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Monthly Archives: November 2016

“White nationalists plot Election Day terror attacks,” a purported “news” report from an outfit calling itself “World Bulletin” claimed in a beginning-of-the-month hit piece on the patriot community. “The Oath Keepers, a prominent anti-government force that sent gun-toting members to the 2014 race riots in Ferguson, Missouri, called on members last week to monitor voting […]

Dr. Stein started an initiative to recount the votes in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan less than two weeks ago. She stated that a study from the University of Michigan claiming that irregularities in the tabulated results for the states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan were her inspiration.  The study and the sworn statements from the […]

“What worries me the most about fake news, isn’t that it’s fake, it’s that it’s being used by the left to try to silence opposing views,” a column in The Washington Times notes. “Take for example a story reported by the Los Angeles Times that included a professor who put together a Google document of […]

This article comes from Finally, a voice of reason emerges in Wisconsin to combat Jill Stein’s useless recount crusade.  According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin Elections Commission Chairman, Mark Thomsen, who happens to be Democrat, announced earlier that the committee would follow through with Stein’s recount request but denied a request that the […]

Update: courtesy of NBC’s Tom Winter, we have the alleged Somali refugee suspect’s name, which is Abdul Razak Ali Artan. @Tom_Winter NBC News: Suspect in Ohio State attack is Abdul Razak Ali Artan multiple law enforcement sources tell Pete Williams and @anblanx A Somali man apparently drove his vehicle onto a sidewalk, then exited the […]

The Globalists are running scared, it would seem, as they pull out their memes of “fake news” and “It’s the Russians”. Both are clearly ridiculous in nature, as they have included alternative news sites that are more popular than their own bought and paid for media. Drudge Report, Zero Hedge, and Ron Paul? Give me […]