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EU Leaders Meet Obama to Snub Trump and Praise Globalisation

smug-obamaObama, on his European tour, has pointedly brought home the fact that he is a committed Globalist. The election of Donald Trump was, in large part, a repudiation of Globalism by the American electorate. It was also a repudiation of the so-called mainstream media, as revelations from Wikileaks showed in graphic detail the mainstream media’s attempts to steal the election for Hillary Clinton. Now, the mainstream media is dying. Few trust it anymore, preferring to get their news from the alternative media, which is why the Democrats and the liberal media are crying for the censoring of the alternative media. – Shorty Dawkins, Editor

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by Liam Deacon

European Union (EU) leaders have used a summit with President Barack Obama in Berlin to reaffirm sanctions against Russia and snub Donald Trump on globalisation, NATO, and climate change.

On Thursday, Mr. Obama implied Mr. Trump was not “serious” about his position on NATO after meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel on his European farewell tour, which concluded Friday.

On the last day of his tour, the leaders said they were committed to the widely despised Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and Mr. Obama’s approach to foreign policy and terrorism in the Middle East. This is in contrast to the president-elect, who has questioned accepted orthodoxies on the issues.

Those present included Mrs. Merkel, British Prime Minister Theresa May, French President François Hollande, Spanish Prime Minister Mario Rajoy, and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

“The leaders agreed on the necessity of working collectively to move the transatlantic agenda forward, particularly on bringing stabilization to the Middle East and North Africa, as well as securing diplomatic resolution to the conflicts in Syria and eastern Ukraine,” the White House said in a statement.

“The leaders also affirmed the importance of continued cooperation through multilateral institutions, including NATO,” the White House added.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. These are people obama never supported except Merkel. The election results proved Americans don’t like obamas policies and want a focus on the us. Obama should not be undermining trump. He has no class.

  2. Trump is a real man. Has a real family. His wealth he earned by being street smart and intelligent. Bath House Barry is anti American socialist leach, a politico criminal and a host of other unholy descriptors. What goes around, will come around. He and his anti American white hate globalist puppeteers days are numbered. He and his gang of DNC have divided every form of social fiber conceivable.

    May he be joined with his comrade 72 virgin seekers… You probably get the impression I don’t like the guy. lol

  3. Shorty, I want to commend you for having the foresight to look at the big picture and bring exposure to where the real war is taking place. In patriot circlers we talk about the global elites through the lens of American patriotism which filters out the global war and concentrates the focus on this nation. Because our true enemy is global, we must transition to include the warfare taking place world wide. There is a world war going on and we must win it. As this article clearly shows, Trump is not a member of the global corporate conspiracy. He is a nationalist and will be joining other nationalist leaders in the war against the global elites and their puppet governments.
    Our founding fathers warned us about the inherent evil of government but they could not give us ample warning about the enemy we now face. This evil entity was a beast yet to come. This enemy has risen above governments to control them. Here is a hint. We talk about the nany state when we refer to citizens of this nation and others like European nations. The same thing on a much grander scale has happened to governments.
    Nations have choices. There are nationalist nations and they are forming alliances. For Trump to be successful he will have no choice but to brake away from the stranglehold of the global elites and align this nation with the nationalist countries. I hope that you stay with this, Shorty. You are sighting in on the true enemy. Great job.

    1. Thanks, Yoda,

      Yes, the enemy is Globalism. It is their goal to destroy national sovereignty in order to bring about the New World Order. One size fits all. No room for the individual. Keep fighting, Yoda.

      Shorty Dawkins

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