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Angry Residents Continue Holding Dozens of Alleged Gang Members in Mexico

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About 20 people believed to have links to a criminal gang remained kidnapped Thursday in southern Mexico by local residents who say they are tired of being at their mercy and are now taking matters into their own hands.

The few dozen men who make up the newly-formed vigilante group appeared Sunday evening in the streets of San Miguel Totolapan, one of the bloodiest in the state of Guerrero, waving shotguns and hunting rifles in response to the abduction earlier that day of a well-respected businessman.

A video on YouTube showed the vigilantes as they took up arms in response to repeated crimes attributed to “Los Tequileros.”

“They have humiliated us. They have killed our families and we won’t let it happen again,” one of the vigilantes says.

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Totolapan is considered so dangerous that many outlying hamlets in the township have been abandoned by fearful residents.

The town has been controlled for years by a drug gang boss named Raybel Jacobo de Almonte, better known as “El Tequilero” (in Spanish, The Tequila Drinker).

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