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CA voters, you went full tyranny

True democracy, like California just proved, is tyranny. It’s almost as if our Founders were smart enough to put protections in place against the tyranny of the majority.


November 14, 2016

(This article starts and ends discussing California’s annoying ban on disposable plastic grocery bags. Below is the 2nd Amendment middle part of the article, and a link to the whole article at the end.)

In a way, the rage I felt being forced to buy bags I didn’t want to buy and being denied the liberty or choice to use the bag of my choosing helped me cope with not getting the Veto Gunmageddon referendum on the ballot. If a majority of Californians hate the concept of liberty enough to uphold a ban on plastic bags, the likelihood of these same loyalists allowing the minority of people they disagree with to keep their arms and liberties thereof would be statistically zero.

Gavin Newsom paid $4 million dollars for a proposition that he named “Safety for All”… Proposition 63.

Among many things, what it really did was confiscate magazines that hold over 10 rounds from people who have legally owned them for over 16 years and never committed a crime against anybody, and if they don’t comply they’ll be sent to jail for up to a year.

It also presumes you’re guilty until you pay the government to prove you’re innocent so they can give you revocable permission to exercise your “liberty” to buy ammo. It’s already a crime for a felon or other prohibited persons to buy ammo, but now you too will be treated like a criminal to make sure a criminal complies with their probation, which they won’t when they buy ammo from their drug dealer (except marijuana is now legal in California so maybe they’ll just make the easy transition to black market ammo and +10 round magazines).

Oh, and if you’re a victim of a burglary and your gun is stolen or lost, and you don’t report it fast enough, you’ll be victimized again by the State because that’ll also be a crime under Prop 63.

And California voters approved it.

In true schizophrenic fashion, you California voters also approved Prop 57 which reduces the penalties for “non violent” offenses, until you actually read the law and find out they’re anything but non violent (assault with a deadly weapon, battery with serious bodily injury, solicitation to commit murder, domestic violence, inflicting corporal injury on a child, first degree burglary, rape, sodomy, oral copulation of unconscious person or by use of date rape drugs, human trafficking involving a minor, hate crimes, arson of forest land causing physical injury, active participation in a street gang, and exploding destructive device with intent to cause injury).

You voted to reduce the penalties of criminals who have actually victimized others, and at the same time voted to created new penalties for otherwise law abiding citizens who don’t surrender their +10 round magazines or if they wish to continue to buy ammunition the way they always have. Owning a magazine or buying ammo victimizes nobody, yet you’ll have sentenced them up to a year in jail for doing so AND reduced the sentences of real criminals so they can be out among a less armed civilized society to commit more crimes.

You also voted: to take more money out of the paychecks of people you think earn too much to pay for things you want, to overturn a Supreme Court case that guarantees people the right to free speech if they come together and pool their resources to do so as a group, to go further into debt as a state, and to allow the further Balkanization of our state by overturning English only education.

Because I just used a big word, let me break it down for you: you know how your kid plays soccer with that other kid at school, but you don’t talk to his parents because they don’t speak any English? They play together because that kid was taught English in school. Now there will be no incentive for that kid to learn English because you just voted to require both languages to be taught, which in Realville means your kid will keep speaking English and the other kid won’t. They won’t be playing together as children nor interacting as adults. If you think there’s “other sides of town” now, in one generation there will be a complete separation because there will be nothing binding us together. And it’s by design.

You’ve confiscated people’s property and money, confiscated their liberty and sold it back to them as licenses and permits, denied their freedom of speech, sped up the racial, lingual, and identity division of the state, and set criminals loose on us… all by your choice, all by democracy.

At least when our elected tyrants vote for bad laws they can be held somewhat accountable, even if they never are. But when democracy votes for tyranny, who do you hold accountable? I can only hope those who voted for this will reap it while the rest of us can find a way to protect ourselves from it. We don’t deserve this, but about 60% of California does. Since most crime occurs in heavily Democrat populated areas, I may just get my wish.

But when democracy votes for tyranny, the armed citizen still gets to vote. You will not use the law or democracy to confiscate the rights of the people. We still have our rights, even if they’re not recognized by you or the state. We will not comply, and we will find liberty in the law.

True democracy, like California just proved, is tyranny. It’s almost as if our Founders were smart enough to put protections in place against the tyranny of the majority. But in California, when the legislature, the executive, and the judicial branch are collectively opposed to your rights, AND the majority of their loyalist voters will vote for and support their tyranny, what’s a free man to do?

The only hope we have now is to fight for our rights in the federal courts. We have to work from the outside to retain our rights and to keep these tyrants from criminalizing our rights and liberty. With the right cases, with the right Supreme Court, with the right Congress and President, if they don’t squander this federal mandate, there is hope. And we’ll just have to either move out of state or continue to exist here and do whatever it is we’re going to do.

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  1. Yep…..DEMOCRACY SUCKS…!!! That’s a fact. Good thing our founders established a REPUBLICAN form of government. Sadly…most every politician in Washington who identifies as republican spouts loud and clear of their love of democracy. Guess what..?? they are not republicans, they are democrats. We have been hoodwinked and overrun.
    By the way…can anyone tell me who that guy in the picture is..??? He looks wicked familiar to me. Im guessing I have seen him in a movie.

    1. You’re welcome! It’s really good, and I will continue to share it. (I actually found your article on the personal facebook page of a California member of Oath Keepers.)

  2. Was just talking to someone about similar content. Finished by saying. “there’s the expedient thing, the lawful thing, and the right thing. Very rarely are they all connoted.

  3. Moonbeam and the legislature can stick it up their a^s. No one is going to make a mad dash and comply. And I am going to laugh when everyone east of the Sierra’s and San Andreas says hell no if MexiKaliForniKation decides to secede and go to Canada.

  4. Thank you Oath Keepers !
    Can anyone explain what Operation is the Army National Guard doing in Ventura, CA ? Yesterday i drove past and saw 2 large white buses and armed Gaurds posted all ove and every corner of their location, and a lot of equipment, vehicles tents several types of antenas and satellites. i lived in Ventura for 30 years and Never saw any thing like this, i slowed down to look and the armed Guards immediatly were on high alert and moving to get a better look at me.Any info would be appreciated, thank you.

  5. I had owned a home in CA until last Sept. I was lucky to sell to finance our familie’s exit. There are many in CA aware, but many also brainwashed by the propaganda. One of our neighbors in CA had stated “The Gov told us…….”.

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