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NavyJack – Is This a Recount or Something Else? (Updated 12/01/2016 9PM EST)

Dr. Stein started an initiative to recount the votes in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan less than two weeks ago. She stated that a study from the University of Michigan claiming that irregularities in the tabulated results for the states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan were her inspiration.  The study and the sworn statements from the professors involved with the study’s development provide absolutely no evidence of fraud, hacking, or inaccuracy of the election results.

J. Alex Halderman, the director of the University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society
J. Alex Halderman, the Director of the University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society

The study discusses methods by which election results can be electronically altered and discusses various conspiracy theories raised by the campaign of former Secretary Hillary Clinton. The authors attempt to provide some mathematical analysis that describes an increase in mail-in ballots that somehow could relate to “hacking” of voter registration files. The authors also inject speculation regarding the extent to which pre-election polls were wrong; polls that were badly manipulated by the media to make it appear that a Hillary Clinton Presidency was inevitable.  It is important to note that the study only concludes that issues exist in the very three battleground states that Hillary Clinton would need to overturn in order to change the outcome of the election.

“I believe the most likely explanation is that the [pre-election] polls [showing Clinton winning those three states] were systematically wrong, rather than that the election was hacked. But I don’t believe that either one of these seemingly unlikely explanations is overwhelmingly more likely than the other. “ – J. Alex Halderman

The real comedy begins when representatives of the Green Party filing the recount in Wisconsin stated that one concern that led party officials to request a recount stemmed from major differences between statewide exit polls and the actual election results in the Badger State.

“The exit polls indicated that [Trump] should have had 44.3 percent” of the vote,” Wisconsin Green Party Representative George Martin said, noting that Trump instead received about 48 percent.”

The Exit Polls in the Badger State indicated that Trump should have received 48.5% of the vote. In fact, exit polls for each of the states being challenged by the Green Party correctly predicted the outcome.  I won’t attempt to ascribe motive for the University of Michigan professors that are advising and testifying on behalf of Dr. Stein and the Green Party, I will state that their methods and the accuracy of the information they have presented is irreparably flawed. If professors could be charged with malpractice, these individuals would certainly have exceeded the bar.

NavyJack - Is This a Recount or Something Else? (Updated 12/01/2016 9PM EST)Meanwhile, Dr Stein sincerely believes that the overwhelming financial contributions received to conduct the recounts are an indication of how concerned citizens are about their election process. It is difficult to understand how Dr. Stein could be under this impression. The donations that she has received are from people disappointed in the results of the election. The donations came from people who voted for or financed Hillary Clinton, hoping for one more bite at the apple.

Exit polls are the most useful tool when assessing the fairness and accuracy of a large-scale election process. The fact that the University of Michigan, Dr. Stein and the Main Stream Media have all decided to ignore the accuracy of the exit polls with relation to the claims of “hacking”, fraud and vote manipulation points to their motivation.

Dr, Stein, professors from the University of Michigan and a professor from Georgetown University presented their case to a Wisconsin judge earlier today. It became clear that nobody could articulate the existence of evidence to support their outlandish claims. Their case was one of conspiracy theories that foreign “hackers”, “people with screwdrivers” and employees of the State of Wisconsin could have altered the results of the election. Their argument completely ignored the fact that the exit polls showed that the President Elect should have received a certain tally of votes and actually did receive that tally of votes. Once the exit polls are factored into the equation, all of their conspiracy theories become mute.


Is Recounting the Vote Really the Goal?

Considering the extent of the ridiculous arguments being made both in the courts and in their public appearances, it is becoming clear that auditing the vote with a recount is not the real goal. Knowing full well that their arguments are not based on facts and subject them to ridicule, the proponents of the recount persist. The legal advisors for former Secretary Hillary Clinton joined in the legal fray today, also demanding a hand recount of the Wisconsin votes. Certainly they know that a machine recount is going to be a much faster way to determine if the votes were counted accurately. These are professors of computer science providing the advice. What motivation is driving their insistence on a hand recount that will take weeks and could risk the ability of Wisconsin to certify their vote by the deadline required to participate in the Electoral College? Time is the reason. If the proponents of the hand recount can cause the recount to effort to intentionally slow down the certification, they potentially can disenfranchise the citizens of Wisconsin from being represented by their electors at the Electoral College. Let’s not forget that the electors from these states have been harassed and threatened by the supporters of Hillary Clinton to not vote for the President Elect. Let’s also not forget that former Secretary Hillary Clinton has said nothing about these threats coming from her supporters. Not one word from someone who aspired to be President of the United States to her faithful followers to stop the harassment and end the threats. Let’s also not forget that the study that this entire recount effort is based upon only concludes that issues exist in the very three battleground states that Hillary Clinton would need to overturn in order to change the outcome of the election.

I also find it curious that Dr. Stein missed critical filing deadlines in both Pennsylvania and in Michigan. Deadlines that were established by the states in order to enable them to have time to process and conduct a recount if one should be warranted. Is there a motive to these apparent mistakes? Dr. Stein has already filed court challenges in Pennsylvania. A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday December 5th to allow her and her associates to present arguments as to why Pennsylvania should risk their ability to be represented at the Electoral College by accepting the late challenge from Dr. Stein. It is certain that this same process will play out in Michigan, the very home of the flawed study that started this recount/Electoral College nightmare.

hillary-clinton-reutersI ask you to consider the possibility that the goal of this entire escapade from the outset was the intentional disenfranchisement of millions of American citizens to be represented by their electors at the Electoral College. We know for a fact that the University of Michigan team responsible for the study met with the advisors to former Secretary Hillary Clinton long before enlisting the cooperation of Dr. Stein and the Green Party. Could this have been the plan all along? Could a person who aspires to be the President of the United States be so diabolical and determined that she would use a rival candidate to present legal challenges in the very three states required for her to overturn the results of the election? Is this really so difficult a leap considering that this same Presidential hopeful has steadfastly refused to criticize her followers for harassing and making death threats against these same electors? Is this so difficult to believe from a person that refuses to demand that her supporters stop rioting in cities across the nation?

I will let you make up your own mind on this. Clearly I have already come to a conclusion. The President Elect will still become President with or without the electors from the three states that Dr. Stein has unwittingly attempted to disenfranchise.  In the end, all that Dr. Stein will accomplish is the further division of the people of our nation. She has given sore losers a second chance to lose. She has added fuel to an already dangerous level of anger and frustration for the supporters of former Secretary Hillary Clinton. More protests and riots will be her only accomplishment.

Update 11/29/2016 8:30PM EST – Wisconsin Judge Rejects Stein’s Request for Hand Recount

Dane County Circuit Judge Valerie Bailey-Rihn said the effort to force the hand recount – which was backed by Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign — did not meet the state’s legal standard for prohibiting the use of machines in the recount, saying that the two campaigns did not show a hand recount, though more thorough, was necessary or show there was a clear and convincing evidence of fraud or other problems.  Bailey-Rihn said there were good reasons to do a hand recount but no legal basis for her to mandate it.


Update 11/30/2016 10:00AM EST – Recount Petition Filed In Nevada

Just when you thought the post-election recount circus couldn’t get any more ridiculous, it has.  Per NBC, Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, an independent 2016 U.S. presidential candidate, has officially filed a recount petition with the Secretary of State of Nevada requesting recounts in 93 precincts.  Rocky won 2,552 votes in the state of Nevada or roughly 0.23% of the total.

Under Nevada law, officials are only required to recount the votes of the petitioner and the winner of the election.  Then, only if a discrepancy of 1% or more is found in vote totals does a full statewide recount occur.

Read the article at

Update 11/30/2016 10:00AM EST – Stein Files for Michigan Recount Costing State $3M

Stein said Wednesday the more than 75,000 blank votes in Michigan’s presidential results were a “red flag” that fueled her desire to seek a statewide hand recount of 4.8 million ballots.  Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel blasted the request as a “reckless attempt to undermine the will” of Michigan’s voters. She noted Stein and her lawyer, Mark Brewer, have provided no evidence of vote fraud.

“Jill Stein made her 1 percent temper tantrum official and will waste millions of Michigan taxpayers’ dollars, and has acknowledged that the recount will not change anything regarding the presidential election,” McDaniel said.

Read the article at The Detroit News

Update 12/01/2016 10:00AM EST – In a sensational new development, TV host David Pakman says he was told by a high level source that 15 electors in states Trump won will refuse to vote for Donald Trump.  Pakman went on to say that the electors are also lobbying other members of the electoral college to not vote for Trump. The goal is to prevent Trump from getting the 270 electoral votes he requires to become president. If Trump loses 37 electoral votes, it will put him under the 270 benchmark and throw America into a constitutional crisis.  This would be totally unprecedented, and it’s a long shot, but it illustrates the left’s desperation to do anything to sabotage Trump.  Could 15 or more electors really be planning to defy the democratic will of the American people – over 62 million of whom voted for Trump?


In my original article, titled “Jill Stein Teams with Hillary Clinton in Attempt to Overturn Election” I discussed the following scenario:

“It is beginning to appear that this recount initiative may be part two of a plan to attempt to overturn the results of the election in favor of former Secretary Clinton.  The other initiative underway is a concerted effort to threaten and coerce members of the Electoral College to abandon their duty to cast their vote for the party and candidate they represent.  This coercion effort, by itself, could never possibly result in the numbers of Electoral College members reneging on their obligations needed to overturn the results of the election.  See the Oath Keepers Call To Action on this initiative. Combined, these initiatives only require that each be partially successful in order to achieve the desired result.  For example, should the recount initiative result in overturning the election results in Wisconsin and Michigan, both of which were remarkably tight races; then the coercion initiative would only need to cause twelve Electoral College members to switch their vote from Trump to Clinton to provide Clinton with the 270 votes needed to overturn the results of the election.”

The new elector information reported by coupled with the events surrounding the recounts must be monitored closely. The constitutional crisis that would result should the scenario described above actually occur would be truly unprecedented.

Update 12/01/2016 6:00PM EST – Possible Source for Infowars Story Identified

OLYMPIA — Standing on the steps of the state Capitol Wednesday, Levi Guerra declared that she would join a handful of Electoral College members seeking to deny Donald Trump the presidency.  Guerra, a 19-year-old from the town of Warden, Grant County, is one of a slate of electors for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who won Washington state in the November election. But when the state’s 12 electors meet Dec. 19 to cast their votes in what is usually a symbolic act known as the Electoral College, Guerra said she intends to support a Republican compromise candidate.

“I feel that it is my duty to cast my vote against Trump,” said Guerra. “Instead, I must vote for the person who I believe will be best for my constituents and who has the greatest chance for unifying our country.”

Guerra is joining with another Democratic elector from Washington, Bret Chiafalo, who is pushing a longshot, anti-Trump movement called Hamilton Electors. The group seeks to block Trump by encouraging both Democratic and Republican electors in every state to unite behind a yet-to-be determined consensus Republican candidate.

Read the article at The Seattle Times

While I cannot definitively state that this is the source TV host David Pakman is speaking about in the Infowars story above, many aspects of this article are similar to Pakman’s report. The main difference is that the Hamilton Electors are instead all Democrats, slated to vote for Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College. They intend to vote for an alternative Republican “compromise” candidate hoping to attract other Republican Electors to do the same. So far they do not appear to have found any Republican Electors willing to do so. Use you own judgement please.

Update 12/01/2016 9:00PM EST – According to Wisconsin Representative Sean Duffy (R-WI), Wisconsin is Stalled

Wisconsin Representative Sean Duffy (R-WI) went on with Tucker Carlson tonight to discuss the recount in Wisconsin.  Duffy said Democrats and far left Green Party supporters are stalling the recount in Dane County Wisconsin, where Madison is located. The county is holding a hand recount. The recount will not be completed by the deadline on December 20th. Therefore, according to Rep. Duffy, the state will quite possibly be forced to forfeit their electoral votes.  This was the plan all along. Democrats knew they couldn’t make up 20,000 votes. But they also knew if they stalled on the recount the state could not certify the vote. Wisconsin, won fairly by Donald Trump, will forfeit.  Federal law says that presidential recounts must be completed within 35 days after an election. Stein waited until 90 minutes before the Wisconsin deadline for filing a recount petition expired. All the votes have to be certified by December 13 according to a report on Friday. The electors meet on December 19.  Wisconsin will almost certainly miss that deadline, since the last recount took more than a month. And that recount was for a state Supreme Court contest where only 1.5 million votes were cast. If Wisconsin misses the December 19 deadline, the electoral votes may not be counted. This was Hillary and Jill Stein’s plan all along.

Read the article at




Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.



  1. As they watch our new President Elect be true to his campaign promises, they are terrified and determined not to let him be inaugurated. There are trillions of dollars at stake and the march towards NWO will be seriously disrupted. Trump is appointing patriots for cabinet positions who will most certainly disassemble our corrupt government. The Muslim Brotherhood operatives and black hats who have been installed under Obama will be gone in the #draintheswamp. The financiers and controllers of our shadow government (Soros) cannot allow this backlash to the progress they’ve made on steroids the past 8 years under the Obama/Clinton administration. Stein, like Bernie, is nothing more than a tool. How can fundraising for a recount amass $6.5M in a matter of days? This dwarfs the amount Stein received during the entirety of her campaign. There needs to be transparency into the people and organizations that are behind funding this attempt to steal the results from Trump. While we all suspected the massive voter fraud used by the Clinton machine to win the election, the shock was theirs. Now what more fraud have they planned to use during this ruse that will ensure Clinton will be installed as was the plan that Trump’s massive support overcame?

    1. “Trump is appointing patriots for cabinet positions who will most certainly disassemble our corrupt government”.

      I hope so [disassemble our corrupt gov’t]…but I will only believe that…when I see it.

  2. I suspect this is one of many steps towards federalizing the voting process.

    Yes, I know, federalized control of voting is unconstitutional, but there are many things the globalist are trying to do that are unconstitutional. When trying to turn a big ship, you have to start early and subtly. If they can find inconsistencies in the vote, even if it doesn’t change the results, they can start chipping away at the credibility of the voting process and lobby to federalize it. This is similar to their recent attempts to federalize the police departments.

    This is just another front in the on going battle with the globalist’s agenda.

  3. God bless that judge Baily Rihn for standing up to these mobsters and not giving in to their whims. She will probably have her life threatened. I hope she is provided protection by somebody because of a certain individual’s reputation for leaving dead bodies behind when things don’t go her way.

  4. There is no reason for a recount, since it’s not going to have any effect on the result of the election. I don’t doubt that there was a good deal of voter fraud and other illegal interference, but to Clinton’s benefit rather than her detriment. This is being promoted and financed by the Democrats (with Stein as their tool) to stir up public distrust, resentment and opposition to the next administration — to try to delegitimize Trump’s election in the eye of as many of the ignorant as possible, and instigate continuous agitation against anything he tries to do. And this is only the beginning, they’ll hammer him until he’s gone.

  5. I’m waiting for a bunch of precincts to start finding bags of 100% hellary ballots – “OH! Look what WE found behind the door in this storeroom!” And “OH! Look what we found in the basement!” and “OH MY! Look what we found here!” and on and on and on.

    1. That’s what they do in Washington state; they kept that stupid woman Gregoire in office by recounting till she won. They sent letters to those who voted for her opponent that their signature did not match “on file” signature as a method to throw out republican voters and went on to “find” thousands of votes that were not counted, with big majority for Gregoire. The left has lobbied and succeeded in corrupting the voting/ballot systems in many states. There is no cure other than overwhelming victory. Close races will fall to the left.

  6. I am reminded about the Saul Alinsky exhortation about seizing on an issue, but that not really being the real issue. The real issue is advancement of the “revolution”. In this instance it seems not about the accuracy of the vote. The real purpose is to continue to de-legitimize the winner and do the same to the system that got him the win, uh, legitimately. Oh, and to help fill the Greenie’s coffer. And could it be possible that the damaged remnants of the Democovet Party will eventually merge with the Green Party officially as a needed makeover and to capture the Bernie wing of voters? Their brand sucks and they needed something better to get the popular vote winning constituency’s juices flowing again.

  7. Why isn’t anyone recounting the votes in Virginia or California. The reason is kkkillory won those states. We know the Virginia governor is as crooked as kkkillory, why else would he pardon all those convicted criminals so they could vote in the election. The California governor with his sanctuary cities, fiscal problems and failure to enforce immigration laws openly invited illigals to vote in the election. Where is the democRATic outcry about voter fraud in those states. The green party should be forced to spend the money and conduct a hand recount in those two states. I believe one of the states they want a recount in didn’t even use computerized ballots, not sure which one.
    What happened to kkkillories big speach about accepting the outcome of the election no matter what. I forgot, that’s when the useless and biased main stream media projected HER as the winner. O really don’t blame kkkillory for using every dirty trick in the book, after all, winning the white house gives her a small chance of staying out of prison.
    Don’t get me wrong, prison is the least the entire clinton family deserves for the many lives this unscrupulous, greedy and criminal family. In addition to prison, I personally would like to see them back where they were when they left the white house, dead broke. The government should seize all the clinton foundation assets, give them to the charitable cause they were intended for, have the IRS conduct an audit of the foundations activities and the clintons keeping over 90% of the money, probably without paying taxes. Then the government can use the rest of the clintons assets, that kkkillory hasn’t transfered to the middle east yet, to pay their fines and penalties. That should just about bring them back to where they were when they left the white house,
    According to Harry Truman, “you can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook,”

  8. Hillary has brought the election carnival to town. She steps up to the booth and throws the rings, trying to get them around the square pegs. Ohhhhh, so close, but she lost. So, she puts up her money for another chance. Throw the rings again Hillary, take your best shot. I guess Hillary has never been to the carnival, but you and I probably have. And, we all know how that works out, don’t we?

    1. Is Hillary really using HER money or is Georgie Boy still kicking in a million here and a million there to keep his money flow working?

  9. There is more here than meets the eye. There is clear collusion between Hitlary for Prison and the Green Party (bunch of nut jobs) and the Courts! These States, especially Wisconsin, have violated their own election Laws. In Wisconsin for a recount to take place there needs to be undeniable proof of voter fraud for a recount to take place. The State and the Wisconsin Board of Elections have clearly stated that NO reasonable person would believe that voter fraud had taken place based on the process the votes had been placed by voters (the voting system used by Wisconsin) and the mechanism by which those votes had been counted, and no where near the point of “Beyond a reasonable doubt”..!!! As we all know Hitlary did not file for a recount herself nor did her campaign leaders, they used and outsider to deceive the voting population into believing that they are not behind these recount efforts…WRONG! Hitlary, BO, Soro’s and several others are behind this recount, and you want to know why it took this long to ask for the recount of these States? Hitlary, BO, Soro’s and others in the Commie/Democrat Party had to have time to gain access to these States voting Systems and change the votes in favor of Hitlary. If Hitlary comes out ahead in these States it will be clear to me, as well as to millions of other Americans, that our votes had been stolen by the Communist Left, i.e. Hitlary and here Communist supporters (and yes the Democratic Party is NOW the Communist Party of America just review their actions, laws, the Democrat Platform and then review the Communist Manifesto and the Communist 45 tenants to transform America into a Communist Nation and you will see that the Democrat Party is NOW truly the Communist Party of America)! If this does come to pass there will be a Civil War in OUR, not their, NATION! The Governors of several States have activated their Nation Guards for such and event, Jade Helm 15 (in 2015) and UWEX 16 (is still in operation as we speak) are training our U.S. Military and also foreign Troops to confiscate our firearms, round up Americans and put them in Fema/Enslavement Camps and much more! DHS and several other Fed Agencies have been Arming themselves for this very event since BO took office in 2009. Go listen to this message from CSS the Link:

    “We the People” are in BIG trouble if Hitlary pulls this off, and even if they can’t the Global Elites are still going to stand in the way of Prez-Elect Trumps all the way up to 01/20/2017 and beyond! “We the People” need to stand by Prez-Elect Trump and stand up for the U.S. Constitution and the true founding of our Nation, our Christian Nation and nothing else! God help us, PLEASE!

  10. Isn’t it odd that these states are on the list of those who’s machines were accused to have the “percentage hack” in articles prior to the election all around the alternative media? Is it possible that Trump won by such a massive margin that the hack (assuming it is real) did not overcome the actual results? And that this is a concept the commies cannot accept as truth? These folks set their own empire on fire and yet they refuse to accept is is even burning.

  11. Desperation brings out the worst failed logic, lack of reason and delusional actions of the criminally insane and radical political ideologists … they simply cannot fathom the values and thought process of rational, law abiding and socially balanced people … and, those would be Patriotic Americans …

  12. There are trillions of dollars at stake and the march towards NWO will be seriously disrupted if Trump is inaugurated. True to his campaign promises, PE Trump is appointing patriots for cabinet positions who will most certainly disassemble our corrupt government. The Muslim Brotherhood operatives and black hats who have been installed under Obama will be first to go as he drains the swamp. The financiers and controllers of our shadow government (Soros) cannot allow this backlash to the progress they’ve made (on steroids) the past 8 years under the Obama/Clinton administration. Stein, like Bernie, is nothing more than their tool. Suspiciously, she’s able to fundraise $6.5M in a matter of days? This dwarfs the amount she received during the entirety of her campaign. There needs to be an investigation into the people and organizations that are behind funding this final attempt to alter the results of the election. We all knew voter fraud used by the Clinton machine (Project Veritas verified) would attempt to secure her the presidency. What additional fraud are they planning to use during this recount ruse to ensure that Clinton will be installed since Trump’s massive support foiled their original plans?

  13. While commenting on here is essentially preaching to the choir, I’ll throw in my two cents anyway. We have known for decades why the left wanted to disarm the American citizens. Unable to accomplish that, they instead created a brown-shirt brigade (DHS) at the national level in an attempt to counter the armed populace. They have tried, with trickery and subterfuge, to install their puppets and, as BHO brayed in 2008, “fundamentally transform America.” Their options and windows of opportunity have been steadily narrowing, but never so drastically and rapidly as with the election of Trump, so they seem to have thrown caution to the wind and are willing to risk sparking a civil war in order to have a chance to bury the Constitution and “fundamentally transform America” – no matter how many lives are lost in the process. Unfortunately, like Hirohito, it seems they will not relent until they are utterly destroyed.

    Thomas Jefferson said it precisely: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

    1. I agree. The desperation has overtaken their intellect. The process is so rigged that over and over again they bragged how it was Hillary who would win and there was “no possibility” of Trump winning. Had any other Republican ran we’d have more of the same for 4 years and a land slide victory for Hillary. But the people overwhelmed the “rigging” beyond their expectations.

      The shock is hard for them to swallow. There are promises made and as others have stated here, big money is at stake and political dominance from the left severely snipped. We have Brexit and now Trump. For the left, the shit has hit the fan and if civil unrest and war break out in the streets (as they failed to get with their snowflake protesters), so be it. The machine on the left know what they are up against but believe they will put down a revolt from the right who, like us, is not organized with tactics and strategies.

      The armed agencies are a tool, but they have an issue with loyalties. Will you, Mr. bureaucrat shoot your neighbors and relatives and friends and family? We saw the mercenaries at the Bundy standoff and Oregon State Police, but how big are those ranks. The game is on.

      They left is playing for keeps and are desperate for us to fire the first shots. So far, only pigs with muslim (not capitalized intentionally) names and dumb ass cop killers along with hairless boys with no testicles throwing bricks in Portland have been in the news.

      Excuse my long winded ranting. It might be that the tree of liberty is about to grow some fruit

  14. As a representative of Oath Keepers believe that ethnicity had nothing to do with making America the greatest nation on earth.?

  15. Psychology 101
    Thieves always suspect others of stealing, since that’s what they do..
    Liars always suspect others of lying, since that’s what they do.
    Cheaters always suspect others of cheating, since that’s what they do.
    The far left always suspect others of attacking, since that’s what they do.

    So it stands to reason, if they suspect foul play, it’s because that’s what they do. Actually they do that and all of the above as well.


    Why not read Dr. Stein’s statements on this campaign? There are links to Frequently asked Questions that are very informative.

    If Stein doesn’t see these recounts changing who our next president will be, why assume that her agenda is to flip November’s decision?

    I believe that Trump is a better choice than Clinton but, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to let election fraud go unaccounted for. The majority of citizens believe that elections are rigged in this country. This effort will address that very serious concern.

    Keep in mind that the last time the Green Party demanded a recount, election officials went to jail and election reform was achieved in multiple states, including the prohibition of voting machines in the state of California.

  17. I viewed Stein’s video last week on her intent to do this “recount”. The first question that came to mind was, gee, if the system is really all that bad, and if she’s really all that patriotic and democratic, why didn’t she do something BEFORE the big election?


  19. None of this is legal, this is what we see happen in 3’rd world countries. The problem is this, if hillary’s cartel manages to steal the election then she and her cartel have overthrown the U.S. gov, in which case either the military takes the action they should have taken with obama or we the people take action or we kiss freedom good-bye.

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