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Supreme Court Won’t Restore Court Order Against Trump Over Poll-Watching In Ohio


It is a Saul Alinsky tactic to make accusations against your opponent concerning things you are doing. – Shorty Dawkins

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By Ariane de Vogue

Washington (CNN)The Supreme Court Monday denied an emergency request filed by Democratic lawyers to reinstate a federal court order barring the Trump campaign from engaging in activities that Democrats allege could lead to voter intimidation in Ohio.

The ruling is a win for the Trump campaign and the GOP state parties, which have successfully fended off several pre-emptive lawsuits filed by Democrats across the country that accuse Trump and Republicans of “conspiring to threaten and intimidate minority voters in urban neighborhoods from voting in the 2016 election.”

Democrats are seeking temporary restraining orders against the Trump campaign and Republicans, as they raise the alarm of possible voter intimidation due to comments from the GOP nominee and others.

But while judges have at times been sympathetic, Democrats have now faltered in each case where a hearing has been held: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nevada and Arizona. Monday, a federal judge rejected a request for a restraining order in Pennsylvania. A hearing was also held in a separate lawsuit in North Carolina.

Steve Vladeck, a CNN legal contributor and professor at the University of Texas Law School, said the lawsuits show how concerns about what happens at polling places are changing, but that could mean courts aren’t ready to jump in quite yet.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. WHY AM I SO ANGRY TONIGHT SHORTY?!?!? I think we need to put a copy of Orwell’s 1984 and Brave new world to those that seem to be totally asleep of the N.W.O. YES! we are in a free fall for it right now. Oh Lord Have Mercy on us.

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