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Democrats Try Predictable Tactic of Crying Racism to Obstruct Sessions for Attorney General

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott evidently doesn’t view colleague and fellow Republican Jeff Sessions as a racist. So why does Elizabeth Warren? (Jeff Sessions Facebook photos)

“Senate Democrats have pledged to fight [Alabama Senator Jeff] Sessions’ nomination to be attorney general, questioning whether he would be able to provide equal protections for Americans,” The Hill reports. “Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Friday called on [President-elect Donald] Trump to rescind Sessions’ nomination, while other Democrats voiced concerns about decades-old accusations of racism against the Alabama lawmaker.”

Thanks to the Democrats under Harry Reid changing Senate rules to allow for a simple majority confirmation (except for the Supreme Court), that’s basically posturing and noisemaking, albeit the dangerous kind that fuels resentment, anger and violence. Unless Senate Republicans who tried to torpedo Trump’s campaign and elect Hillary join in – and no doubt those are the ones looking for minimal personal risk ways to make him fail – the appointment should go through. Leading obstructionist politicians and media allies to scream “racism” all the louder against every move the new president makes.

Let’s stipulate up front that this is not an apologia piece for Sessions. One can’t rise to the upper tiers in politics after decades at the public trough without having conflicts with the oath to the Constitution, or if one can, we have yet to see it happen. What we can say is, compared to others of similar station, the guy is a lot less problematic than most, especially on two points of essential interest: Gun Owners of America gives him an “A” on its Senate Ratings (“Pro-Gun Voter: philosophically sound“).  Numbers USA gives him an “A+” on its Immigration-Reduction Report Card.

We could do worse.

That said, the purpose of this exercise is to examine the fairness of the racism charges Democrats are still dogging Sen. Sessions with.  After all, if “advocat[ing] discrimination, violence, or hatred toward any person based upon their race, nationality, creed, or color” rates as a bylaws restriction against Oath Keepers membership, why would we want such a person heading up DOJ?

Even CNN is forced to admit all they have are “old allegations,” dating back to 1986 (when Sessions was up for a federal judgeship), that he “had made racist remarks and called the NAACP and ACLU ‘un-American.’” Noting NAACP founder W.E.B. DuBois’ associations with socialism and communism, and the early ACLU’s ties to Soviet and American communists, it’s not overly difficult to see how such opinions could be formed.  But let’s just look at the unproven racism charges, which Sessions has always vigorously denied.

The one person who made them admitted he never said anything about it at the time. And there’s no other corroboration – hardly an indictment beyond a reasonable doubt. It’s also hardly consistent with experience, to think – over all these decades in public office – no one else would have also heard a racist spouting offensive words.  And per PJ Media, Sessions’ other accuser, Gerry Herbert, the guy who made the “un-American” allegation, has a history of “crying ‘wolf’ on race [and] making it up.”

We’ve seen this pattern before.  And we see a familiar player behind the ugly accusations of hate.

“Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, one of President-elect Donald Trump’s closest advisers during his campaign and his selection for U.S. attorney general, has longstanding and extensive ties to both anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim extremist groups,” the Southern Poverty Law Center accuses, fueling the meme that we’re dealing with an intolerant hater and a threat to domestic tranquility.

What “extremist groups”?

Basically it looks like groups that support the United States controlling its borders, including who it admits and who it allows to become citizens— entirely consistent with the Preamble to the Constitution, not to mention immigration restrictions as enforced by Mexico and Canada, neither of which are ever accused of racism, xenophobia or extremism by opportunistic “progressives.”

So what other groups does SPLC call “extremist”?  They lead off, of course, with Oath Keepers, presumably for the same reason being over target attracts the most flak. After all, a group focused on defending the Constitution puts the lie to the charge of being ”anti-government.” And those who would metastasize that government into something destructive to the Constitution won’t benefit from admitting that “just following orders” is not a legitimate excuse for violating rights.

Plus it takes uninformed “minds” off of real threats. Curious, isn’t it – with the Islamic State currently promoting its Thanksgiving wishlist for “just terror tactics” and praising “the excellence of jihad,” Muslim extremism doesn’t rate a listing on SPLC’s “hate ideologies” page. Equally curious:searching their site for the term “ISIS” results in all kinds of  posts about the ”threat from the radical right.”

Why do you think that is? At the risk of never being able to aspire to public office, dare we suggest the term “un-American” applies?

By all means, let the Senate do its job and thoroughly vet Sen. Sessions against the one benchmark that matters — his duty to uphold the oath. But this business of painting him as a racist to gain political advantage is something the ones doing the projecting, that is, the real divide-and-conquer racists, will use on everyone who doesn’t advance their subversive agenda. It also cheapens the hell out of real racism, which naturally includes victims and perpetrators of all races, “progressive” insistence otherwise notwithstanding.

Those who rely on stirring up hate with lies are counting on fear of being branded a racist. Don’t be afraid of that and never let it stop you from doing the right thing.



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. It’s expected that Dems will not cooperate . But the rep majority should rule. Any GOP who is not on board should be impeached !

  2. I was once a supporter of the democratic platform until I earnestly studied the founding of this nation, and the theory, upon which our institutions were formed. I subsequently became a republican, but I no longer associate myself with what is called republican today.
    Democrats, I can’t say all, but based on my experience are largely bigoted, racist people. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY where I really didn’t know much about hatred. That came later in life, but I realized that it was typically from the left. You need only to look at history to understand who they are. From the left you can find such notables as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao just to name a few of those who’ve slaughtered millions to accomplish their agenda.
    Today, the left is fomenting hate, an issue so vile that they may tear this country apart with their lies and deceit.

  3. Donald Trump brought out more voters than previous Rhinos. So It is my life mission to observe the house and senate, leaders . The ones that back stabbed Trump through the Primaries . If they don’t get in line with we the American Voters , How dare they think no backlash will follow all the Rhinos. There will never be another Rhino elected , unless they think we the people have a short memory. We are watching Paul and Mitch.

  4. Those assocrats democrats are the racist, they are the trouble makers, they are the ones causing all the hate, discontent, riots, criminal acts, and etc. they all need to be thrown out and charged, convicted of there crimes and hung not put in jail or prison so that we have to continue to support their idiotic butts . They are the ones that are still trying to ruin our country and steal our rights and freedom away from us.

  5. Amazing isn’t it? When Obama, Reid, and Piglosi were shoving their appointments up our, err, down our throats, it was none other than Obama himself who pointed out that elections have consequences. Yep, they sure do. So sit down and shut up demoncrats. It’s your time for you to get a taste of your own medicine.

  6. Democrats are notorious for changing the meanings of words. Inadvertently, they have done that with the words “racist” and “racism”. Currently, the words seem to mean, “I’m losing the argument, and I don’t have any facts to back up what I’m saying. So I’m calling you a racist to shut you up.”

  7. I’m quite concerned that Oath Keepers are overlooking the fact of Sessions outright ignorance and negativity towards Cannabis and the fact that many of our in and out of uniform brothers and sisters would rather address chronic pain, PTSD etc. with this God given plant instead of the toxic crap the VA doles out; how about posting an 11th order we will not obey, “the refusal to deny any legal State citizen the right to possess, utilize and or grow this true healing medicine.”

  8. Whatever makes The President-Elect “Happy” , it makes me happy too. Sessions is perfect for the job !!!!
    The Democrats have already designated every “Trump” supporter as a “RACIST”, ( It’s one of those “COMMUNIST,” things ) !!! The” little biddy, sensual Millenium’s” will call us every thing in their vocabulary which is limited to; Racist, Fascist, Bureaucrat, Reactionary, McCarthyite, and thats, all they know ~~~ COLLEGE SURE WORKS WONDERS FOR THOSE KIDS !!!!!

  9. The word racist no longer has meaning, it’s like a cuss word, just a way to express oneself without self control nor thought, which is what libs engage in the vast majority of the time.

  10. “At the risk of never being able to aspire to public office, dare we suggest the term “un-American” applies?”

    David, if you had used the word “traitor” you would have my vote.

    The SPLC is a treasonous organization. Its main purpose is to destroy the USA. Tell me if that does not ring true to you.

    Of course, what those in that organization don’t understand is one day we will allow them to have their day in court – and they will be thankful for it. Because they do know that they would not give us the same decency, and what the outcome would be if we were like them in any way.

  11. I think that this will be the rule during anything our nation needs during the senate, and the house meetings.
    What did you expect them to do? This is the norm for them every time they get into this fix. Cry “wolf”! Let us not be thrown under the wagon again by those of “satanic values”!! As are the “things” ways, that is in our White House right now, and in hers where they are weaving their webs of Sodom and Gomorrah evil tactics, still, as they lick their wounds like the satanic demons they are…..

  12. Democrats have only one attitude to all things.
    “Heads, I win. Tails you lose.”
    IN other words you can’t deal with them. And any effort to “unify” will be met with disdain. So let them rot and don’t give them an inch.

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