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crybabyPaul Joseph Watson has put together a funny video of crazy, looney and racist Hillary supporters reactions to Trump’s victory. It is funny, but also sad and pathetic. Warning – Foul language!

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And there is this: The Truth About the Trump Protests 

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Shorty Dawkins

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  1. You’ve lost any bit of integrity left with this site. Almost as if you’ve been hijacked by some rouge power. Really, this article and several others you’ve displayed on your site lack integrity and sway from you’r core purpose. “Order you will not obey”. What’s happened man?

    1. What this article doesn’t lack is the TRUTH, troll. “MORONS REACT TO TRUMP WINNING” describes the George Soros PAID lefty Communist/Progressives and their communist co-ordinated “riotous reactions” to the decisive and victorious election of President Trump..

      TROLL; do you have the mental capacity to REMEMBER Barry Soetoro’s declaration to Eric Cantor and to the Republican controlled House of Representatives after the 2008 election??.
      “Elections have consequences,..AND-I-WON!

      Now just sit quietly sobbing and wringing your hands((“MORONS REACT TO TRUMP WINNING” )) until President Trump can send the paddy-wagons to haul you off to Bellevue Mental Hospital where you will get the care that you so desperately need.

      “Silence in the face of tyranny, is your consent or obliviousness to that tyranny”

    2. Guest….Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Thank you for providing us with yours. Any weight your opinion carries will be decided by each individuals opinion of your opinion which they also have a right to.
      In my opinion, opinions are nothing more than opinions regardless of who’s opinion we are talking about.
      I hope I did not come off as being too opinionated. Of course in my opinion, that would depend on your opinion but that’s just my opinion.

        1. Charlie Brown…..I couldn’t help it…Glad you got a laugh. Personally, I think the guys opinion was hilarious, But of course, that’s just my opinion. But you knew that.

  2. I was expecting something better, too. However, another person watching the video with me thought it was pretty funny. Some folks appreciate this type of presentation and sarcasm more than others.

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