symbol of greatness, OUR STANDARD has been our SYMBOL and is responsible for America’s highest standards. Once recognized as the lighthouse and envy of the world, when everyone came HERE to live under OUR symbol – half of America has been hoodwinked into voting for our own demise under yet another “symbol” far more powerful than the “Tiger claw” thru our defamed “O” flag”. That is NOT a big “H” for Hitlery out there.. It is our Twin Towers with a RED death arrow-plane through them, serving to remind history that Dem-Libs nearly succeeded to conspire against and destroy our great nation FROM WITHIN! We cannot stay on top by lowering our standards. We can only sink down into the abyss and become “consumed” into the collective which is communism, pure and simple. Every nation needs a “SYMBOL” or flag as a sign of UNITY. We should have learned at least that much over the last 240 years! Some things you just don’t “compromise”. Our IDENTITY is at the very top of the list! Whether it is burning or DEFACING, it is DISRESPECTING our nation and every soldier who died defending our SYMBOL – our STANDARD. Some form of punishment MUST be exacted for the intentional display of desecration of our proud national symbol. Just as our own elected representative OhBummer embarrassed us all, claiming our nation was “dismissive and derisive” in our PAST – quite to the contrary, we have done more than any nation on earth to HELP all those less fortunate! OUR COLORS DO NOT FADE OT RUN.. and this treasonous CLOWN must be kicked to the curb in respect for our founders and service members defending the greatest nation on earth for the last 240 years. MAGA – We will do it (one college professor at a time if necessary)! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  17. Relax guys…the more I think about this, the more I’m convinced this is all one big giant temper tantrum by the “Progs” who haven’t come to terms with the fact that their party is literally over. From the Oval office to the college campus…this will be fun to watch, as they begin to realize their safe spaces were really just rooms for losers. Huff Post already turned on Obama. Everything he’s doing now is juvenile. Wait til his kids figure it out…even the dog will ignore him soon. This is epic melt-down…enjoy. We earned this!

  18. History , is a cover-up ; Although , it’s nice too have , some reference point’s but the way , they teach history now day’s , is , not , just indoctrination , it’s out-right-brain-washing , these Universitie’s are promoting Marxism , rather , than teaching history ; The fact , that George Washington University , is canceling history , for History-major’s , is insane and , shows , what , these Marxist and their ultimate goal really is , which , is too dumb-down are Student-bodie’s , so their clueless , so they can implement their agenda , which , is the NWO , it makes , it easier , because , if , you don’t know , your history , you don’t know , your future and , this NWO crap ,has , been , going on incrementally , for a hundred
    year’s now and , if , you are a Millennium , they have made the future convoluted intentionally , by making sure , not too teach history correctly , or , not , at all , that way , they can walk Millennium’s
    into serfdom and , they have no reference-point’s to fall back on , it’s , like a freight-train blind siding them and , that’s why , our Republic , is going too-hell in a hand-bag , because , this generation , is clueless , because , it ‘s been set-up purposely , all along and history , has been , their weapon , of choice too utopia !!!

  19. GW must be turning over in his grave. Make no mistake, civil war is coming. To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, ….from time to time the blood of tyrants and patriots must be shed in order to preserve freedom. So sad!

  20. Having a Phd behind your name means you are Permanently habitually dumb. Once indoctrinated it’s tough to undo.

  21. How the hell can you be a History Major and not take history classes? Our Universities are becoming bastions for Communist thought , and Communist teachings. Guys like Ayers and his nutjob wife Dorn. Giving Professors like that tenure just leads to not being able to get rid of them when they go too far left. Next thing you know they will be forcing the study of the Koran, that’s all we need, more home grown radicals with a psycho cult behind them!

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