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Trump Supporter Attacked at NYC College; MAGA Hat Almost Set Alight

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by Ken Kurson

Black student victimized in Queens accuses public safety of cover-up.

The media has been awash in allegations of bad behavior by white Trump supporters intimidating minorities and Trump rejectors intimidating his white supporters. But here’s a story that defies those classifications.

Thomas Arrington is a student at Queensborough Community College. He is black, 20-something and a New Yorker. He’s also a Trump supporter.

“I was accosted, threatened with being lit on fire, and almost lit on fire for wearing a Make America Great Again hat. This on a campus with a holocaust museum,” Arrington told the Observer.

“On Thursday, I was just having a discussion and some guys came up and said they were going to light my hat on fire,” Arrington continued. “I ignored them. Then one of the guys flanked me, came up behind me with a lighter in his hand. I reported it. And when I followed up with the dean, I saw that the sergeant [who took the report] didn’t even file the report.”

The harassers were also students at the college, who Arrington recognized from around campus but did not know by name.

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