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Undercover Video Reveals DNC Instigated Unrest At Trump Events

From Western Journalism:

“According to an investigation by Project Veritas, numerous disruptions and disturbances at Donald Trump rallies, including violent outbreaks, have been carried out by an organization that receives funding and marching orders from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”


From Western Journalism dot Com:

Undercover Video Reveals DNC Instigated Unrest At Trump Events

“Democracy Partners is the tip of the spear on that stuff …”


The undercover investigatory group, led by James O’Keefe, this year infiltrated an organization known as Americans United for Change, where it recorded Scott Foval, National Field Director as revealing that the organization contracts “directly with the DNC and the (Clinton) campaign both.”

Speaking to an undercover reporter, Foval said funding for the “conflict engagement” that are the group’s hallmark takes a circuitous, if not illegal, route.

Read whole story at above link.

The following video contains profanity, is uncensored, and will genuinely anger the viewer. This video has received over two and a quarter million hits on YouTube in its first day online. The video was compiled and published by  Project Veritas Action.

Viewer discretion strongly advised.

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Elias Alias

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  1. The tools exposed in this video meet the FBI’s definition ‘violent extremism’: Violent extremism is “encouraging, condoning, justifying, or supporting the commission of a violent act to achieve political, ideological, religious, social, or economic goals.”

    A very simple idea. If the Lions Club and the Rotary Club can do it, we can do it. Anyone can set one up, anywhere. A community-based group of like minded conservatives, engaged in not-for profit activity. No central authority at this point. Completely ad hoc.

    Affiliated with Oathkeepers, but anyone can join. Little old lades welcome.

    Revenues streams: We need them, even in a not-for profit group. Firearms training courses. Public speakers for school groups on the Constitution, etc. An information clearing house. A charter airline company called Liberty Clubs Air. An inexpensive air charter airline, where the only air crew allowed, and the only passengers allowed, are safe travelers. No unaccompanied schizophrenics, No histories of rage disorder, No extremist violent views, etc. Screening procedures will follow the Israel model.

    Do it now. Phone a friend, and form a Liberty Club with two members.

    Copy this message and paste it on every comment thread your can find.

  3. So after knowing this, is it too hard to imagine these progressives registering as Republicans and gaining enough favor to count candidate votes? Pretty sure it’s been happening here in Washington for some time now……
    Before you answer that, understand that I have a degree in Enviro Sci With an emphasis on Policy. Side note; They isolated and admonished my sorry butt on a regular basis. For a long time I wondered why God pointed me that direction, but the fog is beginning to clear!

    Point is, I have walked amongst the dirties of the dirty. You would be surprised what they cook up when 20 of them mother clumpers surround the hookah for a night.

  4. This video just came on FOX 25 today. You guys had it a week ago. This is the reason I like to get my news here. Most of the goodies I get here never even show up on MSM but I guess that’s to be expected.
    Yep….!!!! Lots of devious and criminal activity by Clinton and her cronies being proven every day and yet she still roams free instead of being arrested. I guess that’s to be expected also.

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