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CALL TO ACTION: Oath Keepers Pledge to Protect Electors from Terrorist Death Threats

karriman on rooftop

Oath Keepers National BOD Member and Security Operations Leader, John Karriman on Watch in Ferguson 

OFFER OF PROTECTION TO ELECTORS:  Oath Keepers is hereby issuing a standing offer of volunteer protection to any of the Electoral College Electors who may feel threatened or in danger from leftist radicals attempting to coerce them into changing their vote as Electors.

Any Elector who wants our assistance may contact us at:

Please feel free to repost this notice online, or to pass on to Electors who may need our help.  However, Electors are encouraged to initiate contact with us through the above email address only and to be wary of anyone contacting them through other means, claiming to be from Oath Keepers.  If in doubt, email us to verify.

All communications and requests from electors will be kept in the strictest confidence, and only vetted, trusted, qualified Oath Keepers members will be dispatched to provide security.

That protection can be overt or covert, or a combination of those two postures, at the discretion of the Elector after consultation with our security team leaders, and will consist of our unpaid volunteer retired police officers and experienced combat veterans with personal security detail training and experience.   We can, and will, provide this protection from now through their vote on December 19. 2016, and even thereafter if they still feel threatened by terrorists seeking reprisal and punishment for the Electors not bending to their will.

CALL TO ACTION:  Due to the gravity of the threat to our Republic from terrorists attempting to steal the election through coercion, this is also a call to action to our state and local leaders, and in particular to our Community Preparedness Team (CPT) leaders, to prepare security details in each of the targeted states to be on standby for immediate deployment if a request for protection comes in from an Elector.

WHY WE ARE DOING THIS:   In the wake of President-Elect Donald Trump’s victory on Election Night, Republican Electors across the country have received an increasing wave of harassment and threats, in the form of phone calls, emails, messages on social media, and even in-person visits to their homes, by leftists who seek to pressure those Electors into changing their votes from Trump to Clinton when the Electoral College meets on December 19, 2016.  Such harassment and threats intensified after anti-Trump groups published online the names, addressed, phone numbers, emails, gender, and race of Republican Electors in states that went for Trump.

According to the Detroit News, one of the Republican Electors for Michigan, Michael Banerian, has received multiple death threats:

On Dec. 19, the 22-year-old Banerian is scheduled to join 15 other Michiganians to cast their electoral votes for Republican President-elect Donald Trump. But Trump’s opponents have deluged Banerian and other GOP electors with pleas and nasty emails to reverse course and cast their ballots for Clinton, according to the Michigan Republican Party.

“You have people saying ‘you’re a hateful bigot, I hope you die,’ ” he said. “I’ve had people talk about shoving a gun in my mouth and blowing my brains out. And I’ve received dozens and dozens of those emails. Even the non-threatening-my-life emails are very aggressive.”

The Detroit News verified one message containing a death wish and another containing a death threat, in which the person told Banerian he would “put a bullet” in his mouth. Banerian said he deleted the rest of the emails and messages “because as you can imagine they’re clogging up my email.”

“Even if I could, I wouldn’t be remotely interested in changing my vote,” said Banerian, a political science senior at Oakland University and youth vice chair of the Michigan Republican Party. “The people of Michigan spoke, and it’s our job to deliver that message.”

Below is a video interview with Mr. Banarian, discussing the threats:

As an association of both current serving and veteran police officers, military, fire-fighters and other first responders, we Oath Keepers are duty bound by our oaths to defend the Constitution by defending the electoral process that is at the core of our republican form of government.  Any attempt to intimidate and coerce an Elector, through threats of violence, is an act of terrorism, just as much as an attempt to coerce the voters on Election Day would have been terrorism.   We expect to see such horrid behavior from the likes of ISIS or in some third world dictatorship where people have guns held to their heads and are ordered to vote for “El Presidente” … “or else.”   But now we are seeing the same kind of political terrorism here, at home.   This is un-American and unacceptable.

Oath Keepers has, in the past, successfully protected both homes and businesses from the deadly threat of terrorist arsonists during the Ferguson riots (there were apartments above the shops we protected, with families living in them).  The arsonists swore they would burn the buildings to the ground, killing all inside.  We stopped them.


Bakery Owner, Natalie, with a MARSOC Marine veteran who stood guard over her during Ferguson riots

Oath Keepers also stood guard over disarmed active duty military recruiters across the nation against the threat of further terrorism, with our Operation Protect the Protectors, after the deadly Chattanooga, TN radical Jihadist terror attack.


Oath Keepers also recently carried out a successful undercover poll monitoring operation across the nation this election season, with our police and military veterans watching for suspected vote fraud or voter intimidation.

We regard any attempts to coerce the Electors as acts of terrorism that deserve an equally strong response.  As always, we fully support police in their jobs as they work to protect people against such terrorism, but we also realize that they can rarely provide 24/7 protection of targeted individuals.  That is just an unfortunate reality.  In addition, most Americans cannot afford to hire the necessary protection when under such threats.  And that is where we come in, providing that protection for free, as is our duty.

In his written statement, Mr.  Banarian declares:

I have received death threats and death wishes from many who have the audacity to think they can attempt to intimidate others just because they think they are right. Here’s a wake-up call to some on the left who have been manipulated into harboring deep-seated hatred of those who have a different opinion than them: it is this hubris that cost you this election. Check your hate at the door.

Electors in Arizona and Idaho have also received harassment and threats.  According to the Press Release of Lawrence Denney, Idaho’s Chief Election officer:

In recent days, Idaho’s four Republican Party electors have been receiving phone calls regarding their vote in the Electoral College from citizens within Idaho and outside of the state. Many of these phone calls are crossing into what could reasonably be considered harassment. The callers are trying to persuade the electors to become what is known as a “Faithless Elector”. Going against their pledge, “faithless electors” either abstain from or cast a ballot in opposition to their party’s designated nominee.

“While there is no Federal requirement binding electors to their pledge, and while Idaho is one of 21 states that does not have state‐level legislation to force an elector to comply, attempting to sway an elector’s commitment to their party through insults, vulgar language, or threats, simply lacks civility…” says Secretary Lawerence Denney, Idaho’s Chief Election officer.

And all of this comes after a veritable deluge of online threats to assassinate Trump, calls for the rape and murder of his family members, and also massive numbers of calls for violence and murder of Trump supporters and their families.   Arrests have begun to take place:

Zachary Benson, 24, now faces five years in prison after a series of post-election tweets in which he stated an intent “to assassinate Trump.”

“Diplomacy. Fucking Fools. I hate you all. I want to bomb every one of your voting booths and your general areas,” Benson Tweeted the Wednesday after the election under the handle @ZeeAyeKeyKay.

Benson also tweeted: “My life goal is to assassinate Trump. Don’t care if I serve infinite sentences. That man deserves to decease [sic] existing.”

Secret Service picked Benson up later that day for questioning.

We fear that this is only the beginning of a wave of “Weather Underground” style terrorism from the radical left, as they become increasingly unstable after losing power, and seek to subvert and overthrow our Constitutional Republic.    Nonetheless, our general posture at the moment (and certainly between now and the inauguration on January, 20, 2017) is to avoid direct street level confrontation with violent leftists (which is what they want, so they and their media comrades can twist it into “right wing extremists attack peaceful protesters”).  We prefer to give them plenty of rope, letting them further destroy their own credibility by their own increasingly insane actions.

As Napoleon said, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”  And yes, we regard the communist flag waving radicals now in the streets calling for violent Marxist revolution to be obvious domestic enemies of the Constitution.   With every American flag they burn, they burn what little credibility they have left (especially in the eyes of our police and military).  So, we will stay out of it and let the police handle it (unless we get a direct request for assistance from a police department).  At most, we will protect homes and businesses under threat of violence and arson, and we will watch, wait, and prepare for the full Marxist terror storm we see on the horizon.

But when it comes to the sanctity of the vote, we must be proactive, right now, and do all we can to prevent the violent leftists from successfully terrorizing Electors and stealing the election through 11th hour illegitimate force and terrorism.  That is a line we cannot let them cross.  Not on our watch!

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes

Founder and President of Oath Keepers

NOTE:  Oath Keepers members should NOT attempt to contact the Electors to offer protection (unless you already know them personally through your own civic involvement), and are especially discouraged from trying to do so using the spreadsheet Trump opponents have compiled, as the Electors’ personal information may have been illegally obtained.  We do not want anyone to be able to accuse you of trying to influence Electors.  Just let them contact us if they want protection.



Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.


  1. Lansing MI (I believe) is the city where the vote will take place. That day should be saturated with Oath Keepers and other supporters, because the communists will be there in-force.

  2. Mr. Rhodes, thank you for all u do with this organization and great use of a historical quote…smart tactics to give them their rope and not get in their way on a ground level until needed. Thank u as well for the webinars. As a non military guy I really appreciate them. God bless

  3. Please keep us Oath Keepers in Idaho apprised of any developments. We need to be ready to roll out, as needed. Communication is the key.

    1. Will do. In fact, we will be holding a conference call with Idaho OK leaders and with all Idaho members on just this topic. Will post up and email out details soon.


      1. Will you have any of the militias in those states alerted in the event you may need more men quickly?

      2. Yes. One of the things we are doing ASAP in each state is ensuring there are open lines of communications with all patriot groups. A “round table” of leadership, at least for fast communication, is essential.

      3. that is wonderful to hear. I am truly happy that one of the greatest organizations in the patriot movement works hand in hand with the militias. I was also wondering if you ever run into a militia called the light footer militia. There sight claims they are very large and active in many states but i have never seen an article about them.

  4. I pray the electors who refuse to be bought but are concerned for their lives and the lives of their families, do indeed, contact OathKeepers. We the people have no intention of allowing the Electoral College to deny Trump’s presidency!

    1. Seth Rich was assassinated point blank with two shots to the back of the head, not by a snowflake, but by a professional hit. The woman who made up the birth certificate for Barry the rainbow occupant of the White House was the only person who drowned on a flight between Hawaiian Islands. Both examples were easy to pull off.

      Do these electors need protection? Hope not. But the FBI and local LEO’s need to arrest those who threaten electors. And If electors request help, I hope folks are available to shadow them. We need to stand firm against this intimidation, nip it now.

    1. Amen to that. The old saying “follow the money” is most appropriate here. Follow SOROS’ money, and you will get a sense of his priorities, plans, and who his proxies and minions are. Soros has now held multiple closed door frantic meetings with Democrat/leftist activists on what he wants them to do now. I think it is obvious they are not going to just sit on their hands between now and the Inauguration.

  5. MR. Rhodes, Sir, I am a active member of Oath Keepers and I can travel to Arizona or Utah. Please let me know if you need my assistance. I have taken the Oath and I take it very seriously. I can be there around the Holiday, so other may be with there family’s. Don’t hesitate to call on me.

  6. I just want to warn you that the left is now trying to paint Oath Keepers up as white suppremacists and “anti-government”. For my fellow vets. Remember your oath and hold to it. Don’t let these scumbags win. Thos is OUR country.

  7. I heard the elector from Michigan on the radio this week. He doesn’t seem too concerned. He said he is not answering any of the emails but he posted the emails he received on a fb page since none of the emailers requested privacy and maybe other folks would want to respond to them. I wonder if that PO’d any of them? Good-guy Michigan folks are on alert!

  8. Thank you to the electors who are willing to put their lives on the line to do what is right, as well as to every oath keeper who does the same. God be with you all.


    1. this goes to show that we should eject all the illegals. I for one am very tired of them trying to hijack our election process while breaking our laws and holding us hostage over threats of massive violence….I say, eject them or go to war over this…..It’s time to fight for the people who still have the right side of our constitutional law.

      1. The US Constitution REQUIRES the Militia to stop invasions. The Militia it requires is trained as congress requires the military to be trained, and educated in the US Constitution and their own state’s Constitution to which they are bound.

        US Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15: “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel invasions.“

        Which is
        — Enforcing the US Constitution (supreme lw of this land) and each state’s Constitution (highest law of the state),
        — Enforcing and keeping the “Laws of the Union” (which are constitutional laws ONLY),
        — Protecting the country against all enemies both domestic and foreign, and
        “suppressing Insurrections and repelling Invasions”.

        Within Clause 16 is found the duties those that serve within the state and federal governments have to the Militias.

        Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Papers 28: “The militia is a voluntary force not associated or under the control of the States except when called out; [when called into actual service] a permanent or long standing force would be entirely different in make-up and call.“

        John Adams: “To suppose arms in the hands of citizens, to be used at individual discretion, except in private self-defense, or by partial orders of towns, countries or districts of a state, is to demolish every constitution, and lay the laws prostrate, so that liberty can be enjoyed by no man; it is a dissolution of the government. The fundamental law of the militia is, that it be created, directed and commanded by the laws, and ever for the support of the laws.” (,”A Defense of the Constitutions of the United States”)

        Patrick Henry: “If you have given up your militia, and Congress shall refuse to arm them, you have lost every thing. Your existence will be precarious, because you depend on others, whose interests are not affected by your infelicity.”

        Tench Coxe: “Who are the militia? are they not ourselves. Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and EVERY OTHER TERRIBLE IMPLEMENT OF THE SOLDIER, ARE THE BIRTH-RIGHT OF AN AMERICAN… The unlimited power of the sword IS NOT in the hands of either the federal or state governments but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.” (Delegate to the Constitutional Convention of 1787)

  9. This is a free Country ,we aim to keep it that way !! The fact that these butthurt crybabies didn’t win even as hard as they tried to bully and cheat their way in tells all !! We The People have spoken !! They tried and still are trying to divide and conquer! Well we as Americans say NO !! UNITED WE STAND ! Do not let this scum interfere with our adgenda for their personal gain ! Stand and Deliver America !! Oooohh Rahh !!@

    1. Well written and certainly needs to be done…..punishment should be carried out on the violent that are perpetrating this…

  10. For this reason Hildabeast and Obama hated the 2nd Amendment- because it is our last defense against their Totalitarian government. Listen why would we even need to vote if all Democrats want is a king for life?

  11. I personally am sick of these George Soros paid fake demonstrators, these educated idiots are nothing but a bunch of mental migets that are paid to be stupid and subversive by a Nazi that sold out his parents and a nation. Wake up you flipping retreads

  12. This is one of the stupidest ideas cooked up yet.
    Don’t get me wrong–Oath Keepers is an important organization… but this is a kooky idea.

    The leftists are all talk–and nothing but talk.
    Despite threats to ‘some’ electors, nothing will come of it.
    To have Oath Keepers mobilize men with AR’s–all standing guard over electors is just dumb.

    The Electorial College voters will cast their votes and Donald Trump will be confirmed President in December without a hitch.

    1. Well, we hope you are right, and nothing happens, but hope is not an action plan. This past year we have seen multiple deadly terror attacks, including mass shootings, planned deadly attacks on police, and several bombings, and by both radical Jihadists and by leftists. So, pardon us if we don’t share your confidence that nothing will happen.

      And it is highly unlikely we will post men out in the open with ARs. If an Elector asks for help, it will most likely be very low profile or covert. As I said in the call to action, it can be overt, covert, or a mix. Up to the Elector, really. We were very overt in Ferguson for a good reason – deterrence against arsonists. But in most protective details, we would be far more low key and less visible. Again, for good reasons.

    2. They’re just extending the offer, nothing more. They are expressly told not to contact Electors themselves. It’s up to the people being bullied and harrassed to determine whether the threats are real enough for them to take Oath Keepers up on their offer.

  13. Thanks to the Oath Keepers for helping to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and for keeping their oath to defend the Republic. This was a fair election and the results are final.

  14. YOU GUYS still have a little time left,IF you listened to the LORDS PROPHETS,they say THANKSGIVING HOLIDAYS,the muzziews will attack the military bases,the malls, pull semi’s across the freeways and block traffific and kill the drivers in their cars who are stopped in road blocks,they’ll jump over the fences at the schools and attack the children,AND come across the TEXAS- MEXICO border,and attack southern texas residents living on farms and ranches along the border,BROUGHT TO YOU BY OBOOZO and his muzzie employees,who the morons that pay taxes paid for,americas DADDY THE SON OF PERDITION,why hasn’t this TRAITOR BEEN ARRESTED YET…OATH KEEPERS???

  15. I like that fact that you are there to protect the American people, we know that our fine officers in blue are facing many difficulties, however, we the American people realize that if our brothers and sisters in blue and all first responders are in harms way, we have their six! And, that we must and will protect them, as they have been sworn to protect us.

  16. A greater cooperation of the Badge and the trained of the population is the Second Amendment, I believe, that should work for the stability of America…Oathkeepers is the Bridge thanks for your workmanship and quality logic…from A Canuck…Love to America

  17. Where do I sign up to help protect the Electoral College community from terrorist threats? I served 10 years in the US Army and deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan as a 12/21Bravo Route Clearance. Ready to do my part as needed…! Hoooah!

    1. Amen, God be with you and with all that are in danger; do not know what good this will do as this comment site has not published either of my comments.

  18. I just sent a dear friend this sentence..may not be verbatim, but the meaning is clear: We have more unconstitutional Sheriffs than we do constitutional Sheriffs; the latter will stand and defend the people they took an oath to protect, whether candidate, electee, etc., is just why our Oathkeepers are going to be needed for a very long time. Personally, Obama going out and inciting this situation and making it worse – well, readers, this is Sedition against each and every one of we red blooded Americans..he should be arrested as should the mayors that are defying the law of the land, the Constitution and Bill of rights..all should be arrested, thrown in a jail, brought to trial quickly and executed as called for in the Constitution. It is pretty sick when you have a middle school teacher supporting violence, racism, etc. the only racism being purported is by the biracial in DC illegally..went so far as to stab a 13 year old boy to death..all of these radical protesters need arrested and thrown into FEMA camps.

  19. Thank you to all O.K for what you do and Electors for doing what is Constitutional and voting for who your state voted for. Keep them all safe.

  20. Much love to you!! It really is time for the US to wake and fight for the founding principals that have been eroded or stripped away. Unfortunately I believe a time will come that all of us veterans will need to step up and defend the republic. All enemies foreign and domestic!

  21. You need to document EVERYTHING with video. Do not do this unless you know what your doing. If I see video they are able to use against other Trump supporters, you stepped in it. If you speak for us make damn sure you know what your doing. YOU need to bring numerous video cameras and phones to cover any altercation. You put OUR name on your actions! We want to have video of THEIR actions NOT yours. You’ll throw a monkey wrench into what is CLEARLY Hillary supporters committing violence. Again, you better know what the he!! your doing before you “speak” for ALL Trump supporters. If we see ONE of your guys swinging at ANYBODY that’s all we’ll see on the media and YOU KNOW IT!

    1. I have been trying to get hold of the person that should be head of OATHKEEPERS in Columbus, Ohio area. The man that was in charge left. Up and gone. Never left any details So if possible I could get some help. Ty. God Bless

    2. All email headers have whats called a header. Within the header there is specific information about the sender. If you use a stand alone email client like thunderbird you can use the option to show all headers. The header can be highlighted copied and pasted to document the email. You can forward the threatening email and copy and paste the header into the body of the email as technical documentation. There are also other ways to find out who is providing the internet connection to the sender. Law enforcement will consider email headers as evidence and send it to be analyzed. Everyone has an IP address and a Mac address which shows the identifier chip sets of the device used to send data. The worst place to make threats is on the internet. Even worse with a smart phone. GPS on smart phone can track you within 10 feet of where your device is.
      I hope this info helps you so it can help others from being out of harms way. I am Radar KW4209 aka Quicksilver. Godspeed wee owT……..►


  22. Don’t drag our name into it. We want to see Hillary riots, not hear about your 15minutes of fame. Your doing more harm then helping!

    1. Oath Keepers has a lot more they do then to seek after “15 minutes of fame”. The duty(ies) they are still performing for our nation, the American people is something you probably will not/do not understand.

      The offer to DEFEND another, particularly one that is unknown to a person, is something you will never understand. But know you this, if a person steps up at a time when YOU are in need, will probably be an Oath Keeper. They will not stand around to get their face in the media, as they have better things to do.

      “If I see video they are able to use against other Trump supporters…” What part of ‘there will be no Trump supporters if that violent segment of the “Hillary” two faced scum that are working to hurt, stop the “Trump supporters” in any way they can’ do you not understand? That Oath Keepers only goes to where it is asked to be when their assistance is needed.

      They who? Those using those poor, dumbed down, uneducated, un-American people as their stooges to work against their own nation? Those sending out and paying others to destroy people, places, property so that our nation can be destroyed? Who are the “they” you are talking about? The same ones that still make up things, lies to say about anyone who defends our legitimate government? The ones that are the traitors and domestic enemies of the USA, the American people?

      Who are YOU to make those demands? What have YOU done for our nation? For our people? For our nation, the American people?

  23. We were addressed yesterday by an elector who received over 12000 emails. Some of them are terrified. I really appreciate you guys/gals for this intervention.


  24. Stewart, as usual, I am prepared to help out in any way possible. I can be reached thru Steve H or John K. if you still do not have my number.

    Stormfeather (Filipino-Native American Rooftop Guy from Ferguson)

    Like who? Greenpeace? Are you going to prevent GP from running small cars in front of the electors cars? Or is GP going to climb aboard the halls of Congress and chain themselves to the microphones? Maybe they mean the “save the trees” types. They’re gonna hang cliff climbing tents from the electors garage doors so they can’t open them to get their cars out. Or maybe they mean the anti-gun lobby. They’re gonna try and kill the electors with pillows I guess.

  26. new facebook page and with a new idea ” 2016 electors replace and protect ” it helps to guard these electors but we cannot guard them forever and they know that there will be revenge attacks against them and their families because their identities are known . All these republican electors in the 17 red states where its possible to change the vote need to be replaced with alternate electors whos identities are protected…/

  27. Today’s Drudge report (12/19/2016) says an Arizona elector was followed and harassed on his way to the capitol to vote. He was tailed and pictures taken of him by the occupants of the car. I don’t understand this crap at all; with all the threats that electors have been experiencing ALL the electors should be offered police escorts and protection. Here in PA the electors are being accompanied by plainclothes state troopers.

  28. I am ready to assist in the Oath Keepers , in what ever I can do I am in North Texas , and yes I am a Oath Keeper ..

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