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Deadly Hatred Manifested in Post-Election ‘Treason’ Accusations

If you disagree with Keith Olbermann, that’s you he’s talking about. And what’s the penalty for being a traitor?

A threatening sentiment is emerging in the bitter accusations and actions following Donald Trump’s electoral landslide victory. Anyone not joining in the lynch mob being formed against his inauguration is being branded a “traitor.” And that includes Oath Keepers.

Those who frequent this website are more in tune than most at attempts to discredit the Trump victory with accusations of “fake news” by establishment media hypocrites (it’s no surprise Hillary Clinton wants “Congressional action,” that is, enforceable laws with punishments). We’re also aware of attempts to sway so-called “faithless electors” via partisan CIA careerists leveling unsubstantiated allegations of Russian hacking, and, thanks to exclusive intelligence analysis reporting, of planned disruptions that may very well erupt into widespread lawless violence.

What we don’t know, but can reasonably infer, is that frustrated weaker minds are being primed to lash out violently. With all the intentional spreading of hate, not just at Trump – but at his supporters, at Republicans in general and at anyone not on board with the “progressive” (totalitarian) agenda – we shouldn’t be surprised to see rhetoric transform into something destructive and even deadly.

The cold civil war is heating up, and the targets are getting closer to home. Case in point:

“What is abundantly clear to real Americans is that any other American who still supports a White House-bound friend of Putin and beneficiary of ‘warfare against America’ is a traitor,” Politicus USA asserts. “And that particularly includes each and every one of the so-called ‘real American’ patriots, Oathkeepers and militia-types who never wavered in supporting Trump despite his love-affair with a foreign ‘aggressor that consistently undermines American interests.’”

“It’s a COUP. It’s war. It’s an attack by Russia.” Keith Olbermann rants. “Those supporting it are TRAITORS.”

We have to assume those leveling such charges mean what they say, and that they’re not alone. Indeed, the sentiment is being parroted on Politico, and repeated on Bill Moyers’ website. Expect to hear more of it as it becomes a meme.

Then consider what the ultimate penalty for treason is, and what can happen to “traitors.” Those throwing the word around are aware of that.

Is it really a stretch to conclude that – if you’re not with them on this and other agenda items – they want you executed by a state they’re bent on making unchallengeable? Is it really a coincidence the same accusing voices rail the loudest against an armed citizenry? And does anyone capable of rational observation truly believe that the horrors of totalitarianism useful “progressive” idiots would empower can never happen here?

“Not on our watch”?



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. This is nothing more than the Leftist Elitists trying to accomplish through theft what they could not do at the ballot box. This is just the latest attempt to steal the election. There is not any hard evidence that such a crime did occur. The very people bringing up the “Russian” connection to the alleged hacking are teh same CIA agents who were ignorant of events leading up to 9/11 and stated there were WMDs in Iraq.

    1. Tell a lie long enough and people begin to believe it. Saul Alinsky tactics. The Clintons and Obama are experts at this but they have been derailed and the Trump train starts in a month. Actually it’s already starting. I think Trump has done more work before the inauguration then Obama has done in 8 years.

  2. I must be a traitor I’ve for Trump from the got go and still him, that make me a deployable traitor. But proud of it.

  3. My opinion is they are not unlike all the other loud mouths they are attempting to frighten us by lip whipping us.Only thing holding them back is fear and atmosphere they know in their heart of hearts that once they cross that line there will be no going back.

  4. Olberman is of course the traitor here. Leftits live to preemptively accuse others of the very evil they are doing. Wussy PC neocuck “Republicans” always fall for it.

  5. “it’s no surprise Hillary Clinton wants “Congressional action,” that is, enforceable laws with punishments.”

    The only lawfully enforceable laws within our nation is those that are in Pursuance (follows) the US Constitution, the supreme law of our land. What they are really saying here is that they, the TRAITORS, wish to do whatever they decide to do to the American people, including democide as long as there are law enforcement of any – state and general (federal), including military – agencies to commit treason and *terrorism (knowingly or unknowingly) against the American people, the USA. It is the US Constitution to which they owe their loyalty and fealty, and are sworn to support and defend, not people, not positions, not parties, not entities, nor groups, and not foreign nations.

    Alexander Hamilton, concerning the supremacy clause, Federalist 33: “It will not, I presume, have escaped observation that it expressly confines the supremacy to laws made pursuant to the Constitution.”

    Alexander Hamilton: “There is no position which depends on clearer principles that that every act of a delegated authority, contrary to the commission under which it is exercised, is void. No legislative act, therefore, contrary to the Constitution, can be valid.”

    Alexander Hamilton: “The only constitutional exception to the power of making treaties is, that it shall not change the Constitution… On natural principles, a treaty, which should manifestly betray or sacrifice primary interests of the state, would be null.”

    KrisAnne Hall has a very good 5 part lecture on the Declaration of Independence which I highly recommend. One important reason is it correlates what happened then to cause our separation from the King, to what is ongoing today. Very informative. I believe it might be eye opening for many who may have never studied the Declaration of Independence.

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5

    Yes, it does apply to what is covered in this article.

    ““And that particularly includes each and every one of the so-called ‘real American’ patriots, Oathkeepers and militia-types…”

    Yet it is to the US Constitution, our government, that all Oaths are sworn to. It is the US Constitution that REQUIRES oath takers for them to have any legitimate and lawful authority in every single governmental position. It is the US Constitution that requires every American to be a Militia, to train and educate themselves in the US Constitution and their own state’s Constitution. This shows how openly those who work against our nation from within are about their treasonous actions.

    If you are in Law Enforcement, you must no longer do anything that the US Constitution forbids. There is no longer any excuse for you to be used against your people, your nation. That apples to those serving within the military also. The choice is yours. But make sure that you understand what those working to destroy our nation are working for, and it is NOT for you to be able to own anything. They are very open that the government will own it all.

    Get a decent idea from reading this article here, but understand that they gloss over how the population was decimated to that much smaller number, etc.

    Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better

  6. I was at the range last night shooting the Tuesday CBQ competition and some millennial cucks from California had been up on the public range. I watched as they tried to get in their car and finally went to ask what was wrong. Seems they was ONE bee in it that they could not get to leave. I reached in killed it between my fingers, dropped it on the ground and asked them not to call PETA for what I had done. I’m really not afraid of these people. These are just empty threats to undermine Trump’s legitimacy. If you are strutting around with an AR-15 and afraid to get in your car because of a bee I doubt that battle will suit them. Remember, the tiger fights the fiercest when It’s closest to death. These guys are done and they know it.

  7. I was sworn to defend the Constitution and the American People from ALL enemies both foreign and domestic just like ALL of my brothers and sisters and NONE of us have been released from that oath. I don’t want to see a war on home soil but if that’s what it takes so be it. I’m a firm believer in the “Asartru Path” the warrior’s way if they want to meet my steel they should keep talking their treason because I have no problem bathing in their blood.

  8. I still struggle with the fact that Liberals took an Oath as well, yet its meaningless to them. Nearly everything they do is Anti-AMerican. I don’t need to elaborate, your all well aware.

  9. Obama is talking today (Dec.16). Based on what his press secretary is also saying, they are going to try and delay the electoral college vote or create some type of constitutional crisis over this alleged Russian hacking.

  10. Amusing, isn’t it? Hostiles with thoughts of hostilities around every corner are likened as to the contuous thoughts of possible Martial Law. Hmm, wonder if UN peacekeepers will enforce our US Constitution and the current election results? We already know Cronyism, the Bush’s, Obama’s, Clinton’s and many many others before them. Cronyism destroyed actual Capitalism long ago. So, which side of the wall does Trump and associates prefer to reside on other than wherever Cronyism dwells?

    1. I totally agree with you, Churchill. Cronyism permeates our government and society. Capitalism is the greatest economic system in the world. However, it must have restraints. Without restraints it breeds corruption. A race car is a beautiful thing to behold but without controls, the results will always be deadly. Cronyism lends itself to the globalist’s agenda.
      We cannot expect an immediate turn around from Trump. The globalist death grip on this nation is made up of many fetters. And we have to consider the resistance of globalist entities. How hard is it for a nation to break free from the clutches of globalism? History is full of examples. What follows below is one of them.
      Complexity describes the times we live in today. Our worldview in general and perception of events in particular can be skewed by the inclusion of factors like religion and ideology. What I’m offering below is an article published in 2001 that describes what really took place in Iran that led to the nationalization of the oil fields. If you can lay aside any prejudice of Islam, you will get a snapshot of globalism in action. You will see the war for wealth and ownership between a nation and a global entity. You will see puppet governments in action enforcing the advancement of the agenda of the global corporate elite. You may also get a better understanding of just why Iran calls America “the Great Satan”.
      Again, this is just one snapshot from history. This same thing has happened and is happening all over the world. It is happening right here in America. What is the agenda of the global elites? Their goal is to own everything and citizens exist to serve their needs. For this to happen, sovereignty must be eliminated. This applies to every country, regardless of religion or ideology. This is the war– Nationalism versus Globalism.

      The Iranian Oil Fields are Nationalized
      By Richard Cavendish

      Published in History Today Volume 51 Issue 5 May 2001

      Richard Cavendish describes the events leading up to the nationalization of Iranian oil fields on May 2nd, 1951.

      The Anglo-Persian Oil Company was established in 1909 to exploit the Persian Gulf oil field, which had been discovered the year before. The name was later changed to Anglo-Iranian. By 1950 the company had built the largest oil refinery in the world, at Abadan, and three major ports. It had drilled more than 450 wells, laid more than 2,000 miles of pipeline and constructed 1,500 miles of road as well as hospitals and schools for its employees. With demand for oil booming, Iran was now the fourth largest producer of crude oil in the world, with a six per cent share of world production. The company’s payments to the Iranian government had reached some £120 million.

      At the same time, it was a foreign company, under British control. The British government owned 51 per cent of its shares and Britain had made more money out of Persian oil than Iran ever had. Mounting Iranian nationalism had been spurring demands for Iran’s oil business to be Iranian since the 1940s. Senior Muslim clerics began calling for nationalization and the situation came to a head with the assassination in March 1951 of the pro-British premier, General Ali Razmara, in a mosque in Teheran. The next day, the oil committee of the Majlis, the lower house of the Iranian parliament, announced its intention to recommend the expropriation of Anglo-Iranian. Strikes and violent riots broke out in the oil field and when the new prime minister, Hussein Ala, made no move, the Majlis elected a shrewd demagogue and former government minister, Muhammad Mussadeq, as premier on April 28th.

      Mussadeq had been busily proclaiming that nationalization of oil would abolish poverty in Iran at one stroke. He was in his seventies and the Western media made mock of his pajamas and his proneness to tears and fits of hysteria, but the Majlis swiftly passed a proposal to take over all the installations of ‘the late Anglo-Iranian Oil Company’ without compensation immediately. The Shah signed the necessary decrees on May 2nd.

      The immediate consequence was that the Iranian oil business was brought to a standstill, as the Britons who operated the Abadan refinery left the country and the international oil companies, supported by the British and American governments, refused to buy or transport Iranian oil. This led to an economic crisis and a move against the Mussadeq government by the Shah in the summer of 1952, which was met by huge and violent demonstrations in July. Iran broke off diplomatic relations with Britain in October. Mussadeq was driven to ever wilder extremes and by August 1953 was proposing to abolish the Majlis and depose the Shah. The Shah fled the country, but a military coup backed by the American Central Intelligence Agency and British MI6 (Operation Boot) swiftly restored him to power and arrested Mussadeq. The oil situation was not resolved until late in 1954, when agreement was reached with the oil companies and the British, and the National Iranian Oil Company took over the industry.

      The author of this article did not allow religion and ideology to obscure the facts and, for that, I am very grateful. My view is that all nations deserve self-determination. They deserve national sovereignty. Who was it that completely destroyed the Middle East? It waas none other than US Inc. on behalf of the globalists. We need to understand globalism before we can defeat globalism. And we might also want to consider these things when looking back on the Iranian Revolution. As I have stated when I’ve written about the Soviet Empire, I cannot overlook the evil but I fully understand their attempt to break free from the chains of unfettered capitalism. Also, again I state that I am a capitalist but I fully understand the need for restraints. I all reflects back to the old adage of “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
      I expect violent push back from the globalists. They will use virtually every tool in their arsenal. And the crony capitalists in this nation will be standing with them. So when we hear the word communists used to describe the globalist agenda we should remember that the walls of our Constitutional Republic were breached, not by communism but, by greedy men and women who took advantage of unrestrained capitalism.
      Once again, remember that I am a proponent of capitalism as the American economic engine. But I will quote a great line from the movie “Spiderman”. With great power comes great responsibility.

  11. This guy is desperate for attention, but alas, only his junk mail spam is showing any activity. the left created him and dumped him.

  12. Can someone tell me how Putin is an aggressor that constantly undermines the US interest? If anyone is an aggressor it is the US.

  13. The reason for not presenting without a doubt evidence on Russian hacking is because there is none. The CIA used deductive reasoning to come to their conclusion and would be laughed out of DC.

  14. The left doesn’t like Putin ‘cuz he doesn’t support the ‘gay’ agenda. And Putin is supporting a revival in the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church.

  15. If supporting and defending the Constitution and taking an oath to the same is treason, then I am guilty as charged.

  16. When you believe only in humanity, you’re destined to be let down. If we think humans are capable of healing our own shortcomings, its proof of how short-sighted we are.
    Those who don’t understand the leftist mindset really need to read Saul Alynsky’s Rules for Radicals. “Accuse those who resist you of the very things you are trying to accomplish” (my interpretation, not a direct quote.) They are peeing themselves because they thought they had us ALL fooled. We need to keep educating ourselves with the truth, and educating our grandchildren.

  17. This is straight out of the Communist Manifest the globalists are using. Just after Trump’s nomination, every far left political leader ramped up the call to confiscate our guns and the media ramped up a “fake” news psyops – the two most important things necessary for the global cabal to force upon us an unelected president of THEIR choosing. No, we don’t want a civil war the globalists want that will have us attacking each other. We want a strong, powerful and massive resistance to attack the globalists in our government for its tyranny against us.

  18. My guess is fewer and fewer people are even listening to mainstream ‘news’. We may be on the verge of victory as very few Americans care or believe what the government press says.

  19. In this article, David mentions a reemergence of the old “cold war”. This certainly deserves further discussion. The cold war is widely accepted to mean “us good guys against the evil commies”. There is no denying that the communist regimes of Russia and China were the perpetrators of mass murder unrivaled by any other nations. The enemies of communism have historically been capitalism and Christianity. That was a clear picture for us to behold.

    The disintegration of the Soviet Empire was a wonderful thing. That was a big victory in that it freed so many from tyranny. It also allowed us to take our focus away from that form of tyranny and begin to examine history and world events with a more critical eye. This has allowed us to see another even more ominous form of tyranny on the rise. That tyranny is being perpetrated by the global elites. Oh, how things do change!
    Today we now see our own government as a puppet government of the elites and we acknowledge that it has been for a long time. A study of history reveals that our government has been an enforcer of the globalist agenda for decades. If you believe that the globalists are truly our enemy then continue reading.

    The contemporary “left”; just what is it. I see it described in numerous ways. The left is communist, socialist, liberal, crusaders for social justice, etc. I will not argue against that. I would however, suggest that we refer to them as supporters of globalism. It might just make it easier for us to understand that both Russia and China are against the agenda of the globalists. That makes them still the foes of the governments of the United States and the western nations. This makes it clearer as to why Obama hates Putin so much. The war we are in right now is all about wealth and ownership. It is the globalists who want to own the entire world. Russia and China are in opposition to that. Most would be very surprised to learn how China has transformed and their contemporary world view. So now we live in a world of globalism versus nationalism and those who once were our enemies have become our allies. It is a very complex world that we now live in. I find it humorous that the contemporary left now calls us traitors when we align with Russia and China. But then, who is it that is making that accusation? It is the ones who support, defend, enforce and propagate the agenda of the global elites and the NWO.

    1. The author referred to a cold CIVIL war between Democrats and Republicans right here in America. Not a cold war with a foreign country, namely Russia.

      1. You are correct. Thanks for the correction. The content of my reply had everything to do with the flip-flop from old school worldview to contemporary. Also, any war between Democrats and Republicans is nothing more than part of a shell game. Corruption of both parties by the global elites is nothing new and not of my invention. This election was about the possibility of breaking free from the grip of the globalists and restoring this country. What I have stated originated, not from me but, from other reliable sources. I would have no trouble at all in producing them if requested.

          1. Underestimating your enemies is not wise. The losers and idiots of the left have lost big in this election. If you assume that they are now powerless, you would be making a big error. They have not lost organization or funding. No doubt that strategy adjustment is going on at echelons above the rank and file.
            Concerning big fish frying, most of them happen to be located beyond the borders of the United States. As long as the Trump administration remains tethered to certain alliances, pacts and treaties, we will continue to advance the globalist agenda.
            So I know better than to expect a full retreat from the left here at home and I anticipate movement within the globalist controlled governments and organizations of the world to neutralize the effects of the upcoming Trump administration. The truth is that we are at a critical juncture and, if we fail to make the right moves domestically as well as on the world stage, we will find that is is us who are getting fried.

    2. The enemy is not simply “globalists”. They are neo-fascist totalitarians, in control of literally trillions of dollars that translate into massive power and influence. And while China is indeed not the backward, ham-fisted communist mess it used to be, it is by no means a bunch of amateurs that can be manipulated by the clowns on Wall Street or in the State Department. They, especially when allied with Russia, are even now capable of defeating us militarily (thanks to the real traitors, Obama, Soros, et al., who have radically weakened and demoralized our military). America needs to wake the eff up, stop trying to blame anyone but ourselves for the mess we’re in, and get to work repairing the massive damage done by our own government to America over the past 25 years.

  20. All because the bleeding heart liberals lost the election. Who are they going to blame next. Why don’t they give their candidate $5.00 and have her by herself a mirror, look into it, and then tell her brain dead supporters who’s fault it is that they lost the election.

  21. I think the ‘traitor’, per Olbermann’s terms, is Hilliary and her ” love-affair with a foreign ‘aggressor that consistently undermines American interests.'” by the name of George Soros.

  22. It is obvious that the bloated democratic party has taken offense to anyone who does not agree with “status quo”. The blue zones on the political map contain the welfare capitals, food stamp and free health care for those who dont work for a living. I will bet my ar-15 that action beats words.

  23. Time to ramp up crying towel production its going to be a while before these fools stop their whining and grow up. As for Trump they never realize when they have totally taken their eye off the ball .Soros is the enemy of the USA aided by the elites. Hopefully Trump keeps his eye on the ball and does not sway from his promises.

  24. Laugh now…deny Truth…but you have time, not much, to read the Best seller ever written and compare notes. PLEASE READ THE BIBLE…it’s all there. Are you good at gambling, stock market, are you lucky?? This is a 50-50 proposition. Flip a coin and risk eternity. It’s all up to you. Heads or Tails ??

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