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True the Vote Offers Smartphone App to Report Voter Fraud


by Brandon Darby, Oct 25, 2016

Texas-based election integrity organization True the Vote has released a smartphone app that allows users to report voter fraud and irregularities.

VoteStand, available for both iPhone and Android users, is advertised to be the “first online election fraud reporting app” available to voters across the country “to quickly report suspected election illegalities as they happen,” according to True the Vote. The free app operates much like a social network where users can send updates about polling place issues, voter intimidation attempts and others to identify problem areas. VoteStand incidents can take the form of text or photo reports, geotagged to the user’s location.

“VoteStand can be used to capture your voting experience,” True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht said. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

True the Vote told Breitbart Texas that it hopes to spread the word about election problems now and leverage the crowdsourced information to help promote various policy reforms in the months ahead when state legislatures are again open for business.

“VoteStand helps build evidence for a broken process,” Engelbrecht said. “The app helps you get the word out in real time.”

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Who is Catherine Engelbrecht? She had a full life as a wife, mother, and business owner. Then, she started King Street Patriots, a citizen-led liberty group, and True the Vote, a nonprofit election integrity organization. As a result, her life changed dramatically due to the actions of multiple federal government agencies. Specifically, Catherine Engelbrecht, her business, and the groups she founded were targeted by the IRS. The following video is her testimony before Congress.

True the Vote Founder to Congress: “I Will Not Retreat. I Will Not Surrender. I Refuse To Be Intimidated”

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The text of the video is here:






  1. I only use my phone for actual calls, but this app might change that!

    A couple of years ago I called True the Vote to ask if they were aware of IRS abuse against individuals (as opposed to against non-profit conservative organizations). They said a polite version of “Hell, yes!” which gave me a little comfort about the IRS’ persecution of my father, who had missed filing FBAR reports (which do not require payment) for several years due to the onset of dementia (diagnosed by three psychiatrists).

    According to my dad’s tax attorney (who specializes in this area), when Bush was in office this would have been a simple matter of about three months worth of paperwork. But because it didn’t come up until after Obama got control of the country, we are now at six years of paying that tax attorney, six years of worrying, six years of opening mail from the IRS, six years of anger and frustration. And the penalty is one-half of the entire account for each year that a form (remember, a form that never requires any payment – so there was never an issue of money owed the IRS) was not filed.

    This would be bad for anyone, and no aging problems are good, but the fact that his aging problem happens to be dementia means that he also forgot to pay insurance premiums, so his care at a memory facility is running over $5,000 a month out of his pocket.

    You can bet the farm that I will report anything that looks fishy at my polling place, and then go home and make some signs and display them outside of the polling place!

  2. I am a non transferee 26 usc 7701 (a) (31) and congress is (corrupt) and continues to enforce the code to which there is no appeal, no defense and no redress and they had to shoot president Kennedy to continue the ( RICA) in color of law! You can contact me because I can prove this statement. Paul Robert resnick,
    Jr. At 724-226-0561 or U S Mail at 4144 Arnold Ave. Lower Burrell, Pa 15068 USA 27/7

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