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Now That Trump Has Won

trump2 by Shorty Dawkins

Donald Trump will be the next President. The votes are in and Trump is the people’s choice. So, what next? Is he the anti-globalist he claims to be? I sincerely hope so, but the proof is in the pudding.

Trump’s stated choice for Treasury Secretary is Steve Mnuchin, who was the finance head of his campaign. Mnuchin worked for Goldman Sachs for 17 years, before working with George Soros affiliated organizations. Look here to see how much money he has donated to liberal Democrats. Maybe he has come to be an anti-globalist, but his past is very suspect.

Politico has a list of potential Cabinet level positions they feel are being considered. Trump’s nominations for his Cabinet will be the first indication of what we can expect from his administration. We’ll wait to see his picks, but the Politico list is less than inspiring, with the possible nomination of Sheriff David Clarke as head of the Department of Homeland Security being an exception.

Who will he nominate for the vacant seat on the Supreme Court? Business Insider has a list of potential nominees released by the Trump campaign. Unfortunately, Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. is not on the list. Neither is Judge Napolitano. It is possible that Trump may end up appointing three judges to the Supreme Court during his administration, so the balance of the Court is potentially in his hands for much longer than his own time in the Oval Office. Who he chooses to put forth will be very important. Trump says he wants “originalists”. Let’s hope he means it.

Trump received a lot of support for his stand on immigration. Will he “pause” the influx of “Syrian” refugees? (The refugees being brought in are not all Syrians.) Will he support the efforts of the Border Patrol in combating illegal immigration? He has promised to do so. Will the Wall be built? Will illegal immigrants be returned to their native lands? Once again, the proof is in the pudding.

What he does on Trade, will have an enormous impact on our economy. Will he toss out TPP and TTIP? Will he begin renegotiating NAFTA? The opportunities are open for him to make a big impact on trade. Along with immigration, it was a centerpiece of his campaign. We can only hope he follows through on his promises.

With a Republican controlled House and Senate, it is possible that he can accomplish much in his administration, assuming the likes of Senators such as John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio and Mitch McConnel do not undermine him. In the House, Speaker Paul Ryan could be a problem, too.

It is now up to us to keep the heat on Congress and Trump, to fulfill the promises that were made by Mr. Trump. We have won a battle, but not the war against globalism. We cannot rest.



Shorty Dawkins



  1. Trump is not the Messiah nor is he omnipotent but he has inherited a real pile of shit that started as far back as slick Willy and before. Dubya and Obama just accelerated the destruction of the middle class and the economy with the incessant printing of green toilet paper. Somewhere down the line, probably sooner than later, the printing presses will stop and the inflation will begin. Trump will not be able to stop it or undo the decades of destruction in four years, especially with the GOPe still in place. If the inflation goes hyper there will be an economic collapse. This is non-revisionist history!

    So do not let your guard down, continue with CPT and do focus on the “financial” aspects. Coach folks that you present to on barter. Accumulate and store PM and barter items. Learn a barterable trade.

    Nothing has changed for us in the near future. CPT is just as viable as it was during Obama’s reign of terror.

  2. Enemy gathers around special white house parking area during the event they have parking permit so to rush the gate. I am sure Oath Keepers will up hold where needed.

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