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‘Special Prosecutor’ No Guarantee Hillary will be Toppled

If there’s one thing Hillary excels at, it’s escaping justice by attacking others.

“Hillary to Be Arrested?” a Saturday post on asks. It’s talking about a reported rebellion at the FBI by fed-up agents, forcing Director James Comey to go into self-preservation mode before his own people target him for investigation. The speculation is that Comey and Obama are being given an opportunity to save face.

A report earlier today by ABC News partially corroborates speculation about Obama looking out for Number One.  The president has said he doesn’t believe Comey introduced information involving emails on Anthony Weiner’s device in order to influence the upcoming election, which is a notable departure from accusations being leveled by top Democrats.  Instead, the White House says it will “remain neutral.”

What that leaves us with – assuming anything happens at all (as opposed to Hillary slithering out from under yet another criminal scandal ) – is the mechanism for investigating her.  Donald Trump, among others, has “said that, if he’s elected president, he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton.”

The thing is, the United States Office of Independent Counsel, which provided an independent prosecutor, was terminated in 1999.  It was replaced by the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Special Counsel. Which means the Special Counsel appointment will be made by the AG or Acting AG, that is, by an administration insider.

As for efforts to create a truly independent counsel, that there’s only a 1% chance of a currently-introduced bill being enacted should tell us all we need to know about the appetite of Congress to get serious about it.

There’s an analogy in the Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” investigation by the Office of Inspector General. Warnings that IG Michael Horowitz, favored for appointment by Obama and Eric Holder, was a supporter of administration insider Lanny Breuer (who had advocated intentionally letting guns go to Mexico via criminals), fell on deaf ears. Actually, most ears never heard that, as the media was controlling the narrative, and the reach of bloggers telling the real story is short.

When Horowitz finally released the OIG’s long-awaited report on the scandal, it noted it had found “no evidence” Attorney General Eric Holder knew about the program prior to January, 2011. Media shills were quick to spin that into false proclamations he had been “cleared” and “exonerated,” conveniently not mentioning that much evidence had been withheld, key witnesses had refused to speak to investigators (and been allowed to get away with it), and the White House had refused cooperation with the probe citing lack of OIG authority.

And for the record, Holder’s knowledge of Brian Terry’s death was documented.  The media just didn’t see any advantage to sharing the news. That would have further exposed Holder’s lie told under oath in May 2012 that he had first heard of Fast and Furious “over the last few weeks.”

Any prosecution, of course, all presupposes no movement before the election, and that Hillary loses.  Polls, personal observations and wishful thinking aside, reports of “election rigging,” dead voters, illegal voters, multiple voters, Soros machines and filthy tricks aside, we won’t know the results until the smoke clears. And that’s assuming the results are real.

Even if Trump wins, there’s no guarantee he’ll receive the requisite support from the Republican establishment, especially in light of furious counter-accusations that will be made by Democrats and amplified by their sympathetic media. Particularly with the “Never Trump” faction trying to deny him the election, their vested interest is to see him fail. Besides, establishment Republicans let the Democrats off the hook so much it makes fair speculation they have leading members who are compromised. Trump’s most effective opposition after he’s elected may just come from GOP insiders.

And if Hillary “wins,” look for her opponents to be worried about their own survival and susceptibility to vengeance and retaliation.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. It may end up being worse than we can imagine. The only certainty: Being armed will beat the alternative.

UPDATE: I no sooner got done posting this when I saw this headline over at Zero Hedge:

John Podesta’s Best Friend At The DOJ Will Be In Charge Of The DOJ’s Probe Into Huma Abedin Emails



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.


  1. When is the three million America March on DC going to start if Crooked Hillary wins? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. There must be some peaceful recourse open to Americans to put an end to this corruption and see justice done! This is insane , how is it possible that all the checks and balances have been utterly destroyed?

    1. Mindy, we all hope there is a peaceful way to resolve this, but I think the reality is this: choosing candidates based on whether they are an ‘R’ or a ‘D’ is not longer relevant because they are all part of the same “progressive” party, and they only thing they care about is power and money- notice how many times either mainstream candidate said the word “constitution” (not many). Think about it: there is only one party running the country right now: the progressive party. This is how checks and balances are destroyed. One party ruling everything does not have any checks, and there is no balance. I believe the only solution is to vote for a candidate that truly supports the constitution- and we all should have been doing this 30 years ago, and it may be too late for our republic, but it is still possible.

  3. She should have been removed back in the 70’s..
    The entire ‘government’ is why are WE playing by ‘their laws’?
    It’s a WAR against the PEOPLE (chemtrails, fluoride, Smart meters etc)
    and we do nothing..
    I’m hoping Steve Pieczenik’s plan comes through.
    At least HE’S bringing some hope.

  4. If Hillary becomes the new CEO for Amerika, I predict that there will be a massive increase in suicides in the DC city of those intimately involved in the Email scandal and election rigging, no witnesses can be allowed to live to testify against her.

  5. Watching the news this morning, I see a source on Fox says there is a 99% chance foreign governments (hostile to the US?) have hacked the hillary’s email. That means should she get elected, she will be open to blackmail. Further corruption goes without saying. Of course, I switched over to nbc and not a peep. The NWO people want the hillary in office. The current guy calling himself our prezzy wants this. The press wants this. It’s time for the public to have a say in this.

  6. The founding fathers created a constitutional republican government with limited federal authority. This was designed for a moral Christian population that feared God and believed in a system based on firm moral absolutes. So many of laws go back to the morals of the Bible that it is fair to say that the plan and system of government they gave us has a firm biblical basis. Sad to say, the good people of this country never completely lived up to the high standard they set.

    The atheists and humanists that dominate the leftist, liberal side of the political spectrum believe that God is the great fairy in the sky and that the bible is mythology. They don’t consider either particularly relevant to a modern industrial technological state. They believe that the 10 Commandments are really only the 10 Suggestions. The foundation of all laws and government is ultimately religion and morals. Humanistic religion and morals are very different from Bible religion and morals.

    The foundations of atheistic humanism religion/religious philosophy are the unstable shifting sands of their choice of personal morals that apply that day. Since they don’t have a system of absolute morals, everything is relative, negotiable, and selective. If they find some moral principle they don’t like, they are sure that moral principles from the age of enlightenment outrank anything in the scriptures. This is the source of the endless hypocrisy of liberals. For example, they believe in majority rule, but only when they are in the majority. They believe in freedom of speech, but only when they are doing the speaking. Else the higher, more enlightened moral of political correctness kicks in. This justifies silencing all conservative critics. The list goes on and on.

    If the liberals sweep Congress and the White House on Nov. 8, the republic will never recover from it. The first order of business will be to pack and stack the Supreme Court with extreme leftist socialists, atheist, and social justice warriors who will subvert the courts and the country after their humanistic image. Next to go will be all 2nd amendment rights. Prepare to surrender your guns to Hillary’s homeland security goons. Then Christian TV will go, since it is all so politically incorrect. No more CBN, Trinity Broadcasting, or Marcus and Joni on Daystar. Then they will strictly regulate free speech on the internet. No more christian or conservative websites. Anyone who believes in God will not be allowed to serve as an officer in the military, since there is not a complete separation of church and state if anyone in the military is a believer. (Believe it or not, Obama is discretely enforcing this rule right now. This is a complete abuse of his powers as commander in chief.)

    Christianity will be slowly outlawed. The first protection to go will be tax exemptions enjoyed by ministries. Then pastors and priests will be required by law to serve communion to practicing homosexuals. They will be required to marry homosexual couples. Priests who do not marry homos will go to prison. Church property will be confiscated, all in the name of the higher humanistic morals of inclusion and tolerance. Christian groups will not be allowed to have bible studies with a few friends over in private homes without first registering the church meeting as a potentially subversive group.

    The worst thing that will happen is that Hillary will continue to push Putin over Syria. This will eventually cause WW3. Your children will grow up with cancer in a nuclear wasteland. Goodbye, American Dream, here comes Humanistic Hell on Earth.

    Libs, Dems, atheists, humanists, & social justice warriors, do you really want this? Have you thought the matter through?



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