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Recording of 11-3 Webinar, Civil Unrest: Post Election Scenarios & Preparation

Burning car in the center of city during unrest in Odesa, UkraineBelow is the video recording of the webinar we held on Thursday night, November 3, 2016 on the urgent topic of potential civil unrest surrounding the election and some critical steps you must take to prepare for it.

Due to massive requests we have decided to make the video of the online event available to the public today. This is potentially life-saving information, so please watch it, pass it around to family and friends, and feel free to re-post it all over the web or email it out to your own lists.

Also, we’re going to preparing the materials presented as a handout, so check back for that in the next couple of days.

This is just one of a series of webinars we will hold (approximately one every two weeks) on critical topics and skills you will need to survive whatever is to come.   Due to the urgency of our situation, we are holding our next webinar on Monday night, Nov. 7, 2016 (the night before Election Night), and will cover “SHTF Constitutional Resistance to Unconstitutional Crap – How the Founders Expected us to Handle the Clinton/Obama Cabal.”  Stewart Rhodes will be joined by Dr. Edwin Vieira and “Navy Jack.” Among the items discussed will be the unconstitutionality of martial law and how to follow the Founders game-plan for effective resistance to tyranny if the Clinton/Obama cabal gets “froggy” and tries to jump the martial law shark.  Remember, cornered animals are the most dangerous.

We had about 1,800 people join us live for this webinar.   Among the many topics discussed: Navy Jack covered the possible scenarios on election day, the groups who may instigate riots, arson, or other acts if terrorism, and how to monitor them.  Then veteran police officers John Karriman and Greg McWhiter covered the psychology of mob violence and the reality that if you are caught in a riot, you are likely on you own, as the police will be initially overwhelmed; strategies for avoiding and surviving social unrest in the streets; likely police reaction to unrest; and dealing with CS gas and pepper spray.  SGM Santoro (Army EOD veteran, Oath Keepers BOD and National Operations NCO) then presented on the threat of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Then Army infantry veteran and security professional Bill Whitten (Colorado Oath Keepers) covered topics such as the need to have a prepared plan to get home and/or to a safe rendezvous point; “get home bags” and what should be in them; sensible clothing and shoes that work well in emergencies; vehicle kits; emergency communications; family contingency plans and the use of multiple rally (rendezvous) points.  Nick Meacher (CO CPT training coordinator and national medical standards lead), covered some medical considerations and gave tips on getting started with basic emergency communications.

Finally, two Army Ranger veterans, Jim Arroyo (Arizona Oath Keepers VP) and Ivan Chiplinski (a Florida Oath Keepers leader), taught effective planning procedures that must be followed in any situation or mission, gave an intro to creating a Neighborhood Protection Plan (as taught in the superb book, A Failure of Civility), and how to stand up an effective neighborhood watch “on the fly,” block ingress, defend your neighborhood, and much more.

We sincerely thank our awesome presenters for taking the time to do this on such short notice.  We plan on having many future webinars so we will bring back each of these specialists to give in-depth webinars on each topic. If you would like to be informed of upcoming events, we recommend you join our email newsletter. And if you find that you take something of value away, please consider joining Oath Keepers and helping us prepare America, or please consider making a donation to support our work. We have a variety of membership types to choose from. Click the the “Join Now” button below to find out about all of them.


UPDATE, Saturday morning, Nov. 5: This week has been a steady stream of well planned negative publicity and demonization of any of us who call ourselves constitutionalists, libertarians, or conservatives, coming from most parts of the main-stream media. Lots of talk of unrest on election day, cyber attacks and even possible terror attacks/false flags. In the face of all of this fear porn we here at Oath Keepers thought one of the best things we can do is take a little time, with some of our most experienced and well-trained leadership and talk with fellow Americans about how to prepare if any of these scenarios manifest. One of the motto’s that I try and live by and I hear echoed in the membership ranks of the Oath Keepers is “It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it” and that goes for skills as well as for gear.   Get trained up, fast. Get geared up, fast, and stock up on food, water, fuel, medical, and spare batteries for all your electronics but especially your radios. Get your gear sorted out, organized, and ready to go. And then pray for the best even as you prepare for the worst.

My advice for election day is to vote early (days ahead if you can) and then get home and stay home (if home is safe!).  Stay away from big cities and big crowds, and away from public places that may be targeted for terrorism. If you live in a big city that has the potential for civil unrest, violence, looting and arson, get away from it for a few days and don’t be there when it goes bad. As John Karriman put it, he’d rather sleep under a bridge for a week than be stuck in a riot.   Go camping!  Your stuff is not worth your life, and your stuff will not save your life, if your home is burned to the ground by arsonists.  Get out.   But if you stay, then prepare to repel boarders. Keep your family and friends close, and get ready.  Go meet your neighbors and talk it over with them and prepare your own Neighborhood Protection Plan. Do it now. Got team Who’s on your buddy team? Who’s on your fire-team? Who’s on your squad?

– Stewart Rhodes


Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. Wish I wasn’t so bleeping deaf and could hear what the presenters had to say. Fortunately I live in Texas and even though the city where I live is mostly Democrat run, it is not NEARLY as bad as places like Detroit or Chicago.

    I hope you folks publish Mr. Rhodes’ notes etc. from the Monday evening presentation. I have no hope of being able to understand him so the only way I can learn from is by reading his words in print.

    One observation: Nothing is unconstitutional or illegal or against the rules unless and until the person committing the questionable act(s) is called to account for their actions. Our current “president” will do anything and everything he wants to do until/unless someone – with sufficient power – calls him on it. Considering the current state of federal, state and local governments I can see no one who would be in a position to do that. One warning: if the idea is presented that “the constitution is not a suicide pact” then the fertilizer is only a very short distance from the wind machine. I would be especially concerned about a declaration of a state of national emergency and imposition of martial law should Mr. Trump emerge the victor. The left is utterly devoid of scruples and may be expected to take whatever actions they see fit to accomplish their ends.

    1. For a deplorable deaf old codger you get your point across pretty well and I totally agree with you. Someone has to hold his feet to the fire.
      In my opinion he is nothing but a racist, that happens to be the leader of the radical muslim terrorists in this country and he brought them all here illegally under the guise of refugees. That and kkkillories illigal 100 million dollars arms deal that she financed with clinton foundation funds leaves the possibility that our traitorous president will use these weapons to arm the radical muslim terrorists and plan on who knows what. The additional fact that even the biased news media reported that there are terrorist cells operating in every State of the Union waiting for some signal to attack doesn’t make me feel any better. I am saving my bacon grease to rub on bullets to keep the muslims from getting their 70 or 75 virgins.
      I get carried away, I am also waiting for some kind of written information on the Webinar, there are some areas I wanted to make notes.
      Let’s hope Trump wins and the country makes a right turn. I know that even if he does win, the democRATs, clinton supportets and soros’ of the world already paid the BLM and other gangs to cause riots civil disobedience. What I don’t understand is, “why are the scumbags that threaten violence, riots and publicly call for the killing of police officers not locked up for inciting these acts”. If we get the BLM leader, all sharpton and all these hatemongers off the streets, that would certainly reduce the violence. Don’t tell me about freedom of speech. I do agree with freedom of speech, but when the freedom of that one person threates the safety and security of many, someone has to draw a line.
      Stay save and GOD BLESS AMERICA

  2. Great stuff, but for those of us that are just folks, please refrain from using “Acronyms or Abbreviations” for certain things, or at least explain them in detail, so we know what you are referring to!
    Thank you

    1. Authentic or not, ANY electronic data CAN be manipulated or deleted anywhere along the data flow throughout multiple systems and programs much easier than manipulation of RAW paper. Of course paper records can be selectively manipulated or deleted as well but not with the same precision, speed and blind acceptability.

  3. I have to disagree with the comment that the stock antenna supplied with the Bao Feng radios is “useless”, I took that as fact a couple years ago and bought the Nagoya extended antenna. My operating experience over that period indicates that there is no advantage of using the extended antenna. Topography is the key determinant and in my area of Southern Oregon, steep canyons are prevalent. As such, line of sight will limit the range far more so than the characteristics of the antenna. We held a comm exercise a couple years ago and I hiked up a 6000′ peak along the Oregon/California border – using a stock UV-5R with the stock rubber duckie antenna, simplex on a VHF frequency – again, simplex, no repeater, I established contacts from Arcata CA to Merlin OR – the rubber duckie antenna is just fine for my AO.

  4. Everyone be safe, aware and vigilant in the next couple days. Especially in TX. I predicted it would be TX’s electoral votes that would be most desired in a false flag operation. Intel shows that three states have been threatened by Al-Queda. One of them is TX. They have the most to gain from attacking TX so be careful if you live there.

  5. Please post a recording of this webinar as you did with the last one! I was at my local OK meeting last night and was not able to participate live – I’m sure many others would appreciate this as well. Thanks and carry on!

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