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Urgent: Another Truth-Teller About To Be Murdered?

Editor’s Note: There is a bit more to this story than this article will be able to divulge, but readers should know that Mr.  Sterling is in jail because he blew the whistle on a covert CIA operation to a Congressional committee. He did what he was supposed to do, but the CIA has it in for him and has finally got him into jail, where his medical needs are being denied.  The journalist who composed this story, Mark Adams, is a personal friend who works behind the scenes to uncover improprieties in government activities, such as the DOJ’s mis-treatment of former Idaho Congressman George Hansen. This article is found at the Independent News International website  HERE  See also:

Let’s help this man! See below.


Elias Alias, editor

(above photo courtesy AP: Kevin Wolf)

Jailed ex-CIA Whistleblower Needs Emergency Medical Help

CIA Grudge? Prison Authorities Refusing Proper Medical Attention


by Mark Adams  * Government Reform Project

After hounding him for ten years government reprobates, led initially by William Welch – the same William Welch whose team of miscreants from the “Public Integrity” Section of the DOJ framed Sen. Ted Stevens – finally succeeded in railroading Jeffrey Sterling to prison after he morally and legally alerted the Senate Select Committee On Intelligence about a rogue CIA operation.

  • There is grave concern that Jeffrey’s prison sentence will become his death sentence. Jeffrey Sterling is a prime candidate for a pacemaker. Since last summer he has endured three serious cardiac episodes.

Last month Jeffery’s wife, Holly, contacted Dr. Caruso, a local Emergency Treatment Physician in Denver, CO. After being informed of the facts Dr. Caruso immediately contacted prison officials pleading that Jeffrey Sterling be taken to a hospital for a full and immediate evaluation.

Prison officials have resolutely ignored Dr. Caruso’s pleas.


This is a very scary situation for me. As I have stated time and again to the medical staff here [Englewood federal prison in CO.] the episode of atrial fibrillation I experienced some years ago was serious enough for me to be hospitalized for four days, and what I felt then is what I’m feeling now. – Jeffrey Sterling

On 9/17/16 Jeffrey suffered an acute cardiac crisis. The accompanying chest pain was so severe he was literally in tears while waiting for permission to see the medical staffer on duty.

When Jeffrey was finally admitted to medical the staffer administered an EKG.

Almost three months earlier, on 6/21/16, during another cardiac crisis, a nurse administrator performed an EKG test and told Jeffrey it signified a blockage, however, the nurse could not substantiate the finding claiming that the results could have been an error. Incredulously, the test was not repeated. Later the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) simply denied that the EKG indeed signified a blockage.

On 7/27 a blood sample was taken.

During the 9/17 crisis the medical staffer informed Jeffrey that the blood tests from 7/27 (by now almost two months ago) indicated enhanced levels of Troponin I. Elevated blood levels of Troponin I are considered a hallmark of cardiac damage and are followed up with prompt treatment.

Two days later, on 9/19, Jeffrey was shackled hand and foot and taken to see a specialist. The specialist ordered a beta-blocker (metoprolol) for Jeffrey which was finally provided to him two days later on 9/21. However there is concern over the thoroughness of the exam. The BOP insists there is nothing in Jeffrey’s file pertaining to the blood panel results from 7/27. Therefore the specialist did not have the results of the blood test that indicated cardiac damage, i.e. the elevated Troponin I levels and whatever else a competent blood test might reveal.

The specialist has not followed up with additional tests to determine whether the prescribed metoprolol is preventing further cardiac damage. Many times other drugs are also needed to successfully treat atrial fibrillation including: sodium channel blockers; potassium channel blockers; calcium channel blockers.

There has been no follow up work with Jeffrey to determine if a regimen of pharmaceuticals is needed to provide successful therapy or if a pacemaker may be required.

The failure of prison infirmary personnel to provide competent care on a timely basis coupled with the fact that the results of his blood workup tests of 7/27 are missing is very distressing. It was with these concerns in mind that Jeffrey’s wife, Holly, sought help from Dr. Michael Caruso, a practicing local Emergency Medicine Physician in Denver, CO.

When Holly informed Dr. Caruso how Jeffrey has recently suffered three serious cardiac episodes, his previous hospitalization history, the abnormal EKG results and the elevated Troponin I blood level, Dr. Caruso immediately contacted Sara Revell the Regional Director of the North Central Regional Office of the BOP stating in part:

[I]t appears that Jeffrey Sterling is actively being denied access to emergent medical treatment. … [I] must demand that Jeffrey Sterling be emergently transported to an appropriate hospital where his emergent medical complaints can be appropriately and fully evaluated …

Prison officials have ignored pleas from Dr. Caruso to provide the necessary standard of treatment for Jeffrey Sterling. Meanwhile every day for Jeffrey and Holly is shrouded in anxiety and chronic fear: Will Jeffrey’s next cardiac crisis be fatal?



 Please do not let Jeffrey become another prison fatality! Please participate in Operation Save Jeffrey Sterling and contact prison officials using emails AND phone calls.

Suggested Email:Message:

Subject: URGENT

This email is to put you on notice that the public is learning about the deplorable medical neglect of JEFFREY STERLING at the federal facility at Englewood, CO.

We are banding together as outraged citizens to demand that Jeffrey Sterling immediately be given a full and complete medical evaluation by physicians independent of the BOP and subsequently treated by physicians who are totally independent of the BOP in accordance with their recommendations and at a place of their choosing.

We are ready to wage a supernova campaign of holy hell with other citizens and public officials to achieve these goals.

Do not ignore this email. This issue is not going away. We are not going away.

Phone Message:

This is ———-   —————-. My message is for the Englewood Correctional facility in CO.

The public will not tolerate any further delays in providing an immediate medical evaluation of Jeffrey Sterling and immediate follow up care. Physicians outside of the BOP have already volunteered their services.

 This issue is not going to go away. We are not going away. 

Please send an email first and then wait 24 – 48 hours and call with a phone message. Leaving a voicemail message is fine. It may be necessary to send multiple emails followed up with phone messages.

Contact information – please use both:

Warden Deborah Denham

Phone: 303-763-4300

Sarah Revell


Phone: 913-621-3939

It may be necessary to send multiple emails followed up with phone messages. INI will keep you posted regarding Jeffrey’s well being.

Please take immediate action it is urgent that we mobilize right away.

You can read more about the railroading of Jeffrey Sterling here:

Mark Adams

Government Reform Project



Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. He looks like an older version of me. Once again my image is that of the last rebel. The CIA is probably going to do him dirty and smooth. The Govt never ending war against my image.

  2. I suffered a massive heart attack 8 years ago. I have less than 45% heart function. I get pain all the time. Due to the fact that the left lower side of my heart is nothing more than an idle hunk of meat, I suffered a stroke 2 years ago. Given all the symptoms this man is having, I would say that he most certainly needs serious medical attention right freakin now.
    It seems quite obvious that his captors are going to let him die for political purposes. I think the best thing we can do for this man is to find as much info on his captors as possible that we may see that they get what they deserve later. With symptoms like he has, He wont last much longer without treatment……But then that’s their plan isn’t it..??

  3. Elias ; I sent in e-mail concerning emergency help concerning Jeffery Sterling heart condition too The Inglewood federal prison Co. ; Too Warden Deborah Denham ; I hope it work’s !!!

  4. First question is what is he guilty of and why is he in jail ?
    Not that it matters regarding his health and care but it does if you want people to sign on and help.

    1. When he worked for the CIA he went to a Congressional committee and exposed to them an illegal CIA operation. He then quit the CIA, but the CIA won’t quit him. Somebody, somewhere in the chain of command, seems to be blocking this man’s medical care. I’m not saying CIA put out the word to the prison system to prevent the man from getting proper medical care, but it is obvious that *somebody* has interdicted his proper medical care. The fact that he is a CIA whistle blower throws my suspicion in their direction.
      Hope that answers your question.
      Elias Alias, editor

    2. I called the number and got a phone tree, and after a couple of failed attempts I finally connected to their Human Resources. I left a voice mail on their answering machine. Now let me tell you about something I recently learned about the CIA. According to “The World Bank Whistleblower”, Karen Hudes, the main office of the CIA is not at Langley, it is in Switzerland. These dirtbags have been posing as Americans, when in fact these are the internationalist terrorists who are hellbent in destroying our sovereignty, our Constitution, and our freedoms. Even those working for them don’t know this !

      1. Well, I can’t verify your claim about CIA being headquartered in Switzerland, but I can say this — we know that Allen Dulles helped create the CIA back in 1947, and we also know that during and after WWII he was in Switzerland. That does not prove your claim, but maybe it helps render some credence. The USA started going berserk overseas with the creation of the CIA, and our foreign policy has totally destroyed the world’s opinion of we Americans since CIA began tampering with the internal affairs of nations around the world, especially in the middle east where CIA took down the government of Iran in 1953. Kennedy wanted to disband the CIA, and he fired Allen Dulles to start that ball rolling. Didn’t take long for Kennedy to be assassinated, did it?
        Elias Alias, editor

        1. For what it’s worth, I was in school in Switzerland in the middle sixties and was invited to a fellow American student’s home in Bern, Switzerland over the Christmas holiday.

          Her father was not there, and from reading between the lines when talking with her over time, it seemed he was never around.

          After I had known her for a while, she finally told me that he worked for the CIA and traveled so much that he wasn’t at home much.

          I suppose she could have made it up, but looking back it seems unlikely. She wasn’t a fanciful person, and since she knew that my father’s career was pretty impressive, so I doubt that she would have been trying to impress me.

          Like I said, for whatever it’s worth.

  5. And the Clinton Crime family walks free.

    Whistle blowers in the government are not protected but targeted for harassment. The government is so corrupt, the only way to fix it [Three words deleted by Elias Alias, editor].

    I will share this article on other sites.

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