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Commentary: The unbearable smugness of the press





  1. I cannot wait to see what the press does if Trump makes Sheriff Clarke the DHS head, being a supporter of Oath Keepers and the Constitution.

  2. After reading this page and all its pointed accuracies, it made me give pause, and think about the people i come into contact with on a daily basis that did in fact admit to voting for our new commander in chief. That would include my church pastor, the sheriff of our county, the tax collector, our regional water commissioner, three law firms, a multitude of small business owners, and thousands of blue and white collar workers. It is a deep insult to have the democratic party as a whole label us as backward, uneducated, right wing racists, reprobates, despicable, and so on. Are democrats the only people in the republic to be worthy of choosing a just and noble leader? Is that the message they are sending?
    The ONLY reason i had the desire to join OATH KEEPERS was out of a need to help educate everyone around me to be responsible and uphold the constitution and their own rights. I didn’t join to be part of a “club” or group. I have four daughters. They are making their own way in life. They all have told me the same thing about their public education, and that is how little they were taught about our constitution, its contents, and its application to our fundamental everyday lives. Public education is systematically editing out any controversial periods in american history. We are in fact on a path to repeat history because of the lack of teaching history as it truly unfolded. The forging of our republic did not even the playing field so everyone as a winner, it didn’t take time outs to redistribute the players so nobody lost, and we weren’t a country of winners. Lives, families, and boundaries were all sacrificed to form this republic. Heck two of my daughters didn’t even understand that we were a republic,and not a true democracy, and they both affirmed that they were not taught this in high school. I am extremely perplexed as to why this can happen in a public school. So now we have police officers, public officials, and security guards who are the same age as my kids, taught in the
    Same public schools, with the same curriculum, enforcing laws, and denying constitutional rights because they were never correctly taught what those rights are. We need to fix this, and it has to be done from the ground up, one citizen at a time. We have to be accountable. That’s why i choose to be an OATH KEEPER.

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