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Obama Warns Of World War III; Civil War in Response to Populist Uprising



Obama is a Globalist, and the Globalists, of course, decry nationalism. They chose the name Populism as their new catchall phrase for anyone who is against Globalism. Obama, and his ilk, continue to push for their Globalist, One World Government. They will not stop, in spite of Brexit and the Trump victory. As usual, they will attempt to co-opt any movement that opposes their agenda. – Shorty Dawkins, Editor

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by Charlie Spiering

President Barack Obama is warning the world and America about a rising populism that he says is sweeping the planet, urging people to be vigilant about the future.

“We are going to have to guard against a rise in a crude sort of nationalism or ethnic identity or tribalism that is built around an ‘us’ and a ‘them,’” Obama said during a press conference in Greece.

He referred to World War I and World War II as the consequence of a rising sense of nationalism in Europe.

“We know what happens when Europeans start dividing themselves up and emphasizing their differences,” he said, calling the 20th century a “bloodbath” as a result.

He also warned Americans to be vigilant, citing the Civil War as a consequence of dividing the country “dangerously.”

“In the United States, we knows what happens when we start dividing ourselves along lines of race or religion or ethnicity,” Obama said. “It’s dangerous … we don’t realize our potential as a country when we’re preventing Blacks or Latinos or Asians or Gays or women from fully participating in the project of building American life.”

Obama said he believed that the world would be better off coming together and recognizing their common interests.

“So my vision’s right on that issue,” he said. “And it may not always win the day in the short term in any particular circumstance, but I’m confident it will win the day over the long term.”

Obama explained that many of the disruptions of the political status quo was a consequence of social media and political officials that were fueling the rise of populist anger.

He appeared frustrated by questions that suggested he missed the rise of frustration among the American people during his presidency.

“Of course I did,” he said.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. He, the bath house rainbow in the White House should be arrested, tried for treason, blind folded, tied to a post, and shot to death by a military firing squad. This should be broadcast live around the world. Just as the traitors and war criminals were dealt with after WWII…all on film for all to witness. We either have law, or we have this ongoing tyranny.

    1. WGP,,, You have a vividly poignant way with painting a picture with words… I totally agree!! Can we add Hillary and Soros in there too please??? I got a little choked up and teary eyed visuallizing such a beautiful day for freedom that would be right on the White House front lawn!!

  2. Borders



    We are a tribe anyone can join. We are a nation that anyone who yearns for freedom can find refuge. We are not slaves to the global order.

  3. There’s nothing crude about it.
    Obama fancies himself and his ilk the only intellectuals around, which is in itself, anti intellectual.
    The great people of this REPUBLIC stood up, and said NO. NO to your globalist, anti western, anti sovereignty,
    anti nationalist BS agenda.
    There is absolutely nothing, not one damn thing, wrong, or otherwise bad about being a nationalist.
    I LOVE my country, above all others.
    I LOVE my people, above all others.
    I don’t care what color you are, I don’t care what deity you choose to worship. If you’re an American, and you uphold, honor, protect and defend the Constitution, you are my brother/sister. WTF is so wrong, or crude about that? Not one damn thing.

  4. I would like to say something to WGP and Brentwood. Afghan vet here, ten years in Special Forces. Listen please, no one can talk about violent action against the President. It is wrong, it is illegal, and you must have lost your mind. We can say a lot of things about President Obama. For example, “I don’t like him at all,” or “he is fake,” or “he plays golf when Americans are be decapitated by ISIS,” or “he make me want to puke.” But you cannot talk about any kind of violence. I hope it is possible for you to delete your comment. In fact, your comment is illegal, and Oath Keepers, as far as I understand, supports US law and the US Constitution. Let’s not go overboard, and for goodness sake don’t do something illegal and post it on this page. If Oathkeepers wants to be strong, it has to stay on target. No division, no over-the-top or illegal comments. And someone needs to take a look at comments before they are posted. We all support the United States Constitution, and that is a grand thing to do indeed.

    1. DavidUSA: I understand your concern and we do need to be careful,But, I believe they did say tried and convicted.That implies to me to be the constitutional way,charged,arrested, tried,convicted and punished according to such.As far as Obama, I believe he will continue do more damage to the USA and freedom after he leaves Washington via UN, or Acorn,education the list goes on and on.

    2. He did mention putting Obama on trial for treason, so I don’t think his comment was actually advocating anything illegal (unlike all the lefties who are advocating assassination of Trump). But, I do agree that we need to keep cool and watch our own rhetoric. Like I said below, the radical left is putting out bait in the hopes of getting us to react violently so they can then clamor for Obama to declare an emergency and stop the transfer of power. Keep that in mind, everyone, and don’t give them the excuse they desperately need. They are almost out of power, and have a rapidly closing window in which to create a crisis to justify a desperate attempt by Obama to remain in power. Don’t help them. Don’t take the bait. Let them show their ass, and give them plenty of rope to show their true colors. But don’t try to stop them from doing so. As Napoleon said, never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

  5. “Obama is a Globalist, and the Globalists, of course, decry nationalism. ”

    Oh hell, who are we kidding? Almost everyone under the capital dome is a globalist.

    And sometime in the near future, you are going to hear, “See what you did America? It wasn’t us, it was that outsider and all those “patriots” who voted for him.”

  6. What Obama is doing here is throwing some red meat to the radical communists inside the Democratic party who are trying to kick off a “revolution” by convincing people that Trump is a racist fascist dictator, that his Administration will be like the second coming of Hitler, therefore they need to kick off a revolution now, while Obama is still in. Obama is not saying that, but they are. He IS painting that picture of all of us being racist fascists, which the communists will point to as further evidence for their “useful idiot” followers to freak out on.

    There is no doubt that communists like Bill Ayers, Michael Moore, Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett, etc want to see a crisis happen that will justify Obama declaring a state of emergency between now and the inauguration. They are deliberately scaring the crap out of people on the left, making them think that if Trump is “allowed” to take power, they will all be killed or put in concentration camps. And the goal is really to get those leftists to riot and then get us on the right to react with violent force. It is our reaction that is the real goal. To justify Obama declaring a state of emergency (essentially martial law) and delaying or halting the transfer of power to Trump, they need right wing violence against “peaceful protesters.” They need the optics of “racist fascists” killing brown and black people in the streets. DON’T GIVE IT TO THEM. Have the discipline to keep cool, and not take the bait. Let the cops handle them, and hold your fire.

    And also cool down your own rhetoric too, please. That is also something they want -they want hot headed people on the right calling for blood. That also helps them stir people up on the left .

    Keep cool between now and innaugeration day. Obviously, if attacked, defend yourselves, and also defend others who are attacked in your presence, but don’t seek conflict. Let the cops handle the hate-filled communists who are flying communist flags as they burn the American flag, and who are calling for violent “revolution” as well as assassination of Trump. Don’t give the leftists the violent right wing reaction they crave. Let Obama leave office without an excuse to declare an emergency.


  7. Very well said Mr Rhodes, Could not agree more. As much as those spoiled rotten little rioters make us all feel like taking a few scalps, we must remain calm and let them snuff themselves out. From what I have been seeing, they are well on their way to self destruction. Honestly though, I have never in my life seen anything so disgusting as these anti American idiots. Its really quite embarrassing.

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