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A Day For Giving Thanks

thanksgiving2Thanksgiving is a purely American holiday. It is a day we set aside to give thanks for what we have. We gather together with friends and family to share a good meal, good conversation and love, thankful they are in our lives. We at Oath Keepers are thankful for all the good men and women who have served their Country and their Community, while placing their lives on the line in various capacities, be they military, police, firefighters or medical First Responders. Thank you for your service!

Ours is a great Country, though some have tried to destroy it from within. However, we are a resilient people. We are a giving people. We are Americans. When the chips are down, we stand up. When others give up, we continue. It is our heritage and our culture to continue the fight, to overcome the odds. We have done it before, and we will do it again, and again. It is who we are.

Our Founders gave us a Constitutional Republic. Though some have derided the very document that proclaims who we are, and the Freedoms that it embodies, we stand together in the defense of that Constitution, for without it we are prey to every tyrant of every persuasion. “We the People” will defend our Republic from ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic. We must, for we are Americans.

On this day, I give thanks for being an American. Regardless of where my fellow Americans emigrated from, if they believe in our Republic, and stand by the Constitution, I will call them brother or sister.

May you enjoy this Holiday.

Shorty Dawkins


Shorty Dawkins



  1. I would like to give thanks to all my fellow Oath Keepers for all they do to serve our Constitutional Republic. Even though we have adversaries who choose to destroy the liberty and freedom that God our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ has given to this great nation, we Patriots will set things straight and we will be victorious,with Gods help. May we continue to keep love and charity in our hearts at all times. God Bless America!

  2. Thanksgiving Day: a little history.

    “Since the days of President Lincoln the custom has been observed in our land that the President of the United States issues a thanksgiving proclamation and advises all the inhabitants to meet in their houses of worship on the last Thursday in November and to return thanks to God for the blessings which He bestowed on the nation during the past year. It is not generally known that this custom dates back no further than to the time of the Civil War. But the fact is that no President has issued a thanksgiving proclamation prior to Lincoln, excepting Washington, the first President of the Union. His example was not followed by his successors in the presidential office, because the Governors of the different States appointed days of thanksgiving for their own States on various dates. But since the days of Lincoln the Governors throughout the country issue a thanksgiving proclamation for the same day which the President appoints, and the last Thursday in November thus came to be the national Thanksgiving Day observed in every State of the Union. Though the majority of our inhabitants, according to statistics, attend no church, yet… the President advises us to thank God, which we may do with a cheerful heart” (Henry Sieck, “Sermons on the Gospels,” [Saint Louis: Concordia, 1906], page183).

    Gene Urtel – The Rivertown Press

  3. We can be very thankful that reason and common sense is still in our country’s fiber. And thank God for our country surviving as long as it has. There is no rest in these matters. God bless fellow patriots and stay vigilant!

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